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Dragon Ball: United Saiyans is a Fanfic made by Matrixpretty and is the sequel to Dragon Ball: Saiyan Reunion.

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"This Time You Die!"
— Gohan, to Cell

Chapter 1: Prologue[]

Our hero's Goku, Bardock, Raditz, Gohan, Nappa, Vegeta and Piccolo had defeated Frieza. They set off to Yardrat to learn a technique. They are now heading back to Earth, what awaits them?

Chapter 2: Future Boy[]

The heroes had landed back on Earth on a desert. "That was annoying." said Vegeta. The hatch opened, the only people outside, was Chi-Chi, Bulma and a purple haired boy. The team stepped out of the spaceship.

"Who's the boy next to you Bulma?" asked Goku.

"This guy's from the future, He knew you were coming." said Bulma.

"I need to talk to you Goku, but over there." said the boy pointing to the far left.

"Okay." replied Goku. Goku and the boy walked off, while others wondered why he was here.

Bulma gets out an empty capsule and puts the ship inside it. "Just incase." said Bulma.

"I still wonder who that kid is." said Piccolo.

With Goku and the boy, they began talking. "What's your name?" asked Goku.

"My name is Trunks." said the boy.

"So Trunks why are you here?" asked Goku.

"It's because in 3 years you will die of a disease that not even you can handle." answered Trunks.

"That's unfair." replied Goku.

"I know, I'll give you the medicine after." replied Trunks.

"What's happening in your future?" asked Goku.

"Well, in those three years 2 androids who were made by Dr. Gero will come and kill Bardock, Nappa, Vegeta and Piccolo." answered Trunks.

"So it's only you and Gohan remain?" asked Goku

"Yes, my mother will allow me, since it's on the fate of the world." said Trunks.

"Wow, your mother must be proud of you." said Goku.

"Well she does say you are strong." replied Trunks.

"I know your mother, wow, who is she?" asked Goku.

Trunks points to Bulma. "She's standing right over there." answered Trunks. Goku falls down embarrased.

With the others they are confused on what happened. "That boy just pointed his finger and Kakarot fell down!"said Vegeta loudly.

"I have a hunch he was pointing at me." said Bulma.

With Goku and Trunks, Goku stands back up. "Wow Bulma's your mother!" shouted Goku.

"Well, yes and my father's Vegeta." replied Trunks.

"Strange family, I'd thought she'd go with Yamcha." replied Goku.

"Yamcha was a little bit annoying." replied Trunks.

"Trunks, I wanna test your power first." said Goku.

"Alright!" shouted Trunks. Trunks and Goku both went Super Saiyan, to both fight.

With the others they are shocked that Trunks can go Super Saiyan like they can. "What, that kid can go Super Saiyan!" said Bardock shocked. "He could be any of our sons, since his from the future, but to me he looks Half Saiyan and Human." said Raditz. "I've heard all what they said." said Piccolo. "Huh?" said Everyone looking at Piccolo.

With Goku and Trunks, Goku begins to punch to Trunks, but he blocks it and trips Goku. "You are strong." said Goku. "I know." replied Trunks. Trunks fired an energy blast at Goku, it had hit Goku slamming him to a wall. "Finish Buster!" shouted Trunks firing the attack at Goku. "Kamehameha!" shouted Goku firing the attack at Trunks. As the attacks collided, Goku was pushing forward, as he is stronger that Trunks. The kamehameha had hit Trunks and he had left Super Saiyan form "I need to get back somewhere, I'll see you soon." said Trunks. Trunks pulls out a capsule and puts it down, making a ship. "Bye Trunks." replied Goku. Trunks had lifted off and headed off somewhere else. Goku looks at a bottle on the floor with a note. He picks it up. "This is the antidote use it." the note said. Goku holds the antidote and heads back to the others. "Who was the boy?" asked Chi-Chi. "His name is Trunks, he is from the future." said Goku. "Wow, but why here?" asked Gohan. "In his time I die from a disease and the others all die except from him and Gohan, so we need to change the future." replied Goku. "Gohan, the only one alive." laughed Nappa. "We have 3 years to train." said Goku. Goku looks at Chi-Chi. He gives her the antidote. "Keep that safe until I need it." said Goku handing Chi-Chi the antidote. "That's good, we have three years to train." said Raditz.

Chapter 3: First Year Training[]

Goku, Bardock, Raditz and Gohan are training. Gohan lifts a punch at Goku, which Raditz blocks Gohan's attack. Bardock is charging up an attack. "This is what I call, Essential Energy Wave!" shouted Bardock firing the attack at Raditz. "Kamehameha!" shouted Goku firing the attack. Goku's Kamehameha had deflected Bardock's attack to hit in the west direction. Gohan had rushed to punch Goku in the head. Raditz kicked Bardock's leg, tripping him. Bardock had launched a punch at Raditz making a large impact and Raditz was flying. While flying Raditz had fired a barrage of energy blasts at Bardock knocking him down. Raditz had powered up and flew back to Goku. Bardock stood up, he looked at Gohan. "We need a good strategy." said Bardock. "Right behind you." replied Gohan. Bardock held Gohan in his arms an threw him at Goku. "Kamehame!-" shouted Goku interuppted. "Kamehameha this!" shouted Bardock. Bardock jumped in the air and kicked Goku in the head. Then Gohan punched Raditz. Raditz and Goku stood up and began breathing heavily.

Bardock and Gohan high fived it each other. "That was great." sighed Bardock. "Dad, your powers gotten strong, you could probably break them in Super Saiyan!" shouted Gohan. "Don' get too cocky Gohan, there's all lot warriors stronger than him." replied Raditz. "Well, Kakarot has gone strong." replied Bardock. Bardock takes of his scouter, drops on the floor and smashes it by stepping on it. "Don't need theese, I can sense ki." replied Bardock. Raditz does the same as Bardock. "Well we have plenty of more training to do, so let's get to it!" shouted Gohan. "We'll get to it soon, we've been training for 5 hours." replied Goku. "Gohan, do your homework now!" shouted Chi-Chi. Gohan stands up, they look at Gohan. "You need to get going." said Goku. Gohan rushes of back home to fnish of homework.

