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Plot Overview[]

This series begins 8 years after the original Dragon Ball GT. The first Dragon Ball XT Saga is H.F.I.L Saga where the main villains are villains of the past such as Frieza, King Cold, Androids, Cell, Saiyans, Baby, Omega Shenron, Broly and many other minor villains. It continues with the Android Z Saga where the main antagonist is Android Z and the third saga is Inter-Universal Tournament Saga where the main enemies are AU (Alternate Universe) characters and and the most prominent among them is Garitsu. This saga takes place 15 years after the Android Z Saga. The fourth Saga is Saiyan Duo Saga where the villains are Soy and Chile. The fifth Saga is Majin Goku Saga where Babidi Jr. and Majin Goku is the main antagonist. Along with that, Babidi Jr.'s evil henchmen Bio - Majin Nappa, Bio - Evil Vegeta, Bio - Majin Raditz and Majin Dakora are also play a small part in this Saga. The last saga is Ultimate Warrior Saga where main antagonists are Ultimos and Krudule along with many past villains from H.F.I.L and Baby Goku Sagas, Super Baby Goku and Super Baby Goku 2. In this story, Goku will come back to Earth permanently after his training with Shenron.

Movies and Specials[]


1. Dragon Ball XT: Saiyan Battles (takes place before Dragon Ball XT and after Dragon Ball GT) - A new Saiyan threat is coming to Earth, one that is very powerful....

2. Dragon Ball XT: Return Of The Legendary Super Saiyan (takes before Ultimate Warrior Saga and after Android Z Saga) - Broly is back from Hell for revenge and he is stronger than before...


Dragon Ball XT: Birth of Ultimos - Reveals the whereabouts of Ultimos before he started to trouble our main characters.

H.F.I.L Saga[]

Goku's Unexpected Arrival[]

Vegeta is training in the Gravity Chamber at 600x Earths gravity as a Super Saiyan. Suddenly he senses Goku's energy level and runs out of the Gravity Chamber and sees Goku half bruised.Goku has also grown back to adult form again. Goku rests and then tells him that the Hell Minions have escape and they started wrecking havoc. He and Pikkon had been sent to subdue this group of villains but they were defeated and Pikkon was killed. Goku also said that the villains had got much stronger and that Frieza could defeat him as a Super Saiyan (which the original DBZ Frieza was unable to do). They had also captured King Yemma. He said that the Kibito-Shin asked for Vegeta's and the other's help. Many of the villains were Raditz, Nappa, King Piccolo, Ginyu Force, Zarbon, Cui, Dodoria, Frieza, Cooler, Broly, Lord Slug, General Tao,Turles, Android 13, Android 14, Android 15, Super Android 17, Android 19, Android 20, Cell, Bojack and his crew, Super Janemba, Hirudegarn, Baby, Omega Shenron and many others. He also met Piccolo there but Piccolo was in hiding from the villains because they were very powerful. The Z Fighters get ready to go to the Planet of The Kais by Instant Transmission but Pan decides to stay behind and protect the world from trouble.

Hell Escapees[]

"You, Trunks and Majuub attack the back, while I, Vegeta and Gohan attack the front.

- Goku discussing his plans with the rest of the Z Fighters. "

Goku and the Z Fighters arrive at the Planet of The Kais and talk to Kibito-Shin and Elder Kai about the problem. They advise that all of the Z Fighters attack the villains one by one. Thanking Kibito-Shin about the fight, Goku teleports them to the H.F.I.L . They see many of the past villains. The villains have built a huge castle where the Lords of Hell reside and the weaker warriors stand gaurd. The Z Fighters work out their tactics. They decide that Goku, Vegeta and Gohan attack the front, while Majuub, Trunks and Goten attacks the back gate. Goku studies the front gate and see many villains such as Raditz, Dodoria,Recoome, Jeice, Turles and King Piccolo gaurding it. The back gate is gaurded by Nappa, Burter, Guldo, Captain Ginyu, Zarbon, Lord Slug and Cui. Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, Goten, Trunks transforms into Super Saiyans and Majuub powers up to fight. They rush forward to the back and front gates.

Weaklings Die First[]

"We'll kill the losers first!

- Vegeta to Goku "

Goku, Vegeta and Gohan arrrive at the front gate but Dodoria spots them and is about to alert Lord Frieza, when Vegeta rams his fist into Dodoria's armor and twists his neck. Hearing the commotion, Recoome scans Vegeta's power level with his scouter. The power level shows 23,000,000,000 and the Scouter blasts into pieces. Vegeta wipes out Recoome, Jeice and Raditz with a Final Flash while Goku and Gohan wipe out Turles and King Piccolo with a Twin-Kamehameha. Meanwhile Goten, Trunks and Majuub do a chain of Ki Blasts and wips out all of the gaurds of the Back Gate. Frieza, watching from his throne room, proceeds to battle the Z Fighters next.

Frieza's Destruction[]

"Die Saiyans!!!

- Frieza to Goku "

Frieza powers up to 100% and fly of to the battle field and meets Goku, Goten, Vegeta,Gohan,Trunks and Majuub. Goku, Gohan and Vegeta powers up to Super Saiyan 2 and charge at Frieza but Frieza quickly dodges and fires an array of Energy Blasts at Goku and Vegeta, while Gohan powers up a Super Kamehameha and fires at Frieza. At first Frieza is thought to have been defeated but when Frieza fires a Super Nova at the Z Fighters, they all dodge. Fireza gives a combo of kicks and punches and sends Goten flying down to the mountains. Angrily, Goku, Gohan and Majuub charge a Kamehameha and Vegeta and Trunks powers up a Galick Gun and they all fire at Frieza who gets blasted to smithereens. Angered, Omega Shenron order Android 13, Android 14, Android 15, Android 19, Android 20, Cell and Super 17 to go and kill the Z Fighters.

Vegeta Super Saiyan 2

Vegeta Super Saiyan 2

Androids Retreat[]

"I'll finish Super 17 once and for all!

- Goku to Vegeta "

All of the Androids go to the Battle Field to take care of the Z Fighters while Goten has recovered from the previous battle. Goku and Vegeta power up to Super Saiyan 4 because Super 17 was very powerful. They let Goten, Majuub, Gohan and Trunks to fight the other Androids. Goten charges towards Android 19 and 20, Trunks dashes of to fight Android 15 and 14, Majuub fights Android 13 and Gohan fights Cell. Android 19 has got 3x stronger than before so it gives Goten a good fight but all the Androids knew that they were losing so they retreated. Goku and the others feeling angry at the Androids retreat, gets ready for the next fight. Omega Shenron tells them he and Baby will go and fight them once and for all.

Rise of the Ultimate Dragon[]


- Omega Shenron to Goku "

Omega Shenron and Baby fly to the Battle Field to battle Goku and the others.

Omega Shenron

Omega Shenron arrives

Goku and Gohan fire a Kamehameha at Baby who is inflicted full damage and gets killed. Omega Shenron angrily starts firing energy blasts at Vegeta who deflects it with ease. Having enough of toying around, Vegeta fired a Super Galick Shine (A purple laser beam) at Omega Shenron who gets injured very badly. To finish everything, Goku, Gohan, Goten and Majuub fire a Quadruple Kamehameha and kills Omega Shenron. Once the battle is over, Piccolo comes from his hiding and congratulates them on his victory. Their celebrations are short lived, when they feel a tremendous energy, even stronger than that of Omega Shenron and the next second a powerful energy beam blasts Majuub and kills him in a flash. The Z Fighters look for the attacker in the smoke when they see Broly levitating above the ground, roaring with rage.

The Legendary Super Saiyan Ascends[]


- Broly to Goku "

Angry at Majuub's death, Goku fires a powerful Kamehameha at Broly who easily dodges it and turns into a Legendary Super Saiyan 3 and overpowers Trunks and Goten by giving them a punch to the gut and sends them flying to the rocks below.

Kamehameha Wave

The Kamehameha being fired at Broly

To distract Broly, Piccolo fires a Special Beam Cannon which got blasted apart by Broly's own Blaster Shell and almost killed Piccolo, highly injuring him. Angry at the fact that Piccolo is almost dead, Gohan flies at Broly and fires an Ultimate Kamehameha but to no avail. Broly knocks the wind out of him with ease at tosses him into the rocks below."Kakarot!" roared Broly. Vegeta fires a Final Shine Attack and Goku fires a 10x Kamehameha which bruises him slightly. Broly in a fit of rage, suddenly transforms into a Legendary Super Saiyan 4! Knowing that they dont have any option, Goku and Vegeta shouts and creates a lighting aura around them and transforms into Super Saiyan 5s.

Legendary Super Saiyan 4 Broly

Legendary Super Saiyan 4 Broly

Upgrade to Super Saiyan 5![]

"This is what I call a Super Saiyan 5!

