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Dragon Ball ST: Origins of Serroli is the only Dragon Ball ST special. Set thousands of years before the Dragon Ball meta-series, it deals with Dark Kai's creation of the Universe, fall into darkness, creation of Serroli, and his entrapment by the Namekians, alongside Serroli.

This article may contain potential anti-religion references. This is not an intentional or serious message, and is only used for the storyline's sake. If you take offense to this, please do not read this article.

Swearing/offensive language may also be present, though this has been censored for the most part.

Author's Note[edit | edit source]

While I don't usually do this, I feel I should have my own special introduction. Having planned to do this for a while, I am glad that I waited as long as I did. This allowed me to gain vital feedback from fans and members of the community. I have developed the story for this special for a long time, enough for me to work out what I actually wanted to write, something I didn't do much for Dragon Ball ST or the movies.

While the title is Dragon Ball ST: Origins of Serroli, this focuses a lot on Dark Kai, as he is an incredibly vital part to the Dragon Ball ST storyline, not being just a villain. Serroli is, of course, the main focus in this special, though Dark Kai has an equally important role, for to understand the origins of Serroli, one must first understand the origins of Dark Kai. Hopefully this piece of work will turn out the way I want it to, and not some random little story all cobbled together.

Enough of my rambling now, read the story and enjoy.

Theme[edit | edit source]

Main Theme: A Light In A Darkened World by Killswitch Engage.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Prologue[edit | edit source]

The tall man stood. Furrowing his brow, he glared down at the boy who whimpered below. Having taught the boy for many years, he could see there was no more use in trying; he simply wasn't getting it. Thinking his options over carefully, the man instructed the lad to return to his quarters. The man paced his office, wondering at how best to remove the boy. His family was unimpressed with, and didn't particularly care about, the child, that being their reason to send him to the academy. His peers openly laughed at him, often times causing him to cry in their presence. Alongside this, the professors were all wondering what more they could do to train him. The man finally came down to a final desicion, one that would seem acceptable in their society.

The child awoke to find a shadow standing over him. A simple knock to the face, and the boy was out cold. Bundled up in a sack, he was lifted to a hunting grounds several miles from the academy. There he was woken. As the boy looked up, he saw his teacher's menacing smile return the look. A hand hovered over his head and a blueish light appeared. The child knew what was happening, but wasn't prepared to take it. He launched himself up and away from the energy, retaliating with a series of weak blasts that he was able to manage.'

The man took them full on, laughing as the child struggled to get away. Walking at a casual pace, knowing the child would soon tire, he cooked his energy ball. The child turned and blasted another energy ball. The man attempted to take it full on, and was punished. The blast knocked him several feet through the air, hitting him squarely in the stomach. Looking down, the man saw the blood start seeping form the wound. "So, you weren't a total failure, boy."

The child, having collapsed from the effort of the energy ball, looked up into his teacher's piercing eyes. "So, boy. I expect you know why I am doing this. You are a failure and a disgrace. You will never be a member of our mighty Kai race, nor will you be a member of anything else. You will die here and now. One final thing though, what is your name?" In the culture of the Kais', it was expected that one's name was never revealed before they came of age.

The last thing that uttered from the lips of the child before intense pain and darkness came crashing down on him was, "Aratame Daku".

Awaken From Darkness[edit | edit source]

The creature awoke to a bleak, and empty space. He stretched his body, alarmed to discover he was floating, not standing on solid ground. Exploring his surroundings, he found he was above a vast black void, which was expanding at an incredible rate. The creature watched this view for an endless amount of time; days, weeks and years were all one and the same in this place where he sat.

At first sight, the expanse below was dark and empty. But, as the thing watched, great clouds of gas and dust formed and raged around this blank arena. Soon, these cyclones formed into rocks, many of which were grouped together in clusters of about six or seven, with a large one in the center that the others revolved around. The creature, fascinated, attempted to reach down into this new realm, of which he felt a strange connection with, as if he made it and had to protect it.

As he reached down, the being's finger appeared to nudge one of the many lumps of rock and dirt. Suddenly, he had the odd and familiar sensation of a great strain on his body, one that pulled him closer and closer in. Shutting his eyes as a reflex, the feeling of a great collision approaching hit him. Opening his eyes, he found himself lying on the ground of a lush, green world.

Getting up slowly, he took in his surroundings. He was standing in a vast expanse of grass that was up to his knees. To his left was a great jungle that rose dozens of feet in the air, and partially blocked off the sunlight. Fifty or so metres to his right sat a beach, with sparkling gold sand and calm water that shined in the bright light. The effect, thought the man, was beautiful. Turning his attention to directly in front of him, all he could see was more grass, stretching for as far as he could see. Stretching his legs, the creature decided to walk along the beautiful beach which he admired.

Some distance up the beach, he spotted some crude huts, and billowing smoke that rose high into the air. Approaching cautiously, it became clear he was heading towards the natives of this land, something he felt oddly familiar with. For reasons he wasn't completely sure of, the creature vocalised his thoughts loudly, "Oh, how I hope these people protect this beautiful world. I would hate to see it destroyed."

At this new sound, the villagers all struck their heads high into the air. Turning to his direction, several of the men, wearing nothing but a loincloth around the waist and a headband, rose and walked calmly to him. Stopping twenty metres in front of him, they sat and looked up in awe, like a child would. One, briefly breaking this trance-like state, turned and made a beckoning gesture to the village. Soon a crowd of about 30 sat in the same child-like state in front of the man. Unsure of what to do, the being was silent for a good amount of time. Gathering his thoughts, he decided the best option to take was his first thought. "Hello there. My name is... What is my name?" The man had a strange feeling about this, he didn't really care that he had no real memories, only the ones he had recently acquired. Thinking of a name quickly he said, "That's not important right now. You can call me Akuno Ichi for now. Um, I'm unsure about this, but I think I made you."

Suddenly a flash hit Akuno and he hit the ground.

Reports[edit | edit source]

Quite some time later...

The General climbed the golden steps to his master's palace. With each step, he grew more and more nervous. This was due to a number of things; he hadn't seen the great lord in over ten years, and was both happy and unsure about this meeting; but, the General also had unsavoury news about his master's plans. They weren't going as desired, and if the master took this the wrong way, the General knew, it could mean him being permanently removed from his position, and overall place, in the master's Special Force.

Reaching the top of the grand staircase, the General alerted the servants to his arrival. Striding through the great halls, the General admired the swanky pieces of art; carvings, statues and painting adorned the walls, and gave the place an even more elegant feel to it, so exquisite it made it seem as though those with the highest social status would be considered mere servants in the halls. And so it should have been. For the master was above the top rung on the ladder of social status.

Reaching his destination, the General knocked on a large door thrice. A call was heard from within, and the General stepped through. Sitting at a fancy desk, a purple-skinned man looked up. "Ahh, General Serroli. So good to see you, finally." The man stepped out from behind the des and presented a handshake. "Come, come. I'll send for some nourishment while we talk; you must have had a long and tiring journey. Sit."

General Serroli took the offered place on a fabric couch, a pleasure he rarely enjoyed. "Lord Akuno, may I just say it is a great honour to once again meet with you. I bring excellent reports of your colonies in the off-world planets, though some may be unsatisfactory." At this, Akuno's face darkened, "Well, we can read up on that and discuss it later. For now, may we drop the formalities and catch up, old friend?" Serroli grinned as a platter of meats, cheeses and wines were set before him.

After several happy hours were spent between the two laughing and chatting away, Serroli suggested they'd best check out the reports. "My visit to Planet Radraat was very successful. The natives have accepted you as their leader and God very heartily. I suspect we'll be doing a lot of work in the future there, as they are very receptive to your messages and carry out orders quickly and efficiently.

"The Radraat people are also quite talented in the form of combat. I tested several against some of our weaker men and it appears they are nearly as strong as us Saiyans. Of course, we still have the clear upperhand over them, in case of an uprising. Though I do happen to doubt this event occuring."

Akuno nodded approvingly, and motioned for Serroli to continue.