Goku, Bardock began training without Gohan, Raditz had punched Goku, he was hit on the ground. Raditz was flying to Goku until Bardock sunddenly kicked him. "Kamehameha!" shouted Goku firing the attack at Bardock. Bardock dodged the Kamehameha wave, he looked at Goku. "You have to do better than that to beat me!" shouted Bardock. Raditz had stood up and started trying to rush attack Bardock. Bardock had dodged all of his attacks, Goku had came in and started rush attacking Bardock. "Not good enough!" shouted Bardock blasting 2 energy blasts at both of them. They had both fell on the floor except Bardock who's flying back down.

Chapter 4: Second Year: Vegeta and Nappa's Training[]

At a deserted island Nappa and Vegeta are seen breathing deeply. "Even in Super Saiyan Nappa's still stronger than me." Vegeta began to thought. Nappa powered down his ki and looked at Vegeta. "Vegeta, what's worng?" asked Nappa. "I'll never become strong." answered Vegeta. Nappa walked towards Vegeta. "You don't have strength, but you do have speed." replied Nappa. Vegeta smiled, but still something else was holding Vegeta back. "After the Androids die, we'll take out Cooler." replied Vegeta. Nappa was confused. "Cooler's stronger than Frieza." said Nappa. "His family was the one's that caused are race to fall." replied Vegeta angrily. "Let's get to training then." said Nappa.

Nappa and Vegeta look at each other sternly in a battle stance. They both power up, all lot of ki is being fired up, their hair turns yellow. Nappa punches Vegeta, he dodges the attack. Vegeta kicked Nappa blowing him away. "Galic Gun!" shouted Nappa firing the at Vegeta while flying away. The ki attack had blasted Vegeta, a large explosion was made. As the explosion cleared Nappa was still standing, Vegeta was on the floor and in normal state. Nappa powered down as he saw Vegeta on the floor, he walked to Vegeta slowly. Vegeta got up from the explosion, he looked at Nappa. "You're well strong." said Vegeta slowly. Nappa had reached Vegeta. "You need some rest, the more we train the more we strain power." replied Nappa. Nappa carried Vegeta and was flying back home.

On the way they had arrived to his house. "See you Vegeta." said Nappa taking off. Nappa had launched off to somewhere else. Vegeta waved goodbye to Nappa, he looked at Bulma puking. "Bulma why are you outside?" asked Vegeta. Bulma continued puking and stopped to look at Vegeta. "Because I'm puking." said Bulma. "Then stay away from your mothers cookies." replied Vegeta. Vegeta approached Bulma closely. "That's not it." replied Bulma. "Then what!?" Vegeta questioned loudly. "Vegeta, I'm pregnant." replied Bulma. "Say WHAT!" shouted Vegeta shocked. He had passed out on the floor quickly.

Chapter 5: Third Year: Another Surviving Saiyan?[]

At a grassland, a spacepods is seen hurling to the ground. As the spacepods hits the ground it opens, a Saiyan named Turles steps out. "Bardock better be here!" shouted Turles. He fired a large grey energy wave in to the air, it blew up, making a large explosion. Vegeta, Nappa, Piccolo, Gohan, Raditz, Bardock and Goku arrive. Turles looks at Goku. "So this is Kakarot, the one you told me about Bardock." said Turles. Goku was confused. "Who is he?" asked Goku. "Turles, he's a rival of dad's." answered Raditz. "And mine." replied Vegeta. Bardock looked at Turles. "So you want to finish this rivarly?" asked Bardock. "Yes, I will enjoy it." answered Turles powering up.

"He's dead, he doesn't know Grampa can turn Super Saiyan!" shouted Gohan. Turles hair turns yellow as a Super Saiyan. "Or maybe he can." replied Piccolo. Gohan was wrong, Turles could transform to a Super Saiyan. Bardock looks at Turles, he smirks at Turles, not knowingly he can transform. Bardock powered up all lot of massive ki in to him, Bardock transformed to a Super Saiyan. "You can turn Super Saiyan, but you can't beat me." said Turles. "But I can try." replied Bardock. Bardock striked at Turles by punching him fast, Turles had dodged this. Bardock looked in a astonishment, this was new to him. "How did he know?" Bardock thought. Turles had fired a black energy blast after the dodge. Bardock was sent flying to the ground. Turles was still in the air as this happened, Bardock got up after the attack. "It's new technique time." said Bardock. Bardock flew in to the air about to head Turles in the face. "Fool." said Turles firing a blast at Bardock. Bardock dodged the attack using the new technique the Yadratians taught them. "He's using Instant Transmission!"Gohan cheered.

Turles looked around for Bardock, whom had disappeared. "Looking for me?" Bardock asked. Bardock was above Turles firing a Final Spirit Canon at him. The attack had hit Turles sending him to a pillar. "Tube Great Blast!" shouted Turles firing the attack at Bardock before getting sent at the pillar. Turles had jumped up, thus, avoiding the pillar. Turles attack had hit Bardock sending him to the ground. Bardock had did an energy wave, thus, knocking the blast in the western direction. "You've failed!" shouted Turles. Turles had soared to Bardock giving him an uppercut, Bardock was injured, he had detransformed. "He lost." said Goku. "For the strongest person here, he sure has bigger people to be beaten down by." replied Nappa. "We need to be training more harder." replied Raditz. Bardock stood up from the attack given, he smiled at Turles. "Man your strong." said Bardock. Goku walked up to give him a senzu bean, Bardock chewed it, he felt better. "I do all lot of training." replied Turles. "You should fight with us!" Gohan pointed out. "No way, I fight alone." replied Turles. "The kid is right, you should, some Androids are comming next year, we need all the help we can get." replied Vegeta. "Alright, I'll join." replied Turles. "We better defeat them, we can't keep worrying." replied Piccolo. "He's right, we better get on." said Goku.

Chapter 6: The Baby and the Robots[]

3 years have passed as the Saiyans have trained for this moment to change the future. Bardock, Goku, Raditz and Gohan are flying to the island. "Dad, you need to go back home, the disease may strike." Gohan pleaded. Goku looked at Gohan while flying. "Don't worry about me, the antidote is at home." replied Goku. "It's 45 miles from home!" Gohan shouted. Goku put his middle finger and index finger up. "Oh yeah." Gohan talked. A bald, but small human is seen flying with them. The human looks at Goku, Goku looks back at the human. "Krillin?" Goku asked. "Goku, old friend!" shouted Krillin. "You know this human Kakarot?" asked Raditz. "He's a friend of mine." Goku answered. "Good, we need the help we can get!" joined in Bardock loudly. The heros had landed on the island, they saw Vegeta, Bulma and a baby.