- Goku to Broly "

Both Goku and Vegeta are surprised at each other that both of them can go Super Saiyan 5. Goku asks Vegeta how he achieved this transformation and Vegeta tells him that he achieved it in the Gravity Chamber by training at 1200x Earth Gravity. Goku tells him that he achieved it by training with Shenron. Both the fighters pelt Broly with energy blasts and seriously damages him. Enraged, Broly attacks Vegeta with an Omega Blaster at Vegeta who takes full hit but did not hurt him even a bit. Goku and Vegeta charge their signature moves, 10x Super Kamehameha and Ultimate Final Shine which blasts Broly into the molten lava below. After watching this spectacle, Goku and Vegeta rush to the aid of the Goten, Trunks, Gohan and Piccolo and revive them with Senzu Beans. When all of them are revived, Goku hears a huge sound and sees Broly rising from the molten lava, twice in size and very angry.

Vegeta SSJ5

Vegeta Super Saiyan 5

The Adult Fusion[]

"This is from all of us, Broly!

- Goku to Broly "

Broly rose from the molten rock and rushed to Goku and Vegeta with stunning speed and used a powerful Omega Blast which killed Gohan. Angrily, Goten and Trunks fuse to become Gotenks! Gotenks rush towards Broly but Broly, with one swipe of his hand, thrashes Gotenks. Gotenks uses a variety of moves from Wolf Fang Fist to Super Kamikaze Ghost Attack but in vain. Gotenks then becomes a Super Saiyan 3. As a Super Saiyan 3, Gotenks manages to get a few hits at the ‘Legendary Super Saiyan 4’ but that was like an ant sting to Broly. Goku and Vegeta finally decide that they have to do a very powerful attack to kill Broly. Goku and Gotenks charge two Super Kamehamehas and Vegeta charges a Super Final Shine and Piccolo charges a Special Beam Cannon and they all fire at Broly. The attack blasted through Broly’s heart. Broly fell down into the spikes. He reverted back to his base form, breathing heavily. Vegeta walked up to him with a cold look in his eyes and he fired a Final Shine at Broly which killed the ‘Legendary Super Saiyan 4’. The fusion weared of and all of the remaining fighters looks at the H.F.I.L and saw the mass of villains of their previous encounters.

Broly ssj4 Rage by Macilento

Broly after rising from lava


Adult Gotenks Super Saiyan 3

Cleaning Hell[]

"Lets finish this!

-Goku to Vegeta "

Goku looks down and sees Cooler, Bojack and his crew, Super Janemba and many other villains from their past. Goku and Vegeta rushes off to fight Janemba while Goten fights Bojack and his crew while Vegeta, Trunks and Piccolo takes care of Cooler. Goku finishes Janemba with a few punches and Goten blasts Bojack, Zangya and Bido with a single Kamehameha and Vegeta kills Cooler with a combined Final Shine, Burning Attack and Special Beam Cannon. Goku fires a 10x Super Kamehameha at the masses of villains and incinerates them all. Goku then sees Hirudegarn rushing towards them and does a Dragon Fist and kills it. The Z Fighters go to the Fortress and frees King Yemma. The Red Ribbon Army charges at them using helicopters, jets and tanks but Vegeta blasts it with an energy blast, They then go to Kibito-Shin and tells him of their completed task.

Missing Fighters[]

"We need a Dragon, Supreme Kai!

- Goku to Kibito Shin "

Kibito-Shin tells them that they can have ‘One Wish’ for defeating the hell minions and freeing Yemma. Goku asks him to grant a Dragon for Earth. Kibito-Shin hesitates at first but then he complies. Goku and the others return to Earth by using Goku’s Instant Transmission and they meet Pan and Bulla who were on Dende’s Lookout. Goku uses the Dragon Radar and in 3 hours, he finds all seven dragon balls. Goku summons the dragon and a Golden Shenron rose from the balls and spoke to them ‘I shall grant you four wishes. Speak wisely.’ Goten and Trunks are excited to know that the dragon can grant them four wishes. Goku wishes for Gohan, Majuub and Piccolo to be alive. He then wishes for them to be transported to Dende’s Lookout. Suddenly they see Gohan, Piccolo and Majuub on the Lookout. Chi Chi runs and hugs him. Pan also does the same to Gohan. Goku also wishes for the Hell Gates to be closed. Vegeta then immediately asks Golden Shenron if any of the Minions of Hell escaped. Trunks tells him that was a dumb wish. Golden Shenron tells Vegeta that the Androids have escaped in the battle between the Z Fighters and are here on Earth. Goku and the others and are stunned and Golden Shenron immediately disappears.

Golden shenron

Golden Shenron


Golden Shenron's Head

Android Z Saga[]

Androids Plan[]

"My name is Android Z

- Z to Goku, Goten and Trunks "

Goku tells Dende to go to the highest tower of Dende's Lookout and see where the androids are. After a while he comes back and tells all of them that they are in a forest, East of Dende's Lookout. Goku, Trunks and Goten go in search of the Androids while Vegeta, Gohan, Piccolo, Majuub and Pan stay on the Lookout with their parents and friends. Krillin tries entertains all of them with some jokes but #18 tells him to zip it. Goku becomes a Super Saiyan 2 and Goten and Trunks become a Super Saiyan. Goku finds the Androids energy signal and finds them in an isolated forest. The Androids are surprised to see Goku. They hold their hands together and a blinding light is followed by an new figure in shining grey armour standing there. He introduces him self as Z.

His Name is Z[]

"I'm stronger than all of you!

- Z to Goku, Goten and Trunks


Everyone is shocked by this new figure. Vegeta knows that Goku and others need his help so he flies towards them. Meanwhile, Z shows of his new power by firing a Death Beam at Trunks but Goten lunges himself forward at the last moment and saves Trunks but is fatally wounded by the blast. Trunks snaps and becomes a Super Saiyan 3! But even this astounding power, he is not able to land a punch on Z. Z knocks him away as if he was a fly and charges towards Goku with a fist but Goku evades it. Goku quickly powers up to Super Saiyan 5 and fire some blasts and a 10x Super Kamehameha at Z. A huge explosion occurs, destroying the Forest and many towns near it. When the smoke clears, Z is unarmed without on a scratch on himself. He suddenly pulls out a blade from his hand and charges towards Goku slicing his arm. He then fires a Doom Super Cannon at Goku who takes full hit and falls to the ground and has reverted back to his base form. Z prepares to land the final blow on Goku.

Super Z 22324

Android Z

Trunks ssj3 by ExtremeNick

Trunks Super Saiyan 3

Timely Help[]

"A Super Saiyan 5 isn't much of a challenge for you. But what about an Ascended Super Saiyan 5?!?

- Super Vegeta 5 to Z "

Just as Z is about to fire another Doom Super Cannon, he receives a powerful on his neck by another figure who appeared out of nowhere. Goku sees a flicker of hope when he sees Vegeta and asks him to give Goku a Senzu Beam. Vegeta readily gives it. Vegeta stares angrily at the villain and says that if anyone is going to kill Goku, it will be himself. Z immediately understood that it was Vegeta. Vegeta starts to transform into a Super Saiyan 2 when Goku tells that even a Super Saiyan 5 isn't enough. Vegeta tells him that if a Super Saiyan 5 isn't enough, he will just have to Ascend. Vegeta starts roaring and huge electric sparks start flying from him. He suddenly gives of a white flash that almost blinds Z. Standing in the smoke was an Ascended Super Saiyan 5 Vegeta! He announces his name as Super Vegeta 5. Super Vegeta 5 starts pounding on Z and it seems to be enough since he thrashes him and Z couldn't make a single move. Super Vegeta 5 fires a Ultra Super Galick Shine at Z who gets his arm cut off. Vegeta was standing there with a look of triumph, but when Z regenerated it using Cell's regenerative abilities, Vegeta triumph turned to a grimace. Z explains that he wasn't even using 30% of his power. he powers up to 50% and fires a devastating Ultra Solar Kamehameha at Vegeta who takes full hit and reverts back to normal, wounded. Z walks upto Vegeta and tells him that he will give the Z Fighters 200 hours to prepare for a battle. One may come before that 200 hours. One fighter must fight with him in this forest. If they don't show up or the Z Fighters lose, he will destroy this whole Universal Quadrant. Z heals Vegeta, Goku, Goten and Trunks and repairs Goku's arm. They fly back to the Lookout with a grim face.

Time To Train[]

"We have to train!

- Goku to the Z Fighters "

Goku tells the others on the Lookout of this terrible dilemma and they all agree to fight Z.

Kami Lookout

Dende's Lookout

First, Piccolo and Gohan will enter the newly made HyperBolic Time Chamber and train for 48 hours, which was 2 years in the Chamber. Then Majuub and Pan will enter for 48 hours. Then Goten and Trunks will enter for 48 hours. And at last, Goku and Vegeta will enter. The remaining 8 hours, they'll get a good rest. The preparations for the training has started. Piccolo and Gohan go to the HyperBolic Time Chamber to train. Meanwhile the others are training outside. Vegeta and Goku spar with each other to prove who is stronger. Meanwhile Z is flying into outer Space and destroying meteors, getting ready for the battle. As the clock ticks away, Piccolo and Vegeta are training hard as possible. Piccolo and Gohan were sparring in the Time Chamber. Gohan fires a Kamehameha at Piccolo, who dodges it. Piccolo is training intensively to become stronger than Vegeta.