"Unfortunately, my following journey to our newest settlement was not nearly as successful. Planet Namek is a hole, a boring planet, with difficult and stubborn natives. When me and my crew approached some natives, we were met with contempt. We attempted to preach your word, but they would have none of it, saying that you were a fake, and that there was no true God. Alongside this, in our final day my team once again went to try and convince them that you're the real thing; three of the seven I had sent returned. Apparently these Namekians have a few fighters among them as well. "

Akuno winced. Reaching for his wine, he remained silent for a long moment. Serroli suddenly felt very awkward and wondered at whether to leave or not. Just as he was about to rise, Akuno spoke, "Well, as long as you did not retaliate against the attack, we can still win these ones over. But, I want to try again with words. I don't want my empire to end up like my home, corrupt and ruthless. No, I've seen far too much violence and cruelty in my lifetime, and I will not continue it here.

"If they have warriors, so be it. But, we will win them over without violence. You will return there in five years; this will give some good recovery time, and let you get some smaller jobs out of the way. I assume Captain Horenso and Captain Kabu were not with you?" Serroli shook his head. "Okay. I want them along with you when you return to Namek, as well as ten of our best soldiers."

"Sire, I am not sure whether they are the best choices for this. We have had some... disagreements, to say the least, throughout the time that I have known them, and I fear they were promoted prematurely, let alone suitable for the job. If I may say so myself, sire, I wish for a squadron of fifteen soliders, and Captains Fuwara and Bonosai. I feel they are more suited to this particular job."

Akuno sighed. Sitting silently for a minute, he answered, "You may have your fifteen men, but Fuwara and Bonosai aren't to be taken. They have yet to prove capable of such a task, and I need to be sure we can win the Namekians over next time. To my understanding, both Horenso and Kabu are excellent men; they do what they're told, are wonderful at persuasion, and above all, are humble when confonted with authority."

"Well, they are when you're around..."

"What was that, General?" Akuno stared down Serroli, a chilling stare that bored into Serroli. The General looked up into Akuno eyes, quietly mumbling apologies for speaking out of place.

Akuno rose and began to move towards a side chamber. Halfway there, he stopped and turned, "General, you are dismissed. I dislike arguments with you, Serroli, for you are my best man, and most trusted comrade. Go off and have fun with the girls down at the tavern, or something. It's been a long day for me, and I need my rest."

General Serroli began to rise and head for the large doors with which he entered, at a fast pace. Akuno called out "Serroli". The General stopped in his tracks.

"If I ever hear such disrespect and drivel for you again, consider yourself permanently removed from my forces."

Serroli exited with silence.

Whispers Behind Authority[edit | edit source]

Captain Kabu slammed his tankard of drink down, spilling much of the contents. "The thing with that muppet Serroli is, well, he's a prick. He's like a dog for Akuno, and when that master of his isn't around, he struts about like he owns the bloody place. I dunno, someone needs to give him a good beating." Kabu was drunk, it was obvious, and was surrounded by his often-time partner Captain Horenso and two dozen or so younger Saiyan recruits.

"Heh, I know what you mean. That bugger Serroli's a right prat. But Akuno, he's the one who really gets me. I dunno why he wants us to go out and "persuade" the natives. I mean, if he wants a planet, why can't he just let us get it our own way. It's been too long since I last been in a real fight." Horenso was a burly man with a deep voice. He had been in Akuno's service for near fifty years, a record that was only beaten by General Serrol, and equaled by Kabu; most men were killed by their thirtieth or so year.

Kabu, on the other hand, was relatively scrawny for a Saiyan, had a ratty voice and was quick to anger. He was generally thought of as a liar and a cheat, one of those guys with a punchable face, or so seemed to those new soldiers who were unaware of the hierachy within the Saiyans. To others, though, he was a nice guy with a fast smile and had a passion, moreso than other Saiyans, for fighting. He always won brawls, and was regarded as perhaps the most technically skilled Saiyan fighter, after Serroli.

The two had been getting drunk and voicing their opinions about Serroli, Akuno and their lives steadily for the past three or four hours, much to the amusement and joy of the younger Saiyans, the new recruits, and much to the annoyance and anger of the other senior officers in the tavern. One of them, face red and fuming, smartly stood up and marched over to the two Captains. He stopped half a metre's distance from the pair, drew back his fist and promptly landed a blow on Kabu's face.

Kabu fell to the floor, holding his jaw in his hands. "I'm sick and tired of hearing your discussions about the greats above us. If I were a rank higher, I would order you both to be put to death." Fuwara stared down at Kabu, a great fire burning behind his eyes. "Just a few more missions for the Master, and I'll be able to afford that luxury. Just you wait."

Horenso stood and moved towards Fuwara. "Bold words there, Captain." He spat the word with distaste. Motioning towards Kabu, who was getting to his feet, he said, "It's best not to be picking fights with either of us. We've earned our ranks for sure, moreso than you or your whiny ass partner Bonosai, so you'd best be wary. Either one of us could take you down in a second." Horenso glared into Fuwara, filling everyone in the room with an icy feeling, as though they were being watched by Serroli himself.

"If you've got a nerve to hit me, Fuwara, do it. Just one thing, though; do it like a Saiyan this time." Kabu was on his feet now, and was moving confidently towards Fuwara. "See where it gets you..."

Fuwara looked nervously from Kabu's face to Horenso's, then around the room. His eyes met with his partner's, Bonosai, and he moved back to where he was previously sitting. He crumpled into his seat, disheveled and nervous, looking everywhere but nowhere.

Kabu and Horenso both stared, then burst into laughter. "I knew you wouldn't have the nerve to do anything. Promoted far too early, I'd say." Horenso and Kabu chuckled some more, felt the awkwardness they had birthed in the room, and said to one another, "Let's go".

They made for the exit. Kabu reached for the door, whicht swung open, to his surprise. In walked General Serroli, a look of discontent on his face. He looked up, finding himself face to face with the two men whom he hated most. "Evening, lads. Everything okay?" he asked, as a general act of etiquette, something only Serroli upheld to other Saiyans.

"Oh yes, everything's fine. We were just leaving." And with that, Kabu and Horenso left the tavern.

Rebellion and Orders[edit | edit source]

"If you join our grand cause, we can offer thousands of years of protection from the evils of the Universe." General Serroli flashed a smile at the natives. He, Captain Horenso and Captain Kabu were visiting the lonely planet of Acrotia, a distant rock thousands of miles from any other civilization. Their task was the same as with all other planets; unite them all under the banner of Akuno, the Creator and Protector of all. Horenso and Kabu were aboard their vessels, waiting for Serroli to finish up.

"No, I cannot accept this. It conflicts our ways of life. From what we have seen and studied, we are all that we are. There is no defined Creator, we all created everything and were created by everything. My people and I do not accept this." The old Acrotian stood tall, regal. Serroli stared into his eyes for several moments, then gave a wicked grin.

"Well, I guess if you can't take our treaty, there's only one thing left to do." Serroli extended his arm towards the Acrotian's face. Charging a blue orb, he said, "Do you accept this?"

* * *

Captain Horenso got out of his pod, and glanced over at Kabu, who had done the same. "What is taking that man so long?" demanded Kabu. Horenso watched the horizon for a minute or so, and turned to reply. As he opened his mouth, a blue explosion rose in the distance. Both men stared as it bloated, like a warped ball, then let off. Gusts of wind sped past the two Captains, powerful as a blow to the stomach.

Horenso turned to his companion, and said, "Perhaps that's what's keeping Serroli".

As they climbed back into their pods, Serroli came rushing at their camp. He leaped into the pod, and screamed over the radio that they needed to leave, fast. As the trio of pods rose into the atmosphere of Acrotia, Kabu asked over the intercom, "Why did you take so long, Serroli?" Silence was the answer.

Hours later, Kabu was startled to hear a crackling over the intercom. "My dear Kabu, they did not accept. I attempted to persuade them, but they attacked me, and I had to defend myself. I beat back my attackers, but a powerful one who I didn't see had been charging a powerful energy ball. He threw it at the ground, but I was just fast enough to get away before the worst of it came.

"The Acrotians were not worthy to join our glorious leader. They killed themselves for reasons I cannot begin to fathom."

"That's all a lie, Serroli. I know you killed them."

