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Dragon Ball SS is a fan-made series in progress, made by the author of this page Wildsoul_Kael. It follows on from a previous fan-fiction featured on the FanFicition site - "Saiya-jin Kael: A Saiyan's Story", which told the events of the protagonist Kael; a middle-class Saiyan warrior.

Dragon Ball SS


Takes place in the events of
Dragon Ball Z
Main Character
Starts during
Android Saga

Dragon Ball SS starts in the Android Saga when Androids 17 and 18 get released. Having landed prior to the release of the Androids, Kael is being nursed to health by Bulma back at Capsule Corp, having landed in a seriously damaged state. TODO: Add more once story develops


Dragon Ball SS will cover the following sagas (those marked with a bold SS indicate new sagas)

  • Android Saga
  • Cell Arc (Imperfect, Semi-Perfect, Perfect/Cell Games Sagas)
  • Bio-Saiyan Saga (SS)
  • Fusion/Buu Arc
  • Post-GT Saga (SS)

TODO: Add more as story develops

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