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Dragon Ball Sparkling (ドラゴンボール(スパークリング) Doragon Bōru Supākuringu) is the story created by Zekons. This story is based on Dragon Ball series and take place after event of Dragon Ball GT which includes Dragon Ball Super within the same timeline. Some of the concepts was based on Dragon Ball AF (Young Jiji) and used as either character separate from the timeline or similar ideas.

Timeline Placement[]

This story is set 1 year after event of Dragon Ball GT since the defeat of the Shadow Dragons and Goku left with Shenron. Due to GT and Super are connected, the two anime series are the same timeline.

New Transformations[]

Super Saiyan -Zero-[]

The weaker version of the Super Saiyan transformation achieved by Beyley. In order to transform into the fully complete state, Beyley train her weaker Super Saiyan form and unlock her full potential of the Super Saiyan transformation.

Super Saiyan -Zero- Kaio-ken[]

The combination of Super Saiyan -Zero- and Kaio-ken achieved by Beyley, grants her a power boost. Initially, she can't used it because her risk of damage her body without ki control hat will instantly kill her, but thanks to her hibernation within the stasis pod, she fully learns ki control, allowing her to grant a permanently greater extends the Super Saiyan -Zero- time limit. When her Super Saiyan -Zero- time limit is almost over or injured in battle, Beyley absorbs Kaio-ken aura and powered up into its Hyper Mode.

Super Saiyan -Zero- Kaio-ken Hyper Mode[]

The powered up form of Super Saiyan -Zero- Kaio-ken achieved by Beyley whenever her Super Saiyan -Zero- time limit is almost up or injured in battle.


Ize Group[]

After the Shadow Dragons are defeated by the Dragon Team, the Earth was now peaceful world. However, the major problem is the Dragon Balls are gone when Shenron's Dragon Balls merged with Goku's body and the Z-Fighters are peaceful lives. While the Z-Fighters have now peaceful lives, an dangerous foe appears from the Earth named Ize, the son of the tyrannical Frieza who looking for an strong opponent. When Ize arrived at the Planet Earth, Vegeta and the others confront him, but proved to be too strong for him when he transforms into his second form even Vegeta and Gohan's newfound Super Saiyan 4 cannot damage him. As Ize prepare to kill Pan, his killing blow was interrupted by the female Saiyan named Beyley.


  • It was loosely based on my old idea: Dragon Ball Xenoverse Sparking, but unrelated to the series since it was scrapped by Zekons.
  • This is the first series is featuring the main female protagonist instead of Goku.