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Dragon Ball Y is a fake series made up by a guy who was bored one day. The 'Y' stands for yutz.



One day, Goku was flying around with Oob on the Kinto-un beside him.

Goku: Woo hoo! This ain't not fun, isn't it, Oob?

Oob: I guess...How could I have been a reincarnation of evil and turn out good?

Boo: I can explain that!

Boo appears out of nowhere.

Goku: When you appeared just now...that just ain't right, g. You my homie, right, Boo?

Boo: What the f- (looks at Oob) I mean, heck, is going on with your use of pragmatic language?

Goku: I ain't down with your geek-speek, dawg. What the f*ck is pragmatic language?!?!?

Boo: *slaps Goku, pours brain bleach in Oob's ear* How dare you! Anyway, I'm here to give you a long and boring rant about the JOYS of reincarnation.

One, long, boring rant later...

Boo: And that's why...wait, how long have they been gone?