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Chapter 1: The Gates of Hell Open

King Yemma groaned. Another busy day. Apparently some planet was destroyed by a meteor, and all of its inhabitants were killed. Now he had to judge to see which ones went to heaven, and which ones went to hell.

“Next.” he muttered.

Meanwhile, a young ogre named Saike Demon, was goofing at his job again. A couple years ago, he had accidentally turned himself into the evil Janemba. Apparently, he had forgotten and continued to blast his music. He started moon walking, he bumped into one spirit cleanser, and caused the spirits to wash all over him.

Not again! he thought.

However, he didn’t become the yellow monster he did before. The spirit of Janemba and others flowed into him. He mutated into an evil monstrosity. King Yemma gasped in horror.

“You beast!” the king yelled.

The demon pointed a finger at King Yemma. A beam fired and went straight through Yemma’s heart, killing him. On Grand Kai’s planet, King Kai watched in terror.

“Not good. Not good at all!” he screamed.

The demon smiled. He raised his hand, and a huge whole opened bellow. The ogres watched in fear. Then they realised what was happening. This beast was opening hell. Evil entities from the past began flying out of hell. They had one goal in mind. To go to Earth, and destroy those who had killed them. The demon laughed as the villains flew out of hell and made made their way back to the living world. The evil beings celebrated their newly gained life, and flew out of otherworld.

“This is bad.” an ogre said.

The demon turned around and destroyed the check-in station, and killed all the ogres. The demon flew down to hell, to begin his kingdom.


Goku kicked a tree, knocking it down. Ever since the defeat of Abo and Kado, he has had much more time to train. Suddenly, he heard King Kai’s voice.

“Goku, can you hear me?” King Kai asked.

“Loud and clear.” Goku replied.

“Listen, a demon has opened up the gates of hell, and many of your old enemies have risen, and are coming to Earth!”

“Whoa! Okay King Kai, I’ll tell everyone.” Goku replied.

“Okay. I will too.” King Kai said.

Goku went around, using instant transmission to go to some of Earth’s fighters and tell them, while King Kai alerted the fighters Goku did not go to. Soon, around the world, everyone was ready. Goku, Gohan, Piccolo, Vegeta, Goten, Trunks, Krillin, Tien, Chaiotzu, Yamcha, Android 18, Buu, Videl, and Yajirobe were ready to fight.