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Dragon Ball ST: Origins of Serroli[]

Where in the timeline does this story take place?[]

This special takes place long before the Dragon Ball series. It is set thousands of years before anything else, as this is essentially the start of the Dragon Ball series, if one takes ST as canon. The official prologue chapter would be written as Pre-Dragon Ball Universe, while the later chapters would be documented as Over 100 million years Before Age, when going by the official Dragon Ball Timeline.

General Questions[]

Why didn't Goku return the Dragon Balls when he first arrived back?[]

Goku didn't voluntarily absorb them in the first place, meaninng that it wasn't his choice whether he returned them or not. In the final episode of Dragon Ball GT, Trunks states that after Goku left with the Dragon Balls, they would have to prove they would no longer rely on the Dragon Balls by protecting the Earth themselves. Goku was only able to return the Dragon Balls after the Z Fighters had sufficiently proved they were capable of defending Earth through their own power, not borrowed.

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