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This Movie Was Known As (Doragon Boru Zetto Fainaru Batoru! Z-Fuaito Vs Suta) This Movie Introduced A New Character Name Star Who Duplicated Cell And Start Making Chaos On Namek Which Z-Fighter Protected Namek And Fight Star.


As The Training Had Finished, Goku And His Friends Had Departure To Namek As They Had Land On Namek, Goku And His Friends Searched Dende.

Planet Namek

The Z Fighter As They Going To Arrived On Planet Namek

The Chaos On Namek:[]

While Goku And Dende Had To Talk In Private, Gohan And Krillin Started To Find Other Villagers Surrounds As They Reached To One Of The Village, Many People Almost Been Killed By Someone. Gohan Sense A Powerfull Energy As This Energy Approaching Gohan And Krillin. Krillin Thought It Was Cell As He Introduced Himself He' "Star"

Gohan And Krillin Vs Star:[]

Gohan And Krillin Shocked That He Wasn't Cell But, Star. Gohan Said That He's Body Is Small So They Don't Worry To Fight With Star. Star Said That He Duplicated Cell Before The Gang Arrived On Namek. Gohan And Krillin Goes Easy On Star But, In His Small Form Star Is Good At Fight.


Star As He Duplicated Cell(Small Version)

Gohan(Super Saiyan) Vs Star:[]

With Star Kept Powering Up, Gohan Transform Into Super Saiyan To Fight Star. Gohan Used Kamehameha To Distract Star Both Gohan And Star Evenly Matched.Gohan And Star Used Masenko And Kamehameha They're Beam Was Matched But,They We're Thrown Away Gohan Was Thrown Into Boulder And Star Was Thrown Into The Sea.Meanwhile,Krillin Took The Villagers Into A Safe Place.As Star And Gohan Was Recovered Krillin Came And Took Gohan Place And Krillin Star To Fight Star.

Gohan SS

Gohan As He Transform Into Super Saiyan In Order To Challenges Star

The Battle Between Star And Krillin:

As Krillin Took Gohan Place, Star And Krillin Charge Their Energy Together Krillin Used Barrage Ki Cannon To Star As He Blocked It Quick, Krillin And Star Used Kamehameha They Evenly Matched But, Krillin Wasn't Match For Star.

Star Evolution:[]

As Krillin Was Overhelmed, Gohan This Time Took Krillin Place And Figh Star Once Again. Gohan Transformed Into Super Saiyan Too Matched Star. Gohan Used Barrage Of Ki Cannon On Star. Gohan Took Few Hits On Star Aswell Star Hit Gohan With Many Punches And Quick This Time Gohan Able To Overhelmed Star Enough.Gohan And Star Used Barrage Of Ki Cannon And Kamehameha Once Again, They're Matched This Time Gohan Powered Up His Kamehameha Into Super Kamehameha Able To Destroyed Star. But, Gohan Thought That He Had Defeated Star It Seems Star Had Absorbed Gohans Kamehameha And Recovered. That He Wasn't In His Normal State That He Seemed To Evolved.


Star As He Evolved Into His Last Forms

Star New Power:[]

As Star Had Evolved Into His New Forms Gohan And Krillin Fight Star Side On Side. Gohan Used Super Kamehameha And Krillin Used Barrage Of Destructo Disc On Star Meanwhile,Someone Is Heading On Namek. As Gohan And Krillin Was Overhelmed Star Managed To Beat Them Thinking They're The One Who Gonna Beat Him As He Only Searched For Goku Krillin And Gohan Not Answered Star Question. As Star Used Barrage Of Ki Cannon On Krillin And Gohan As They Were Injured Becaused The Fight With Star Someone In Cape Came It Was Piccolo He Teleported Both Gohan And Krillin To A Saved Place.

Picollo Vs Star:[]

Piccolo Took Gohan And Krillin Place In Order To Face Star. Piccolo Punched And Kick Star Quick And Able To Land Few Hits On Star As Star Unable To Blocked Piccolo Attack Piccolo Used The Special Beam Cannon On Star Star Unable To Blocked As His Left Hand Lost Becaused Of Piccolo Using Special Beam Cannon.

Piccolo Using SBC

Piccolo Used Special Beam Cannon On Star

Piccolo Thought He Had Won But, Star Recovered And Absorbed Piccolo Special Beam Cannon As Star Laughed That Piccolo Unable To Killed Him Piccolo Shocked That He Can't Beat Star Piccolo Was Overhelmed Enough By Star.