"Bulma, are you baby sitting?" asked Krillin. "No, it's my son, can you guess what his name is?"Bulma replied. Goku carried the baby up, by the purple hair he could tell it was Trunks. "Trunks isn't it?" Goku answered. "Yeah, how did you know?" Bulma asked Goku. "It was a guess." said Goku. "Who's the father." replied Bardock. "I've done something I'm not proud off." Vegeta joined angry. Bardock laughed at Vegeta, Vegeta turned around quickly and fired an energy blast at Bardock. Bardock whiped the energy blast out. "No touchy." replied Bardock. Krillin turned to Bulma. "I thought it would be with Yamcha!" shouted Krillin. "Anyways, we need to split up and find androids." said Gohan. They all shook thier heads and took off. Krillin is seen holding senzu beans in his hand.

Goku is on the east side of the island, he looks for something strange, Krillin is on the west side of the island, he checks for destructions. Vegeta is on the north side of the island, Gohan, Raditz and Bardock are in the south side of the island. A powerlevel is seen draining quickly, Vegeta snaps in a trance and begins to fly. "Nappa!" shouted Vegeta flying. Vegeta had arrivived in a rocky place seeing Nappa getting brutally beatan by a black haired android. Trunks is seen hovering over this, he is confused. "Android 17 and 18." said Trunks.

Chapter 7: Disease and Androids[]

The rest of the team had landed to seen Nappa getting brutaly beaten by an Android. Goku had intervened and went Super Saiyan to kick the black haired android. "Our target, 18." said the black haired android talking to blonde haired android. Trunks is seen dropping down on the floor. "Trunks!" shouted Gohan. "Wait, so thats my son, in the future, he's probably weak." Vegeta was thinking. "So those are the androids you where talking about Kakarot?"asked Raditz. Goku nodded. "They're Android 17 and 18, they where programmed to kill you." said Trunks. Goku looked at the Red Ribbon Army signs on their clothes. "Wait, I thought destroyed all piece of you people?" Goku questioned. "Dr.Gero made us and we we're sent to terminate you." Android 18 answered. Goku powered up and was about to attack Android 17. He had dropped in pain, as if he was attacked by a ki blast. "Dad!" Gohan shouted. "It's the diesase!" shouted Trunks. Gohan had picked up his father, he nearly stumbled of how heavy he was. Gohan had did the Instant Transmission technique, and teleported somewhere. "Let's head back and pay a visit to that old man." said Android 17. Both androids are seen flying off somewhere. "What are you waiting for?" asked Trunks. Everyone there looked at him. "Lets go!" shouted Trunks flying off. Everyone else began following him, they stopped at a pillar.

The androids enter a garage, three seconds later a blast is heard. "I'm breaking that door!" shouted Vegeta. Vegeta fired a Galick Gun at door, blowing it up to smitheriens. Inside, the androids were about to open a crate that says 16. Trunks had powered up and went Super Saiyan. "IF THEY SET THAT ANDROID FREE, IT WILL BE THEND OFF ALL OFF US!" shouted Trunks about to fire a blast. "NOOOO!" Trunks had fired the blast at the garage trying make sure the android isn't open.

Everyone is seen being pushed backwards from Trunks blast. After the wind has stopped, Bardock turns to Trunks. "Do that without notice I'll kill you." said Bardock annoyed. "Bad move!" shouted Vegeta. Trunks looked at the smoke clearing, he saw the androids opening the crate already. "What, that was my most powerful attack." said Trunks. "You need to train better kid, I think your fathers a failure." replied Vegeta. "You are my father, I'm from the future." replied Trunks. "I can't believe I called myself a faillure." said Vegeta.

Chapter 8: Beaten by Androids and The Fuse[]

An android is seem stepping out of the crate. "The one that just stepped out was Android 16." said Trunks. "We can take them all." replied Vegeta. Nappa looked at Vegeta. "We don't know how strong they are." said Nappa confused. Vegeta turned to Nappa confused as well. "Nappa's right, we don't know how strong he is." replied Raditz. Vegeta paused himself for a moment, then he flew off. "Do you guys ever teach him manners?" asked Krillin flying off. Nappa, Bardock and Raditz flew off as well. "Vegeta has always been like that." said Bardock.

On a street with two small mountains, Krillin is seen powering up. "Don't stay weak human." said Vegeta. "Uh-" Krillin replied. "Fine, I'm going." replied Trunks. Android 18 turned around and still saw them. "Let's kill em." said Android 18. "I'll stay back." replied Android 16. Android 17 and 18 stared at the target they picked. Everyone had went Super Saiyan. Android 18 flew at Vegeta, she kicked him in the stomach, Vegeta had fell down, she next turned to Raditz, where she punched him in the face multiple times and tripped him. Finally it was Nappa, she had lifted him up in the sky and fired an energy blast. Android 17 had fired a Phonton Blast at Bardock who was last. Krillin had watched as this happened. "Oh no." muttered Krillin. Android 18 had walked up to Krillin. She had kissed Krillin on the cheek. He was terrified. Android 18, 17 and 16 had left the Z-Fighters. Krillin had walked up to everyone and gave them sensu beams.

At Goku's house, he is seen sleeping. Chi-Chi had walked inside the room. She was depressed, she was hoping that Goku would take care of her because she's pregnant. Chi-Chi leaves the room, depressed, she hoped that Goku will get better. Gohan walks in to the room. "You won't die on us." said Gohan as if he was in pain. Gohan had did Instant Transmission to where the Saiyans and Krillin were.

With them, Trunks and Nappa are seen getting up, Nappa rubs his head. "What happened?"asked Nappa. "I gave you sensu beams." answered Krillin. "That's great, so that means no one died." said Trunks. Raditz, Bardock and Vegeta got up. "I will not rest until those androids die!" shouted Vegeta. Vegeta was about to fly off, but Raditz slapped Vegeta, knocking him down. "You maybe be the prince, you need to listen!" shouted Raditz.

