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Dragon Ball X

Dragon Ball X:The Original Story is a series of events that happens 4 years after the the final episode of Dragon ball GT.

Main characters are Goku.Jr, Vegeta.Jr, Grandma Pan, Puck, Goku, Vegeta, Piccolo, Zurg, King Vegeta , Raditz , Nappa , Broly , Dorax, Gora the Legendary Namekian Warrior, Magmus,etc. This is a book of Dragon Ball X.

Dragon Ball X: The Original Book

Tournament Saga

Chapter 1: Registration Process

Nearly 4 years has passed since Goku.Jr and Vegeta.Jr has fought in the 124th World Martial Arts Tournament. Both of these young fighters have achieved "Super Saiyan" at a very young age and since Goku is gone, most of the villians are not attacking. So, the world is enjoying a long reign of peace and are talking excitedly about the 128th World Martial Arts Tournament which is about to take place.But little do they know that their peace will soon be disturbed by evil much bigger than their lives have seen.But now we continue to the story of our young hero, Goku.Jr...

"Wake up Goku.Jr! Wake up!" shouted Grandma Pan."Today is the day for the Registration. I want you to train for a few hours and off we go to Hercule City." "Just 5 mns Grandma"said Goku.Jr said sleepily rolling on his bed. "I'm having a nice dream about Pizza-Ville" "We can go to Pizza-Ville after the Registration." said Grandma Pan. "Really? Oh wow!" said Goku.Jr happily at the tought of going to Pizza-Ville, a restaurant. "Yes,yes. But first come down and eat breakfast. I made your favourite: Buttered French Toast, Bacon, Eggs and a glass off milk for your energy. And after that , you got to train hard Goku.Jr.