Hyper Battle! Gohan,Krillin And Piccolo Vs Star:[]

Gohan,Krillin And Piccolo Had Few Times To Strike Star As He Laughed That They Can't Beat Him Gohan Used Super Kamehameha,Krillin Used Barrage Of Destructo Disc And Piccolo Used Hellzone Grenade On Star However,They Unable Damaged Star Enough As Gohan,Krillin, And Piccolo Were Overhelmed By Star They Power We'ren't Enough To Stop Star

Super Battle! Goku Vs Star:[]

As They Can't Stop Star Goku Came In Nick Of Time In Order Gohan, Krillin And Piccolo Took Other Villagers Into The Safe Place As Goku Asking Star Why He Wanted Him Star Answered That He's Powerfull Hero In The Universe So Star And Goku Began Their Fight Goku Transform Into Kaioken And Able To Land Few Hits On Star Meanwhile Star, Unable To Dodge Gokus Movement As He Almost Going To Be Beaten By Goku. Goku Used Kaioken Kamehameha On Star Able To Hits Him As Star Recovered Star Said That He Enjoyed Battling Goku As Goku Shocked That Star Absorbed All His Technique Star Powered Up His Ki And Ready For Fight.

Awake The Super Saiyan!:[]

As Star Delighted With Goku, Goku Transformed Into Super Saiyan In Order To Finished Star Quick As the Battle Began However, Goku Make A Short Quick Attack On Star In Order To Finshed Him As Goku Managed To Beat Him Enough, Goku Was Beaten And Overhelmed By Star Star Used Barrage Of Ki Cannon On Goku And Warped Him On Other Dimension. As Goku Is Teleported By Star, Goku Was Shocked That He Was Teleported In Other Dimension.

Another Goku! Goku vs Goku:[]

As Goku Find Himself In Other Dimension, A Dark Energy Surrounds Star Had Made A Duplicated Version Of Goku "Dark Goku" Dark Goku And Goku Matched Themselves In Order To Prove Who Is The Stronger

Dark Goku

Dark Goku As He Performed Kamehameha

One As The Battle Began Goku Was Overhelmed Enough By His Dark Version.Goku Used Kamehameha Meanwhile His Dark Version Used Kamehameha Aswell They Matched Their Kamehameha Goku Was Thrown Away While His Dark Version Laughed That Goku Can't Beat Him Afterall. Meanwhile On Namek, As Star Succeed On Warping Goku On Other Dimension, Star Once Again Ready To Fight Gohan,Krillin And Piccolo.

Vegeta's Come!:[]

As Gohan Wanna Fight, A Man With Blue Suit Came By It's Vegeta He Ready To Battle With Star As He Powered Up He And Star Rushed Able To Land A Few Hits On Star And Saved Gohan As Star Laughed That's Vegeta Can't Beat Him Vegeta Laughed Aswell That He Gonna Stop Star Saved Goku And Fight Him Vegeta Powered Up His Ki Used Galick Gun On Star As Star Ready Absorbed The Beam Vegeta Reflected His Galick Gun On The Back Of Star Enough To Hit Him As Star Enjoyed The Battle Between Him And Vegeta.

Double Goku On Action:[]

As Goku Was Thrown Goku Transform Into Super Saiyan In Order To Matched Himself With Dark Goku.Dark Goku Seems Able To Matched Himself Enough As They Destroyed More Place In The Dimension Goku Started To Find His Weakness In Order To Beat Him. Goku Was Beaten And Overhelmed Enough By Dark Goku As Goku Can't Beat His Own Dark Counterpart, He Revert From Super Saiyan To His Normal Form Goku Still Had A Hard Time To Find His Own Dark Counterpart.

Vegeta's Rage!:[]

As Star Enjoyed His Fight, Vegeta Transformed Into Super Saiyan And Land A Enough Hit On Star Vegeta Used Galick Gun And Star Used Masenko As Vegeta Powered Up His Own Galick Gun Star Was Beaten And Overhelmed Enough This Time, Star Unable To Absorbed Little Of His Galick Gun. As Star Enraged Star Began To Used kamehameha And Vegeta Prepared His Big Bang Attack To Performed It Better As It Going To Matched It Finishing Move Star Was Beaten And Overhelmed By Vegeta. With Vegeta Laughed That The One Killed Star Would Be Him Rather Than Star Killed Vegeta.Krillin Shocked That Vegeta Can Beat Star With No Problem Although Krillin,Gohan And Piccolo Unable To Finished Star By Themself Vegeta Laughed As He About To Finished Star, Vegeta And Star This Time Battle Again, Vegeta Cornered Star This Time As He

Vegeta using Big Bang Attack

Vegeta Used Big Bang Attack On Star

Wanted To Destroy Star, Star Regnerate Himself And Started To Powered Up His Ki In Order To Face Vegeta. Vegeta Throw Barrage Of Ki Cannon On Star And Used Galick Gun On Star Star Regnerate His Wounded Much Shocked To Vegeta The Battle Between Vegeta And Star Continued.