At Kami's lookout Piccolo is seen meditating on the edge of the Lookout. Kami is seen walking pass Piccolo. "You can see the threat comming too?" asked Kami to Piccolo. "Yes." replied Piccolo. "We could fuse, because with your strength and my inteligence, we could stop it."said Kami. "Forget about it, I already fused." replied Piccolo. "Do not worry, you can keep your body." replied Kami. "Alright then." said Piccolo getting up. Piccolo put his arm on Kami. "I'll miss you Kami." said Mr.Popo. "I'll miss you to Mr.Popo." replied Kami. Kami looked at Piccolo. "Fusing!" shouted Kami. A white blinding light is seen, the light clears, Piccolo is fused with Kami. "Goodbye old friend." said Piccolo.

Chapter 9: His Name Is Cell[]

Piccolo is seen flying; he see's a destruction of a town. "What happened?" questioned Piccolo. He flew down and saw the town; there was broken buildings and houses on fire. A green lizard is seen walking past, a few citizens are seen running away. The lizard looks at Piccolo. "Hello Piccolo." said the lizard. "How do you know me?"Asked Piccolo. "Allow me to introduce myself, I'm Cell, I'm an Android." replied the lizards. "Another android?" asked Piccolo. "I was made by Dr.Gero, ever since the Red Ribbon Army was destroyed, Dr.Gero has been watching Goku and all his friends, this gave me power. He also made two androids that I need to absorb in order to reach my perfect form." said Cell. "For what?" asked Piccolo. "To destroy this filth." answered Cell. "Then your going to have to kill me first." said Piccolo angry.

Piccolo had looked at Cell, he flew off to attack him. Piccolo launched an uppercut at Cell, he had dodged Piccolos punch. "What-?" wondered Piccolo shocked. "You'll be amazed on what I can do." replied Cell. "Special Beam Canon!" shouted Piccolo firing the ki attack at Cell. "Special Beam Canon!" shouted Cell copying Piccolo. Both ki attacks made a little explosions. "How can you do that?" asked Piccolo. "I have your cells, like I have Goku's, Vegeta's, Trunks, Raditz, Nappa's, Turles and Bardock's." replied Cell.

As Cell finished talking, he went into a fighting stance, so did Piccolo. Cell had fiercly punched Piccolo, he had dropped to the ground. "You won't die, I'm having fun." said Cell. A person is seen running past Cell, he grabs the person and asorbs them.

At Goku's house, he is seen getting up, he looks around. "Good to be alive." said Goku. Goku walks outside the door, Chi-Chi and Gohan are seen looking at him. "Dad your alive!" shouted Gohan. "Gohan, your hair is long." replied Goku. Chi-Chi smiled, she about to cry. "Oh Goku! How I've missed you!" cried Chi-Chi.

Chapter 10: An Androids Bye Bye

Vegeta is seen on a pillar, Goku is seen flashing in front of him. "Damn it Kakarot." said Vegeta angry. "Sorry Vegeta." replied Goku waving his hands. "Anyways." Goku put on his serious face. "You feel it too," Vegeta nodded to Kakarot. "More levels than a Super Saiyan." said Vegeta. "We need to use the Hyperbolic Time Chamber if we want to defeat Cell." said Goku. Vegeta snapped in a little trance. "Did Piccolo tell you this?" asked Vegeta. "Yes, yes he did." replied Goku. "Back to the point, you take Trunks, and I take Gohan, but you and Trunks will go first." "He's too little, too weak." replied Vegeta angry. "I mean Future Trunks." replied Goku. "Good." said Vegeta.

On a Island, Turles is seen throwing some punches and kicks to the air. Android 17 is seen droping down. Turles turns around and looks at the Android. Androids 16 and 18 drop down too. "Androids, huh?" asked Turles sound high and mighty. "Do you mind telling me where Goku is?" asked Android 17. "Kakarot? Can't give you that information." replied Turles. "Looks like I'm just going get you to tell me." said Android 17 in a fighting stance. Turles did too, he had flew to Android 17. "Ball Buster!" shouted Turles creating a ki blast in a shape of a ball. He stands beside the ball. "So what!" shouted Android 17. Turle's tail hits the ball falling it down to 17. Android 17 blocks the attack by raising his arms and making a spherical barrier penetrate around him. "This guy ain't got a chance." said Android 18 looking at Android 16 happy. "He can't win." replied Android 16 in a worried voice. Android 18 went in to a confused face, how can Android 17 not beat Turles? "Turles is strong, we don't know of his power, except Cell."

Back in the fight Turles is seen raising his hands in the air creating a Ki Destruction Wave. The attack had blew 17 away. "You done." said Turles.

On the hill beside was Cell. "My chance!" shouted Cell. He had soared across the Island and grabbed Android 17. "This doesn't look good." said Turles. "Cell! He wants us!" shouted 16 and 18. Cell had got his tail out, the gap had enlarged, 17 was sucked in to it. Cells physical appearance changed, in this form, Cell's wings disapear and he becomes much more humanoid, also becoming bulkier. While the nose it not yet fully formed, he has an actuall move. The two off-shooting sections of his head now go straight in to the air as well.

Chapter 11: Enter The Chamber! Cell's 2nd Form![]

In Kami's Lookout, Vegeta, Trunks, Gohan and Goku are on the Lookout. Mr.Popo walks outside the temple. "I see your here to defeat Cell." said Mr.Popo. "Yes, Mr.Popo." replied Goku. He had looked around as he was searching for Kami. "Where's Kami?" Mr.Popo was sad, he was trying to seem neutral. "He... fused with Piccolo." replied Mr.Popo. "Can we just get this training done with?" shouted Vegeta. Mr.Popo was getting serious. "Kami's in Piccolo now?" said Gohan. "That's awesome!" he shouted. "Atleast his gotten stronger." replied Goku. "Before you enter you need some armour." said Mr.Popo. "Wait for it." said Trunks lifting his hands up.

On Korin's Tower, Bulma is seen flying a spaceship towards Kami's Lookout. Korin had saw this. "Hey!" shouted Korin. "You can't drive spaceships up there!" Bulma didn't care, she had kept on going up and up. She hand reached the Lookout. "There's the armour." said Trunks. Bulma got out of the spaceship, she was holding a capsule, she had threw it and smoke had came out. "Here's some training gear." said Bulma. When the smoke cleared training gear appeared. Vegeta and Trunks took one. So did Gohan and Goku. Trunks looked at Bulma. "Mum, don't just leave me home." said Trunks. "What?" asked Bulma confused. "Oh, your with Grandpa and Grandma." replied Bulma. Gohan laughed at this, he found it funny. "I'll be staying here for a while." replied Bulma. "Good for you." replied Vegeta. "Who'd like to go first?" asked Mr.Popo. "We would." anwnsered Trunks. Vegeta and Trunks enter the Hyperbolic Time Chamber with the armour on thier hands.