The pods sped on in silence.

* * *

As the trio neared their homeworld of Sho-Hinan, Serroli once again spoke up, "Listen. I am embarking on another mission to Planet Namek, and I need some good men to go with me this time. Master Akuno has instructed me to take you two with me. He seems to have noted how well we work together as a team. We will be departing in exactly one month. I expect you two to rest up and be ready."

It was Horenso who spoke up this time. "No, Serroli. We've both seen how you act when angry, and we have been discussing this for a long time. Bonosai and I are departing from Akuno's 'Special For-"

"How dare you say the Master's name?!" Serroli screamed over the intercom. "I will not stand for such insolence. First you speak aloud the Master's name, and I see you are planning to desert?! You two will be put to death!"

Horenso, unable to contain his anger, screeched back, "You stupid f*ck! Do you really believe in what Akuno has us doing? If he were the true God, as you call him, we wouldn't need to persuade people to join him. This whole thing is a scam.

"The Saiyans will accept this for much longer, Serroli. There will soon be a revolt, one where you and your 'master' will be on the wrong side of. It's been in the making since I started. It's inevitable, and you are going to come off worse than you could imagine. Go to Namek, Serroli. Do whatever you need to please your 'Master'. I hope you die."

Both Horenso and Kabu's pods slowed to a crawl, and swerved away, leaving Serroli to his rage.

A final transmission came over the radio in their pods, a final message from Serroli, "If I die, you will be forgiven. But if I ever find you again, I will kill you."

Horenso and Kabu said nothing.

Memories of a time long past[edit | edit source]

Aratame awoke to the sound of a fluttering bird, darting amongst the trees. He scrambled up, checked his surroundings. He found he was sitting in a clearing in a forest, a blackened crater encircling his spot. He looked up, and a great rush of pain crashed down on him. He fell back to the ground, and clutched at his head, finding his hair to be patched and burnt.

Flashes of what had happened the previous night streamed through his mind, at such an intense rate he could not handle it anymore; Aratame let out a scream that would have been heard for miles around. The last images he could make certain and was sure of was his master leaning over him, a wild grin smeared over his face and a then a sheet of immense pain blanketing him.

Again attempting to stand, Aratame wandered about what he would do. It was obvious he couldn't return to the academy. Not that he wanted to anyway; it was a hellhole to him. But it was still a place where he knew he would be given a meal of some sort, and he would be offered at least hal decent sleeping arrangements. Aratame stretched out his arms and shoulders, a flash of hurt riding through his body. He jolted, then settled. Not having a single idea what to do, Aratame started walking.

He soon found an overhang and settled in for a painful rest with his bruises, breaks and scars. Days later, when a bright morn broke, Aratame scampered out of his resting place, having regained enough energy for a potter about. Exploring his surroundings a fair bit, he soon uncovered a fresh water stream not ten minutes walk from his cave. Crouching to inspect more, Aratame found a score of fish running throughout the stream. Nodding his head in approval, Aratame stood to the protest of his aching body. Limping back to his rock, several large animals were spotted by Aratame. Makes this place even better thought Aratame as he returned to his overhang.

* * *

After a full recovery that had taken Aratame around two months, a nice, daily routine had been established. He would first head to the stream to catch fish for his breakfast. After cooking them on a wood fire, Aratame would then head out to catch a wild beast for his lunch. This process would normally take him an hour or two, and was his daily exercise. After a lunch of beast, Aratame would settle down to work on keeping his intellingence level up. He had written two books and spent his days editing them to make them perfect. When the sun fell, and he could no longer see, Aratame would finally head back to his overhang for sleep.

A nice peaceful routine, it lasted for longer than Aratame could remember. The only times he varied from his routes was when he injured himelf hunting or fell sick; he would always soon recover. Nothing disturbed this trance of absolute happiness for Aratame. Nothing until the ou-

"Sire! I must speak with you at once. Master, this is a matter of utmost urgency!" Akuno roused himself from his dozy state and raised his head from his bedding to find General Serroli standing like a wild man at the entranceway to his chambers, light spilling from the open corridor. "Master, I have appalling news that cannot wait. We must talk." General Serroli strode in without invitation and took a place to the side of Akuno's bedding. Akuno sat up in his bed and turned to face Serroli.

"Well, a good time you chose to wake me. What seems to be the problem?"

Rage of a Darkened King[edit | edit source]

The servant crashed into the wall, cracking the stone and sliding to the floor, a trail of dark red following his descent. General Serroli looked round at the corpse at his eyes widened. Never before had he seen Master Akuno this angry. The servant had only been in the room to leave some hastily prepared food for the pair, and had ended up in an oozing mess on the floor.

Serroli looked back to his master, who was fuming. His face was red and sweaty, as if he had just been through some vigorous training exercise, and he had a look of extreme disappointment and anger written all over him. Serroli wondered whether it was wise to continue his news, having seen Akuno's reaction to hearing about the destruction of Acrotia. He looked up from his thoughts to see Akuno staring angrily at him, sweat running down his purple cheeks.

Akuno opened his mouth, hissing "Well?"

Serroli was a bit taken aback. "Well what?"

"Any more news? No? Then piss off. I need to think."

"Actually, sir, I have one more piece of news. Well, two, actually, but they are linked to each other. The first are the rumours of discontent growing among the lower ranks. I myself dealt with this first hand recently, before my trip to Acrotia." Akuno bristled at the mention of that planet. "Just after our last chat, I headed down to the pub, tavern place. I'd never been there before, so I thought this would a good time. However, I walked in to a very tense, awkward environment.

"I spotted Captain Fuwara, and his partner, Bonosai, and so I sat with them. Throughout the course of the evening, I noticed icy glares from across the room. I heard unsavoury whispers, to say the least, that I will not repeat here, though I hope you get the sentiment. The majority were about you and I, though a few were directed at some of the other prominent Saiyan leaders.

"I, of course, was outraged. But I did nothing. I thought they were just a bit drunk, it was the norm, if a bit on the left side. But that's not all. On my return from Acrotia with Kabu and Horenso, I discovered something of urgent matter. Kabu and Horenso warned me of something we hadn't considered. A Saiyan Revolt. It sounds unlikely, I know, but I have a feeling that it will happen. Kabu and Horenso deserted me in the middle of space. I was too angry to pursue and take care of them. I'm sorry, master."

Akuno sat silently for a good, long while. His fists clenched, his face became taut. He raised his head and stared an icy stare at Serroli, his eyes boring into him like a drill, a burning drill. "General, I would suggest you leave very quickly. Go, now. You leave for Namek in two days."

"But, sire, I have barely recovered from Acrotia. I cannot possibly be fit for service in two days!"


A contorted look came upon Serroli's face, a look of alarm and horror mixed into one. He stood smartly, and ran from the room.

* * *

Akuno breathed heavily, deeply. He looked across the room and caught sight of himself in a mirror. His eyes were bllod red, his skin a darkening shade of purple. His black hair was draped wildly about his shoulders, but it soon turned to a frenzy of mess and Akuno lost himself. He screamed a deep, guttural vocal that echoed with anger, humiliation, but most of all, a small child lost in a world of madness.

He thrashed about, decimating his living area. His works that had taken him years to complete were ripped apart, all of them save two, the oldest ones. His bedding was turned to flame as his anger continued. Akuno clutched his head, as painful memories came flooding through again. The pressure was getting to him. Finally. Dozens upon dozens of years it had taken, but it had finally come.

Fists rained down upon the walls, cracking the marble and causing blood to gush from his hands. Akuno screamed once more, but this time of sorrow. He sank to floor, a sobbing mess, wishing his first real experience of pain all those years ago had been his last. Images flashed through Akuno's mind, of his first fight, his first capture of a wild animal, but most of all, of his first friend. New tears broke through again, Akuno thought of how badly he treated that first friend of his, his only friend. Serroli.

Hasty Trips Are Never The Best[edit | edit source]

"And I'll need my pod modified. I haven't recovered from my last trip properly, so a healing mechanism is very much so needed. Got that? Good. I want you to have finished it by the time I return in four hours." Serroli turned and strode away. His brow was furrowed, as he looked back to the events of the morning. Master Akuno's tantrum had begun barely moments are he had shut the door, and it had exploded so violently that Serroli had hardly time to get five metres down the hall.

