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Xicor, the dumb threat[]

Chapter 1: Goku returns![]

After 10 years Goku returns to Earth to save it once more more.

Ten years have passed since Goku left with Shenron. And I new threat has come to call Earth his own[]

Gohan: Wow, your getting stronger and stronger Goten. How about we train tomorrow.

Goten: Sounds great.

Goten: Do you miss dad?

Gohan: Of course. He was there to save the world from evil. He was responsible for every foe we faced. He was like a magnet.He was a legend and he will always be in our hearts.

Suddenly a huge evil power level approached. Gohan was frightened, he had never felt so much power before. That power was even stronger than his fathers.

Gohan: Goten, stay here. Something dangerous has arrived. I have to go.

Goten: Let me come with you.

Gohan: Its a strong power, I advise you stay here with Dende.

Goten: Whatever you say.

Gohan arrives at the battle field with Vegeta by his side. By a surprise this new threat was a Saiyan.

Vegeta: Who are you?

???: I am a Saiyan just like you, Vegeta. My name is Xicor.

Vegeta: Were the only Saiyans around here... And how do you know my name?

Xicor: How about we don't talk about you. I came here to destroy the Earth. To be specific, I am here to exterminate Kakarot, you and all the other saiyans. The whole universe will be mine!

Vegeta: What do you want from Kakarot? He left this planet years ago.

Xicor: I want to destroy him! And become the legend that you always feared!

Vegeta: You won't become a legend. You will never defeat our race, and I'll prove it to you!

Xicor: How can you prove it to me if you aren't even as strong as I?

Vegeta: What? How can that be? I've ascended to a Super Saiyan 4.

Xicor: You arrogant fool, I'm twice as strong as you are.

Vegeta: Show me this power then.

Xicor: You asked for it. Now I am going to show you my true power! Xicor powered up angrily. His power was a hundred times stronger than a Super Saiyan 4. His power was incredible!

Vegeta: This can't be. He is even stronger than Kakarot and I! We won't be able to beat him. I don't care how strong you are I will destroy you.

Out of nowhere another huge power appears. This time it's another Saiyan.

Gohan: It's my father!

Out of nowhere, Goku appeared.

Goku: Missed me?

Gohan: Finally, father you returned!

Goku: Definitely.

Xicor: How did you come here so quickly?

Goku: Instant Transmission, of course. Who's he?

Vegeta: Just another runt who wants to destroy you.

Xicor: AAH! Bring it on, let's see how strong you are. Let's see the power of the famous Kakarot.

Chapter 2: The clash of Super Saiyans[]

Goku came to save the day, after all these years from the evil tyrant Xicor who has been terrorising the Galaxy.

Vegeta: Kakarot, do you think if we fuse together we can beat him.

Goku: Good idea. By the it's funny how YOU want to fuse with ME.

Vegeta: Shut up...clown.

Vegeta: Gohan can you buy us some time.

Gohan: Sure thing, Vegeta.

Xicor: You are not the strongest Saiyan anymore, Goku. I am! I am going to defeat you once and for all!

Gohan: If you want to beat my dad... you're going to have to fight me.

Xicor: So be it.

Gohan: Alright... Haaaaaaah!

The ground begins shaking, lightning continuously strikes the ground. A light shines from Gohan.

Goku: Wow, a Super Saiyan 3 huh?

Gohan: You haven't seen anything yet dad. Gohan powers up to unimaginable heights, surpassing a Super Saiyan 3's power.

Gohan: Alright Show me what you got.

Gohan SSJ 3

Gohan Asended Super Saiyan 3

Xicor: You can't beat me with a mere Super Saiyan 3.

Gohan: We'll see.

Gohan teleports behind Xicor and kicks his back forcing Xicor into the atmosphere. Xicor quickly teleports in front of Gohan.

Xicor: Not bad... not bad.

Xicor uses Instant Teleportation and appears behind Gohan.


Vegeta: Ok Kakarot, lets do this.

Goku: Uh... Vegeta I forgot how to fuse.

Vegeta: WHAT! You idiot how would you forget the most viable dance in the universe.