A New Fusion[]

"I am neither Vegeta nor Piccolo. I am PICCETA!

- Picceta "



2 year later in the Time Chamber...

Piccolo has surpassed even Gohan as a Super Saiyan 2. Piccolo has finally mastered his Ultra Special Beam Cannon. Piccolo and Gohan, emerge from the Time Chamber and looks at the others with pride. Piccolo then travels with Goku to Namek. He asks all the Namekians to fuse with him. They are happy to do it and they give their lives and energy to Piccolo. With this new power, he asks Goku to return to Earth. Piccolo then asks Vegeta to turn into a Super Saiyan. Vegeta immediately becomes one. Piccolo then tells the other that he Vegeta could fuse. Vegeta obliges and they start to fuse by the Siamese Hack Fusion Dance, dance taught to them by Goku which he learned from Shenron. In this fusion, any two people can fuse together. A brilliant white light appears, and standing there was a Green Super Saiyan Warrior. All the others are astounded by this power. Picceta rushes to the forest where Z was training. He meets with Z and a battle starts.

Picceta's Arrogance[]

"Z! You're evil reign of terror is over! Prepare to meet... YOUR END!!

-Picceta to Z "

Picceta smiled when he met Z. Picceta charged at Z, but Z dodged a punch that Picceta sent. Z blasted him with a Doom Super Cannon, which hits Picceta's shoulder. Picceta falls down, but he turns

Special Gun

Special Beam Gun

to face Z. Z fires another Doom Super Cannon at Picceta who gets his arm cut off. Picceta just grins and his arm suddenly regenerates. "SPECIAL BEAM GUN!" He yelled out, which sent a Special Beam Cannon with the Galick Gun around it. Z countered with his Doom Super Cannon. The Doom Super Cannon easily won, and Picceta was sent back, barely on his feet. "FINAL TRINITY BULLET!" He yelled, but Z simply pushed it back at him. Picceta got hit, and was hit with enough force he was sent back to Dende's Lookout.

Pan- The Super Saiyan?!?[]

"What's the matter Picceta? Got your butt kicked by Z?

- Goku to Picceta "

Everyone laughed at Picceta for his arrogance. Picceta defused and in his place sat an angry looking Vegeta and a scowling Piccolo. Pan and Majuub entered the Time Chamber next. They trained hard in the Chamber, hoping to be very powerful. 'KAME - HAME - HA!!' Pan shouts and a purple Kamehameha Wave hits Majuub in the chest and he falls down to the ground. Pan walks up to him and holds out his hand but Majuub refuses and gives her a powerful kick to the gut and Pan flies and hits the ceiling. Pan suddenly shouts and her hair suddenly changes to Gold! She charges and starts to rain blows at Majuub and he couldn't even counter them. Finally, Pan stopped and reverted back to he base form. They trained for a long time and finally after 2 years, Pan had finally mastered the Super Saiyan transformation. They went outside the Chamber and Pan showed them her Super Saiyan form. Everyone exclaimed an was happy especially Goku. Now it was Trunks and Goten's turn to go to the Time Chamber. Meanwhile, Z is becoming stronger each second...

Pan Super Saiyan

Pan Super Saiyan

Power Surge[]

"Remember Buu, Goten?

- Trunks to Goten "

Goten and Trunks train in the Chamber. 'KAME - HAME - HA!!' Goten shouts and Trunks shouts 'BIG TREE CANNON!!'. Both the energy beams collided and devastated the Chamber. Goten and Trunks starts to spar. Goten gives a kick to Trunks gut but Trunks counters the kick and twists Goten's leg. Goten cries out in pan and plead Trunks to let go. Finally, he let go. Goten and Trunks fuse to become Gotenks and Gotenks start to practice some of his moves. After 2 years, Goten and Trunks emerge from the Chambe

Central City

The city, before it got burned

r but their energy levels had changed only a little. Goku senses Z's energy and flies to East City. He finds Z terrorising it. Z told him that he did it just for the fun of it. Goku starts to give him a taste of his power. Goku punches Z in the back many times and Z returns each blow. Goku tells Z to meet his latest move. 'GALACTIC KAME-HAME-HA!!!' and a Golden Kamehameha hits Z but Z remains half injured. Z sets the city to flames and flies away. Meanwhile, the Air Force tries to stop Z, but are destroyed with one uncharged energy blast. Goku returns to the Lookout to begin his training with Vegeta.

Super Training[]

"This what I call a 'Kame Hame Ha!'

- Gogeta "

Goku and Vegeta walked into the chamber. Vegeta punched Goku, but Goku dodged and kicked Vegeta. Vegeta got knocked over. "FINAL FLASH!" Vegeta cried out. "KAME-HAME-HA!" Goku cried out. The two beams collided. There was an explosion, and when the smoke cleared, Goku and Vegeta were kic

Senzu Beans

Half of the Senzu Beans

king and punching each other. "Vegeta, I think it's time we fuse." Vegeta nodded. "Fu-Sion... HA!" Standing there was Gogeta. He launched out his Big Bang Attack, training. He began punching the air. After a year of training, Gogeta had got the result he wanted. "100X FINAL KAMEHAMEHA!" He smiled. He continued practicing for the remaining year, punching, kicking, and launching his Big Bang Kamehameha. When he walked out, he has defused into Goku and Vegeta. "Okay, we're ready!" They rested for 8 hours and then when Goku woke up, he saw that Vegeta had a smug smile on his face. 'What's the matter, Vegeta?' asks Goku. Vegeta just shrugs. They carry 6 Senzu Beans with them just in case. Pan and Majuub are told to stay in the Lookout because they weren't nearly as strong as Z. The rest fly off to the Forest.

The Battle Begins[]

"Bring it on , Z!!

- Gohan to Z "

Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, Piccolo, Goten and Trunks rush off to the Forest where the match was to be held. They arrive at the Forest. 'About time.!' Z said. 'All right. We can't fight him together. Lets play' Rock-Paper-Scissors 'to decide who would fight Z first.' said Goku. They decide that Gohan would fight first, then Piccolo, then Gotenks, then Goku and at last Vegeta. 'It's not fair! I know you Kakarot, you just want to finish Z by yourself. Gohan, Piccolo and Gotenks would weaken Z and then you will finish Z! No. That's not gonna happen!' shouted Vegeta. Goku told him he can have his turn patiently. Gohan walks towards the newly made Arena and powers up to Super Saiyan 2. 'All right, Z! Here I come!' shouted Gohan and he charged towards Z. The battle begins...

First Battle - Gohan v.s Z[]

"Gohan's unlocked his potential!!

- Goku to Vegeta "

Gohan started punching Z on the torso with great force. Z smiled and took the blows as if it was a massage. 'Enough of this.' Z said. 'DOOM SUPER CANNON' and it hit Gohan in the chest and he flew out of the arena. Before he hit the ground, he levitated and flew up. 'KAME - HAME - HA!!!' he fired a greenish blue Kamehameha Wave at Z who easily dodged. 'Check out my new move' Z said. 'FLAMING IMPACT FISTS!' Z flew to Gohan and punched him rapidly with fists that was surrounded by flames. Gohan took a lot of damage. Z punched Gohan on the cheek. Gohan started to spit blood everywhere. His clothes were torn. Gohan was enraged. He starts to roar. 'You've pushed me too far, Z' Gohan said. He powered up and unlocked his potential and was Ultimate Gohan. 'Look! Gohan's unlocked his potential!!' Goku cried. Z was standing there with a grin on his face. 'Oh please. Bring it on' Z said. 'I will!' said Gohan. Gohan rushed to Z. 'ULTIMATE KAME - HAME - HA!!' a powerful Kamehameha blasts Z out of the ring. Gohan has won... or so it seems.

Ultimate Super Saiyan 3!!![]

"This is not just a Super Saiyan 3

- Super Saiyan 3 Ultimate Gohan to Z "

Gohan is about to fly back to his family when a loud sound stops him. 'ICICLE BEAM!' Z shouts and an Ice Beam hits Gohan and he falls down with his back frozen. 'Pity, pity' Z said. Gohan was back on his feet and punched and kicked Z. They were evenly matched. 'I was just using 40% of my power.' Z said. He powers upto 50% and attacked Gohan. Z had the upperhand easily. 'KAME - KAZY - RAY!' Z shouts and a purple shock wave hits the nearby town and it bursts into flames. 'You shouldn't have done that! You shouldn't have done that! AAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!' Gohan screamed. The earth was shaking, the rivers were overflowing and flooding the neighbouring areas. Trees started to fall down, and a very strong wind uprooted most of the trees. A flash of light surrounds Gohan and his hair begins to grow. He suddenly became a Super Saiyan 3. Goku was surprised at the same time happy that Gohan had finally Ascended. 'Now. Now I'm going to show you my power, Z!' Gohan shouted and rushed towards. Gohan landed serious blows on the and crushed Z's armour. Z was too shocked to move. 'You can handle me. I can see that. But what about 5 of me?' asked Z. He used Tien Shinan's Clone technique and there were five Z s. Gohan was angered at Z's cheating. Z powers upto 90% and fights Gohan. Gohan defeats three Z s easily but receives a powerful kick from the fourth. Gohan fires a Kamehameha Wave which kills four out of five Z s. 'KAAA - MEEE - HAAA - MEEE - HAAAAA!!! Gohan shouts in a last ditch attempt to kill the powerful android. The bright red Kamehameha incinerates Z's body and only ashes are left behind, along with his blue jewel. Unfortunately, Gohan used all of his energy and died. 'Let us hope your sacrifice was not in vain, Gohan' said Piccolo. Goku was standing there tears in his face. Vegeta was angry that he couldn't fight Z. Everyone is about to leave when they sense Z's energy levels. 'That's impossible! He was dead! Gohan gave it his best shot. How can anyone survive that attack?' asked Vegeta. But all the same, they see Z standing in the Arena, smiling. 'I feel sorry for Gohan. But let's make sure his sacrifice wasn't in vain by continuing the tournament. Chop-Chop! I'm a very busy man. I have the whole universe to conquer. Oh and if you're wondering how I survived the attack' I regenerated Piccolo decided he will fight next. Everyone wishes him good luck.