Back on Earth, Android 16 is seen attacking Cell ruthlessly. "18, hide!" shouted 16. Android 18 is seen flying away, for the sake of being absorbed. She hides in one of the 5 islands. "You can't hide!" shouted Cell. He kicked Android 16 away and flew to the 5 islands where she was. Cell had created 5 spherical large red energy blasts, he threw them all at every island. When all islands where destroyed, a smokke had cleared. The energy blasts had not destroyed the islands. "What?" asked Cell. A finger is seen on Cell, he turns around and see's it's Turles. He kicks him. Bardock, Raditz, Nappa and Nappa appear. Raditz looks at Cell. "So that's Cell." said Raditz. "Where's the other android?" "He absorbed him." said Turles. Bardock made a fist, we're gonna kick your butt.

Chapter 12:Super Vegeta! Cell's Perfect Form[]

On Earth, Turles is seen fighting Cell. Cell lunges a kick on him sending him to the group "Please tell me why we are helping the androids?" asked Turles. Bardock points at Cell "He wants to absorb them and destroy the universe!" shouted Bardock. "Kamehameha!" shouted Cell firing the ki attack at Turles. Turles raises his hands up and energy shoots out froom him creating a mass destruction. "Hah!" laughed Raditz. The attack had knocked Cell's Kamehameha wave out. "Not bad." said Cell. "Galick Gun!" shouted Cell firing the attack. "Galick Gun!" shouted an unkown voice firing the attack at Cell. The other Galick Gun had hit Cell.

Cell was nearly knocked out, he came back up. "Who was that?" asked Cell. Vegeta, Krillin and Trunks are seen landing down. "Vegeta!" shoute Cell looking at him. "I'm going to kill you." said Vegeta in an evil happy mood. Vegeta had powererd up fast and fast. He transformed to Super Saiyan but still kept powering up.As he was powering up rocks had rose up. Vegeta had stopped, the rocks had rolled down. Vegeta was buffed up, he looked like he could barely fit in the armour. "I am Super Vegeta!"shouted Vegeta. "Oh My, looks like I'm going to fight you!" shouted Cell.

Cell and Vegeta got ready to fight, Vegeta had launched at Cell and threw a punch at him. Cell was sent flying to a pillar. Cell was stuck in it. Vegeta had put his index and middle finger on his head. He dissappeared and reappeared where Cell had been. "What's wrong Cell, can't reach Perfection?" asked Vegeta. "I'll try!" shouted Cell. "Go on then." replied Vegeta taunting. Trunks looks at Android 16 and 18. "Android 17's been asorberd, right?" asked Trunks. Android 16 nodded his head. "Dad don't, he'll destroy Earth!" shouted Trunks. "Hah!" laughed Vegeta. Cell had covered his eyes, he sent a flashing blinding beam. "Solar Flare!" shouted Cell. The Solar Flare had blinding everyone.

Android 18 is seen moving back. "You scum!" shouted 18. Cell had flew over to a helpless 18, he lifted his tail and sucked her inside it. Cell's body had began to change. Cell becomes much more humanoid in this form, complete with fully-formed nose and mouth. long with his previous two forms, Cell can brandish an aura with the same color as a Super Saiyan. He is also smaller than in his previous form, being only about Piccolo's height. His wings have grown back and now are shaded black. His exoskeleton is colored light-green with black spots and has black sections located on his shoulders, chest, the metal plates on his ankles are now shaded black, and now the orange section near his crotch area are also shaded black. His skin is now pale all in his face and hands, he now has purple lines in both sides of his cheeks, and the orange line across from his ears and chin are now changed into a yellow color. His eyes are now pink, and his blue veins are now purple.

Chapter 13: Super Saiyan Gohan! Ultra Trunks[]

In the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, Goku and Gohan are seen training, wearing the saiyan armour Bulma gave him. "Alright Gohan." said Goku. Goku got his arms spreaded out. "We need to get you to a Super Saiyan first." Gohan was smilling. "Alright Dad!" shouted Gohan. Goku had began powering up, his hair had went to a Super Saiyan. Goku had powered an energy blast at Gohan. Gohan began to push it back, but couldn't bear to hold it on. "Everyday of my life, I see people die and die, I'm always watching and people rescuing on me." Gohan was thinking. "This time I'm not dying!" cried Gohan. He began powering up until his long hair turned yellow, Gohan had finally became a Super Saiyan. He knocked the blast away in to the sky. "Nice one Gohan, I'll give you a haircut went this is over." replied Goku in amazement.

"Gohan, now I'm going to show you 3 Super Saiyan forms." said Goku. Gohan nodded. Goku was already in Super Saiyan, so he powered up faster and faster. Goku had became buffed up. Goku then powered up more, he even became more buffed up. "Wow Dad, you can even beat Cell!"shouted Gohan. "I know, but I'm unable to keep up with his speed, Brute strength isn't better." replied Goku. "Do the third one then." replied Gohan

Cell and Vegeta were attacking eachother. Vegeta threw a punch but dodged easily by Cell. Cell had put his hands together and a blue ki wave had launched off, sending Vegeta to another Island. "That's it!" shouted Trunks. Trunks had powered up even more to transform to another form but more strength than Vegeta. Trunks began attacking Cell brutally. "You may make hits." said Cell. Trunks made a kick at Cell, he grabbed Trunks leg and threw him, but not far. Trunks fell on the floor, he had gotten back up and flew over to Cell to do rapid attacks. Cell had dodged every attack. Trunks, had raised his hands up in the air "Finish Buster!" shouted Trunks. An orange sherical ki attack came, Trunks threw the attack at Cell. Cell dodged this. "Poor kid, haven't you realized?" asked Cell. "Huh?" asked Trunks. Cell looked at the other Saiyans. "With the too much strength you have you can't kill him and he is able to dodge." said Raditz. Trunks turned to Cell. "I give you and your Saiyan friends 7 days to face me at a tournament called the Cell Games, so one of you must beat me." said Cell.

