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Dragon Ball Sparking is the sequel series to Dragon Ball Super. It takes place after End of Z, and aims to give other characters besides Goku and Vegeta some focus, like Gohan and Piccolo.

Plot SummeryEdit

Surviving Saiyans SagaEdit

After the events of End of Z, Goku and Vegeta are called off-planet by King Kai to take care of some buisness in the West Galaxy. After they leave, however, Vegeta's younger brother Tarble shows up on Earth to find him. Turns out, a handful of Saiyans escaped the destruction of Planet Vegeta and have made a new home in another galaxy, in a planet named Salabo. Excited to meet other Saiyans, Gohan, along side Piccolo, Trunks, Goten, Krillin, and by accident Hercule all tag along with Tarble to see Planet Salabo.

However, trouble isn't far off. Frieza's older brother Cooler has found out about the existance of Salabo and the rest of the saiyans and decides to both avenge his father and top his younger brother by destroying them all. Along with his small but strong army, he invades Salabo. It's up to Gohan and the Z-Fighters to defeat this evil.

Godly Half-Saiyan SagaEdit

After the events of the Surviving Saiyans saga, Gohan has realized that while Cooler wasn't too much trouble, he was only barley strong enough to beat him. In order to better protect his family and friends, Gohan decides that he needs to become a Super Saiyan God. He manages to achieve that in a few months, with training from Whis, Beerus, Goku, and Vegeta. However, according to Whis, Half-Saiyans lack the genes to become a Super Saiyan God Blue. Not wanting to waste all this training, Goku has an idea to fix this problem.

They go to Zeno's place, with the intent to use the Super Dragon Balls to allow Gohan to access SSGB, then train him from there, However, Zeno only allows them to use them if Gohan can defeat a strong opponent. And what better opponent then a God-Ki infused resurrected Cell, hell-bent on revenge?

The Saiyan God Twins SagaEdit

Janemba's Wrath SagaEdit

The Dark Dragon SagaEdit

Cooler Apocalypse SagaEdit

Multiversal Budokai SagaEdit


Main Protagonists
Son Gohan
(Kyle Hebert)
Gohan is the son of Goku and older brother of Goten. While he wanted to become a strong fighter when he was younger, as an adult he decided he was more into doing work then fighting. However, if his family or world is threatened, he won't hesitate to fight back. In this series, he decides to take up the mantle as defender of Earth, though he still has a day job. He has also gain access to the Super Saiyan God forms.
Son Goku
(Sean Schemmel)
(Chris Sabat)
(Chris Sabat)
(Sean Teague)
(Jason Douglas)
Son Goten
(Kara Edwards)
(Eric Vale)
Supporting Cast
(Sonny Strait)
(Chris Sabat)
(Justin Briner)
(Laura Bailey)
God Avaco
(Travis Willingham)
Avaco was the god of Universe 16 and the creator of the Super Saiyan God transformation. Once just a normal Saiyan, the god Champa took interest in him and eventually trained him into a god. Now that he and his universe are back, he resumes his role as a god. Much like any other Saiyan, he enjoys a good fight and loves to eat. He and his bodyguard Quash regularly spar, as he is the only one who's matched him.
Undah Briefs
(Kara Edwards)
Son Gomen
(Nick Landis)
(Andrew Chandler)
(Chris Sabat)
Perfect Cell
(Dameon Clarke)
Emperor Cole
(Justin Cook)
"God" Tatto
(Brain Drummer)
(Kent Williams)
Tatto's Warriors
(Eric Vale)
(Patrick Seitz)
(Lauren Landa)
(Chris Ayres)
(Greg Ayres)
Black Star Dragons
Stingy Shenron
(Colleen Clicken)
Hefty Shenron
(Nick Landis)
Envious Shenron
(Linda Young)
Naughty Shenron
(Laura Bailey)
Raging Shenron
(Steve Blum)
Narcic Shenron
(Todd Haberkorn)
Plauge Shenron
(Matthew Mercer)
Multiversal Budokai Contestants
Majin Zamma
(Colleen Clicken)