Super Saiyan 3 Ultimate Gohan

Super Saiyan 3 Ultimate Gohan

Second Battle[]

"Oh of course. What more can you expect from filthy Nameks like you!

- Z to Piccolo "

Piccolo steps into the ring. ULTRA SPECIAL BEAM CANNON!' Piccolo shouts. The beam hits Z in the chest and he stumbles. 'Nice move, you filthy Namek!' Z said. Z held both hands together near his chest. Two blue orbs of energy started to appear. It grew bigger and bigger until it was the size of a huge boulder. 'DUAL KAME - HAME - HA!' Z shouted. Both Kamehameha Waves blasted Piccolo and he hit the nearby trees and fell down out of the ring. Z started to giggle. 'Who needs this stupid arena! KAME KAZY RAY!' and the purple shock wave destroys the huge arena. Piccolo thought What if I fuse with Vegeta? Hey, that's a good idea! He called to Vegeta and told him 'Let's fuse!'. Vegeta refused at first, but when Goku begged him to, he obliged and he and Piccolo fused to become Picceta. Z's giggle turned to laughter. 'Are you the one who got thrashed by my awesome power? Z mocked. 'You may laugh now Z, but my power just tripled since we last met. Let's fight.' Picceta snarled. Z rushed towards Picceta and smacked him in the torso. Picceta flew up like a rocket and landed on the gravel with a sickening thud. 'FINAL TRINITY BULLET! Picceta shouted but Z kicked it and it flew back and Picceta and he flew back and hit a couple of huge boulders. 'Ouch! My head hurts! I give up!' Picceta started to whine. Picceta went back to the stands and Goten and Trunks walked up to Z. They fused and became Gotenks.

A Fused Fight[]

"Have no fear, Gotenks is here!

- Gotenks "

Gotenks smiled. "Alright Z, your finished under the awesome power of the her- OOF!" Gotenks cried out as Z hit him in the middle of his speech. Gotenks got up, and rushed up to Z, punching him, but Z wasn't effected. Gotenks powered up to Super Saiyan 3, and launched his attack. "BIG TREE CANNON!" He cried out, blasting Z. Z still wasn't effected. Z and Gotenks began punching and kicking each other rapidly. Gotenks did a backflip. "FINAL TREE CANNON!" Gotenks cried out, throwing a stronger version of his Big Tree Cannon. Z was only slightly hurt. Z smiled. "SPECIAL DOOM CANNON!" Z called out, using the android scanning abilities to use Piccolo's Special Beam Cannon. Gotenks swiftly dodged it. Gotenks jumped into the air. "RAPID FIRE DONUT MISSLIES!" Gotenks cried out, throwing his Rapid Fire Die Die Misslies with his Galactic Donuts around them. All of the attacks hit Z, but the Android was barely hurt. Gotenks saw that he wasn't doing anything, sighed, and jumped into the stands to give Goku a chance.

Goku v.s Z[]

Goku stepped into the ring. Z smiled when he saw Goku. 'Ah,finally! This is what I've been looking forward to. A real fight. All these were just side-shows. Did you not think so, Goku?' Z asked. 'Yeah, well. You're right.I'm looking forward to fight you, Z' Goku said. 'All right. Let's do it!' Z shouted. Z charged forward Goku and smacked him with his knee. It was fist against fist and kick against kick. Z's knee hit Goku's back with a sickening crunch down he fell down. But he smiled. 'You've improved a lot over 200 hours, Z!' Goku exclaimed. 'Oh, it was nothing. This isn't my full power. And I know that you are holding back. Come on! Bring out your true potential!' Z said. Goku grimaced and said 'I cant do that. Not just yet any ways. I want to see if I can finish you off, in the normal way!' Goku said. 'What! alright, Goku. I'm gonna make you wish that you were NEVER born!' Z said putting a great amount of force on the word, never. Goku powered up to Super Saiyan 4. Goku rushed toward Z and started punching rapidly. Z was taking the blows as if it were a fly that was bothering him. 'Come on, Goku. Show me the true power' Z shouted. Goku thought for a long time. 'All right. I'll do it.' he said. 'Good. Very Good.' Z spoke. Goku concentrated and his body was covered with a lightning aura. He shouted an and he became - 'A Full Power Super Saiyan 5!' exclaimed Vegeta. 'Well done, Kakarot. You've managed to master the Super Saiyan 5 transformation' Vegeta said. Z snickered at Goku. Z and Goku looked at each other for some time and then charged towards each other. They smacked each others faces and both spat blood. 'Wow, Z! You're strong.' Goku said and Z replied the same. Goku and Z flew around the forest punching and kicking each other and Goku said 'Let's start the real fight' and Z agreed.

Full Powered Super Saiyan 5 Goku

Full Powered Super Saiyan 5 Goku

The Real Battle[]

The battle between Goku and Z continues... 'KAME - HAME -' Goku broke off. Z smiled at Goku and used Tien Shinan's Clone Techinque. He created 5 Z s. 'Now, find me!' Z laughed. Goku grinned and said 'Is that the best you got, Z? 'KAME - HAME - HA! HA! HA! HA! HA!' Goku shouted repeating Ha 5 times which created five powerful Kamehameha Waves. The five Kamehameha Waves destroyed the fake androids and even damaged the original Z. Z staggered and said 'Impressive Goku. How did you increase this much power in 200 hours?' asked Z quizzically. 'I didn't increase it in 200 hours. If I did, I would probably be dead right now. It took me 2 years and about 144 hours or something like that. Any ways, I trained for at least 2 years.' Goku replied smiling. 'Was I in hibernation, that long!?' asked Z puzzled. 'No. But never mind about that. Let's continue the fight, shall we?' Goku said and didn't wait for an answer but uprooted a tree and sent it flying at Z. The tree hit Z by surprise and fell back. 'GALACTIC KAME - HAME - HA!' and the golden Kamehameha hit Z and he went flying and hit the huge mountains. The mountains rumbled and crashed down on Z. The android was enraged. He flew upwards and said 'Enough! DOOM SUPER CANNON!' and the energy wave hit Goku and sent him down to the ground. Goku was severely injured. 'I learnt this from Vegeta. 'ULTRA GALICK SHINE!" and he Ultra Galick Shine hit Goku directly and he was much more injured. He started to spit blood everywhere. 'Guess you were just caught off-guard, Goku. Give up and you shall be spared. Otherwise, you shall end up like Gohan. And we don't want that to happen.' Z said smiling. 'Yep. You're right Z. I give up.' Goku said grinning. Everyone is shocked at this. 'Well. Since you're down for the count, Goku, guess I'll just destroy this Universal Quadrant.' Z threatened. 'Wait, Z. I may be down, but Vegeta still needs to get his chance.' Goku said. 'Goku, you must be MAD! Everyone knows you're the strongest person here. Do you want Vegeta to be killed - sooner?' Z asked. 'Just give him a chance.' Goku pleaded. 'All right. But if he fails, then kiss this planet along with it's quadrant, goodbye!' Z told. 'Kakarot, move aside! My turn!' Vegeta said. Vegeta lands in front of Z and smiles. He punches Z on the face and Z stumbles and falls down. 'FINAL SHINE!' Vegeta says and the Final Shine hits Z. Z rises up and smacks Vegeta's guts with his fist. Vegeta starts to spit blood on the floor. Z sprouts his blade and rushes to slice of Vegeta's head when he does a cartwheel, firing Galick Guns. 'ENERGY SPHERE!' Z shouts and an electric ball of thunder hits Vegeta and he slides on the floor. Z is about to finish him off.