Serroli continued on his way, deep in thought. He travelled to the Saiyan Commander Quarters, where all the high-ranking Saiyans slept, ate and trained, in an effort to find the two men who he knew he could trust. "Ahh, Fuwara. So good I found you." He said, upon spotting the Captain in the courtyard, going through his daily exercises. "I need to chat to you about a very important matter, if I may. A favour, actually, from myself and Master Akuno."

Fuwara stopped his work and turned. "Why of course, General. What is the request?"

"It may be unsavoury to your ears, and has been prepared very hastily. Recently, on my trip to Acrotia, Captains Kabu and Horenso were, 'dismissed'. I have been instructed on a new mission on which I have been told to leave for Namek in two days. My dilemma, as I'm sure you have guessed, is I need men. Trustworthy men. My immediate thoughts were you and Bonosai."

Fuwara placed his hand to his chin. "Well, I'll need some good time to prepare, and so will Bonosai. How many extra men will you be taking? Fifteen?"

"Something like thirty. I've been to Namek before, and they are a stubborn people. As for your preparations, I've already got it going underway. I'll be meeting you tomorrow for a briefing of our plans, Captain. I trust you will inform Bonosai. Good day."

With that, Serroli up and left.

* * *

The pods touched down into a valley. The place was deserted, and was difficult to access. It would be the perfect place to hold camp while staying on Namek. Or so said Serroli's reasoning, who had a desire not to reveal the party to the locals until he was close to full recovery. Considering the healing device he had installed into the pod had done next to nothing, he assumed it would be at least a week before any attempts to meet with the Namekians would be made.

The hatch lifted, and General Serroli stepped out, stretching his arms out. He looked over to see Captain Fuwara do the same, while Bonosai was already clearing a suitable living area. Overhead, another ship loomed. Large in comparison to the Attack Pods, it landed just behind where the three Saiyan leaders were preparing their campsite. The ship stayed in its position for several moments, until a hatch opened and thirty-five Saiyan grunts filed out.

Serroli inspected them, declaring that all were fit for service. In the rush, Serroli had barely had time enough to even gather as many men as he did, so he was unsure of how useful they would be. Calculations flitted across the General's mind as he decided upon the actions the group were to take. He soon ordered ten of the grunts to explore the valley, try and find any weak points and so forth. The remaining twenty-five he divided into five groups. Three of the five were to patrol the valley at all hours, so they were protected against any threats. They were to rotate through patrols.

Serroli turned back to his Captains and saw the campsite that had been built. On the assumption that the Namekians were unable to fly, Fuwara and Horenso had built a trench around their sleeping area, and filled it with spikes. "What the hell are you two doing?!" Serroli stormed over to his comrades.

"Our scouters detect no siginificant power levels here, so we've assumed they are a primitive people. Thus, they wouldn't be able to fly." Horenso stated, quite matter of factly.

"Idiots. I've been here before. These people can hide their power levels, so much so that we can't detect them eith our scouters. There was no point to that!"

Serroli shot a small, pink blast of ki into the trench, lighting the stakes on fire. "There's no use for this. Never assume that you're facing a primitive force. Fatal mistakes are often made."

Trigger[edit | edit source]

Serroli sat quietly. He had earlier sent out a group of his men to make the first contact with the Namekians. Having watched the planet for a week or so, Serroli had felt a pressing need to get out of the place. A tension, albeit minimal, had grown amongst himself and the lower Saiyans, and the General felt the need to leave as quickly as possible.

He rose, heading for the highest point in the valley. It was the meeting point between all parties, and now was the agreed upon time for return. Upon his arrival, however, Serroli found no trace of his recruits. Waiting at the summit for several hours, Serroli stood, patiently, checking his scouter and surroundings the whole time. At first, he could clearly make out the group's five power levels, all similar in strength, around 5,000. A rather weak group of Saiyans, they are, were Serroli's thoughts, compared to the average of 25,000. The group remained in view of the scouter for a good few hours, long enough for the day to dim. Thinking all was going well, Serroli began to relax slightly.

A loud, irregular beeping sounded, a quick flash, and the scouter up and exploded. Shocked, Serroli stood rooted for a moment or two. Thoughts flashed through his mind. A number, a power level he had never seen outside of his homeland before. 50,000. The only people who could pull of a level that high were himself, and the Master. Of course, both of them could go higher, but it was still a worrying thought. Gathering himself, Serroli assumed the worst had occured and returned to the campsite.

* * *

The rock cracked, dust rising into the air. A fist rested inside a groove. Serroli cursed in frustration and anger. How did this keep happening? Men after men, group after group, his troops were getting slaughtered. All in all, he had less than ten Saiyans with him now, including himself and his Captains. Sweat poured down off his brow, onto his clenched fist below. Choosing his words carefully, he spoke.

"Okay. The Master wanted us to take these people without the use of violence. We've tried that. Their response is violence. I think it's come time that we retaliate appropriately. We need to take these people out. If they don't want to be a part of the only way they can survive in this universe, then we may as well take them out now, rather than have to deal with them later. I foresee them becoming a major obstacle in the Master's path in the future. So, my question is this; do we all agree to destroying these people here and now?"

The group remained silent for a few minutes. Captain Fuwara raised his head, and gave his thoughts. "I'm in total agreement. These things are pests, and should be eradicated. Why are we even bothering with such an ugly, primitive race? They live like animals. We have no use for them. When is our attack to take place, General?"

"As soon as we are ready. So, we will attack in one hour, and wipe these bastards of the face of the universe. I need you all to be on the top of your game. They are a strong race, stronger than some of you here. But, their peak is somewhere around 50,000." A silent gasp went around the group. "I, of course, am the only one who can handle that kind of power, and I will most probably have my hands full. You will need to take out whoever it is you're fighting with as quickly as possible. I want to leave tomorrow. Got that?"

Mumbles of "yes" and "of course" were muttered, and the group retired to a break, so the preparations could begin for the attack. Serroli strode back to his area, pondering how many of his already small group would be dead by the next day. Almost certainly half, no doubt. He knew these men wouldn't be able to handle an entire race of beings with such high power levels. The only people who even stood a chance would be himself and his two captains. Such a shame, he thought, that this place is forever day. We could really use the moon.

Serroli lost these thoughts as he drifted of into his preparation state.

* * *

Hovering above the small, Namekian village, Serroli and Captains Fuwara and Bonosai watched the villagers below. The decision had been made to attack all the villages they could find simultaneously. The other six Saiyans had been divided into pairs, and were awaiting the signal from Serroli. Discussing the attacks, Bonosai asked a question ."Will the others make it out, General? Or have you decieved them? How powerful are the Namekians, really?"

Serroli looked away for a second, then said. "They will all die. Maybe they will take a few Namekians with them, probably not, but the only people likely to survive the night are us three. That being the reason I chose to have us attack the place together, so we wouldn't get overwhelmed. If I had paired either of you with anyone else, you would have dead by dawn as well.

"As for the power of the Nameks, well, 50,000 really is a reading I got from them. It was on the first day I sent out a contact group. I watched every group after that, however, and the highest level of strength I got was about 75,000, though I'm sure they can still go higher, albeit only a few more thousand. I know what you're thinking, that it's close to my power as well, and yes it is. But 96,000 is still higher than 75,000, and so we should be fine.

"I've devised the signal very cleverly. I'm going to destroy their scouters by overloading them with power, so they will be unable to know the true strength of the Nameks. A lie must continue until the very end. I wouldn't be a very good commander if I didn't use tricks like this." He looked out over the horizon, and very faintly, could make out a pair of black specks. No doubt they were Saiyan troops, about to be massacred.

General Serroli looked down, and saw it was time. Powering up arubtly, he saw with a smile that his, Fuwara's, and Bonosai's scouters were all debris, falling to the ground. "Men, enjoy yourselves."

With that, Serroli leapt off and sped towards the village, intent on pain and destruction.

