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Erazer GroupEdit

In the alternate world where Chronoa never become the Supreme Kai of Time due to Commander Yumark. Chronoa escaped from Yumark's grasps and create the true Time Nest and used the Super Shenron to summon the fighter who was stronger than other fighters which he summoned Beyley from the unknown timeline. Beyley, Xeno Chronoa and an reformed Xeno Towa formed the team called Team Xeno to fight off Erazer, the demonic god who seek the Dark Dragon Balls in the every timelines and the ruthless and cold-hearted Commander Yumark, Xeno Chronoa's former master who attempt to take her and imprisons her as her punishment for disobediences and actions for her escape.

Beyley Saga

  1. Beyley's First Training!
  2. Frieza's Attack, Beyley's Fist of Fury!
  3. The Leader of the Time Patrol
  4. Beyley's First Adventure, Onto the Main World (End of Beyley Saga)

Dark Frieza Saga

  1. Forward, Team Xeno
  2. Frieza's Returns, Chronoa and Towa's Accepted Friendship
  3. Strike Down Frieza's Elite, Super Saiyan Beyley vs. Dodoria
  4. Vegeta's Defeated, Zarbon's Monster Form
  5. The Crushable Defeat, Beyley vs. Patrol Fighter 17
  6. The Unlikely Support, Vegeta vs. 17
  7. Guru's Help, The Potential Power Within
  8. The Four-Men Team? The Ginyu Force
  9. Time-Stop, Towa vs. Guldo
  10. Chronoa's Healed, Defeat Guldo
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