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This article, Dragon Ball Xenoverse Sparking, takes place in an alternate universe or timeline,
and is not considered a part of the main Dragon Ball Timeline.
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Dragon Ball Xenoverse Sparking is the fanfiction story created by Zekons. This story is based on the Dragon Ball Xenoverse series and (Super) Dragon Ball Heroes. It will start off with one of its main characters named Beyley, the female Saiyan who was brought into the Time Vault by Xeno Chronoa.

Timeline Placement[edit | edit source]

This fanfiction story is set to take place in an alternate world where Chronoa never met Future Trunks due to Yumark's interference and Towa's role in creating Mira is given to Demigra. However, because of Erazer's machinations and Beyley, Xeno Chronoa, and Xeno Towa sent to the original main world, this fanfiction story is set during the event of Universe Creation Saga where the main timeline Chronoa met Towa from the alternate world since Xeno Trunks went to Super timeline.

Major Connections[edit | edit source]

  • Despite being unrelated to Dragon Ball Xenoverse and Dragon Ball Heroes, it has occurred after the event of Dragon Ball GT because Beyley reminds the story of Goku. Beyley easily recognizes Goku during a battle against Frieza because Beyley has a vision of the future.

Minor Connections from DBZ, DBS, SDBH and DBGT[edit | edit source]

  • Chronoa from the main world recognize Towa from the alternate world that she seemingly disappeared along with Mira after the event of Dark Empire Saga.
  • Chronoa from the main world met her alternate world counterpart as she suspects that in the alternate world, Chronoa from the alternate world never become Supreme Kai of Time because of Commander Yumark's interference and forcibly to work for him.

New Transformations[edit | edit source]

Super Saiyan Evolved[edit | edit source]

This form is the evolved version of Super Saiyan form after unlocking her potential power of the Super Saiyan gifted by he elder Namekians. The Super Saiyan Evolved is permanent after the potential power has been awakened. Because of Beyley's Super Saiyan's powers is dormant, she can't control her full powers until Guru not only awakens her powers, she increases her Super Saiyan powers and her Saiyan cells developing a new power.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Beyley Saga[edit | edit source]

Xeno Chronoa, the Time Patroller escaped from her former master, Commander Yumark and place the hiding place as she created the true Time Nest. Xeno Chronoa sends one fighter who is strong and brave by using the Dragon Balls. One female Saiyan was summoned by the Dragon Balls named Beyley as she met Xeno Chronoa which she trained her in order to become the truly first Time Patroller. However, after training in the time where Goku fought Frieza, Yumark arrived at Xeno Chronoa's Time Nest and tries to destroy her Time Nest after easily defeating Beyley but the powerful enemy named Erazer, the boss of the Dark Empire. Xeno Towa has terribly learned about Erazer's true goal is summon the dark dragon: Dark Shenron and wish to destroy the universe. Beyley, Xeno Chronoa, and Xeno Towa are manages to escape from both Yumark and Erazer while they fighting by Xeno Chronoa's time-warping powers and head towards to the main timeline where she met Supreme Kai of Time, her main timeline self. Beyley, Xeno Chronoa and Xeno Towa are formed three girl-team: Team Xeno and enlist to her help to defeat Erazer.

Dark Frieza Saga[edit | edit source]

After escaping Xeno Chronoa's Time Nest from Yumark and Erazer, Beyley and the others decide to train themselves to fight off the dark threat of Erazer. Beyley asked Xeno Chronoa and Xeno Towa to go to the time where Frieza has arrived on Planet Namek. They find Recoome, the one of the Ginyu Force has arrived early before the Ginyu Force group arrived on Planet Namek when Vegeta defeated both Dodoria and Zarbon in the past. Beyley and the others manage to defeat Recoome and beat Cui as Xeno Towa used her staff to erase Cui's memories about Recoome and their appearances. After defeating Cui and Xeno Chronoa and Xeno Towa are accepted their friendship, Beyley officially made the team called Team Xeno. During the battle against Zarbon, Beyley and the others meet Yumark's assassin, Patrol Fighter 17 and his primary target is Xeno Chronoa who rebels against Yumark. Defeated by Patrol Fighter 17's strength, he grabbed an unconscious Xeno Chronoa while Beyley and Xeno Towa are still barely unconscious and take her to Yumark's Time Nest. Vegeta in the altered timeline helps Beyley and Xeno Towa to find Xeno Chronoa and Patrol Fighter 17. Beyley, Xeno Towa and Vegeta found Xeno Chronoa and Patrol Fighter 17 just before he goes back to the time portal. Vegeta blasts the time portal, so Patrol Fighter 17 won't escape. Vegeta manages to defeat Patrol Fighter 17 with Beyley and Xeno Towa manage to grab Xeno Chronoa and make their way to the Healing Chamber Room.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • This series will have a female Saiyan main character, in this case, Beyley who can be served as Goku's successor.
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