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Godly Half Saiyan Saga is the second saga in Dragon Ball Sparking.


After the events of the Surviving Saiyans saga, Gohan has realized that while Cooler wasn't too much trouble, he was only barley strong enough to beat him. In order to better protect his family and friends, Gohan decides that he needs to become a Super Saiyan God. He manages to achieve that in a few months, with training from Whis, Beerus, Goku, and Vegeta. However, according to Whis, Half-Saiyans lack the genes to become a Super Saiyan God Blue. Not wanting to waste all this training, Goku has an idea to fix this problem.

They go to Zeno's place, with the intent to use the Super Dragon Balls to allow Gohan to access SSGB, then train him from there, However, Zeno only allows them to use them if Gohan can defeat a strong opponent. And what better opponent then a God-Ki infused resurrected Cell, hell-bent on revenge?


Ep 16: The Decision! Super Saiyan God![]

W.I.P Summery: Gohan wants to become god saiyan, goku takes him to whis, training time bois

Ep 17: Tough Training! The Road to Godhood![]

W.I.P Summery: We follow gohan across a couple months as he trains to become ass kicking god

Ep 18: The Day has Come! Gohan's New Form![]

W.I.P Summery: Gohan has gained Super Saiyan God, he can't use the blue form, goku has an idea

Ep 19: Goku's Bright Idea! Hey, Lord Zenos![]

W.I.P Summery: They wanna use the super dragon balls, the crew go talk to zeno about this

Ep 20: Perfect Cell?! Gohan's Insane Challenge![]

W.I.P Summery: In order to use the balls, gohan has to beat the shit out of a powered up cell

Ep 21: The Heated Battle! Gohan's Secret Ace![]

W.I.P Summery: The fight goes on, gohan uses potential unleashed on his red form, ass kicking time

Ep 22: Cell's Nasty Trick! Perfection Evolved Further![]

W.I.P Summery: Cell absuses zenkai boosts to get stronger, now gohan is in deep doo-doo

Ep 23: Return of Juniors! Drive the Two Away![]

W.I.P Summery: Goku and Vegeta wanna help, cell makes cell jrs to distract them, they fight the juniors

Ep 24: All Hope is Lost! Wait a Minute...[]

W.I.P Summery: Cell looks like hes gonna win, but out of pure anger gohan breaks his limits and uses ssgb

Ep 25: The New Gohan! Cell's Hopeless Fight![]

W.I.P Summery: Gohan beats the everloving shit outta cell, cell tries another trick, gohan ain't letting him

Ep 26: The Final Blow! See Ya, Perfect Cell![]

W.I.P Summery: Gohan kills perfect cell, the crew celebrate, gohan decides to keep training to master this form

List of Characters[]


  • Son Gohan
  • Son Goku
  • Vegeta
  • Beerus
  • Whis
  • Cell
  • Cell Jrs


  • Piccolo
  • Videl
  • Pan
  • The Oracle Fish
  • Zeno #1
  • Zeno #2
  • The Grand Priest


  • W.I.P
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