Goku: Well, you see I was training for 10 years straight and I wasn't really practicing the fusion dance.

Vegeta: Whatever...

Goku: Hey how about the Potara earrings, I still remember how to do that!

Vegeta: Don't you remember that we won't be able to separate back again.

Goku: Oh yeah.

Vegeta: Hmph. I guess I'll have to teach you how to do it.

Goku: Sounds great!

Narrator: Goku has forgotten the Fusion dance! What a tragedy. Meanwhile Gohan faces Xicor with his new found power. Will Gohan be able to fight off Xicor and will Goku learn the dance once again? Find out on the next Dragon Ball: TP!

Episode 2 Vegeta: Ok, Kakarot, our power levels must be the same.

Goku: Don't worry I remember some things.

Xicor: Hello Gohan!

Gohan: Wha-.

Xicor: Dragon Oblitorat

Goku punches Xicor in the stomach and then kicks him away. Xicor fells into a huge mountain. In the blink of an eye, Xicor gets behind Goku.

Xicor: Now, you die! Dragon Obliterator Canon!

Xicor blasts Goku from behind. His blast was so fast that Goku couldn't dodge it. The blast made significant damage to Goku. Gohan and Vegeta were paralysed with fear, they thought Goku was dead. No, my father's dead... Gohan thought. Gohan and Vegeta were furious.

Gohan: You'll pay for this, Xicor! Vegeta, let's fuse.

Vegeta: But you can't turn into a Super Saiyan 4, isn't it?

Gohan ssj4

Gohan Super Saiyan 4

Gohan: You are wrong. I have been training really hard lately in the HyperBolic Time Chamber. My tale has grown. I had a really hard time there... I trained with Goten, but the thing is that he hasn't turned into a Super Saiyan 4 yet.

Gohan turns immediately, without any difficulty into a Super Saiyan 4. His power increased tremendously. He was so angry, he wanted revenge. After a while, Vegeta transformed too. Out of nowhere Goku appears. He was hurt, but he had more than enough energy to fight with Xicor. Everyone was watching Goku as if he was a ghost. Even if Goku was alive, Gohan was still angry with Xicor.

Xicor: It can't be, that was my strongest blast! It should have torn you apart.

Gohan: Yeah, you are alive! I thought you died. Why did I even think that you died?

Goku: Perhaps you should have more faith in me, Gohan. There's no need for you to fuse. I can fight him by myself.

Vegeta: OK, Kakarot.

Goku: Come on, Xicor. Is that all you've got?

Xicor: Of course not. Now the real fight begins.

Goku: Bring it on!

Xicor began to power up, once again.

Xicor: This is my true power!

Goku: You are still no match from me.

Goku's power level began to rose. His power was much stronger than before.

Xicor: It can't be. After all this training... He is even stronger than me! I've done everything to surpass him. I hate him, so I will destroy him!!!

Chapter 3: Xicor surpasses his limits[]

Goku: Come on, Xicor. Are you scared? Will you give up?



Xicor: I'll never give up, whatever you do.

The fight resumed. Goku punched Xicor over and over again. Xicor was weakened. Xicor was screaming out of desperation. Suddenly Xicor lands a kick in Goku's stomach. After a series of punches and kicks Goku managed to stand up. Goku was surprised... Xicor's attacks were actually effective, even if Goku was much stronger than him...

Goku: I'm angry now! It's over, you are history. KA-ME-HA-ME-HA TIMES 20!

The blast hit directly Xicor's body. He wasn't dead, but the blast made serious damage to him. The blast was so powerful. Xicor couldn't move an inch, however he would never give up. At the same time, Goku was exhausted. Vegeta and Gohan were excited because they, knew that Goku would manage to win the battle.

Vegeta screamed out loud: Kakarot, finish him of, now!

Goku: Don't worry, Vegeta! I will.

Xicor: AAAAH! This is over!

Xicor began powering up. He was even stronger than before! In a split of a second, he managed to surpass his limits. He was even stronger than Goku. Goku was standing there, frightened of a power he had never felt before. Xicor's power was huge that they were all shocked. Suddenly more power levels appeared. It was Trunks and Goten. They were willing to fight, even though they were weaker than Xicor.

