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Dragon Ball Salvation
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Author, Artist
Akiral Willow & MJ King
Created by
Akiral Willow & MJ King
Based on the series
"Dragon Ball" by Akira Toriyama
Art Style
Animated gifs, pictures.
Reading Style
Traditional RP/SL
  • English (original print)
  • History
  • 2015(The start)
  • 2018 - Current (currebtly ongoing, frequently revamped)
  • Story Format
    ongoing chapters.
    Current # of SLs

    “DRAGON BALL SALVATION” (“ドラゴンボール救助 Doragonbōru kyūjo”) often abbreviated as 'DBS’ is an series/verse on Twitter that stars Symbol Shizukesa and his friends across the omniverse who fight to protect all things in existence against God and Satan. The creator(s) of this verse and series are both MJ King and Akiral Willow, real life friends who came up with the new series together. They have been working on developing this since the beginning of 2015, and now it's actually coming to life slowly.


    The story of Dragon Ball Salvation takes place in the 20th universe of the dragon ball multiverse, when Symbol realizes that he is the messiah for the Saiyan race, a war begins and the entire omniverse becomes at stake.

    Main CharactersEdit

    Symbol Shizukesa Solar Clipse Jazmine Lumanii Jay Takashimi Kaioshin Orion Truth Angel Shizukesa Omni God of Revelations Lord Tartara

    Main characters without articles yetEdit

    'God’ 'Satan’ 'Zayrune’ 'Zureiku’ ‘’’Saxyona 'Crystal’ 'Scarlet Arie’ 'Hui Shizukesa’ 'Kiro Shizukesa’ 'Remeka Shizukesa’ 'Rin Shizukesa’ 'Hakai Kawai’ 'Zariko’ 'Virxes’ 'Orbit’ 'Zenta’ 'Yujin’ 'Arusuiko’ 'Yokia’ 'Tetrix’ 'Curse’ ‘'Zato

    To be continuedEdit

    The sagas and arcs will be posted after this latest SL which will be the longest SL. Oh and how to join us in this verse is simple. Follow @JewelOfHope or @MilijunKing on Twitter and message one of us ‘Dragon’, (Must be an OC) and afterwards put #DragonballSalvation in your bio and you will be added to a list. Your character will also be put on the wiki and you will be able to fit into this story as well! Thank you!

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