Vegeta's Secret[]

Z was about to fire his Doom Super Cannon when Vegeta grinned. "Z , I'm holding Back" Vegeta kicked Z in his chest. He went Super Saiyan then Super Saiyan 2 and then Super Saiyan 4 "Z, Your dead." He punched Z in the chest a number of times. He kicked his head and Z went flying. 2 years mixed my Super Saiyan 4 power, with my Super Saiyan 5 power.. So imagnie how strong a Super Saiyan 5 is." Vegeta went Super Saiyan 5 and used a Super Final Flash. Z absorbed it. Z used the Tri-Beam. Vegeta fell into some woods. He went back in his base form. "He is strong. I must go Super 5" thought Vegeta. Z flew through the trees trying to find Vegeta. Vegeta powerd up and Z sensed this. When Z arrived at his destination. Vegeta used a Big Bang Attack. Z was hurt. "I too have been holding back. Do you really think I would lose to a weakling like you." Vegeta was being smacked about like a rag doll. "I though this would be intresting" Z was charging his Doom Super Cannon, when Vegeta thought about Goku. "Im stronger then Kakarot. If he can go Full Power Super Saiyan 5 so can I." Vegeta's hair went white and his mucles grew bigger. He stood there as a Full Power Super Saiyan 5. He punched Z as hard as he could. His fist almost went through Z. As he took it out Z kneed him in the stomach. "'ULTIMATE KAME - HAME - HA!' he yelled. He used Gohans signture attack. It hit Vegeta point blank. Z though again. "SPECIAL BEAM CANNON!." He yelled. Vegeta used he Final Shine on it. They clashed. . He went Full Powered Super Saiyan 5 and charged at Z. 'BIG BANG ATTACK' he yelled. It destroyed Z's arm. Vegeta fired another at Z's other arm destroying that one too. "This is my new attack" yelled Vegeta. He charged a ball of energy in his hand. "BIG BANG CRUSHER!" yelled Vegeta It was getting closer to Z yet he wasn't moving. Z charged a ball in his hands like Vegeta. "FULL POWER BIG BANG CRUSHER!" Z yelled. It clashed with Vegeta's normal Big Bang Crusher and absorbed it. There was one huge ball of energy coming at Vegeta. He leaped up in the sky. Z directed it at Vegeta. Vegeta keept moving about trying to dodge the attack. He couldn't get away from it. Z then moved his hands really fast. It was too fast for Vegeta to dodge. Vegeta fell to the floor injured. He started to spit blood every where. Z landed down and crushed Vegeta's ribs. He twisted Vegeta's arm, breaking it. Vegeta was barely alive. 'Ka - Kaka - Kakarot... he - help...' Vegeta said struggling to breath. Piccolo handed Goku a Senzu Bean which he threw to Vegeta. Vegeta ate it and it refreshed him and mended his ribs and arm. He got up with great distaste for Z. 'I have always said this. No doll will defeat the Prince of Saiyans!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!' Vegeta started to roar. His fur was slightly turning to gold. Energy shock waves were being produced from his body. They shook Z and he fell on the floor, amazed by Vegeta's power. With a final roar, that created a powerful shock wave that sent Z crashing to the huge mountains (which toppled over him and seriously damaged him) Vegeta had finally Ascended.

Tale of Ascension[]

Vegeta stood there as a Super Saiyan 6. He blasted Z. "Vegeta when did this happen?" questioned Goku. Vegeta laughed "It happend when I saw a worthless bald man get killed by Frieza." Goku smiled "Ha,ha,seriously.When did it happen?" "It happend in the chamber. While me and you were training I never slept. I kept going and going despite what you thought. "

  • Flashback* -----

"Kakarot, I win." yelled Vegeta while going Super 5. Vegeta fired a Galick Gun and said "Kakarot, your end is near." he said. Goku smiled and dodged the Galick Gun. Vegeta and Goku had a barrage of Punches and Kicks on each other when Vegeta got one in Goku's stomach. "Kakarot, prepare to die." Vegeta blasted Goku and he went flying. He went back to his base form. He got up. "Vegeta Im going to bed." said Goku while walking to the bed room. "I'll join you" Vegeta caught up with Goku.

One hour later...

"Ok Kakarot is fast asleep. I must surpass him. I must kill that doll!." thought Vegeta. He went on his knees and started doing push ups on 1 finger. "One..Two..Three........One hundred twenty.. One hundred twenty one..One hundred twenty two.......Nine hundred nighty nine.......Three thousand.......One million and ten............One billion there we go. Vegeta was sweating. He punched and kicked the air. Vegeta did this each and every night.

  • Coming out of the flashback* -----

'I was seriously improving rapidly.'

  • Flashback* -----

Vegeta was training. "Z must die!" yelled Vegeta repeatedly. He then though what would happen if Z destroyed earth. "Trunks. Bulma and even you Kakarot. I WILL ASCEND!!!." yelled Vegeta. His fur was glowing. He exploded. At that time Goku woke up. He couldn't get out of bed though. He just went back to sleep. Vegeta punched the air. It was so powerfull it ripped the dimension barrior. Only for a second. But it was powerfull. After that Vegeta immediately collapsed since his body could not hold that much power and since it was his first transformation.. *Coming out of the flashback* "So thats what I sensed." said Goku. "Now Z meet your end." yelled Vegeta while firing a Super Big Bang Crusher.

Vegeta Super Saiyan 6

Vegeta Super Saiyan 6

Z is Finished[]

'SUPER BIG BANG CRUSHER' yelled Vegeta and the powerful energy ball blasted Z's head but it regenerated. 'Z, do you really think you can win by regenerating?' Vegeta said laughing. 'ULTRA SUPER FINAL SHINE!!' Vegeta yelled and the beam destroyed Z's right arm. He tried to regenerate it but Vegeta said 'This attack disintegrates everything and anything in it's path. It disintegrated your tiniest particle which prevents you from regenerating.' 'Very impressive, Vegeta. But even I have a transformation up my sleeve.' Z said. He started to power up to 100% full power. 'Now, I'm Super Z!' Super Z said. Super Z and Vegeta battled each other. Both were evenly matched. Vegeta landed a fist on Super Z's chest and damaged his armour but received a powerful kick on his chest from Z. Super Z knocked Vegeta into the rocky hills and the rocks toppled over him. 'DESTRUCTION RAY!' Super Z yelled and hundreds of energy blasts hit the rocks and blasted it into pieces. Super Z announced 'Sorry everyone. You're friend Vegeta is finished' Just that time, the tons of rocks flew at Z and Vegeta arose from the rocky pile with only a bloody lip. Vegeta was starting to get enraged. 'FINAL SHINE!' Vegeta yelled and Super Z yelled 'DOOM SUPER CANNON!'. Both the energy waves were colliding and it was impossible to tell which one was winning. 'You're finished, Z!' Vegeta yelled. 'Do it Vegeta! You can do it!' Goku yelled. '10x ULTRA SUPER FINAL SHINE!!' Vegeta yelled and the energy wave defeated the Doom Super Cannon and disintegrated every single particle of Z. Only Z's jewel was left behind. 'Destroy the jewel, Vegeta!' Goku pleaded but Vegeta just walked away. Z regenerated from it though highly injured and crept to Vegeta with an energy barrier. All of the Z Fighters attacks could not penetrate his barrier. 'DOOM SUPER -' Z broke off when Vegeta turned his arm and pointed at Z's jewel and said 'SUPER BIG BANG CRUSHER!' which totally destroyed Z's jewel not leaving a trace behind. Z was destroyed completely and when Vegeta heard the other's praises, he just said 'I just didn't like that guy'

Super Z

Super Z


All the Z Fighter's were happy at Z's death. 'Way to go, Vegeta!' Goku exclaimed. 'Shut up Kakarot. Now, I want to fight with you.' Vegeta. Goku was taken aback at first, but then he obliged. Vegeta powered up to Super Saiyan 6 and Goku became Full Power Super Saiyan 5 and they both fought with each other, with Vegeta quickly winning by blasting Goku into the ground, which left a huge crater. Vegeta and Goku and the others quickly flew to the Lookout. 'Now we have to wait a year to wish Gohan and the people Z killed, back.' Goku said. 'There will be no need for that.' Vegeta replies. 'Why? We used the dragon balls a week ago.' Goku said. 'I took the dragon balls into the Time Chamber. I found the Dragon Balls while the others where training.' Vegeta said grinning. 'What the -' Goku stopped. 'Great! Then we can call Shernon.' Piccolo said and he immediately went to fetch the Dragon Balls which was in the Chamber. Dende summoned Shenron. 'I shall grant you four wishes. Speak wisely.' Shenron said. 'We need Gohan and the other people who were killed by Z back to life.' Goku said. 'Granted.' Shenron said. 'We need Gohan to be transported to the Lookout.' Goku urged Shenron. 'Granted.' Shenron said and they saw Gohan on the Lookout. They were so happy. 'We also need all the places and animals Z damaged and killed to be alive.' Goku said. 'Granted.' Shenron said. 'Well, I can't think of another wish.' Goku said. Suddenly Goten spoke up. 'I want a PSP!' he said. 'Granted.' Shenron said. 'A PSP! Boy, you should spent your time training, not playing silly games.' Vegeta said. Shenron immediately disappeared and the Dragon Balls scattered across the Earth. 'Well. We'll see each other after some time Vegeta.' Goku said. Goku called Pan, Goten, Majuub and Gohan with him while Vegeta and Trunks left the Lookout. Goku and Vegeta bid a friendly farewell to each other and disappeared.