All Shall Fall[edit | edit source]

Coloured rain. Fire. Death. The last things the village ever saw, as Serroli leapt down. Landing in the centre of the village, he watched his destruction with a smile. The suffering of others was a pleasure for him, after so much of his own. Spying a young Namekian child trying to crawl away for the horror, Serroli picked him up. Bringing the child up to his face, he smiled. "Do you want to go? Get away from all this terror?"

The small child nodded, crying with fear. Laughing, Serroli brought a clenched fist up to the child, just in front of his face. A small, blue aura came off the fist, as Serroli cackled. "Then go!" The child was propelled into the air, and landed in the debris of burning hut. Another smile came to Serroli's lips when he heard the screams. Fuwara and Bonosai both landed next to him, both firing off at anything they saw. Serroli walked through the village, laughing at the anguish and pain of the villagers. "Burn all of it to the ground. They don't deserve corpses."

Rising above the smoking remains, Serroli, Fuwara and Bonosai shot off into the distance, in search of more Namekians.

* * *

Kohl wheezed. He and Rabi had recieved the signal well enough, so they rushed into battle. Unfortunately, Serroli had misjudged how powerful his signal was, and so consequently, neither he nor Rabi had scouters. Which, they had figured, wasn't too big a problem, considering they were squaring off with some low-level scum. Or so the pair thought.

Kohl had fired off several blasts at the village while flying down, and so had set fire to several huts. The Nameks inside had come running out. Only oldies and young ones wwere about, this would be an easy enough mission. Charging straight for the one that was standing directly below, Kohl knew this wouldn't take long. A loud, very audible crack was heard to the side of him, where Rabi was positioned.

Glancing at his partner, Kohl saw that Rabi had been struck from behind by a very burly Namekian. The crack had been an elbow to the spine, and Kohl could see Rabi's lifeless body falling to the ground. Moving his head back to the Namek, he found him gone. A puzzled thought made it's way across Kohl's brain, a sharp pain coursed through his torso, and Kohl found himself lying in the rubble of a hut.

Kohl wheezed. That blow had really taken it out on him. A lucky shot. For sure. A Namekian couldn't do this to him, he was a Saiyan. That must be it. A lucky shot on both him and Rabi. Kohl dragged himself to his feet, determined to take everyone down. Spitting off to the side, he took up his fighting stance, one that he had spent months perfecting until it was free from defects, until not one point in his body was unguarded. Directly ahead of him, a trio of young, well-built Namekians landed.

Smiling, Kohl rushed forwards.

* * *

Fuwara's body hit the ground. A lifeless stare shot out of his eyes as his killer stepped over his body. Bonosai saw the fatal blow, and let down his guard for an instant. A fist smashed into his nose, and he fell back, blood gushing out of his nose. Wailing, he cursed the Namekians. The fighting ceased momentarily. The trio of Nameks fighting Serroli paused, as did the General. The one who had given the painful blow stepped forward to Bonosai.

"We will not die this way. This is absolution. We are not afraid to stop you from taking us, even if it means dying in the process. We will not die at your hand."

Serroli smiled. "So be it." Moving towards Bonosai, he extended his hand. "Take hold of my hand, Bonosai. For you are no longer alone. Now, it's time for you to walk with me in hell!"

Saying that, he and Bonosai both charged at the Namekians. Lowering his head, Serroli butted one in the chest and clotheslined another. Leaping back, he fired a beam at the pair struggling to stand. Turning his attention away for a moment, Serroli swung his fist into another Namek's chest, bowling him backwards into a hut. Turning back towards the other Nameks, Serroli felt a blow to the side of his face, causing him to go down.

On the ground, Serroli drew himself in. Waiting until the Namek attempted to finish him, he released a kiai, and took out the ray that was coming his way. Leaping upwards, he palmed the Namek in the face, then released another energy ball into his head. Waiting until the corpse hit the ground, Serroli then stamped on the creature's throat. Laughing, he advanced towards the other Namekians. Stopping short a metre, Serroli grinned and vanished, leaving a thin apparition of his previous position. A world of pain came crashing down on the Namek as a hammer of a fist smashed into his skull. The Namek slumped to the ground, and Serroli turned to the next namek.

Bonosai, however, wasn't having the best time of it. A bloodied face, a broken hand and a diminishing level of confidence hindered him, and he knew he wasn't going to last much longer. Breathing heavily, he watched as the stony faced Namek took his place no front of him. "Finish it now. I can't take much more."

The Namek stayed silent, watching his every move. The glare seemed to burn deep into Bonosai, and he suddenly felt very small. Why wouldn't the Namek just do it? Bonosai started feeling insecure, and very briefly reflected on his life. Why had he blindly followed Akuno? He had gained nothing from it. In fact, he had had very little pleasure in his life. Bonosai started to grow angry. Why did Akuno need to have these planets? How were they aiding him? Bonosai looked up, into the Namek's eyes. He wasted my life!

Bonosai screamed at the Namek. "JUST DO IT!" Anger surged through him, and overtook him. Bonosai screamed again and charged at the Namek. This was it. he was going to at least get some enjoyment in the last few seconds of his life. He would kill this bug, this filth, and then he would die. As simple as that. Raising a fist, he struck the Namekian's face. Laughing a little, Bonosai grinned. A grin that stayed on his face as he was propelled into the air and landed in a mangled heap amngst the rubble. He'd lived his last moments as he truly wished. A Saiyan.

Serroli glanced aside and saw Bonosai's death, his final stand. Stepping back a bit, Serroli very briefly nodded his head, as a sign of respect, then laughed. Looking at the three Namekians that surrounded him, all of which were equal to his highest level of strength, Serroli laughed as he knew he was outnumbered and out powered. He could only laugh at the perplexity of the situation, that he, second to only Master Akuno in the universe, was facing a situation that was overwhelming.

Under his breath, he muttered "All shall fall. All must fall." Glaring at each of the Nameks in turn, he powered to his extreme, his breaking point. Rubble rose and fell again, shattering itself more on the ground, and then rising again. He clenched his teeth, feeling the strain of what he was doing. Looking up at the Nameks, he felt a sense of elation. He could do this. Of course. Only Akuno could stop him. Only Akuno.

And so, with that, General Serroli rose into the air ever so slightly, glared a murderous glare at the Nameks and charged. What happened next, was unexpected by all, most of which Serroli. Rushing through the rough winds, his hair rose, but didn't fall. The jet black strands that had adorned his head his whole life brightened. He felt a surge in his body, one that he'd never experienced before. Serroli kicked himself off faster and felt renewed strength in his bones. His hair, now lightened beyond what was thought possible, was now standing on end and was a very striking yellow.

Serroli cupped his hands together and formed a blue orb. Firing, the Namekians dodged and flitted about the battleground. Serroli searched all over, looking for them. A punch to the back of the head, a swift kick in the groin, and a pounding of the ribs assailed Serroli, and he fell, ever so slightly. Reaching randomly out to the side, he caught a leg of one of the fighters.

Battering the Namek from side to side, he could see in the distance that reinforcements were coming. But were they for him? Of course not. Serroli cursed as a plethora of more Nameks landed, much more than he had ever thought able to fight. Releasing the lifeless creature's body, he looked around. Now, he knew, he was really done for. Serroli laughed his final, bitter laugh.

The masses charged, the mosh pit formed, and the last thing Serroli ever saw, was a trace of his new blonde hair, and green. A scream of anger were the final things to escape from the lips of the Saiyan General. But it was soon drowned out and cut short, as his service to the Master, his final mission, his final battle, his final stand, was ended on Planet Namek.

Progenies of the Great Apocalyptic Evil[edit | edit source]

Akuno stopped writing up his reports. Placing his works on the desk, he stood, trembling. Taking shaky steps, he made his way over to the window, the large oval window overlooking the planet of Sho-Hinan. The workers bustled about, completing their work quickly and efficiently. The drones, as Akuno and Serroli like to call them. They always worked the hardest. They were frightened of consequences. Most had experienced great pain as a result of their failures, and so had become very disciplined men, probably the most of his empire. Save a couple.

