The Surviving Saiyans Saga is the first saga in Dragon Ball Sparking.


After the events of End of Z, Goku and Vegeta are called off-planet by King Kai to take care of some buisness in the West Galaxy. After they leave, however, Vegeta's younger brother Tarble shows up on Earth to find him. Turns out, a handful of Saiyans escaped the destruction of Planet Vegeta and have made a new home in another galaxy, in a planet named Salabo. Excited to meet other Saiyans, Gohan, along side Piccolo, Trunks, Goten, Krillin, and by accident Hercule all tag along with Tarble to see Planet Salabo.

However, trouble isn't far off. Frieza's older brother Cooler has found out about the existance of Salabo and the rest of the saiyans and decides to both avenge his father and top his younger brother by destroying them all. Along with his small but strong army, he invades Salabo. It's up to Gohan and the Z-Fighters to defeat this evil.


Ep 1: New Beginnings! The Lost Brother of Vegeta?!Edit

The series begings with Goku and Uub sparring in the desert, with Gohan, Piccolo, Krillin and Vegeta watching from a distance. Piccolo talks about how it's pretty incredible that these last three years have been so peaceful, to which Gohan agrees. Gohan then brings up that there will be a tournament in a month, and asks Piccolo if he's gonna go. Piccolo decides why not while Krillin admits that he's only entering because 18 wants the 2nd place prize money. They all share a laugh together. Even Vegeta had a soft chuckle, surprising Krillin.

Just then, Goku and Uub walk up to the group. Goku informs the Z-Fighters that King Kai needs himself and Vegeta for a big situation in the West Galaxy and it's gonna take him a week to do. He asks Gohan if he could watch over Uub until he gets back, to which Gohan agrees. Goku thanks him and promises him that when he gets back, he'll enter the tournament to test Gohan's power, which gets Gohan excited. Krillin just kinda sighs, knowing that his chances at 2nd place is gone. Goku and Vegeta take their leave to King Kai's planet.

The next day, Gohan takes Uub into the woods to train but is cut off by Piccolo, who wants to spar with Gohan and Uub. The two accept and all three partake in a three-way brawl. To Piccolo and Gohan's surprise, Uub manages to do very well against them, even when Gohan uses Super Saiyan. All three are about to go all out when Piccolo suddenly freezes in place in sheer surprise, then looks up to the sky. When Gohan asks whats wrong, Piccolo informs him that he feels something coming to the planet.

All three Z-Fighters head to the place where he felt the power, and are shocked to see a Saiyan pod has landed on the planet, and a Saiyan walking out not to far away from it. Uub is the first to approach him, and the three quickly learn that the Saiyan means no harm. He introduces himself as Tarble, and asks if a man named Vegeta is on this planet. When they answer yes, Tarble surprises them all by stating that Vegeta is his brother. He then drops another bombshell: there are more Saiyans who survived Frieza's genocide!

Ep 2: No Way! The Secret Planet of Saiyans!Edit

While Gohan and Uub believe Tarble's claim, Piccolo is a lot more suspicious. He asks for more information, which Tarble gives. Turns out, there was 3 dozen Saiyans who were sent off-planet to search an abandoned planet, one of them being a baby Tarble. When Planet Vegeta exploded, they decided to just stay on the planet as far away from Frieza as possible. It's been years since then, and now over 100 Saiyans populate the planet. Still not convinced, Tarble has to show pictures of the planet and Saiyans to him, finally convincing him.

Gohan and Uub continue to talk to Tarble as Piccolo decides to contact Goku and Vegeta about the situation. Both of the Saiyans are shocked to hear the news, but Vegeta nearly passes out once Piccolo mentions that his brother is here with them. Both Saiyans want to go back and meet him, but their mission is too important to just walk away from. Vegeta tells Piccolo to inform Tarble that they'll pay him a visit once the mission is done. Piccolo passes the info to Tarble, who is excited to meet his brother after so many years soon.


Ep 3: Off to Salabo! New Saiyan Generation!Edit

W.I.P Summery: Gohan and the bois go to Salabo, its a ton of fun, holy shit cooler

Ep 4: Frieza's Brother?! Cooler Has Arrived!Edit

W.I.P Summery: Cooler shows up, he and frieza talk smack, kills a fool, invasion time

Ep 5: The Invasion Begins! Armored Squadron!Edit

W.I.P Summery: Cooler army arrives on planet, z-fighters attack back, tarble

Ep 6: War Wagers on! Return of Gotenks!Edit

W.I.P Summery: It's getting a little tricky, gotenks lays waste to salza and others

Ep 7: Saiyans Captured! The King Must Fight!Edit

W.I.P Summery: Saiyans are captured, tarble heads to enemy ship to save them

Ep 8: Wife of Tarble! The King's Wrath!Edit

W.I.P Summery: Cornal gets hurt, tarbles goes apeshit, beats the shit out of neiz and dore

Ep 9: Here he Is! Cooler Rises Up!Edit

W.I.P Summery: Cooler decides to fight, most of the z-fighters attack, he kicks their asses

Ep 10: Gohan vs Cooler! Here's the Big Fight!Edit

W.I.P Summery: Gohan steps up to battle Cooler, both brawl, it's pretty even so far

Ep 11: You Fool! That Wasn't My Final Form!Edit

W.I.P Summery: Uh oh Cooler does cool 5th form thing, the fight is still pretty even

Ep 12: Holding Back?! Goku and Vegeta Return!Edit

W.I.P Summery: Gohan was holding back the whole time and starts whoopin' ass as his dad watches

Ep 13: The Final Blow! Masenko Fist Explode!Edit

W.I.P Summery: Gohan finishes Cooler, Salza is still alive, Piccolo does cool thing, now he's dead

Ep 14: Heading Home! It's Just Beginning!Edit

W.I.P Summery: The crew hang around salabo a bit more then head back home

Ep 15: Bonus Episode! Prince Vegeta's Visit!Edit

W.I.P Summery: Vegeta visits planet salabo to see just how well his brother has been ruling his planet

List of CharactersEdit


  • Son Gohan
  • Piccolo
  • Uub
  • Goten
  • Trunks
  • Krillin
  • Yamcha
  • Tien
  • Tarble
  • Cornal
  • Cooler
  • Salza


  • Son Goku
  • Vegeta
  • Hercule Satan
  • King Kai


  • W.I.P
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