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Character Power Level Fight
Trunks (Base) 210,000,000 None
Piccolo (weighted clothing) 250,000,000 None
Regino (Base) 380,000,000 Saiyan Fight
Kaitros (Base) 340,000,000 Saiyan Fight
Piccolo (no weighted clothing) 320,000,000 Saiyan Fight
Trunks (SSJ) 350,000,000 Saiyan Fight
Trunks (SSJ2) 475,000,000 Saiyan Fight
Regino (SSJ) 480,000,000 Saiyan Fight
Kaitros (Damaged) 325,000,000 Saiyan Fight
King Vegeta (Base) 450,000,000 None
Sharotto 200,000,000 None
King Vegeta (SSJ2) 600,500,000 Trunks Vs King Vegeta
Trunks (SSJ3) 600,000,000 Trunks Vs King Vegeta