Chapter 14: A Stuck Super Saiyan Form? Dende, Earth's Guardian[]

In the Islands, Cell is seen flying away. "See you at the games!" shouted Cell flying off. Vegeta had landed back on Earth. "What happened, why is he flying away?" asked Vegeta annoyed. Vegeta powers down the Super Saiyan form. "We need 7 days to kill Cell." said Nappa. "No location." said Turles.

In the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, Goku and Gohan(with his hair cut) are seen powering up immensly. Goku was able to reach a new Super Saiyan form, but ki wasn't flowing. Gohan had kept on powering up until a little eletric ki had rose up from him. "RAAH!" shouted Gohan. Gohan had stopped powering up, the eletric ki was gone. The flowing of ki had gone away. "With the Super Saiyan form, we're able to stay in this form for as long as we want." said Goku. "I hope dad gave me a present for my birthday." thought Gohan. "That's good isn't it?" Goku knew that it was Gohan's birthday, he knows the present. "We need dragonballs." said Goku. "We can't get Dragonballs, Piccolo fused with Kami." answered Gohan. Goku and Gohan walked out the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. Mr.Popo approaches them. "Mr.Popo, we're going to Namek for a gaurdian." said Goku. "Okay then." said Mr.Popo. Goku had used the Instant Transmission technique to get there.

On a news conference, Mr.Satan walks up a stand. "Mr.Satan! Mr.Satan! Mr.Satan!" cried out Reporters. "Mr.Satan, are ypu planning to fight Cell?" asked Mr.Satan. "Yes, I will defeat Cell, for Earth!"shouted Mr.Satan. The reporters jumped up and raised their arms out.

Meanwhile, On Namek, Goku is seen talking to Dende. "Dende, I need you to be the Guardian of Earth." said Goku. "Kami's dead?" asked Dende. "No he fused with Piccolo, so no Dragonballs." answered Goku. "I don't know." replied Dende. "If you don't do it, we can't revive our friends." replied Goku worried. "Okay then." said Dende. Goku holds Dende while doing the Instant Transmission technique to Earth.

As they appear on the Lookout, Mr.Popo is seen bringing 7 stones. Dende walks to a globe with a dragon it. Dende puts his hands on it. In four seconds, the stones turn in to Dragonballs and fly away. "That's good." said Gohan. "This time, dragon gives 2 wishes." said Dende. "Great!" shouted Gohan. "Anyways we need to go." said Goku. Goku and Gohan are seen flying away.

Chapter 15:Goku V Cell. Goku Gives Up?[]

Goku is seen waking up from his bed, he wakes Gohan up. Gohan and Goku are walking outside the house. So do Raditz and Bardock."Let's get ready for a fight!" shouted Raditz. "I hope I'm strong enough." said Gohan worried. They all looked at Gohan. "Gohan, Raditz taught you how to fight more than your father did, and you should be stronger than ever." said Bardock. "Your making me sound like less of father." said Goku. "I am." replied Bardock smiling at Goku. "Let's just go!" shouted Goku

At a aeroplane, Goku, Gohan, Raditz and Bardock appear on it. Everyone looks at them. Goku looks at Piccolo. "Kamicollo" said Goku. Everyone laughed as this was funny. "My names still Piccolo, got it!" shouted Piccolo. "Yes." replied Goku. They all took a seat, the laughter had stopped. "Where are we headed to?" asked Goku. "We're headed to the arena." said Trunks piloting. On the window where other fighters trying to fight Cell, they we're all deafeated. Hercule had stepped up, he had tried to send a kick, but hit by Cell, thus, knocking him out.

The aeroplane lands on the Cell Games Arena. "Finally now the fight can begin." said Cell. The fighters had got out off the plane. "It's me and you Cell." said Goku. "Good, I have a pleasure of taking you out first." replied Cell. Goku stepped on to the arena, but the others stayed behind rocks for cover. Cell was running foward to attack Goku. Goku, who still had the Super Saiyan form still on, he powered up. Goku dodged Cell's attack. Goku made and elbow at Cell, so did Cell. The contact between the elbows made a bang. Cell had put his hand up, a ki had made a disc, he threw at Goku. The attack had cut Goku's clothes. Goku had launched a punch at Cell but was dodged by him. Cell put his hands together and a blue ki is seen coming from his hands. "KAMEHAMEHA!" shouted Cell firing the attack at Goku. The attack had hit Goku, he had all lot of scratches but a blood on his left cheek. Goku wiped it off.

Goku had powerered down. "Wow Cell, your strong, I give up." said Goku happy. "WHAT!" shouted everyone. "Gohan, you fight next." replied Goku. "Me? Really?" asked Gohan. "Yes." replied Goku. Gohan had walked up.

Over with the reporters they see Gohan walk. "Why are they calling Gohan?" asked one reporter. "I think they're calling for lunch." answered the second one. "Theese fighters are soo good." replied the other one. Gohan had walked up to Cell. "Okay." said Gohan.

Chapter 16: Gohan's Fight!Birth of Cell Jr.[]

Gohan is walking up to Cell, in Super Saiyan form. "How do you know he can do this?" asked Krillin. "Because, I believe in him." replied Goku. Android 16 is seen landing down. "Hey Android 16." said Trunks. "Hello Trunks." replied Android 16.

Where Cell and Gohan are, Goku throws a sensu beam at Cell. "Cacth!" shouted Goku. "Kakarot, what are you doing!" shouted Vegeta. "It's a Sensu beam, It'll will restore your power." said Goku. Cell cacthes the sensu beam. "What are you doing!" shouted Krillin. "It's not fair when Cell's at his worse." said Goku. Cell eats the sensu beam, his power is restored. "Gohan can't possibly kill him." said Turles. "It's too late now." replied Piccolo

"Well boy, you ready to fight?" asked Cell. Gohan powered up. "RAAAAAAAAH!" screeched Gohan. Gohans massive power had ripped a rock open. The fighters had felt Gohan's power, it was enourmous. The reporters and the weak fighters were blown away. Gohan had stopped powering up, his ki was flowing. Cell had soared down to kick Gohan, he flew up. Cell flew up to attack Gohan. Cell was pullling punches and kicks at Gohan but dodging the attacks. Bardock and Nappa are astonished by this. "Woah." said Nappa. Cell was still trying to hit Gohan but dodging.