Sayonara! Yami No Goku!:[]

As Goku Was Overhelmed By His Own Dark Counterpart, Goku Realized That His Weakness Is Full Combo Attack Goku Land A Few Hits On Star And Smash Him To The Ground, Dark Goku Used Dark Kaioken In Order To Beat His Own Dark Counterpart, Goku Transformed Into Super Saiyan And As He Was Beaten By His Own Dark Counterpart,Goku Able To Punched And Kicked His Own Dark Counterpart And Finished Him Off With His Kamehameha But, Dark Goku Teleport Behind Both Gokus Used Their Kamehameha But, The Real Goku Able To Finished Him Off As Dark Goku Dissapeared, Goku Teleport Himself To Namek.

Hot Match ! Goku Vs Star:[]

Upon Goku's Return, Vegeta Was Beaten And Overhelmed Goku Angered On Star As He Transformed Into Super Saiyan Land A Few Hits On Star, Goku And Star Used Super Kamehameha Each Other. With Goku Winning At The Beam Duel, Star Teleported On Goku Began Hitting On Him And Goku Transformed Back Into Normal Forms With Goku,Vegeta,Gohan,Krillin And Piccolo Unable Beat Star, Star Began To Terrorize The Villagers Again Goku Transform Into Super Saiyan In Order To Finished Star Off Goku Rushes

SS Goku

Goku Transform Into Super Saiyan In Order To Challenge Star

On Star As He,Punched Star And Kicked Star Their Battle Was So Great Even Making The Villager Afraid To Them Goku Do A Massive Combo Hit On Star Star Was Hit By Goku Star Punched And Kick Goku As He Easily Dodged It Even Alone Goku Wasn't Still No Match For Star.

The Final Battle! Z Fighter Vs Star:[]

As Goku Was Smashed By Star, Gohan,Vegeta,Krillin And Piccolo Ready To Blew For One Final Fight To Star Goku Transformed Into Super Saiyan Again Aswell With Vegeta And Gohan. The Z Fighter Ready For Their Final Battle Against Star Goku And Vegeta Cornered Star While Gohan,Krillin And Piccolo Started To Attacked On Star Goku And Vegeta Hits Star Enough But, Star Managed To Injured Vegeta And He Smashed Goku Far Away And He Attacked And Attacked Krillin And Piccolo From Behind And Attacked Gohan From Midair

Injured Vegeta

An Injured Vegeta Was Blasted By Star

As The Z Fighter Unable To Withstands Star Power, Star Laughed That There's No One Can't Beat Him Goku Planned Some

Goku Using Warp Kamehameha

Goku Finished Off Star With Warp Kamehameha

thing That He Wanted To Them To Distract Star Attention As Gohan And Vegeta Come Forward And Rushed Star As Piccolo And Krillin Joined Them

, Star Seemed Sense Something On Them As They Prepared To Whole Fight With Star Star Laughed That They Unable Beat Him Goku Teleported Behind As He Used Warp Kamehameha On Star It Seems That They Killed Him Already As Goku Finished Star Already Star Turn Into Dust.


As The Z Fighter Finished Off Star Already, Vegeta When To Earth By Himself With The Wish From Porunga As Goku,Krillin And Gohan Saw Him Teleported Quick Trunks Came And Asked Why The Place Was Destroyed As Goku Said A Battle Had Come Goku Asked Dende To Replaced Kami As Dende Choose That He Will Came With Goku, Goku With Trunks,Gohan,Krillin With Piccolo Who Is Behind Return To Earth Safety.


Hero Kimi Ga Hero(Ending Theme)


  • This Story Was Take Place After The Training Between Goku And Gohan And Before Cell Games
  • Star Was Alternate Of Cell.
  • Trunks Had A Cameo Appearance In This Fanon Movie Near The End.