Inter-Universal Tournament Saga[]

The Newest Super Saiyan 3!?![]

15 years later...

'10x KAME-HAME-HA!' Goku shouted while he was a Super Saiyan 4. 'CHOCOLATE KAME-HAME-HA!' Majuub shouted along with 2 other Kamehameha Waves from Pan and Goten, both Super Saiyans. The 10x Kamehameha collided with the other 3 Kamehameha Waves. The 10x Kamehameha Wave overpowered all the 3 beams and blasted Majuub, Pan and Goten into the wall of Goku's newly purchased Gravity Chamber (Bulma gave it to them as a gift to which Vegeta was angry and he said 'How dare you give training equipment to my rival, women!?'). Suddenly Majuub came from behind Goku and kicked him down to the floor. Goku went back to his Super Saiyan form. 'Dad... are you alright?' Goten asked nervously. Goku rose up and smiled. 'Check this out' he said. He charged a red energy ball in his hands and shouted 'FIERY KAME-HAME-HA!' and a blazing red Kamehameha made out of fire blasted Majuub and burned his clothes. Goten rushed at Goku and started to duel with him. 'KAME-HAME-HA!' Gote

Goten SSJ3

Goten SSJ3

n shouts but Goku deflects it away. Goku counters every move that Goten throws at him. In a fit of rage, he starts to roar and electric sparks start to fly from his body. His hair grew longer and electric sparks surrounded his body. 'Goten - you're... are Super Saiyan 3!' Goku said proud that his youngest son was a Super Saiyan 3. He looks seriously at Goku and charges towards him and start to crush him. Goku powered up a Kamehameha and fired it but this time, Goten easily deflected it back to him. Goku was blasted by his own Kamehameha. Goku started to power to Super Saiyan 3. They both sparred with each other until Gohan opened the door and came inside. A Kamehameha Wave came towards him and missed by inches. 'Dad! Watch where you're firing it!' he sid. 'Anyways, let's go to the party!' he said and his eyes fell on Super Saiyan 3 Goten. His mouth flung open in surprise.'Wow Goten. You're a Super Saiyan 3 too!' he said. Goten blushed and went back to Base form. He went to his room and got dressed to go to Capsule Corp. Goten, Pan, Gohan and Goku flew there. Waiting to greet them was Bulma, Bulla and Trunks (dressed in Saiyan Armor) followed by a grim Vegeta. Standing next to Trunks was a pretty girl and a teenage boy that looked alot like Trunks. 'Wow Bulma. You've aged...' Goku said. 'How dare you! I'm one of the most beautiful looking girls of my time!' she said haughtily.' Anyways, meet Trunks and his wife, Tressa and their son, Daniel.' she said. Everyone of the Son family present there was stunned.

Daniel - A True Fighter![]

"So can he Trasform?" questioned Goten. Vegeta smiled. Daniel then went Super Saiyan and punched Goten and kicked him and he flew quite a distance away.


Daniel Super Saiyan

"Your'e a tough one, aren't ya?" Goten shrieked. He then charged at Daniel. Trunks then appeared infront of Goten. "Let him get in his Saiyan Armor, Goten". After 10 minutes, everyone was ready for the big showdown. Goten charged at Daniel. Who fired a Ki blast. To dodge it Goten leaped in the air. "KAME - HAME - HA!' screamed Goten. It was coming down fast at Daniel but he didn't panic. He fired a wave of his own. "BOLT ZAP!" he screamed. They entered a beam struggle with Daniel winning. Goten went Super Saiyan yet he was still losing. "My attack has double the power of yours." Goten smiled. He screamed and he was then a Super Saiyan 3. Daniel was hit by both attacks. Trunks rushed there and confronted Daniel. "Are you o.k, son?" Daniel punched Trunks. "Join him, Father" Trunks looked mad. Goten suggested fusion. "Fusion...Ha" while they were fusing Daniel laughed. "Gramps was right. It is embarrassing" he though. Gotenks stood there. "Son, Give it up. You will lose." Daniel laughed. "Remember I still haven't gone Super Saiyan." He powered up untill he was a Super Saiyan. Gotenks looked at him. "My power is far lower than his, What am I going to do?." he thought. Daniel appeared behind Gotenks and kicked him away. "Be prepeared for my ultimate blast." Daniel said. He placed his hands in the galick gun position. "No it cant be" muttered Gotenks. "ULTIMATE ZAP!!" He yelled. A purple ball came out of his hand. It had electric sparks around it. Daniel fired the wave and it was so powerfull it made Gotenks defuse. "Daniel, thats enough." shouted Vegeta. Daniel flew in and was congratulated by Vegeta. Pan was stunned. 'How can Daniel be so strong?' asked Goku. 'Well, he trained with me at 30,000x Earth's gravity when I was also trying to master my Super Saiyan 6 transformation.' Vegeta said proudly. After an hour Daniel had changed back into his normal clothes and Goten and Trunks had recovered. They were all relaxing by the pool when they sense something. "Its about time. Iv'e wanted action for 14 years" thought Daniel. A spaceship landed and out came a green man. He was the same race as Pikkon. 'Hi! I'm Drakon.' he introduced. Everyone was speechless.

A New Tournament?[]

Daniel rushed towards Drakon and tried land a fist on his nose, but he countered it and blasted Daniel away with one energy wave and he hit the Capsule Corp. Gaming Arcade Building. 'Hey, I'm not here to fight you guys. I'm here to invite you to a tournament.' he said. 'Cool, I'll come. Vegeta'll come too. Won't you Vegeta?' Goku asked. 'Sure I'll come. I can at least wipe out the other losers and fight you, Kakarot!' he said. Daniel rose from the rubble of the Arcade and asked Trunks 'Can I go too, dad?' 'Absolutely not. You're too young and you need to take care of your mom.' Trunks said sternly. 'Grandpa, can I?' he asked Vegeta. 'No way boy. You're gonna stay with your mom.' he said. Goku and Vegeta decided that they'll go to the Tournament while the others stay and protect the Earth while they were gone. Goku and Vegeta got into the Spaceship. Drakon pushed some knobs on his Spaceship and within a second, they reached a huge building with an arena. They got out of the building and led them inside a room called 'Lobby' where Vegeta and Goku saw a few boards marked 'Buu Team', 'Saiyan Team', etc. and standing next to the boards were a few familiar villains. There were Frieza, Krillin and even Vegeta himself! 'What's going on here?' asked an angry Vegeta to Drakon. 'See, these fighters are from alternate universes. 'Oh, I knew that.' Vegeta says nervously. 'So people. It's show time. The Preliminary Matches shall begin now' Drakon said and pointed to a huge screen which showed the match listings.

Vegeta (Saiyan Team) vs. Zarbon (Frieza Team)
Krillin (Human Team) vs. Bardock (Saiyan Team)
King Vegeta (Saiyan Team) vs. Garitsu (Nezian Team)
Baby Buu (Buu Team vs. Goku (Z Fighters Team)
Trunks (Saiyan Team) vs. Cellbuu (Buu Team)
King Cold (Frieza Team) vs. Broly Buu (Buu Team)
Frieza (Frieza Team) vs. Janembuu (Buu Team)
Friezabuu (Buu Team) vs. Vegeta (Z Fighters Team)

Preliminary Round 1[]

'Alright, it's Vegeta of the Saiyan Team against Zarbon of the Frieza Team. Begin!' Drakon shouted. Vegeta and Zarbon came to the ring. 'I enjoyed killing you in my time. Do you know how much pleasure it gives me in killing you again?' Vegeta asked. 'Well, well, well. If you killed me in your universe, I must have been as weak as an ant. In my Universe, Lord Frieza and Lord Cold are the rulers of the whole Galaxy and they are assisted by their right-hand man, me. In my Universe, you were thrashed by me.' Zarbon said. 'Enough. We shall see who is stronger.' Vegeta said. 'Well you monkey, I'm far, far stronger than I was all those years ago when I killed you. If you couldn't stand up to me then, how'll you do that now?' Zarbon asked. 'Shut up and let's fight.' Vegeta snarled and rushed towards Zarbon. Vegeta kneed him in the stomach and slammed him on the ground. 'ELEGANT BLASTER!' Zarbon shouted. The Elegant Blaster missed Vegeta by inches and he rose to the air angered. 'SUPER GALICK GUN!' V egeta shouted and fired a green colored energy blast at Zarbon who dodged the blast and skidded on the ground. 'ELEGANT FINISHER!' he said and started to fire multiple Elegant Blasters at Vegeta who was taking hit. Vegeta fell down injured but he rose and rushed towards Zarbon with blinding speed and punched him in the stomach and then fired a powerful Galick Gun, heavily injuring him. Zarbon had a hole in his stomach. 'Well, you're quite stronger than I expected, Vegeta. But behold my

250px-Galic Gun

Super Galick Gun

powerful transformation.' Zarbon said and started to transform into his monster form. The hole in his stomach was repaired. Vegeta smiled and started to power up. He soon powered up to Super Saiyan and charged at Zarbon and kicked him on the neck, twisting it. He flew up and charging his legs with energy, flew down with immense force and slammed against Zarbon's back. Zarbon croaked in pain and was permanently disabled because his spine broke. 'You're dead.' Vegeta said. He placed his hands in a Final Flash position and a pinkish orb emerged from it.


