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Dragon Ball Super: GT Arc
Shōnen, Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Martial Arts, Science Fiction
Based on "Dragon Ball" created by
Akira Toriyama
"Dragon Ball Super: GT Arc" created by

Dragon Ball Super: GT Arc is a reboot to the filler Dragon Ball GT series. Unlike the latter, these series do have a manga counterpart.


Differences between versionsEdit

  • The Black Star Dragon Balls are now Green Star Dragon Balls. They have the same effects as before, and Ultimate Shenlong is renamed Zhenlong.
  • Super Saiyan 4 is totally replaced by Super Saiyan Blue.
    • However, in the first episode, Whis uses his powers to seal the ki on Earth's Saiyans, allowing them to transform up to the Golden Great Ape form.
      • Furthermore, in Baby Saga, Whis frees Goku from the sealing spell, enabling him to fight Baby Vegeta toe-to-toe.
  • Between the second and the third Sagas, Beerus vows to find the Super Dragon Balls and reverse Pilaf's accidental wish that rejuvenated Goku, and Whis frees the other Earth's Saiyans from the sealing spell.
  • The Dragon Balls retrieved by Bulma in the end of the penultimate saga are actually the Dark Dragon Balls in disguise. They summon Black Smoke Shenlong, who spawns the Shadow Dragons from said Dragon Balls.
  • The move Dragon Fist is renamed Owryuken, marking its very first canonical appearance.


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