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Blood wolf

Vegeta the king

Dragon Ball Z: BloodWolf is an upcoming fanfic taking place in an alternate universe where Vegeta kills Goku. Vegeta is the protagonist.


Intro-What I've Done by Linkin Park


Vegeta Tribute ~ What I've Done ~ Linkin Park HD

Ending-After the Fall by Two Steps From Hell


Two Steps from Hell - After the Fall


Z Fighters Saga

Namek Saga

Turles Saga

Tarble Saga

Cell Saga

Hell Saga

Buu Saga

Saiyan God saga

Tuffle Saga

King Cold Saga


  • Vegeta is my favorite DBZ character; basically this is DBZ with him as main character.
  • If anyone wants to help with this fic, I would be grateful.
  • While choosing an ending theme song for this fic, I disovered the awesomeness of Two Steps From Hell music.