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Prologue: 3 Days Have Passed since Trunks has left Hell, upon his arrival everyone, as expected was cheerful. Although they still were grieving over the loss of Pan. Meanwhile In Hell Vegetas brother and Trunks savior Kaddish, has been devising a plan to bring all the Saiyans currently part of their hell empire back to life. And today is the day the dead rise to visit.

The Rise[]

<Opens with Kaddish standing In front of a saiyan army>

Kaddish: <Smirks> Its time

<All the Saiyans began to Transform into their peak stages whether it be SSJ 1-2 or some other alteration>

Kaddish: <Quickly Transforms into SSJ3> <Face Enrages> Attack!

<The Saiyan army rushes out to the Furnace, and three soldiers goto turn it off with the availability of their bodies Unlike most>

<The Saiyans quickly kill the guardians and remove the seal above (Placed by goku in DB)>

King Vegeta: <Flys over to Kaddish> Excellent work <Brief pause and a scuff> son

Kaddish: <Glances over in delight> <Smirks and chuckles> Thank you father, but one more thing, I believe with this feat a new ruler may need to reside <Raises hand and Transforms into a SSJ>

King Vegeta: What are you doing?

Kaddish: Something I should have long ago <Smirks and chuckles>

<Kaddish then launches a Ki blast at King Vegeta disenegrating him>

Kaddish: <Points at random soldier> You get a few men and close the seal we don't want any other people from hell entering

Random Soldier: Yes Sir

Kaddish: Oah and one more thing spread it amongst the men that I am now the King as Vegeta had a accident

Random Soldier: <Turns to see ashes> <Jolts in fear> <Stuttering> Y..Yes s...iirr King Kaddish

The Beginning of the assault[]

<Scene starts with a view of a large empire (The new saiyans empire in a large grassland)>

<Scene transfers to a close up of Kaddish on his Throne>

Kaddish: <Presses button to start a intercom> All soldiers report to the Barracks

<They fly there waiting for further instruction>

Kaddish: Now its time for phase two of our plan,"Eridicate the Earthlings."

<Scene goes to Goten peacefully walking through the city>

<Saiyans are shown flying overhead>


Goten in SSJ with his new style that occurred over the 3 year period of Trunks In Hell

Goten: <Looks up> More trouble so soon...

<Goten flys up too, three saiyans nearby>

Goten: Umm you'd be smart to stop what all of you are doing.

Kyzzero: <Glances over> And why is that!!!<Launches Large Ki Blast>

Goten: This is why..<In a split second Goten kicks Kyzzero's neck accidentally snapping it> whoa.. guess I put more into that than I thought.

<The two other saiyans (Regino and Kaitros) Gasp>

Regino:<Becomes Aggrivated> Whatever he was our weakest anyway<Yells, and begins transforming into a SSJ>

Regino: Now before I kill this runt, Kaitros tell me his power level so I can see if I need any effort at all<Giggles>

Kaitros: Its about 125,000 (Note Goten is concealing his true power in base)

Regino: He that will require no effort at all I could kill this runt, with just the lift of a finger!

Goten: Lets see about that! <Transforms into SSJ in an instant>

Kaitros:<Gasps> Sir his power level just skyrocketed to 520,000,000<Scouter Explodes>

<Regino and Kaitros then cowardly try to fly away. but Goten easily catches up to them and punches them both in the chin knocking them out>

<Goten then goes onto shoot only minor Ki blasts at the other saiyans in the area, easily either Knocking them out or killing them, When in a instant a familiar looking saiyan arrived>

Kaddish:<flies forward slightly> Well, well you must be the son of Kakarot, "Goten" am I correct <Chuckles>

Goten: <Suprised look> Yes, but how do you know me and my father, besides I thought all the Saiyans besides Vegeta and my father were dead

Kaddish:<Rubs hand along his mouth and chuckles>Well Goten we are dead <Laughs under breathe>

Goten:<Puzzled Face> What, then how are you here?

Kaddish: <Angered> Listen brat I don't have time for your questions, simply answer mine,"Where Is Vegeta."

Goten: <Smiles> As if I would give you that information<goes into a combat position>

Kaddish: <Goes into a upward stance> Then I guess i'll have no choice, but to beat it out of you!

Goten:<Chuckles><Begins charging a Kamahamaha> Ka-Ma-Ha-Ma-HAAAAA!

<The Blast goes off right at Kaddish, who then as the attack is about to hit Teleports behind Goten>

Kaddish:<Smiles><Grabs Goten by the throat> Nice try, but i'm not that oblivious to your techniques<Knees Goten in the stomach several times>

<Goten begins to yell in extradionary pain, and is soon tossed aside bleeding heavily>

Kaddish: <Yawns> Perhaps I overdid it

Vegeta:<Not on screen> Oah yes you did

Sibling Rivalry[]

Vegeta:<Calm, and cocky tone> Well, well its nice to meet you "brother" Trunks has told me much about you

Kaddish: <Turns around and smirks>Oah has he

Vegeta: Oah yes he has, and I don't like what I hear <Smiles>

Kaddish:<Flattens expression> Vegeta i'm already growing bored of your cocky dribble I think its time I do what I came here for.

Vegeta: And what could that be<Crosses arms and chuckles>

Kaddish: To put it simply I'm here to kill you, aside from my other partakings<Lears to the right>

Vegeta: Ha Ha kill me well before you do that it seems you have another challenger<points behind kaddish>

<Kaddish turns around and see's Goten in SSJ3 with a highly angered expression>

Kaddish:<Flattens expression> Hmmm Goten you might make a decent warm-up

Goten:<Becomes more irritated> If you think i'll just be a warm up you got another thing coming to you

<Kaddish and Goten both charge towards eachother with eager expressions, then during mid-flight Kaddish tranforms into SSJ3 aswell>

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