Vegeta: Why did you come here?

Trunks: Because we want to fight. If we fight together there is no way he can take us down.

Gohan: I don't think so. It's so dangerous for you, guys.

Goten, Trunks: Welcome back, Goku!

Goku: Thanks guys. Please don't fight with Xicor until I tell you. He is even more powerful than me now... He managed to surpass his limits in a very short time. He is so angry now.

Goten: OK, dad...

Xicor: You are done for now, Kakarot! I did it! In a second I managed to raise my power over my limits. Incredible, isn't it? You are over, maggot!

After a second Xicor started to punch Goku furiously, with no mercy. Goku was bleeding. All the battlefield was coloured with Goku's blood... Xicor was too powerful for Goku. He couldn't avoid any of his punches or kicks. Goku lost all of his power. He was unable to move. I won't be able to beat him Goku thought. I wish I had more power.

Xicor: You are so weak. I can kill you all whenever I want!

Goku: Even if you kill me, I will be wished back with the Dragon Balls.

Trunks: What? That can't be! The Dragon Balls were fused in your body. Don't you remember?

Goku (exhausted): Yes, but we still have the Namek Dragon Balls. When I left, Shenron didn't take them away!

Vegeta: You are right! How didn't we think of that in the first place?

Xicor: Sorry for interrupting, but I'd like to continue killing you. I AM GOING TO CRUSH YOU!!!

Goku: By the way, did anyone bring senzu beans?

Everyone: NO

Goku: Perfect, now what?

Silence occurs... Everyone stands there, waiting for Xicor to make his move except of Goten who prepares to attack Xicor...

Goten: I won't let you kill my father! Never!

Goten turns into a Super Saiyan 2. He rushes to Xicor and he manages to attack him. Unfortunately his attack had no effect.

Xicor: Is that all you've got? That just tickled. You are pathetic, the power of a Super Saiyan 2 can't even compare to the power of a Super Saiyan 5...

Goten: My tail has grown. I was training with Gohan. I bet that I can ascend into a Super Saiyan 4. I also may be able to take it to the next level...

Gohan: You're right, bro! Like I did. Can you transform quickly too?

Goten: No, but I'll try as hard as I can.

Gohan: OK. Good luck!

Goten: Wait a sec! Why don't you and Vegeta try to transform? It will be quicker.

Gohan: Me and Vegeta have used the Super Saiyan 4 transformation today. If we transformed into Super Saiyan 5s we couldn't have maintained it for long, because we used Super Saiyan 4 for lots of time. The Super Saiyan 5 transformation uses a huge amount of energy, do you understand? We made a mistake. We shouldn't have remained Super Saiyan 4 since our father was fighting.

Goten: Oh, I get it now. But, why not Trunks? He is much stronger than me!

Gohan : Because Trunk's tail hasn't grown, remember?

Goten: You're right...

Xicor: Don't be ridiculous, I won't let you transform or even fuse.

Goku: Goten, don't worry I'll buy you some time. I still have some energy left.

Vegeta: We will help too. Come on, Kakarot. Let's buy him some time.

Goku: OK, Vegeta. Come on guys, attack!

Chapter 4: Goten's ascension[]

Xicor: You won't be able to scratch me! I am two times more powerful than all of you combined.

Vegeta: I don't think so... Now, let me show you the power of the Saiyan Prince! AAH!

Vegeta rushed towards Xicor. He punched Xicor to the face, but with no effect... Goten began to power up. He had already become a normal Super Saiyan 3.

Xicor: You are no match for me, Vegeta. You are too weak for a Saiyan Prince.

Xicor grabbed Vegeta from the arm and punched him angrily to the stomach. Vegeta's power began to decrease dramatically.

Gohan: Leave him alone!

Trunks ssj3

Trunks as an Ascended Super Saiyan 3

Gohan kicked Xicor to the neck. Xicor fell down, along with Vegeta. Goku wanted to restore his energy, so he began to power up. Suddenly Xicor got up, he punched Gohan and began kicking him.

Trunks: Leave him alone!