After a while, they stoped. "Not Bad kid, I'll just eat you." said Cell. Gohan was about to pull a punch at Cell, but Cell dodged and grabbed his shirt. Cell kept reapetively punching him. Gohan was annoyed, he powered up to get out of Cell's grasps. Gohan had punched Cell, he was thrown on the floor. Gohan put his hands together as a blue ki came out. "Kamehameha!" shouted Gohan firing the ki attack at Cell. A large smoke came out from the Kamehameha wave. Gohan flew down and was punching Cell. "Maybe he isn't crazy." said Android 16. Cell began beaten Gohan, He grabbed him in a death lock. "Oh no." said Goku. Android 16 had jumped and tried to attack Cell, but Cell fired a Special Beam Canon at him. Android 16's body was gone. Gohan was shocked by this. "I have another trick." said Cell. Cell's tail spurted out, 6 mini Cell's had spurted out.

Chapter 17:Cell Junior Attack![]

All the Cell Juniors headed at the Z Fighters. One Cell Junior had punched Goku in the face reapeativly. One Cell Junior had soared all the way where Krillin was. The Cell Jr had put his hand together. "Kamehameha!"shouted the Cell Jr. The rest of Cell Jr's went for everyone, except the weak fighters.

Over at the ring Cell looks at Gohan. "So tell me, does this make you angry?" asked Cell. "You feind!" cried Gohan wearlily. "I'm done with this planet, after this is gone, I'm on to the next one." said Cell. A Cell Jr had carried Gohan away. It had started punching Gohan in the face 5 times, it had then kicked him in to a muddy pillar. The Cell Jr smilled, it had started taunting him. "Hehe!" it said.

As the other Cell Jr's are dealing with the Z-Fighters, Raditz is seen getting punched in the face. The Cell Jr. had grabbed Raditz and threw him on the floor. As Bardock tries dodging a punch by a Cell Jr. he is seen tripped by it. "Ouch!" cried Bardock pain. A Cell Jr. is taking Trunks and Vegeta on. Vegeta fires an energy blast at the Cell Jr, but it punches the blast back. One Cell Junior punches Krillin in the face and in the back, he falls on the floor. Piccolo grabs a Cell Jr, but it bites his hand. Piccolo releases it, the Cell Jr, kicks him in the chin, thus, falling him on the floor

"Hahahaha." laughed Cell. Gohan had got out the the pillar, he flew back on the ring. "Gohan." said a voice. "Who is that?" asked Gohan looking around. "It's 16." replied the voice. Gohan looked at him. "You must defeat Cell, look at the damgage he has done to your friends, you can't let him get away with it, like he got away with the androids, finish Cell." said Android 16. Cell steps on Android 16, Gohan witness his deatg. "How could you!" shouted Gohan. "RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" shouted Gohan enraged.

Chapter 18:Super Saiyan 2! Android 18 Spat Out[]

Gohan is still powering as enraged by Cell. The massive power is seen blowing everyne away. "This kids got some nerve about Cell." said Hercule. Gohan stopped powering up then. While in this form, Gohan's hair stands straight up with the exception of one lock that hangs down. One thing is quite noticeable when he in particular manifests this transformation: his nature is prone to complete change, giving him an almost sadistic sense of mind.

"So now do you fear me?" asked Gohan. Cell was shocked to see this. "Go on Gohan!" shouted Goku. A Cell Jr punched Goku. Gohan soared to all the Cell Jr's they all were about strike Gohan at once, but Gohan puts his hands together forming a blue ki. "Kamehameha!" shouted Gohan firing the attack the Cell Jr's. The attack had killed all of them at once. Gohan went up to Cell, he kicked him in the face. Cell tried punching Gohan, but dodged by him. Gohan punches Cell in the crocth, he then backflip kicks him in the chin. Cell is seen powering up. His body becomes powerweighted. As he looks buffed up. "I have speed." said Gohan. Gohan throws a devestating punch at Cell. Cell begins spitting out things, he begins to cough. "What's he doing?" asked Turles. Cell is seen spitting out Android 18 as she comes out, Krillin flies over to her body and picks her up.

Cell's body changes back to how it was before. "He's spat out Android 18, he's to easy now!" shouted Bardock. "Gohan what are you doing?" asked Goku. "Finish him!" Gohan looks at Goku. "I want him to suffer." replied Gohan. "We don't know what he's capable of!" shouted Goku. "He's right." said Piccolo.

By the reporters they watch as Cell is still coughing. "Cell's spat out- what appears to be said to these unkown fighters are robots!" shouted the reported. "Cell must be hungry." said the cameraman. "He's changed shape, he looks like his gotten weaker" said Hercule.

Chapter 19:Cell Suicide[]

Cell is growing fat, he grows even fatter and fatter. Cell begins powering up. "Haha!" laughed Cell. "Now Earth will be destroyed!" shouted Cell. "He's commiting suicide!" shouted Piccolo. "Gohan had to be bratty about it." said Krillin. "Maybe, I've gotta step up." said Goku. Goku walks down to Cell. "Son." said Goku. Gohan looks to his father holding Cell. "You've done a good job, now it's time for me to go." "Huh?" wondered everyone. "What's Kakarot doing?" asked Vegeta. "He looks like he's taking Cell with him. In the ring, Goku is still talking to Gohan. "Looks like I won't be alive anymore." said Goku. "No Dad!" shouted Gohan.

"Krillin, where should I take him?" asked Goku. "You know the planet you learned Kaioken from, the blue guy." replied Krillin. "There." said Goku. Goku had disappeared along with Cell and of to another planet

On that Planet, Cell is apparently still charging up. "Why bring him here!" shouted King Kai. Cell had blew up, the planet did too. Goku, King Kai, Bubbles and Greggory died.

On Earth Gohan was sad about this moment, his father had died. "It's all my fault." said Gohan. The others are seen flying to Gohan.

By the reporter, they are confused. "Cell and that man disappeared." said the reporter. "So, Cell and that man is dead?" asked Hercule.

By the Saiyans, Raditz is seen conforting Gohan. Cell is seen reappearing. They turn around and see Cell.

"I'm Back!" shouted Cell. "No way!" shouted Vegeta. "I thought Kakarot had finished him!"