Akuno's lips wobbled. Beads of sweat began to drip down his forehead. His face started to change to a reddish shade of red. Looking once more down at the drones, his bloodshot eyes darting about, he let off a massive scream. One so deep, so powerful, it shook the walls of his palace. The drones stopped their work, hearing the high-pitched, gut-wrenching scream. No one had heard Akuno this bad before. Quickly, the drones returned to their work, but all kept one ear pricked up.

Cracks started to appear in the walls. Akuno continued his amazing scream, widening the damage already caused by his previous tantrum. He could feel it. Serroli had been killed. He knew it. Something just felt out of place, like it wasn't where it should be. He had felt the battle that was raging, but it had suddenly been cut short unexpectedly, and not in the way that Akuno liked. He knew it had gone wrong, that something had happened to his friend. His only friend. His scream increased in decibals, as windows and cabinets shattered, glass flying across the room and embedding itself in Akuno's body. Ceasing his torrent of noise, Akuno looked down at his arm, blood seeping out from the deep gash made by the glass. Widening his eyes at the sight, he smiled.

An idea formed in his mind. An idea that would rectify everything. An idea that would fix all of Akuno's problems. Those bastard Namekians had it coming. They had refused to join Akuno's empire, and so had to be eradicated. Serroli wasn't strong enough to do it. Akuno knew he would struggle. If only he and Serroli had gone together. As both partners and friends. Those damned Nameks would have been exterminated withn an hour. Nothing could stand up to their combined might. The idea grew. That void had to be filled. Gathering himself up, Akuno released a sharp breath.

Forming a red sphere in his hands, Akuno brought it in to his body. Whispering words of power into the sphere, Akuno released it into the centre of the room. Smiling at the site, he raised him arm, still dripping blood. Red droplets dribbled down his forearm and into the sphere. A laugh escaped Akuno's mouth as the sphere expanded, then shrunk slightly. Raising both arms on the air, he clenched his hands together. Forming another sphere, this time blue, he released it into the room.

Staggering back slightly, Akuno collapsed to the floor. That last manuever had really taken it out of him. But, it would all be worth it. Smiling at his thoughts of what to come, Akuno watched. The two spheres swirled around each other, much like a set of planets. Gradually, the speed of the spheres increased, and same the pull. The spheres drew nearer to each other. The first contact between the two spheres released a bone-shattering tremble. The drones all felt it, but none moreso than Akuno. As the two spheres shifted into one other, and became the same, Akuno could not help but laugh. A hysterical laugh. Watching intently, the two spheres disappeared into one another. Everything slowed.

Akuno stared at the single entity. A thunderclap resonated through the room, and out beyond in the working sections of Sho-Hinan, deafening all. White light spilled from the room and flooded everything. Blind and deaf, Akuno scrambled to his feet. Feeling the presence of another, he let out a great laugh. Very gradually, the effects of the explosion faded, and Akuno smiled at the sight of a man standing, an exact replica of General Serroli.

Squealing with delight, Akuno asked the man his name. Struggling to respond, the man eventually managed to respond with, "I-I...S-Ser-r-r-roli."

"Who do you serve, Serroli?"

"M-master Aku-uno." Serroli swerved his head to the side, a very static and robotic movement. Looking at his hands, Serroli was fascinated by all, his surroundings, himself, the images that just popped into his head without warning. "W-why did yo-u... make me?"

An evil grin crept onto Akuno's face. " Because I need you. You are a replica of a great friend of mine, who was known as General Serroli. He was recently killed. Being the second strongest of my empire, I needed a replacement. And so, I made you. You are an exact replica of General Serroli, with the exception of power. You are far superior to General Serroli in strength, me having given you some of my power. That good enough for you?"

Serroli made his way to a shattered window. His movements were jarred and inconsistent, as was his thought process. Watching the drones, an idea formed. Lifting a hand through the window, he charged a purple orb. Holding off for a moment, he released it and watched the destruction below. A mad smile made it's way onto his face, as he charged and fired more orbs at the drones. He began to cackle, as he had his first taste of bloodshed.

Akuno watched, with a grin. An excellent copy, if I may say so myself. Even better than the original. Speaking up, he said, "We will leave for Namek in the morning. Get used to your new body, we will need it."

Serroli didn't bat an eyelid.

A Dark Kai is Formed[edit | edit source]

There had been much commotion on Namek since the Saiyan attack the previous day. The people had reacted quickly and efficiently so as to rectify the done damage as immediately as possible. All had come together to sort through the ruin. Divided into three groups, one had been set the task of repairing the villages, another to retrieve the Saiyan attackers' ships and study them, and the final to find and use the planet's desperation tool.

Bustling about, the Namekians had achieved most of their goals quickly. Most villages had been repaired to a state that allowed the people to live within, the ships had been deciphered enough so that the Nameks would be able to use them in future years, and the desperation tool had been found and was now being utilized. The magical tool had never been used before, and were created so long ago that the original architect had long since been forgotten. Revered and worshipped by all on Namek, these magical and mystical items were known as Dragon Balls, the granters of wishes.

The gathering of the Balls had been straight to the point. All had been found amongst the rubble and destruction quickly enough, and all were placed together in the previously agreed centre of the planet. An natural colloseum, hills rose up around a flat expanse, making it the preferred meeting point for the Namekian people. One stone dais had been shaped in the very centre of the arena, and now had the Dragon Balls laid upon it. The Grand Elder, leader of the Namek race, stepped forward. Speaking in the native Namek tongue, he cried, "O great Dragon! Rise to us, for we are in need of your gifts and wonders! Rise!"

The sky instantly darkened, an unheard of occurence on Namek. All was silent and still for a moment, and the people began to wonder if something was wrong. A crack of thunder, a flash of light, and a dark creature began streaming out of the glowing Dragon Balls. A sense of deep fear spread over the Nameks, a bone-scratching fear the gripped the heart. The beast continued to rise, many , many feet above the planet. Shielding his eyes, the Elder cried out in shock. Slowing itself to a stop, the beast loomed down at the people.

"I am the great and immortal Dragon. Tell me your greatest desire and I shall grant it! But, only one, so choose wisely!"

A cheer rang through the Namekians, the feeling of dread and fear leaving them.

* * *

Akuno looked down at the cheering Namekians from the ridges of a nearby cliff, a rising feeling of hatred and contempt welling up within him. Shifting his view to the great behemoth in the sky, he smiled. Some interesting information to hear. Very interesting indeed. A wicked smile crept across his face, and he turned to face the new Serroli, his dark robes swirling with him. "Are you ready?" A grunt was the reply.

"Good. I want to kill these people here and now. Let none of them escape. This is the perfect opportunity to kill them all in one place, we can't afford to miss it. Now, let us leave to their doom!"

Leaping off the cliff face, he swooped down onto the masses. Screaming like a wild man, he let off a torrade of violent, pink energy orbs. Laughing as he wheeled around in air and prepared to attack again, he charged more pink orbs. Lossing them off, Akuno landed in the midst of all the chaos, the centre of the crowds. Smiling, he began to massacre the people as he tore through their bodies with his great fists and strikes. Piles of bodies soon formed, and several of the younger, fitter and more capable Namekians began to fight back. All were killed, but more always kept coming.

Drawing himself into a ball, Akuno released a powerful kiai, blowing all around him away. Breathing out sharply, enjoying the temporary break, he twitched to the side, striking a blow to the side of a rushing warrior. The masses of fighters got to their feet, and charged, all together. Most of it was futile. Half were either instantly killed or knocked back again. The rest, who were unable to help in the fight, could only watch with horror on their faces. Shocked, all stood rooted to the ground, unable to decipher where this man had come from and how he was able to constantly repel all the fighters.

Akuno again tore his clawed hand through another Namekian's head, dropping his lifeless corpse to the gorund. At this precise moment, one of the onlookers broke from this transfixed state of horror. Looking around, he spotted the Saiyan ships all placed carefully, some distance from the Dragon Balls. Screaming at the top of his lungs, he ordered everyone to the ships, save those who were fighting. Breaking the trances of only a few, who moved, he again screamed. This time, he made it through to more, and soon the majority of those not helping in the fight were on their feet moving.