Trunks turned into a Super Saiyan 3. His power was stronger than a normal Super Saiyan 3, it was almost equal to a Super Saiyan 4.

Trunks: This is the power of an ascended Super Saiyan 3. Here I come!

Trunks landed a powerful kick to Xicor's forehead. Xicor fell down, once again. He was angrier than ever.

Xicor: You are going to be destroyed, you fool! No one messes with me!

In the blink of an eye Xicor grabbed Trunks from the neck. He punched him to the face and then he crushed him into a large mountain. After a series of punches and kicks Trunks lost all of his power. He wasn't a Super Saiyan 3 anymore, his power was reduced. He was just a Super Saiyan, standing there in front of Xicor, humiliated. Xicor raises his hand towards Trunks and prepares to blast him to the head.

Xicor: If anyone else makes an attempt to attack me, the boy dies!

Vegeta: You insolent brat, shame on you! That is my son!

Xicor: That's why I have the desire to kill him, he is the next prince!

Xicor without any hesitation blasts Trunks to the head. Trunk's power faded away. Trunks was dead... That's what made Goten enraged.

Goten: You killed my best friend! You will pay for that!

Goten immediately transformed into a Super Saiyan 4. His power was stronger than ever, but he was still powering up in order to achieve the Super Saiyan 5 transformation.



Xicor prepares to blast Trunks

Out of nowhere Vegeta started to punch Xicor to the stomach. His attacks were effective! Without a warning Goku began to punch Xicor too. Their punches were too strong. Suddenly Xicor kicks both of them to the head and they fell down.

Xicor: You can't beat me Vegeta. You neither Kakarot. You are too weak for me! Eat my dust!

Xicor started laughing. Goten couldn't take it any longer....

Goten: I don't care if you're stronger than me. I will defeat you!!!

Goku: Goten, continue powering up!

Goten: OK, dad! I won't let you down! I will show him what I'm made of and in the end I will avenge Trunks!

Goku: That's my boy...

Xicor: Let's get over with it, Kakarot! I will crush you. I will demolish you all!

Goku: I won't let you do that! I have much more to show you, Xicor. I have more tricks than you think...

Goku teleports behind Xicor. He starts preparing his blast.

Goku: KA-ME-HA-ME....

Xicor: That won't work on me! Dragon Obliterator cannon!


The two beams began to clash. Xicor's beam was much stronger than Goku's. Goku's energy began to fade away.

Gohan: Father, get out of the way! If you let it hit you, you'll lose precious energy for the fusion!

Goku: You're right!

Goku quickly jumped up in the air. The blast didn't hit him, however Xicor rushed to Goku and punched him with no mercy.

Goten: Father, noooo!

Goten's power level was rising. He was close enough to become a Super Saiyan 5.

Goten: You killed Trunks! I won't let you kill my father, not today! He won't die because of me!

Goten was so angry. In the blink of an eye, Goten raised his power higher than any imaginable thing. The ground was shaking and the sky became dark. Xicor stopped punching Goku and he was looking at Goten shocked!


Goten had become a Super Saiyan 5. His power was astounding.

Goten: Witness the power of the new Super Saiyan 5!

Xicor: Even if you raised your power, that doen't mean you are stronger than me!

Goten: That's true, but if I fuse with my father, we will destroy you! We will become so strong. It would be a miracle if you overcame our huge power.

Xicor: I won't let this happen! I won't let you fuse!

Goten: Are you scared, Xicor? Now, we are going to avenge Trunks! Come on, dad!

Goku (barely standing up): Let's fuse, Goten!

Chapter 5: A whole new warrior: Tenku!!![]

Goten: Let's fuse, father! Let's beat that guy into a pulp!

Goku: Come closer.

Xicor wouldn't let them fuse, so he punched Goten to the face, making him fall into a mountain.

Xicor: Is that all you've got? You don't have to let your guard down, idiot! As I said, I'll never let you fuse.

Goten was furious. He tried to think of a way to keep him away. He could only think of one thing: try to distract him by fighting his other friends.

Goten: Gohan, Vegeta try to distract him!

