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The Seleri Saga[]


"I remember being in a small pod, with another Saiyan child. His tail was wrapped around his waist, and he was dressed in baby's armor, just like I was. I remember launching off, and waving good-bye to my home planet—Planet Vegeta. Back then, I couldn't understand what the explosion was, or who caused it. The only thing I could process in my mind was that I would stay with this Saiyan boy forever, through plaugue or through war. I believe his name was Guretokabu, or something. I called him Kab to make him furious. But time after time, he got used to the nickname, and we sailed across the galaxy, seeking revenge on the one who destroyed Planet Vegeta. Neither of us cared for that planet, but we needed a place to stay, and whoever that lipstick-wearing alien was, we were going to kill him. I knew that for certain..."
— Seleri

"Kab," she shouted, "Where are we going?"

The Saiyan stared into outer space; at the chunky remains of a planet he and his partner blew up in rage. "Earth," he replied nicely, but his eyes stayed cold and glaring. "What's an Earth?" she responded. "A planet that will take us in for shelter or perish beneath our might," he said, like it was no big deal. "Sounds okay to me," she shrugged. Silence overcame the two Saiyans for a moment, until Kab stated, "The galaxy's beautiful." He paused to look at his partner. "And so are you... Seleri."

Before Seleri could open her mouth, the pod-ship was struck with an energy wave; a strong one. "Think that might be the alien?" she hissed cautiously. "Might be," Kab shook with anger and fright. "I'm going to face this dude head-on," he said with pride, rushing Seleri into the nearest escape pod. "Please," he instructed, "get away from here." Another energy wave hit the ship. "I don't want you to die like the rest of the Saiyans." Seleri stared deep into Kab's eyes. "You'll come to Earth once you're finished," she pleaded angrily, "we'll reunite and find that item." Kab smiled at her. "That's the plan. Now go!" And with that, the escape pod launched and the two were separated.


Arrival and Demise[]

"She was a cute girl. Long, spiky black hair with angry yellow eyes. And not only was she pretty—her power was unbelievable. I remember one time, when that stupid King Vegeta locked me in this pod, just ready to destroy it. Once he realized his daughter had crawled in with me, he couldn't bring his black-hole heart into killing his daughter, too. So, just about to toss away the remote, that "lipstick alien" (as she would call it) barged in and... that's all I remembered before the explosion happened, causing me and Seleri to become friends. She always called me "Kab" (which annoyed me), but I have gotten used to it. I have treasured looking into her fiery yellow eyes, right before her escape pod flew into the air. I keep thinking she's on Earth now, enjoying their much cooler and brighter environment tahn Planet Vegeta. Yes. They named our home planet after that stupid king. Didn't know why, and didn't care. I just wanted her to know that she was the world to me and more."
— Kab

"I knew there was another Saiyan," the lipstick-alien rasped in a girlish voice. He looked different from before: a shiny purple head, shiny shoulders, shiny stomach, robotic-look, he looked disgusting. Only a blind mother would love that thing, Kab thought. "'Another'? What do you mean by that?" Kab shouted, afraid that he found Seleri. "There was that proud prince Vegeta," he paused long enough for Kab to roll his eyes, "Then his low-powered assistant Nappa, who got killed the first time he set foot on Earth, a strong boy named Trunks, a boy named Gohan, and," he paused again to scowl and kick a chunk of the ship, "Goku."

"Who's Goku?" Kab said. "Oh, just a Saiyan," the lipstick-alien responded. From this alien's expression, Kab suggested that this Goku character had beaten him quite hard. And since Goku was a Saiyan, Kab also guessed that he achieved being a Super Saiyan. "Nevermind Goku," the alien hissed, "Now I want to know why yoou're alive." Kab glared at the alien. "What's your name?" he demanded. "Frieza."

"Prince Frieza, to be exact," he added, dramatically posing. "Now, tell me why you aren't dead, like the others I blew up," he ordered. "Honestly, that big idiot kid saved our- my life," Kab stated, crossing his arms and hoping that Frieza didn't hear the 'our' part. His hope came too late. "'Our', you say? There's another Saiyan? Where is that monkey?" Frieza bombarded Kab with these questions about the other Saiyan. "Shut up!" Kab shouted, "I don't want to think about her right now." Frieza teased the young Saiyan by asking one, final question: "Oh. So it's a girl. Was she your girlfriend?" And with that, Kab grabbed Frieza's neck, pinning him to the wall, and shouting, "Don't you dare talk about her again." He fired a full-powered Kamehameha, which blew up half of the ship, Frieza along with it. "That was quick," Kab shrugged, but then he felt a hand wrap around his leg.

No, not a hand. A tail.

"You thought I was dead? With," Frieza caused to cough, "that powerless attack? Ha! I'd kill you first." Kab narrowed his eyes. "Go to hell," he muttered, kicking the alien's purple stomach. "I've already had," Frieza croaked, pulling Kab down and blasting him with a Death Beam. It should've killed him, but Frieza underestimated the young Saiyan. "That- That should have-" Kab smashed Frieza's head into the floor. "Now shut up and-" Kab was interrupted by a crash, then several wires falling down. He ran over Frieza and raced into the control room, praying to Shenron that everything will be all right. Frieza crawled in, blasting the controls with his Death Beam. "How will you get to Earth now?" Frieza smirked. "Grr...," Kab growled, "I'm going to send you to hell, once again!" he shouted, kicking Frieza in the side and blasting him with a small Spirit Bomb that came from his very own power.

Suddenly, another part of the ship broke away from the control room, consuming Frieza into the galaxy. "Come on, you piece of junk!" Kab shouted, hitting random buttons. Some more wires fell. "Okay, okay, you're not a piece of junk, now work!" he pleaded hastily. He felt some heat behind him. "Great. A fire, too?!" Kab banged his head on the controls. "I'm sorry, Seleri. I might have not gone into a lot, but I'm sorry," he spoke into space. The fire raged, soon covering everything Kab could see. He let out a devestated shout.