Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi IV

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BurningVow, Namco Bandai
Based On
Akira Toriyama`s Dragon Ball Series
Series followed
Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball XXX, Dragon Ball X-Age
Story Based on
BurningCow`s XXX and X-Age and Toriyama`s DB and DBZ.
Action, Third Person Mode, Platform Game, Minigames
Date of Creation
5th December, 2013.
IGN- 9/10, GameRankings- 8.5/10, PC Gamer- 9.5/10

Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi IV is the fourth installment of Namco Bandai`s Budokai series. It is the best and ultimate edition of the Budokai Series and has an extensive gameplay features.It is available for Ps2, Ps3, Xbox 360,  It is mostly recognized for being the first action game with no 3D Graphics but Full-HD Cartoon Graphics like The Simpsons Game and a comical style of approach like Ultimate Spider-Man game.

Opening and Style[edit | edit source]

IGN noted that it is a different experience playing the game, it has a 2D Graphics representation and sayed it looks familiart to the Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods animation. This is the most changed and greatest gameplay experience is that it is totally Digital of Dragon Ball Z games.



This is a list of Theme Songs in the game.


Duel Mode[2]

Soundtrack 1 During Duel 


Soundtrack 2 During Duel


Soundtrack 3 During Duel[5]

Soundtrack 4 During Duel+ Mashup[6]

Online Battle[7]

Credits Song


Library Theme Song+ Mashup

Gameplay and Features[edit | edit source]

The Countdown before the Fight begins

The game has different modes and cheats are also usable. The game modes are:

  • Third Person Mode 
  • First Person Mode ( Cheats)
  • Platform Mode ( Minigames)
  • Multiplayer Mode ( During Battles or Duel mode)
  • Online ( Play online with your friends!)
  • Library ( Stories about Z Fighters)
  • Settings
  • Free Mode ( Roam around the whole magical world of Dragon Ball Z from Earth to Planet Namek, Planet Yardrat, The Seas of One Piece, Planet Plant, Planet Vegeta ( You can only go to there using Bulma`s time machine), New Planet Vegeta ( Not Broly`s one, the new one in Dragon Ball XXX where Tarble finds a planet in Universe 12 and recreates the whole planet alongside Vegeta), The Other World ( If you go to the Lake of Hell and go inside it), Hell, Other World Tournament, Heaven ( inside Other World) to Space! Go through free missions and collect Dragon Balls!
  • Duel Mode!
  • Experiments Department- Do fusions, upgrade your characters and collect coins after doing fusions!
  • Baba`s Enchanted Shop- Shop where you can buy Z Items or sell them!
  • Online Trade Shop ( Online trading with your friends)
  • Z DS ( A gag of Nintendo DS, it is a game console of Gohan where you can play minigames!)
  • Training Mode ( Train and achieve forms while getting up to a higher level ( level 1 to level OVER 9000! +MAX )
  • Alternate Universe ( Play What If Sagas here!)      

Stories and Sagas[edit | edit source]

Dragon Ball Sagas Story Mode[edit | edit source]

Dragon Ball Z / Kai Sagas Story Mode[edit | edit source]

Dragon Ball XXX Story Mode[edit | edit source]

  • Bazooka Androids Saga
  • Super Android 17 Saga
  • Baby Saga
  • Baby Jr Saga
  • Dark Vegeta Saga
  • Dark Goku Saga
  • Shadow Dragon Saga

Dragon Ball X-Age Story Mode[edit | edit source]


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