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Dragon Ball VX (VX standing for Van Xtra) is a new fanfic, written by Mariofan45. It is taking place after Omega Shenron's defeat in GT 15 years. A new villain approaches!

Plot overview[]

VX's sagas are the Van Xtra Saga, New Villain Saga, the Grand Tournament Saga, Otherworld Saga, the Mega Xtra Saga, and the Basic Xtra Saga. The main characters are Goku, Gohan, Vegeta, Goten, Trunks, and Gokes.

Van Xtra Saga[]

The Van Xtra Machine[]

15 years after Dragon Ball GT, Goku approaches back to earth. Before he could get back home, a Van Xtra machine appeared behind him. "This is the Van Extra machine!" Goku said. The Van Xtra machine becomes rumbling and the machine was filled with lot's of Xtra balls. Goku gets a phone call from Chi-Chi telling him he needs to get back for some dinner. Goku declined it. He decided to go and train.

Goku trains punching bags at the workout place. He also did pushups. He got a phone call from Chi-Chi again, and Chi-Chi was getting really mad that Goku is too late for dinner time. Goku declined it again, and he got Chi-Chi very harsh. Goku then did some lifts, sit ups, and feed he played a little ping pong. Goku kept working out so long and he got a phone call from Chi-Chi once again. Chi-Chi was so mad he didn't come to dinner. Goku kept declining dinner that Chi-Chi offers for him, and Chi-Chi got very harsh once again. Goku suddenly sees Vegeta, and Vegeta says he has to play Ping Pong. Goku and Vegeta did a Ping Pong match, and Vegeta got his ball and Vegeta and Goku got a phone call from both Chi-Chi and Bulma saying they need to get to dinner. Vegeta accepted while Goku declined it. Vegeta went to Goku's house in a long way. Goku then goes back to lifting, and he kept doing it. Meanwhile, Gohan is with the Van Xtra machine and Goten and Gohan's little brother Gokes are watching Gokes balancing, he falls and Goten lifts him up back, but Gokes started swearing. Vegeta suddenly comes and looks at them. Gohan walked up to him, but Vegeta had an angry face. Goku then jogged and he kept lifting and punching bags. He got a phone call again and Chi-Chi was bursting him to come back to dinner, but Goku declined the call. Goku went back to training. When Goku was finished, he went into a hotel room where nobody is in. Goku then practices his push ups. After that, Goku then gets sleepy.

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  • When Chi-Chi gets harsh, she yells so loud like she was getting wild.