Over in the Otherworld, they see Cell. "Cell's back!" shouted King Kai. "How did he get back?" asked Goku. "This is all confusing." said King Kai.

Chapter 20:A Brothers Avenge[]

"How did you survive?" asked Trunks. "After Goku sent me to King Kai's planet, my central nucleus had survived the explosion, allowing me to regenerate and that my cells had retained the knowledge of my perfect power." said Cell. "Being of Saiyan genetics, I revealed to have also received a Zenkai, a power up for recovering from a near fatal injury." Gohan had gotten angry, Cell also had eletricity around him like Gohan. Gohan tried to attack Cell, but Cell dodged the move and kicked him on the back of the head. Gohan fell on Cell's knees, so then Cell kneed him on to the floor.

In Chi-Chi's house, she is seen watching with her father. "Gohan!" shouted Chi-Chi.

On the arena, Gohan had gotten up. He put his hands together forming a Kamehameha Wave. "KAAAAA-MEEEE-HAAAAAA-MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE-HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!"shouted Gohan firing the attack Cell. The attack had soared at Cell at an instant, it made some smoke. Gohan was breathing deeply, Cell was too strong form him. Cell looked injured. Gohan had powered dowb, he had used up all his ki. Cell was about to rush at Gohan, but then a kick was sent at Cell, sending him on the floor. "Who was that?" asked Cell. Cell looked and saw Raditz. "Don't touch my Nephew!" shouted Raditz. "He stands a chance." said Piccolo, "How?" asked Krillin. "Thanks to Gohan, Raditz can beat him, in Super Saiyan form." replied Piccolo. Raditz had powered up to Super Saiyan form. "I can kill you." said Cell. "Let's see you try, Non-Objectified Scum!" shouted Raditz.

Raditz had rapidly punched Cell in the face, he then had kicked in to the sky. Raditz soared up to Cell, he sends a headbut to Cell, he floats in the air. Raditz goes below Cell, he speads his arms out puts them together. "Final Flash!" shouted Raditz firing the attack. Cell was sent flying to space, he was then sent flying in to the flying in to the sun.

Chapter 22:A Wish[]

After Raditz had killed Cell, earth could finally live in peace. Raditz had dropped down after killing Cell. Krillin walks down to Raditz, he gives him a sensu beam, he also goes to Gohan and gives him a sensu beam. "Cell's gone." said Krillin. Gohan and Raditz got up, Gohan looks at Raditz. "Thanks for saving me uncule." said Gohan. "It was for Kakarot." said Raditz. The fighters had gone down to the arena, "Well, let's go." said Bardock. Krillin had picked up Android 18 and they all flew of to the lookout.

In Dende's Lookout, they rise Shenron. "What Is Your Wish?" asked Shenron. "We wish to revive all victims of Cell." said Bardock. Shenron had granted the wish. "Your wish has been granted." replied Shenron. "Great!" shouted Trunks. "What about Dad?" asked Gohan. "Your dad died on King Kai's Planet and since that's been blown up, he'd go back to being dead." replied Dende. "What is your second wish, I'm tired." said Shenron. Android 18 had woken up on the lookout, she begins to get confused. "Can you transform the android 18 and 17 back to humans?" asked Krillin. "It's is beyond my power." replied Shenron. "Then can you remove the bombs from thier bodies." said Krillin. "Wish granted, Goodbye." said Shenron disappearing. The dark sky had gone and the Dragonballs seperated.

"Krillin, what are you doing?" asked Gohan. "Well, Android 17 and 18 just look good together, I'm happy for them." replied Krillin. "Hello, 17 is my brother!" shouted 18. "That guys her brother?" asked Gohan. "I didn't ask for your premission to do that, but it was brave." said 18. "So, do you wanna hang around?" asked Krillin. "Nope." said Android 18 flying away from the lookout. "I get it, Krillin has a crush on Android 18!" shouted Gohan. Krillin jumped up and banged his head. "Thanks Mr Smooth." said Krillin. "What shall we do?" asked Gohan. "We need to depart." replied Bardock. Trunks, Vegeta and Nappa headed off the lookout. "I might stay here." said Turles. Turles had left the Lookout. Then Bardock, Gohan and Raditz left.

At Gohan's house Chi-Chi is seen crying at Goku's death. "I'm sorry mum." said Gohan. "That reminds me Gohan, your studying!" shouted Chi-Chi. "Why did I have a feeling this was going to happen?" asked Gohan.

Final Chapter:Changed Future[]

Trunks is seen entering his own timeline, in this timeline, he sees the towns destroyed. "I guess they still exist!" shouted Trunks. Trunks had flew off to find the androids

In West City, the Androids had just killed a man with black hair. "There's no one to kill." said Android 18. Trunks drops down to floor. "Except me." said Trunks. The Androids turn around to Trunks. "We've killed your master, now we're going to enjoy killing you." said Android 17. Trunks goes Super Saiyan before the fight starts.

As Trunks is a Super Saiyan, Android 18 rushes to kick Trunks, but he dodges and launches a devestating punch to her. Android 18 had died, 17 watches as his sister dies at the hand of Trunks. "You demon!" shouted Trunks. Trunks lifted his hands up and made a orange spherical ball. "Finish Buster!" shouted Trunks firing the attack at 17. The attack had ultimatley killed 17. Trunks began to journey into the air to find Cell.

As Trunks is flying, Cell is seen bashing in to him, Trunks dodges this ambush, and backflips to kick him on the floor. As Cell is on the floor, Trunks flies down. Cell gets up, he looks at Trunks. Cell puts his hands together and forms a blue ki. "Kamehameha!"shouted Cell firing the attack at Trunks. Trunks was able to easily fly around the attack and get behind Cell. Trunks grabbed Cell's neck and snapped it. Cell's head was disconnected from his head. "I've avenged you Gohan." said Trunks looking at the sky.

Trunks is seen wondering what to do with his life.


Main Characters[]

  • Goku
  • Piccolo
  • Cell
  • Raditz
  • Krillin
  • Turles
  • Bardock
  • Gohan
  • Android 16
  • Nappa
  • Vegeta
  • Future Trunks
  • Android 18
  • Android 17

Supporting Characters[]

  • Cell Jr's
  • Hercule
  • Weak Fighters
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  • Trunks
  • Bulma
  • Mr.Popo
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