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The Darkness Event[]

The Darkness Event was the battle between Tamerai and the creature known as The Darkness. The battle lasted for weeks with neither side showing any sign of exhaustion.

The Confrontation[]

The two forces were drawn together by each others power. Neither wanted the other to exist in "their" universe. Though neither could speak they both knew what the other craved. To destory all possible threats to "their" universe. Both powers were too great to have the battle near any inhabited systems without their excess power lingering for others to take for themselves. The two godlike powers new the perfect spot for the battle to take place. The supermassive black hole in the Maghilis system.

The Battle, Part 1[]

Once they arrived at their set destination, almost simultaneously, the battle began. Tamerai, being skilled enough in each martial art to be considered a supreme master of fighting, found that The Darkness was almost equally as skilled, yet twice as strong. Though the black hole was so massive any other fighters would be pulled in and destroyed instantly, it did nothing to inhibit the godlike powers. They traded blows to each other almost as quickly as they would anywhere else, being only attoseconds off. The consecutive blows from each seemed useless against the other. No kick, nor punch, nor knee did anything to damage the other. This went on for weeks before either began to use ki strikes.

The Battle, Part 2[]

As the battle escalated so did their attacks. Punches turned into ki blasts and kicks turned into energy waves. With each attack being nearly twice as powerful as the last, Tamerai would soon need to transforrm into his Super Saiyan form to continue battling such a powerful creature. After a continuous hour a small ki based strikes Tamerai ascended into his Super Saiyan form, quadrupling his power level and giving his red hair a golden glow. The Darkness showed no awe nor fear of this newly shown power, instead transmorphing into an ever more powerful being itself. The two began the battle once more, once again equal in power.

The Battle, Part 3[]

The more the two battled the more Tamerai felt it would never end. His only option would be to ascend to his Super Saiyan 4 form and finish the battle once and for all. His ascension to the Super Saiyan 4 changed his hair back to its red color while legthening it to his waist. His normally bare skin became encased in a blood red fur and his overall height increasing 4 inches. The energy released by this ascension obliterated The Darkness, and mistakingly annihiliating the the supermassive Maghilis black hole. Tamerai absorbed all the energy released, becoming limitlessly more powerful, his power level closing in on 100 googolplexian.