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This is an archive page for the Dragon Ball ST news. Please don't edit this page! Thanks -SSWerty

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News for 2011[]

May 2011[]

17th May, 2011[]

14th May, 2011

April 2011[]

28th April, 2011[]

27th April, 2011[]

26th April, 2011[]

25th April, 2011[]

23rd April, 2011[]

16th April, 2011[]

14th April, 2011[]

8th April, 2011[]

  • Dragon Ball ST has been updated.

5th April, 2011[]

March 2011[]

18th March, 2011[]

  • A discussion about the quality of Dragon Ball ST and what needs to be changed within the storyline has been set up. Please visit and give your two cents. You can find the discussion here.

15th March, 2011[]

February 2011[]

24th February, 2011[]

18th February, 2011[]

15th February, 2011[]

  • SSWerty has announced the opening theme song to Dragon Ball 5. It can be found here.
    • In addition, the ending theme has also been announced, and can be found here

9th February, 2011[]

  • Happy birthday Dragon Ball ST! We're officially one year old!

4th February, 2011[]

  • List of characters in the WertyVerse has been updated.

3rd February, 2011[]

2nd February, 2011[]

January 2011[]

24th January, 2011

  • Apologies for the long absence. SSWerty has returned and Dragon Ball ST is now active again.

1st January, 2011[]

News for 2010[]

December 2010[]

15th December, 2010[]

11th December, 2010[]

  • Dragon Ball ST has surpassed 3000 different I.P. address visits, and is now the third most visited article on this site. Yay!
  • Dragon Ball ST: Silent Assault has finally been completed. Apologies for the long periods where it was not frequently updated.

5th December, 2010[]

  • The Dragon Ball ST Official Logo has been updated and improved.

November 2010[]

20th November, 2010[]

17th November, 2010[]

  • Dragon Ball ST is officially active again, now that SSWerty has finished with the business in his personal life. To get things rolling again, SSWerty announced the title of his new project that has been working on. Titled Dragon Ball 5, it will still only be released once all his other ST related projects are complete. Note: this does not include such projects as the Shindokai series, the character list, the Mysteries Explained page etc.

October 2010[]

27th October,2010[]

  • Dragon Ball ST: Silent Assault has been updated.

26th October, 2010[]

  • Dragon Ball ST/Mysteries Explained has been updated.
  • Dragon Ball ST: Silent Assault has been updated.
  • SSWerty has recently announced that the ending theme of Dragon Ball ST is titled "Justice and Freedom". The full song can be viewed here.

24th October, 2010[]

  • An official page that explains the inconsistencies and mysteries throughout Dragon Ball ST has been created. It can be viewed here.

22nd October, 2010[]

  • An official Dragon Ball ST theme song has been released by SSWerty. It can be viewed here.

20th October, 2010[]

19th October, 2010[]

  • Dragon Ball ST: Silent Assault has finally been updated. Click here to view the changes.

18th October, 2010[]

9th October, 2010[]

  • SSWerty has revealed that his new project will be set 200 years after the events of Dragon Ball ST and will sport around five sagas. The working title will be Dragon Ball ?? until SSWerty releases the official title.

September 2010[]

28th September, 2010[]

24th September, 2010[]

  • Dragon Ball ST: Silent Assault has been updated.

21st September, 2010[]

16th September, 2010[]

  • SSWerty has just announced that he is planning a new project. This project will not be a continuation of Dragon Ball ST, though it will have characters returning for cameos. The title will not be released until all Dragon Ball ST movies and specials are completed, though certain pieces of information may be revealed every now and again.

15th September, 2010[]

  • Dragon Ball ST: Silent Assault has been updated.

8th September, 2010[]

August 2010[]

27th August, 2010[]

  • Dragon Ball ST: Silent Assault has been updated and is now longer.

22nd August, 2010[]

  • Dragon Ball ST: Silent Assault has officially been started.

20th August, 2010[]

  • The main villain of Dragon Ball ST: Silent Assault is confirmed to be called Rokosu.

17th August, 2010[]

  • Dragon Ball ST: Silent Assault is to be written soon and is confirmed to be the sequel to Terror of Makros.
  • Dragon Ball ST: Terror of Makros is now finished.

8th August, 2010[]

  • Dragon Ball ST: Shindokai is currently being created.
  • SSWerty is planning to re-write several sections of Dragon Ball ST, depending on the quality of them.
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