Vegeta blasts a hole in Zarbon's stomach

"UlTRA GALICK GUN!!' he said and blasted Zarbon, completely incinerating his body. Vegeta went back to Base and he was exhausted. The Saiyan Team cheered for him and he went to the stands. 'Zarbon of the Frieza Team has been killed. He shall be revived later with the Dragon Balls.' Drakon said. Frieza and King Cold did not show any faces of disappointment. 'Let the next match begin!' Drakon shouted.

Preliminary Round 2[]

Bardock and Krillin walked into the ring. "Hey you look like Goku!" said Krillin. "Goku? Who's Goku?" replied Bardock. "He was a Saiyan who killed Frieza but he was ultimately killed by Cell."


Bardock vs.Krillin

Bardock looked annyoed. "What are you talking about? I killed Frieza long ago. If you think you can win by confusing me, well you're wrong. Now lets fight!" Krillin looked nervous. He charged at Bardock who just punched the air. Krillin was thrown backwards. "Damn!" Krillin started powering up. His power was huge. "DESTRUCTO DISC!" he yelled. He prepeard one disc and threw it. Bardock caught it. "Frisbee, kid." yelled Bardock. Krillin was shocked. 'How - how the heck did you do that?' he asked. Krillin saw it coming back at him. "Krillin!!" yelled Goku from the stands. "Who is this man?" asked Goku. "Well, Kakarot he is you father!" replied Vegeta. Krillin was being beaten by Bardock. Bardock then flew up in the air. "Im growing tired of this." Bardock charged a ball of Ki in his hand. He fired it and it would have killed Krillin if Goku didn't come. "Kakarot..." muttered Bardock. "My son, Its been so long." Goku looked at Bardock. "Im not your son. Get away from my best friend." Bardock looked mad. "You brat." Bardock looked at Krillin. He then raised his hand. "Say goodbye to him." Bardock blasted Krillin killing him. Goku was angry. He went Super Saiyan! Drakon then interrupted them. "Bardock wins, now get back to your stand. The Human Team has been completely eliminated. The next match will begin.'

Preliminary Round 3[]

'It's King Vegeta of the Saiyan Team against Garitsu of the Nezian Team. Begin!' Drakon said.



'Father!' Vegeta shouted as saw King Vegeta take the place on the arena. 'Is that your dad, Vegeta?' inquired Goku. 'Yes, Kakarot.' Vegeta replied stunned. 'W

King Vegeta ssj by alessandelpho

King Vegeta Super Saiyan 2

ell then, he's got no chance against this Garitsu.' Goku said grimly. 'What? Why Kakarot? Explain.' Vegeta requested. 'Well, see, your dad's about strong as Frieza. This Garitsu's as strong as Majin Buu and that might not even be his full power.' Goku said. 'You're right. He's gonna be creamed by Garitsu.' Vegeta said. The battle began and King Vegeta rushed towards Garitsu and started to attack him with full power. Garitsu was standing there, pretending as if nothing had happened. King Vegeta released rapid Ki blasts at Garitsu but the latter was unaffected. King Vegeta decided to power up. He roared a electric sparks flew from his body and his hair became gold. He became a Super Saiyan 2. 'Well Vegeta, now your dad might have a small chance.' Goku siad to Vegeta who was still dumbfounded. King Vegeta released a barrage of punches and kicks at Garitsu who dodged it. King Vegeta was frustrated and he rose to the air and shouted 'SUPER EXPLOSIVE WAVE!!' and fired a gigantic explosive energy wave that hits Garitsu straight on and decimates half of the whole stadium. When the smoke cleared, King Vegeta was floating in mid-air exhausted and Garitsu was unscathed. Garitsu's blure jewel on his forehead shimmered and he released a devastating energy wave at King Vegeta who got knocked out. 'Garitsu won the match!' Drakon said.

Preliminary Round 4[]

'Next match is Goku of the Z Fighters Team against Baby Buu of the Buu Team. Baby Buu and Goku looked at each other. Goku went Super Saiyan and punched Buu. 'Ouch!' screamed Buu. "FIERY KAME-HAME-HA!!" screamed Goku who was only an inch away from Buu. Buu was crushed by the blast. Buu then appered behind Goku . "What? I guess I have to kick it up a notch" though Goku. Goku stood there as a Super Saiyan 2. "You Cant win, Buu" he said. He fired a volley of Ki blasts. Buu used the chocolate Beam. Goku fired a Kamehameha at it, entering a beam struggle. Buu was winning. "Damn I need to go even further" thought Goku. He went Super Saiyan 3. Goku still lost the struggle but he doged the blasts. "DRAGON FIST EXPLOSION!!" screamed Goku. "What? Thats an in

Baby Buu by XicorAFfan4ever

Baby Buu

sult to the Great Majin Tuffle" Baby Buu caught Goku's Super Dragon Fist. "What? It's impossible! Hirudegarn couldn't do it in Wrath of the Dragon, how can he? Hirudegarn was the final movie villain! Could he be weaker than this guy?" thought Goku. Buu punched and kicked Goku a few times. He was hurt. He fired a Kamehameha. "What a weakling!" muttered Buu. He was walking away when he saw something block his path. Goku in Super Saiyan 4 stood there. "Pathetic." He kicked Buu away and charged at him. He then fired a 10x Kamehameha at him. Buu was almost blow up but he regenarated. "Die human!" screamed Buu. He fired a Pink Ki blast. Goku took it point blank. He then tried to punch Goku. He kept missing and Goku was growing tired. "Buu, give up" he muttered. Buu smiled. He leaped back a few meteres and raised his hands. "REVENGE DEATH BEAM!" screamed Buu and fired a pinkish-purple blast at Goku which was the combination of Revenge Death Ball and Chocolate Beam!. "No!" muttered Goku. The attack hit almost killing Goku. "That Saiyan was strong, but not strong enough." muttered Buu. At that moment a blast hit him and destroyed him. Behind him stood Goku. "How do you like that" muttered Goku. 'Goku has won the match! The next on will begin!' Drakon shouted.

Preliminary Round 5[]

'Trunks of the Saiyan Team against Cellbuu of the Buu Team. Let the battle begin!' Drakon shouted. Trunks met Cellbuu and sneered at him and said 'You've got no chance, monster!' 'Ha ha ha! That's funny. I, the Great Majin Android is one of the most powerful fighters and can crush you with ease!' Cellbuu said. They both began to spar with Cellbuu taking the upper hand. Cellbuu was mercilessly thrashing Trunks when Vegeta said 'I can't believe my son is so weak in that universe!' Cellbuu knocked Trunks on the floor and was about to fire a Chocolate Kamehameha when Trunks got up with a heavily bashed face and a grin. 'I still have a trick up my sleeve.' he said and started to power up. He became Super Saiyan 1, Super Saiyan 2, Super Saiyan 3 and in the blink of an eye, standing there was a young Super Saiyan 4. He rushed to Cellbuu and thrashed him effortlessly. Cellbuu was spitting pinkish blood on the floor and he was heavily injured. 'I... gi- give up...' he moaned. Trunks had a cold look in his eyes and stamped on Cellbuu's throat, killing the Majin Android. 'Trunks wins!' Drakon shouted and was followed by much applause from the Saiyan Team.



Preliminary Round 6[]

'King Cold of Frieza Team against Broly Buu of the Buu Team. Begin!' Drakon shouted. Both warriors met each other and sneered for they thought the other was weak. 'DEATH BEAM!!' King Cold shouted and fired a thin purple energy beam at Broly Buu. The beam hit Broly Buu head on and there was a hole in his chest but that hole was regenerated. King Cold was taken aback by this warrior. 'CHOCOLATE ERASER CANNON!!!!!' Broly Buu shouted and blasted King Cold against the wall. He started to grumble and got up with a few broken ribs. 'I think it is time for me to... TRANSFORM!!!' he shouted.

David-buu broly-m

Broly Buu

'No father! Don't!!!' Frieza shouted from the stands. 'I must, son.' he said and started to morph into another being. Standing there was King Cold. 'Oh no! Daddy has transformed into his final form! All is lost!' Frieza said and started to weep. Standing there was King Cold in his final form. 'DEATH BOMBER!!!' he shouted and purple bombs rained on Broly Buu. Broly Buu was taken aback and tried to protect himself in a shield but the shield was easily broken by the purple bombs. Broly Buu lunged towards King Cold and wrapped him tightly. Everyone could see pressure flowing into Broly Buu's body. Within moments, he exploded, taking King Cold along with him. Broly Buu regenerated from the blast and was back to normal but the same couldn't be said for King Cold. His burnt body lay in the middle of a huge crater formed by the explosion. Frieza started to wail

King Cold final form

King Cold in his Final Form

at his father's death and vowed to kill Broly Buu. 'Broly Buu has won the match!' Drakon shouted.

