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Dragon Ball Rebooted - translated from ドラゴンボール RB - is a series set during the events of the end of Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball GT. The events include the secret rise of Androids 21 and 22, the appearance of a new fighter from future East City and the rise of a new villain: Supreme Android 1800. It was written by User:AnimeTomboy1998. Since creation on 31st December 2010, it is still in making.

This article, Dragon Ball Rebooted, is the property of AnimeTomboy1998.


Dragon Ball Rebooted include the following eight sagas:

  • Reboot Saga
  • New Androids Saga
  • Future Saga
  • Mewsa Saga
  • Peaceful Saga
  • Supreme Android 1800 Saga
  • World's Strongest Android Saga
  • Goodbye Forever Saga


Reboot Saga[]

After the tough events of Buu, everyone is enjoying the peace while it lasts knowing that it won't last forever. However, far away from West City, an unknown scientist was going through the destroyed Dr. Gero's lab. While looking through his secret blueprints, he finds some with the title: 'Unfinished Works For 21 and 22.' Suspicious about these, he takes them back to his own lab, hoping to finish the blueprints and create these Androids.


Androids 21 (left) and 22 (right) (created by AnimeTomboy1998)

While training, Trunks and Vegeta notice a flash from afar. Trunks tries to think what this could be, if it was something normal or something worse; while Vegeta just don't take any interest in it and walks back to the house. Goten and Gohan also notice this flash, and hope that everything is still okay. The flash, however, is not anything calm. The flash was the scientist's lab after building the first android, 21, and she blew up part of the lab while escaping.

Android 21 was designed as a teenage-looking girl with sapphire-blue shoulder-length straight hair and green eyes, wearing a pink long-sleeved shirt; a brown knee-length skirt; and black boots.

She fled to West City to get away from the strange scientist, destroying some of his lab out of anger of not being built with her sister (Android 22). The androids were designed to be together in a manner of being siblings, and as backups if 17 and 18 would fail.

After about an hour, a second flash appeared at the same spot. 22 was built and had the same anger about her sister. She quickly tracked her down and they were together.

Android 22 was also designed as a teenage girl with onyx-purple shoulder-length curly hair and green eyes, wearing an outfit similar to 21: blue long-sleeved shirt; a brown knee-length skirt; and black boots.

On the news channel, there was an alert about the androids causing danger and destruction throughout the city. When 18 saw this, she looked with surprise: she recognised those androids from the blueprints. She alerted everyone else about the new androids, and they were on their ready.

New Androids Saga[]

Android 18 is the first to come to contact with the new androids. They welcome 18 (this suggests that they were built with the knowledge of the earlier androids) and say that it's a pleasure to beat the 'weakest android.' 18 first commands to take on 21, and she agrees.

18 gets the first hit on 21 with her Accel Dance, then she hits back with Accel Circus (a power both 21 and 22 have, that consists of multiple kicks, punches then a massive energy blast) that slightly weakens 18. But before she could even stand back up, 21 kicks her up into the sky and blasts her back down. On a little bit of energy left, she declares defeat. But before she forfeits, Trunks flies in and punches 21 to the ground. He tells 18 that he saw the flashes from far away, and thought something was wrong; then realises it was the androids.

While Trunks is struggling to destroy the first android, Goku, Gohan, Goten and Vegeta are on the way to the scene with Bulma below on her motorbike with Krillin and Marron in his arms to the battle. Once they arrive, Krillin rushes to 18 and sits with her while she rests and Bulma tries analysing the androids from below.

Soon, 21 kicks Trunks down and drains out his energy through a system in her right hand. He is still able to walk and moves away from the battle. 21 seems unaffected by his attacks. Vegeta comes to contact with her and tries to destroy her himself, but soon is also sent to the ground after another performance of her Accel Circus and also took his energy through her hand.

Bulma sees that similar to androids 19 and 20, they have the ability to drain energy after a battle to heal their systems. Also, there was no Red Ribbon logo on their bodies so another scientist created them, but she is not sure who.

When Vegeta fell to the ground, Bulma rushed to him and helped him to safety with her. After a while, 18 wanted to try again and defeat this 'stronger' android, but Krillin persuades her that she is not as strong as those other androids and that it was like when everyone tried destroying her and 17. She says she'll wait and watch then, saying she can't sacrifice herself against the wishes of the guy she loves and they share a quick hug.

Goten wants to be next, but Gohan suggests that he doesn't fight because she is obviously stronger than him. He agrees to not fight and lets him fight instead, and watches it from the ground.