Gohan and Vegeta tried to hit Xicor, but he was too fast for them. Xicor had made a big mistake... He didn't watch Goten and Goku while he was fighting with Gohan and Vegeta.

Goku: Now's our chance. Let's fuse, Goten.

They prepared for the fusion dance.


The two warriors now were one. They were fused into a powerful warrior that was strong enough to defeat the evil tyrant, Xicor.

???: I'm Tenku and I'll crush you. I will never forget what you did to Trunks. Now, it's my chance to avenge him, finally!

Tenku was no different than a normal Super Saiyan 5. He was bulky, tall, with grey spiky hair. Xicor was so scared, even though he didn't realise it...

Xicor: Come on, show me what you're made of!

Tenku: OK, but remember! You asked for it!

Out of a sudden, Tenku gets behind Xicor and slaps him to his cheeks. Xicor started bleeding. Tenku's slaps were so strong, that Xicor couldn't even move.

Tenku: This is for Trunks! I'd love to humiliate you, as much you humiliated him! Take this!

Without a warning, Tenku started punching Xicor to the stomach. Xicor was bleeding more than ever and, ofcourse he was humiliated.

Xicor: This can't be! I can't lose to you, I'm supposed to destroy you. So, I will!

Tenku: You're so wrong! I'll be the one who will destroy you, you definitely know that. NOW YOU SHALL SEE MY WRATH! THE WRATH OF TENKU!

Tenku was furious. He began to punch and kick Xicor. Xicor was nothing compared to Tenku.

Tenku: You need my advise? You shouldn't have come here! Why did you ever come here?

Xicor: 'Cause I'll be the King of all Saiyans, and not that runt, Vegeta! I came here to enslave you all, I came here to conquer the Earth, I came here to DESTROY YOU!

Tenku: You're a psychopath, Xicor! You don't have a chance against me! If you don't want me to turn you into ashes, leave this planet NOW!

Everyone was surprised of Tenku's decision. Xicor didn't know what to say.

Xicor: Why would you let me leave?

Tenku: I don't like killing people, especially people who are psychopaths like you!

Xicor: Whatever it happens, I won't back down! I'll never leave this planet, I'm not a coward and especially not a psychopath!

Tenku: Good... Then I'll finish this quickly. You made your choice, now you can't change it...

Xicor: You won't beat me! I have a new trick... You'll love this so much!

Xicor began gathering energy. He formed the energy into a small ball.

Xicor: This is the end, Tenku! This blast has enough power to destroy you and the whole planet. I call it: The Evil Spirit Bomb! Soon this blast will get bigger and bigger. It will destroy you. In the end I will be the one who will turn you into ashes...

Xicor wasn't bluffing at all. That blast was strong enough to beat Tenku. In the end, what would Tenku do?

Tenku: This won't stand a chance against my new technique. Even if you use this, you won't be able to beat me! Wake up, Xicor. You don't stand a chance. Even at your peak you are no match for me.

Xicor: You're wrong! So wrong... You're an idiot. The fusion technique will be over in four minutes.

Tenku: You might be right. Anyway, I can beat you in two minutes! How does that sound?

Tenku began powering up. He prepared for his next move. Xicor wasn't ready yet. His Spirit Bomb wasn't big enough to beat Tenku...

Tenku: Now's the time I avenge Trunks! Here I come. OMEGA KA-ME-HA-ME...

Gohan, Vegeta: Finish him off!

However, Tenku was bluffing... After he stopped gathering energy for his Kamehameha, immediately he attacked Xicor. Tenku began punching Xicor to the stomach, once again. Xicor's energy faded away. Xicor wasn't able to perform that blast anymore...

Tenku: I love acting! I used Trunks, so that you could actually believe it. Now, you are going to die, but this time I'm not bluffing at all!

Xicor didn't know what to do. If he gave up, he wouldn't have another chance to conquer the Earth and enslave all the people...

Tenku: Now, you're history! I'll put all of my power into this blast!

Chapter 6: Xicor's trump card[]

Tenku: Now it is time for you to die!

Xicor (thinking): Now it's time for my trump card! If I blow up the Earth, he won't have enough time to blast me! Then I could use the Instant Transmission technique so that I can leave into a foreign planet. That way I won't die.

