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This article, Dragon Ball T, is a work of humor, and is not in any way intended by the author to be taken seriously.

T is for terrible.

Every thing was fine when suddenly future trunks appeared and started killing people with his sword.the zfighters appeared to stop trunks but he killed them with his sword.shenron then appears and eats trunks.shenron then morphs into godzilla and distroys west city.then all the villains escape from hell and kill godzilla shenron.

Piccolo then reappears and fuses with dende.he then uses instant transmission to teleport to where the villains are.all the saiyians then go legendary super saiyian123456789123456789123456789987654321987654321987654321192837465 and kill him with a kamehameha.all the namekians then appear and kill the saiyians with special beam canon.cell then kills them with a death ball.king yemma then appears and kills him with one punch.freiza's race then kills him.yugi then appears sncd kills them with holograms.

the zfighters then appear and fuse to form hero.hero then kills the rest of the villains.batman then appears and kills both hero and yugi.light then kills batman and laughs yelling"i am kira" l then arrests him with the help of spiderman.

all the zfighters then reapear.they enter a turnament.the last match is mr satan vs gocu.satan win with one punch.porunga then appears an starts crying over his brother shenrons death.

the next day king piccolo reapears and kills gocu with a death beam.king piccolo then morphs into darbura and kills the other zfighters.he is then killed by pikachu.new dragonballs suddenly apear on earth and bulma uses them to revive the zfighters.kid trunks then wishes for a ps3.

meanwhile in space a metal planet has started eating other planets and is on it's way towards earth.bulma sees this and the zfighters start crying about the planet's destruction beside vegeta and trunks of course sense they aint crybabys.They then fuse to form trugeta.they fly into space and the metal planet tranforms into unicron.trugeta then kills unicron with a spirit bomb.

kami then died of old age but piccolo did not.vegeta's power level then suddenly becomes higher then goku's.doctor doom then dies of a heart attack.same with roshi.a random baby was then born and started drinking it's bottle.vegeta then kills gocu.turtle then hides in his shell.the kais then became humans.

all the villain in hell then fuse to form janemba.janemba then killed all the zfighters except gocu and piccolo.they then fuse and are killed by janemba.janemba is then killed by a super saiyian hulk.the universe then explodes because of all the random crossovers.


this story is a example of what not to write and not a comedy.i would remove the template but dont want to get banned.