Preliminary Round 7[]

'Frieza of the Frieza Team against Janembuu of the Buu Team, please proceed to the stage. 3, 2, 1! Ready! Let the battle begin!' Drakon said. 'I'll kill you and win this tournament! I shall avenge my father's death!' Frieza roared while Janembuu scoffed. 'I'll finish you as painfully as possible.' Janembuu said with a grin and rushed towards Frieza with his sword and prepared to slice Frieza in half when he dodged it and sent a Super Nova at Janembuu who got hit and fell to the floor. 'LIGHTNING SHOWER BEAM!!!' he shouted half injured. A barrage of light spears rushed at Frieza who got heavily injured by the blasts and fell

Super Buu Janemba Absorbed by hsvhrt


on the floor, breathing heavily. 'I must also transform...' he moaned and got up. He also started to morph into another creature and his power was growing. He became immensely powerful and his power increased 1,000-fold. His power shocked Janembuu who had a frightened look on his face. Frieza was in his fifth form and his power surpassed that of Janembuu's by at least a 100 times. Frieza laughed seeing the frightened look on Janembuu's face. 'ENERGY SHOCK WAVE!!' Frieza shouted and fired several purple charged shock waves at Janembuu, who was using Bunkai Teleport to dodge these blasts. Frieza appeared behind Janembuu and before he could sense him, Fireza kicked him on the neck and slammed him on the ground.

Freeza fifth form by alessandelpho

Frieza in his Fifth Form

Frieza looked at Janembuu with cold fury and said 'DEATH BEAM!' The energy beam killed Janembuu. 'Frieza is the winner!' Drakon said and Frieza proceeded to the stands when Janembuu rose, heavily damaged and fired several energy waves at Frieza. Frieza countered it with his own energy waves which collided with Janembuu's energy waves and devastated the whole stadium. The collision blasted both Janembuu and Frieza. When the smoke cleared, both the corpses lay on the floor. 'It's a draw match. The fighter in the Quarter Finals who will fight this match's winner will get a free match and will automatically proceed to the Semi-Finals.' Drakon said.

Preliminary Round 8[]

Vegeta and Friezabuu looked at each other. "My arch enimes combine. Christmas came early" muttered Vegeta. He then sucker punched Buu knocking him back a few meters. Vegeta walked up to him. "Big Bang Crusher" he screamed. Buu was destroyed. Vegeta walked off thinking it was over but a tiny bit of Buu was still left. He regenarated. Vegeta smiled. He charged at the Majin Ice and punched him. Followed up with a kick and a point blank Galick Gun. There was a giant hole in Buu's chest. Buu was getting angry. He used the angry explosion. Vegeta got up and smiled. "That hurts alot more than I remember" he though. Before he could get back up on his feet Buu was behind him. He fired a barrage of death beams. Vegeta was in pain. He was in his knees. "No Im the Saiyan Prince.....Vegeta" shouted Vegeta. He went Super Saiyan and punched Buu. He kicked Buu and punched him in the chest. Vegeta then flew up in the sky. "Super Big Bang Crusher" screamed Vegeta. Buu glared at the ball. "Destroy Everything" Buu yelled. They entered a ball struggle. Vegeta purpossly lost. He appered behind the distracted Buu and blasted him with a Super Final Shine. Buu was destroyed.

Quater Finals Match 1[]

Vegeta and Bardock smiled. "What makes you think a low class could defeat me?" asked Vegeta. Bardock kicked Vegeta and threw him up in the air. Vegeta cubbed his hands. "You will pay for that" he shouted. He fried a Super Galick Gun. Bardock rolled away and fired a volley of Ki blasts. Vegeta smiled. "Ultra Galick Gun" he screamed. Bardock laughed. "I have a secret." he started screaming. His hair turned Blonde. "Super Bardock." Bardock charged at Vegeta. He threw a punch. Vegeta placed his hands and Bardock's chest. He blasted Bardock. Bardock powered up. "I call this my spirit bender." said Bardock He charged a ball of ki in his hand. "Spirit Bender" screamed Bardock. The Ki ball turned into a wave. Vegeta looked shocked. "Ultra Galick Gun" screamed Vegeta who went Super Saiyan. They entered a beam struggle with there being no clear winner. Vegeta pushed. Bardock did aswell. Vegeta started winning. "Yes, I Prince Vegeta will destroy you Bardock." Vegeta pushed all of his energy into his beam just about winning. Bardock fell to the floor hurt. He wasn't quiet dead yet. Vegeta walked up to him slowly. He fired a beam. Bardock rolled out the way. He forearmed Vegeta to the floor. Bardock very quickly punched him in the neck. Vegeta passed out. "Bardock Winns!" screamed Drakon. Bardock clearly wasn't done yet. He charged a ball of Ki in his hand. King Vegeta then fired a Ki blast. "Bardock get back over here." demeanded King Vegeta. Bardock followed.

Quarter Finals Match 2[]

Garitsu and Goku looked at there stand. Goku winked at Vegeta. Garitsu punched Goku sending him away. Goku fired a Kamehameha and Garitsu fired a wave from the gem in his head. Goku leaped in the air and ducked. He went Super Saiyan and appered behind Garitsu kicking in the air. Goku then fired a feet Kamehameha to catch up with Garitsu. Later knocking Garitsu back to the ground. Goku topped of the beating with a head but. Garitsu was ever so slightly hurt. "I see your stronger than the saiyan I faced earlier. I will show you my true power." said Garitsu. Goku looked shocked. "More? Power?" he muttered. Garitsu started powering up. Goku smiled. "I also have been holding back." Goku started screaming. Garitsu turned Green and Goku went Super Saiyan 4. They matched each other blow for blow. Goku fired a Super 10x Kamehamega and Garitsu fired a wave from his hands. "Meet My Dewi Wave" said Garitsu. Goku won the struggle and Garitsu fell to the floor. Gpoku went back to his base form and flew to the floor. He walked over to Garisu and helped him up. They talked to each other and then Garitsu blasted Goku while he was of Guard. "Why??" muttered Goku as he past out. Garitsu went back to his base form and walked away.

Quarter Finals Match 3[]

"You'll die by my hand! "
— Broly Buu to Trunks.

"Trunks of the Saiyan Team and Broly Buu of the Buu team, step up!" Drakon said. Trunks and Broly Buu walked up to the stadium. "Hopefully your not as sadistic as my universe counterpart." Trunks said. He drew out his sword. "BURNING SLASH!" He started the Burning Attack signature movement with his sword and one hand. "HA! HA! HA!" Three slashes of pure energy flew out of the sword. It hit Broly Buu, but it barely affected him (if at all.). "Is that all!? OMEGA CRAHSER!" It hit Trunks, heavily wounding him. "Trunks!" Vegeta of the Saiyan Team said. He started to transform into a Super Saiyan. "Son! Calm down. Hit Broly Buu and you'll get the team eliminated, or worse, Broly Buu will kill all of us." King Vegeta said. "Fine." "Your pretty good." Trunks said. "GOSPEL PORTAL!" A portal appeared out of a slash. "I'll eliminate that portal!" He swallowed it. "WHAT!?" "Here's how you do it." Broly Buu teleported behind Trunks, stole his sword and knocked him into the ground. "I- *coughs up blood and vomit.*" Trunks fell unconsious. "You'll die by your own weapon." He slashed Trunks throat, killing him. "Broly Buu wins!"

Semi-Finals Match 1[]

— Bardock, charging.

"Bardock of the Saiyan Team vs. Garitsu of the Nezian Team!" Drakon said. "It'll be a pleasure killing the person who defeated King Vegeta." Bardock said. "It'll be my pleasure to kill you, Bardock." "BEGIN!" Drakon yelled. "OLYMPIC SPIRAL!" He transformed into a Super Saiyan. It started to strangle Garitsu. "St... Sto... STO-!" They heard a crack. Garitsu's neck had snapped. "Garitsu is-" He rose up. "Our race dosen't need bones. DEWI WAVE!" It nearly killed Bardock. "*coughs up blood* BLOO- *coughs up blood* MULTI BLOOD PHALANX!" He threw multiple punches at Garitsu, while his hand was covered with burning blood. Garitsu is badly injured. "Time for the final blast... DRACO BLITZ!" Meteorites were falling out of the sky, aiming at Garitsu. The first meteorite aimed at Garitsu's heart, killing him instantly. "I wonder how the king got defeat-" Garitsu stood back up. "IMPOSSIBLE! YOU- YOU WERE DEAD!" "Ignorant peasant, the Nezian Race always have the ability to come back to life twice, using radioactivity in our blood cells. Along with your blood in me, the Zenkai flows through me!"Bardock was troubled how could he defeat Garitsu"Come on i don't want to wait all day"shouted Garitsu."Let's see how you take this one....FATAL BLAST!".The blast was so powerful,it spilt Garitsu in to multiple pieces.

To Be Continued...


  • Broly was the only character in H.F.I.L Saga to have fought the Z Fighters for more than one episode and the only one to kill the member(s) of the Z Fighters in H.F.I.L Saga.
  • Broly is the only character/villain in Dragon Ball XT to become a 'Legendary Super Saiyan 4'
  • Golden Shenron can grant 4 wishes and he is summoned from the Golden Dragon Balls.