Akuno spotted this, and sent off a quick ki blast at the Nameks. A deep gash was blasted through the throngs of Nameks, as they ran. More chaos confused the people, and a moshpit soon formed. One young lad, only a few years old, was thrown through the pit to the foot of the stone dais, where the Dragon stood, still waiting. A flickered sparked in the lad's mind, and he scrambled to his feet. Climing up the side of the dais, he stood at the top and yelled.

During all this, high up on the cliffside, Serroli watched. He had never been in a situation like this, where there could be retaliation. His mind worked frantically. How was he to deal with this? What was going on? Could these people kill him? Furrowing his brow at the strains it took on his mind, Serroli stared down at the horror, the deaths, the dancing and violent shadows. Unsure about his options, Serroli shook his head, cleared his mind and, deciding to trust in his master's path, he too took to the air, swooping down on the people below, only to be stopped mid-flight.


An ominous voice rang out, over the colloseum. Everyone stopped mid-movement. All eyes turned to the little boy, who stood grinning at the foot of the Dragon. "I hope this helps!"

Eyes coursed back to Akuno, who felt a sudden tugging sensation. An itch broke out over his leg. Leaning down to relieve, more broke out across his body. A frenzy of itches soon erupted across Akuno as he frantically tried to remove both the tugging and the itch. Fighting, he screamed out. "This can't be happening! I created you all! I created this universe! I am a God! I am a Kai!"

Collapsing to the ground, Akuno was surrounded by the Namekians. "No, you are not a God. You are the creator, yes, but not a God. No, you are not a God, rather, a Dark Kai. You have lost your ways, what you set out to do. You are a corrupt creature, though you tried hard to ignore it. You had your choice, you chose to turn away from morality. Now change will come. You are a Dark Kai. Nothing can save you now."

Another heavy silence broke out. As Akuno thrashed about on the ground, a low, thudding sound grew. Enveloping Akuno, he screamed out again, of anger and vengeance. One final glimpse of the savage face that claimed to be the protector and God of all, and then nothing. Akuno was gone.

A quiet, settled feeling of serenity spread out among the Namekians. All was quiet, all was still. That is, until Serroli arrived.

The Chosen Legacy[edit | edit source]

Fire rained down upon the Namekians, their celebration cut short as Serroli revealed himself. A wicked grin was glued to his face as he realized what power and freedom he had. Seeing the disappearance of Akuno showed him that he didn't need a master, he didn't need orders. He could do what he wanted, when he wanted. His power was a gift, and he planned to use it, all of it, whenever he pleased. As he massacred the Nameks, his hair started to peak, and shade to golden.

Wheeling round for another strike, Serroli let out a high-pitched scream. Not one of anger, of pain or even of joy, just an inane scream that struck fear into the bones of the Nameks. More fear than they had ever felt before. This, they knew, was a being who could really cause pain and terror, on a level higher than any they had encountered before. Another explosion, and the moshing crowds picked up again, making their way to the Saiyan spaceships.

Serroli stopped for a brief moment, to take a look around. Glancing over at the cramped, frantic crowds, a beautiful idea formed in his mind. Raising his hands, aiming at the crowds, a large, swelling ball of ki took shape. A quiet chuckle escaped his lips as he let loose. Only a handful saw what was happening.. A flash of white, an explosion that filled the air. A smoking crater filled the place where the throngs of Nameks had once been.

The remaining survivors, the last remnants of the Namekian race, stood back in horror. A group of about twenty, at a stretch, now remained. Of that twenty, a handful were able to fight. The rest, useless. As everyone cowered in fear and shock, Serroli began a slow descent to the ground. Clenching his fists, a green aura began to emit form the cracks. One of the survivors, a young Namekian, stuck his head up. Screaming at the fourteen or so who were unable to help, he ordered them to the ship.

Watching them run off for a moment, he turned to his fellow remaining Namekians, an unspoken discussion picking up. Six in all. Flashing a hopeless grin at them, the young Namek faced Serroli once more. A look of hatred and anger now made its way across his face. Spitting to the side, he shot a glare into Serroli's eyes. A look of amusement darted back. Thinking frantically, he spoke. "My name is Shujinko. I am a Namek. I trust you know that. Why do you attack us?"

Serroli smirked. "Why? Why do I attack you? Because I can. And who are you to stop me? None can compare to this glorious power that I wield."

With that, Serroli swept his arm to the side, a massive opening forming in the skin of the planet. Looking back at Shujinko at the rest, he again laughed. "I don't think any of you could manage that! So let's see if you can take me on."

With that said and done, Serroli lunged at Shujinko. A skillful dodge of Serroli's fist came from Shujinko as he evaded and retaliated with a powerful knee to the stomach. Thinking he wounded Serroli, Shujinko let out a laugh. It was cut short. Serroli gave a flick of his head and butted Shujinko's chin, a froth of purple blood spilling out. Shujinko grimaced, and made a partial beckon to his partners. Following through with the swift movement, he smashed the back of Serroli's head and kneed upwards at the same time.

A dulled Serroli staggered backwards into a powerful blow to the lower spine from the other Namekians. Falling forwards, he glanced upwards at Shujinko. "This is really great. I'm getting new sensations all the time. It really is astonishing." He broke into a light chuckle, as Shujinko's foot came down on the back of his head.

As Shujinko went for another kick, Serroli spun to the side and reached out, latching onto the Namek's leg. Grinning, he threw Shujinko to the ground, and stood. Still firmly gripping the Namek, he began to rapid fire ki blasts at the other Nameks. Striking a few, he glanced down to Shujinko, lying in great pain by his side. Quickly returning his view to the Nameks, Serroli found them ripping off the damaged limbs. "What in hell's name are you doing that for? You know you've got less of a chance now? That's only going to slow you down."

One of the Nameks opened his mouth to speak, but was interrupted by a great shaking. Falling to the ground, the Namek looked to the sky to see the Saiyan spacecraft launching into the sky. A relieved smile crossed all the faces of the Nameks. Serroli, however, was not happy. Raising an arm, he charged a red ki orb. See what he was doing, Shujinko fired a quick blast into Serroli's face, distracting him. Scrambling away, he yelled, "You can do that after our little fight. If you win, of course."

Serroli snorted. "If I win?"

"If you win." Shujinko walked to the other Nameks, whispering quiet words to them. Turning to face Serroli, the six Namekians joined hands. Serroli suddenly felt a change in the planet. The clouds gathered above them, and a low chanting emitted from the group. Put off slightly, Serroli was puzzled. What was going on?

A flash of thunder and a crackle of lightning. Serroli was worried now. What was happening? Still the Nameks intoned their chant. "What are you doing?"

The Namekians continued on, their chanting now cultimating to a deafening roar in Serroli's head. Screaming like a madman, he attempted to move to stop the Nameks, finding he was rooted to the spot. "Stop it! Stop it NOW!" It was no use. The Nameks just continued their work. Serroli wallowed in his agonizing pain and anger. They wouldn't stop. Even after he begged them to stop. They wouldn't.

Shukinjo broke free for a moment, from the group. Walking forwards slowly, he spoke in a loud, clear voice. "We have experienced hardship and terror like never before over these past three days. We cannot take this kind of torment. We, the last survivors of our race, have sacrificed our lives to trap any and all who come here. You will never be able to leave this planet. So until then, goodbye. You filthy savage."

A flash of light erupted from the Nameks' bodies, and a deafening blast that burst the eardrums of Serroli. The lands eupted, and the planet tore great scars across itself, like someone slitting a blade through their skin. Volcanoes formed and erupted n the blink of an eye, storms formed, ravaged the already ravaged land, blew out, great seas swept over the land flooding all, then again receding back to the shorelines.

And throughout all this, the natural disasters that formed and dipersed, sat a lone Saiyan, a Saiyan who cried out for an end, an end to all this, an end to his imprisonment.

And when the terrors stopped, and the twin suns shined through again, Serroli awoke to find no trace of the Nameks, no corpses, no villages, no nothing. The planet was bare, it was new, there was no sign that anyone had been before. No sign, save a stone dais in the centre of a natural arena, a vast flat expanse surrounded by a natural formation of hills. A natural colloseum.

