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Dragon Ball X: Reborn!, a series finished in January 2013, meets with another series made by the creator that started in August 2014 called Inifinite High, a series about several people in high school who eventually gain powers and must fight off an army of demons and sacrifice nearly everything, in a crossover designed to reboot Dragon Ball X and all of its extras and follow-ups for the readers. The story is a two-book movie-styled story, however is under no circumstances meant to be considered canon in either universe.

Main CharactersEdit

Note: Characters marked with • are from the Dragon Ball universe.

Note: Characters marked with ° are from the Infinite High universe.









•Android #18






•Omega Hatchiyack





It all begins 3 years after Dragon Ball X: Reborn!(DB) ends and 4 years after Infinite High(IH) ends. In the IH universe, the heroes had given nearly everything, Silver even having lost his house to another dimension in order to open access to that dimension and gain the strength he needed to win. Angel and Ammy had also lost their families and ended up living with Silver in his makeshift home. Kira managed to not need a large sacrifice for the power she needed, however she wasn't exactly the strongest of the group. Rain had also kept nearly everything, however he gained a friendship with Silver that he constantly denies.

Meanwhile, in the DB universe, Android 3's death had created nearly a year of strange life. It took quite a while to adjust to not having him around, and not much had happened. Broly and Vegeta had grown a rivalry over who would eventually kill Goku, and sometimes they fought, but it was always kept controlled.

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