Xicor (acting): Go ahead! Blast me, I don't care. I have done everything to achieve what I want. It all ends here, I admit it.

Tenku felt bad for Xicor, however he still wanted to kill him. Tenku let his guard down... That was a huge mistake. Xicor was about to make his move. He just wanted to be safe. The only way for him to be safe, was to destroy the Earth.

Xicor: You fool! Next time don't let your guard down. Now... time to destroy this pathetic planet and your stupid friends. Dragon Obliterator Cannon!

Xicor blasted directly the planet's core. In a minute, the whole Earth would be destroyed. Tenku didn't know how to act... Everyone was shocked. Suddenly Tenku grabbed Gohan and Vegeta. His plan was to use the Instant Transmission technique.

Tenku: You're a fool, Xicor. You are a psycho, you have just proven it to me.

Without a warning, a voice was heard in the battlefield... It was King Kai!

King Kai: Tenku, quickly come here! There is no time to lose!

Tenku hesitated for a while. He didn't want to leave the Earth without his friends. In the end, he transported himself with Vegeta and Gohan to King Kai's planet. The Earth was finally destroyed, all the life forces were extinct. Unfortunately, no one of Tenku's friends managed to survive... but Xicor did. He was transported into a dark, mysterious planet. Xicor seemed to be familiar with it...

Xicor: Yes... I did it, I finally destroyed the Earth. Now it's time for me to train. I'll get as stronger as possible. I will defeat Kakarot and his stupid son, even if they are fused...

Meanwhile in King Kai's planet...

Tenku was so sad ... He didn't want to lose his friends. At the same time he was angry and he wanted to take revenge!

Tenku: I'll avenge you! All of you! This time I am going to beat Xicor. I will never hesitate, I will never be soft again.

King Kai: Calm down, Tenku! We can wish them back with the Namek Dragon Balls, remember?

Tenku: You're right, King Kai. Thanks for cheering me up!

King Kai: No problem, Tenku. Now, it's time to rest. Then, you will have time to train in order to beat that guy.

Tenku: But, I'm already stronger than him... I was just too soft to finish him of!

Suddenly Tenku was separated. The fusion was over. Goku and Goten were exhausted.

Goku: Well, it looks like the fusion is ended... Let's rest!

Goten: You're right, father. We'll rest now and then we will fight Xicor with all our power. This time we won't hold back. I can't get over of what he has done...

Goku: He is going to pay. Enough is enough!

Vegeta: Stop it, Kakarot! I want to ask you something...

Goku: What is it, Vegeta?

Vegeta: I was wondering, why did you return?

Goku: Well, that's a long story...

Vegeta: Come on Kakarot, tell us. First of all, why did you leave with Shenron?

Gohan: I already know that! That's because he was responsible for all the dangers we faced... In a few words, he left us because he wanted us to rest in peace...

Goku: Exactly, Gohan. I was the one responsible... All the bad guys were after me, that's why I left. I didn't want you to have any trouble. Do you understand, Vegeta?

Vegeta: I got that... Well, then why did you... return?

Goku: Because I sensed Xicor's evil energy coming to Earth. So, I came in time to save you.

Vegeta: Ok, Kakarot. Now, the next thing we have to do, is to train as hard as we can so that we can defeat Xicor!

Chapter the 7:The Training time[]

After Goku,Vegeta,and Goten retreats to King Kai's world,soon they meet up with the others on their way to other world

Goku: Hey guys! How's your trip?

Gohan: Dad,it's not the best time or place to talk like this

Goku: Ah,it's no big deal, I'll just get back to Earth and wish you guys back to life!

Vegeta: Huh,Kakarot,the earth's destroyed remember?

Goku: Oh yeah,well we'll figure it out.In the mean time you guys should really go to other world,i'll introduce you to my friend's there!

Trunks: Is your dad always this relaxed?

Gohan: Tell me about it...

After a long walk to Otherworld, King Enma greets Goku with an angry tone


Goku: Sorry King Enma, by the way can we train in the otherworld with Pikkon, Olibu and the others?