List of EpisodesEdit

Surviving Saiyans Saga
Ep 1: New Beginnings! The Lost Brother of Vegeta?! W.I.P
Ep 2: No Way! The Secret Planet of Saiyans! W.I.P
Ep 3: Off to Salabo! New Saiyan Generation! W.I.P
Ep 4: Frieza's Brother?! Cooler Has Arrived! W.I.P
Ep 5: The Invasion Begins! Armored Squadron! W.I.P
Ep 6: War Wagers on! Return of Gotenks! W.I.P
Ep 7: Saiyans Captured! The King Must Fight! W.I.P
Ep 8: Wife of Tarble! The King's Angry Wrath! W.I.P
Ep 9: Here he Is! Cooler Rises Up to Battle! W.I.P
Ep 10: Gohan vs Cooler! Here's the Big Fight! W.I.P
Ep 11: You Fool! That Wasn't My Final Form! W.I.P
Ep 12: Holding Back?! Goku and Vegeta Return! W.I.P
Ep 13: The Final Blow! Masenko Fist Explode! W.I.P
Ep 14: Heading Home! It's Just Beginning! W.I.P
Ep 15: Bonus Episode! Prince Vegeta's Visit! W.I.P
Godly Half-Saiyan Saga
Ep 16: The Decision! Super Saiyan God! W.I.P
Ep 17: Tough Training! The Road to Godhood! W.I.P
Ep 18: The Day has Come! Gohan's New Form! W.I.P
Ep 19: Goku's Bright Idea! Hey, Lord Zenos! W.I.P
Ep 20: Perfect Cell?! Gohan's Insane Challenge! W.I.P
Ep 21: The Heated Battle! Gohan's Secret Ace! W.I.P
Ep 22: Cell's Nasty Trick! Perfection Evolved Further! W.I.P
Ep 23: Return of Juniors! Drive the Two Away! W.I.P
Ep 24: All Hope is Lost! Wait a Minute... W.I.P
Ep 25: The New Gohan! Cell's Hopeless Fight! W.I.P
Ep 26: The Final Blow! See Ya, Perfect Cell! W.I.P
The Saiyan God Twins Saga
Ep ??: The 16th Universe! A God of Destruction Saiyan?! W.I.P
Janemba's Wrath Saga
Ep ??: Lets Go Visit Hell! Goku, Meet Your Father! W.I.P
The Dark Dragon Saga
Ep ??: Happy Birthday, Vegeta! Shenron's Visit! W.I.P
Cooler Apocalypse Saga
Ep ??: Heritage of the Future! Children of Trunks & Goten? W.I.P
Multiversal Budokai Saga
Ep ??: The Ultimate Contest! Enter the Multiverse! W.I.P
Dragon Ball Sparking: The Movie The universe is in trouble. A group of Galactic Pirates are pillaging planets, looking for a treasure called the Dragon's Heart, which is said to give the user of it the full power of the Dragon Realm, the home of Shenron. Jaco is tasked by the Galactic Patrol to stop them, and inlists the help of Gohan and Goku. Can these three find the Dragon's Heart before the Pirates do?
Dragon Ball Sparking: Saiyans Vs Saiyans Universe 15 saiyan Turrip is invited to visit Planet Salabo by Tarble. However, a mysterious saiyan arrives onto the planet and, using a SSJ5 form, destroys the entire planet! Everyone except Turrip, Tarble, and Tarble's wife are killed in the destruction of Planet Salabo. With no other options, the three must find the Dragon Balls on Earth to wish back those killed.
Dragon Ball Sparking: Clash of Guardians During Gokus days of training with Kami, a tiny yet terrible goblin named Garlic Jr sets out to find the Dragon Balls in order to bring his father Garlic, an old enemy of Kami, back from the Deadzone. As his final test, Kami brings Goku with him as the two set off to stop Garlic Jr.
Dragon Ball Sparking: The Earth's Strongest Cat While Goku and Uub are training, Frieza comes to earth and introduces his son, whom he had live with a friend of his after he took over planet Vegeta. He challenges Goku to have Uub face off against Kuriza, and so Goku and Uub must train for this battle. With a bit of help from a certain cat...

New TransformationsEdit

  • 100% Final Form: During Gohan and Cooler's fight, Cooler decides to use all 100% of his power. This makes him even stronger, but at the significant cost of speed, which costs him the fight.
  • Super Saiyan God ~Sign~: While Gohan is battling Cooler, for a split second during his final attack, he gains a red aura and his eyes go red, indicating that he can, in fact, go Super Saiyan God. He uses this power to fiish off Cooler for good.
  • Super Saiyan God/Blue Unleashed: During his battle with Cell, Gohan uses his Elder Kai Unlock ability to give the Saiyan God form a huge boost in power. He would later mix this with his Super Saiyan Blue form.


  • A video game was developed by Dimps titled Dragon Ball Sparking Budokai, released during the airing of the Janembas Wrath Saga. It would later recieve DLC for characters from the Dark Dragon Saga.
  • A series of action figures were released by Bandai to premote the series. The waves included:
    • Wave 1: Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, Tarble, Gotenks, Cooler (5th Form)
    • Wave 2: Goku (SSB), Vegeta (SSB), Gohan (SSG), Piccolo (Knight), Zeno, Perfect Cell
    • Wave 3: Goku (SSJ1), Vegeta (SSJ1), Vegito (SSJ2), Beerus, Avaco, Turrip (SSJ4)
    • Wave 4: Gogeta (SSB), Gohan (SSB), Piccolo, Raditz, Bardock, Janemba
    • Wave 5: Goku (UI), Gohan (SSBU), Vegeta (SSJ4), Rage Shenron, Narcic Shenron, Omega Shenron
    • Wave 6: Goten (SSJ1), Trunks (SSJ1), Gotenks (SSJ3), Meta-Cooler, Undah, Gomen
    • Wave 8: Turrip, Lord Mochi, Daiko (SSJ5), Escarga, Neko Majin Z, Kuriza
  • In Dragon Ball Legends, Turrip, SSB Gohan, Daiko, Neko Majin, and Kuriza were added to the game and given their own banner where you could pull to summon Dragon Ball Sparking characters.


  • This page is a slight reboot of the page Dragon Ball: Bright Stars.
  • All of the films except the Super ones, GT and the Tarble special did not happen in this series.
  • The Multiversal Budokai saga contains cameos from several characters on the Dragon Ball Fanon Wiki, incuding:


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