A Bid Farewell[edit | edit source]

After a full recovery that had taken Aratame around two months, a nice, daily routine had been established. He would first head to the stream to catch fish for his breakfast. After cooking them on a wood fire, Aratame would then head out to catch a wild beast for his lunch. This process would normally take him an hour or two, and was his daily exercise. After a lunch of beast, Aratame would settle down to work on keeping his intelligence level up. He had written two books and spent his days editing them to make them perfect. When the sun fell, and he could no longer see clearly, Aratame would finally head back to his overhang for sleep.

A nice peaceful routine, it lasted for longer than Aratame could remember. The only times he varied from his routes was when he injured himelf hunting or fell sick; he would always soon recover. Nothing disturbed this trance of absolute happiness for Aratame. Nothing until the others came. The outcasts. At first, Aratame had thought nothing of them. Just a couple of travellers passing through the forest. Nothing unusual.

Aratame had hidden from all previous travellers in the woods, and this time was no exception. He would usually watch whoever walked through very carefully, scrutinising any action they made, any word they spoke. He would follow them for a few leagues, to see if they really were just travellers. And so far all had been just travellers. But this time, it was different. Aratame would always abandon his overhang while people were in the area, as he had no wish to return to the civilised world. He was content where he was. But these people were different.

Aratame had spotted them while out fishing. They had been wandering through the forest, yelling excessively loud. Scuttling out of sight, Aratame headed for his alternate alcove, another suitable living place. Aratame often used this hiding place when there were strangers about. While more hidden, it wasn't nearly as comfortable as his other hole. Watching from his position, Aratame could see a few hundred metres around his overhang. Watching the three men, Aratame saw them discovering his little makeshift house, and them settling in.

Aratame decided to watch the situation as fury gathered in his body. After a week or so, it became apparent that the strangers were not going to leave. Running out of supplies and nervous to retrieve more, Aratame was unsure about what he needed to do. He had decided to wait a few more days, but the final straw soon broke. Aratame discovered the men reading his books, treating them poorly, ripping pages out. Breaking his goodwill, Aratame leapt out of his spot, and, fuming, ran down his overhang, intent on battering the occupants.

Reaching the bottom of the slope, however, Aratame saw something he didn't count on. As he entered the mouth of his house, Aratame recognised the faces. Confused, he screamed out, "Who the hell are you, and what the hell are you doing in my house?"

Flustered, he waited for a reply. None came. The three men simply stared at the purple little man. A bead of sweat formed, and dribbled its way down Aratame's forehead. Giving a sharp exhale, he turned to one at random. Glaring into the stranger's face, he realized something. Speaking in a quiet whisper, Aratame spoke. "Why are you here, and not at the Accademy? Has that stupid professor found out I'm still alive and sent you to finish me off?"

A chuckle escaped the lips of one of the strangers. "Hahaha... No, we were kicked out of the Academy. We failed the combat test. But no one attempted to kill us." Aratame fumed, his forehead now frothed in sweat. "But I must say, you did well for yourself, runt. How long did it take you to sort out this little place? Bet you only finished it last week. You always were such a slow, weak one. However, I confess that I love what you've done here. Especially the books. They were a great laugh. You never were the smart one, either."

This caused the trio to laugh. Aratame clenched his fists. Speaking in a forced whisper, trying to keep calm, he replied, "Get the hell out of my house. Now. Or I'll kill you."

"You? Kill us? Very funny, runt. You couldn't kill a fish. The fish'd probably kill you!"

His anger rising, Aratame repeated himself. "Get the hell out of my house."

Again, more laughter. "I'll tell you what. How about you fuck off, and let us enjoy ourselves, and we don't annihilate you? That sound good?"

Once more, laughter. Aratame snapped. Leaping forward, he grabbed the speaker's head, and smashed it against a wall, cracking it open and exploding the innards. The fellow slumped down, dead. Glaring upwards, Aratame found himself piercing a stare through another of the men. Swiping his fist out, he struck the stranger on the underside of the chin, knocking his head back. Aratame followed this up with a powerful kick to the chest, and another to the throat.

Turning for the last of his victims, Aratame charged a blue ki orb in his hand. Finding him cowering benath Aratame's makeshift bed, a blast ripped through his torso and left a bloodied a corpse. Laughing, Aratame realised what he had just done. He had taken down his childhodd bullies, with no effort at all. What did this mean? Thinking on the spot, Aratame gathered some precious objects, and flew off.

* * *

Aratame hovered. He sneered down at the complex. He had spent all his early life there, and everyday he had been the subject of torment. The physical abuse, the verbal abuse, and the mental abuse had left a very significant scar on Aratame. He wanted revenge. He hadn't achieved that through the massacre of his old bullies; he wanted more, and he was going to get it.

Raising his hands high above his head, Aratame released a reddish orb of ki into his hands, nurturing it. As he powered the ki and readied it, Aratame thought back. Everyday had been the same routine. Wake up, be last to breakfast, more often than not not get anything, get destroyed in the morning's training, have no lunch thanks to exclusion, get destroyed once more, then a lone dinner. After that, he would try to get back to his room without being seen. Again, he almost never made it.

Anger renewing in his body, Aratame let out a harsh laugh, a high-pitched squeal in many respects. He spat to the ground, as he readied himself. This was it. He would finally be rid of all of his pain. He would take himself out, as well as everyone else. No one would be saved. No one.

The people below had noticed. The sight of the man in midair, with a red orb that throbbed in his hands was very perplexing. Who was he? Aratame looked down in disgust. He smiled though, at the thought of them being torn to shreds. As Aratame threw his hands forward, he released the ball of ki. It coursed down towards the complex, spreading fear and panic amongst all.

As Aratame giggled to himself, a man exited the complex. At this, Aratame stopped his sniggering and stared. It was him. That bastard who had tried to kill him all those years ago. The look on his face now! Aratame again burst out laughing, as the Academy, the people below, the old professor, and himself all went up in flames.

* * *

The creature awoke to a bleak, and empty space. He stretched his body, alarmed to discover he was floating, not standing on solid ground. Exploring his surroundings, he found he was above a vast black void, which was expanding at an incredible rate. The creature watched this view for an endless amount of time; days, weeks and years were all one and the same in this place where he sat.

At first sight, the expanse below was dark and empty. But, as the thing watched, great clouds of gas and dust formed and raged around this blank arena. Soon, these cyclones formed into rocks, many of which were grouped together in clusters of about six or seven, with a large one in the center that the others revolved around. The creature, fascinated, attempted to reach down into this new realm, of which he felt a strange connection with, as if he made it and had to protect it.

As he reached down, the being's finger appeared to nudge one of the many lumps of rock and dirt. Suddenly, he had the odd yet familiar sensation of a great strain on his body, one that pulled him closer and closer in. Shutting his eyes as a reflex, the feeling of a great collision approaching hit him. Opening his eyes, he found himself lying on the ground of a lush, green world.

Getting up slowly, he took in his surroundings. The creature was standing in a beautiful plateau of land, a vista that entered every eyeful of the being. Spotting a beautiful, golden beach, the being had the urge to travel upon it, to go for a long walk. After several hours had passed, the creature saw smoke rising in the distance. Hurrying forward, he found a small village. Breathing a sigh of wonder, the creature was spotted. The natives of the village came to him, and sat at his feet, without warning or explanation.

Unsure what to do, Akuno began to speak. A pointless monologue streamed from his mouth, until one sentence slipped out. "My name? I suppose I don't really have a name. Well, you can call me Akuno Ichi for now. Umm, I'm unsure about this, but I think I created you."

Name Pronunciation[edit | edit source]

  • Acrotia = ACK-CRO-SHA
  • Akuno Ichi = AH-KU-NOH E-CHI
  • Aratame Daku = A-RAH-TAH-ME DA-KU
  • Bonosai = BOH-NO-SIE
  • Fuwara = FOO-WAH-RA
  • Horenso = HOR-ENSO
  • Kabu = KA-BOO
  • Kohl = KOLL
  • Rabi = RA-BEE
  • Serroli = SEH-ROH-LEE
  • Sho-Hinan = SHOW-HE-NAN
  • Shujinko = SHOO-JIN-KO

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • An additional theme, titled No God by Darkest Hour, was considered but dropped.
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