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This article is currently undergoing an update, and multiple changes to the storyline will be made.

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Dragon Ball ST (ドラゴンボール のST), standing for Saiyan Tales, is a continuation of the Dragon Ball series set five years after the events of Dragon Ball GT. Written by SSWerty, Dragon Ball ST was originally completed in June of 2010. However, after several self-reviews of the fan fiction, and requests from others, SSWerty has decided that a major revamp is in order.

So far, only one special has been written, and there are no plans for any others in the future.


17th May, 2011[]

14th May, 2011[]

28th April, 2011[]

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26th April, 2011[]

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Additional Information[]

  • Do not create or edit Dragon Ball ST pages unless there is a grammar/spelling mistake with out SSWerty's permission. This includes creating information that contradicts material in Dragon Ball ST.
  • If you wish to contact SSWerty in order to help with the additional pages, such as character, technique or other articles like that, please use his talk page
  • For what Dragon Ball ST used to be like, before the update, visit Dragon Ball ST/What it once was


True Super Saiyan Saga[]



A Rushed Reunion


An Odd Encounter


The Day The Earth Was Massacred



Gone Too Far?


Can He Be Stopped?

The Saiyan Condition

Salvation From Above

Creation Saga[]



Dinner With The Prince

Thrown Back To It

Best Get To Work

Help From Old Friends

Good Teamwork

Darkest Hour

This is All I Command

The Art of Ruin

The End of All Progress

The End of Heartache

Starting Over

This is Goodbye


True Super Saiyan Saga[]

Savor the Kill by Darkest Hour

Creation Saga[]

The Subtle Arts of Murder and Persuasion by Lamb of God

Origins of Serroli[]

A Light A Darkened World by Killswitch Engage


Dragon Ball ST: Origins of Serroli[]
Tells of Dark Kai's creation of the Original Super Saiyan, Serroli and his life before splitting.

Video Games[]

Shindokai Series[]



  • There happens to be a YouTube series called Dragonball ST. It is a fan fiction series filmed off gameplay from the popular DBZ video game Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3. However, it is NOT created by or affiliated with SSWerty in anyway.
  • Serroli's name comes from the Japanese word for Celery.
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