When they come face-to-face, 21 tries the first attack, but Gohan doges it. She tries again and he stops her again. After a few minutes, he gives her a punch under her face and kicks her down. But she isn't defeated yet and stands back up and continues. This time, she kicks him in his stomach and grasps his neck to drain his energy. But before she even started, he blew her away with an energy blast and finishes her off with a Kamehameha and sends her down into the ground and she's defeated.

Shortly after, 18 walks over to the really weak android and pretends she'll take pity on her, but instead stomps her head to pieces and kill her once and for all. Now it's 22's turn to step up and defeat them all.

Goku tells Gohan to go aside and rest also, and he agrees that he did use a lot of his energy in finishing off Android 21. He goes to Goten and watch the battle between Goku and Android 22.

Goku gives the first hit but is quicky dodged by 22. After another few attemps, she sneaks behind him and kicked him in his back, almost to the bottom. But he gets back to her level and uses multiple energy blasts on her, making her slightly weaker.

Whilst below, 18 was proud for finishing off 21, and so was Krillin and Bulma, but Gohan wasn't. He tells 18 that she should have actually taken pity on her and help her to stop being a killing machine, but she don't believe this and reacts by saying she could have continued trying to kill everyone if she did take pity. Soon, though, 18 does start feeling guilty for smashing her head into pieces.

Back to the battle, 22 wasn't giving up that easily and was quite a challenge to Goku. He still couldn't believe how strong she was from just being built. That moment, Bulma realised who could have got the plans for new androids: Dr. Nure. Dr. Nure was a scientist who would go about finding secret plans in labs that were abandonned and sometimes would make his own additions. She took the remains on 21's body and had a look at the electronics inside, and saw the possible sign of Dr. Nure: the Nure programming circuitboard, a board he invented to make a system to drain energy out of its victims, which is the system through their hands.

22 also has another power besides Accel Circus: Rose Petal Blade Attack, where she blasts multiple shots of energy at the opponent, kicks them three times in the face and punches them down, which finishes them off. She tries this on Goku, blasting him, three kicks, but before she is able to finish it, he smashes her face and she falls.

Thinking she's defeated, 18 comes into contact with 22 and promises for real to take pity on her. However, 22 is not really in need of help, but is fooling everyone. Once 18 helps her up, she uses Accel Circus on her. Suddenly, she retaliates with her Accel Dance, and tries to put all her energy in it, and succeeds. But, she is still not harmed that much.

Goten begs to fight her, and after realising she is not as strong as at the start of the battle, they allow him to try and defeat her. He rushes to the android and quickly gives the first punch, then kicks her up into the sky as everyone else watches with shock. She comes back to him and slaps her left hand on his arm, but he thinks that she's confused and using the wrong hand, when 22 has her draining system in her left hand. He grabs her and throws her down, then rushes below and punch her back up then shoot her back down. He cannot believe how strong he was either.

He meets her down at the bottom after she has standed back up. She tried her RPBA again and badly injures Goten, but he doesn't admit defeat yet. He stays strong on his feet and gets all the energy he can into one final Kamehameha and blasts 22 into some ruins and she is defeated. After all that energy he used, he falls backwards and is helped up by Gohan and Trunks. 18 comes over and has a talk to 22, saying that she used to try and kill everyone on Earth and killed Dr. Gero with her brother 17. 22 says she'll be nicer and not be on the verge of destroying everyone in the world and she joins everyone with helping saving the world and will be the new 'sister' to 18, and realises that her first sister 21 was destroyed. Everyone goes back to their homes to rest and Bulma lets 22 live with her.

Future Saga[]

Since the androids, nothing has been happening much. 18 has been training 22 in case of stronger villains coming to Earth. Marron and Bulma's daughter Bulla are bonding over their similar likes (shopping, fashion, that type of thing), and everyone's preparing for what might come soon.

Suddenly, Bulma finds a villain in East City, an overpowerful fighter called Zana is shown on the news causing havoc in the city. Zana is said to be from the future East City and has come to the past to destroy more places before her actual time.

When they arrive at the place where she is, they defeat her with no injuries at all, saying she was too easy. After a few minutes, a mysterious girl appears. A girl with deep pink short hair tied with a dark blue hairband; with blue fingerless gloves; cherry-red and light-blue undershirt with a light-blue long overshirt; dark blue tights, cherry-red socks and blue boots. No one knew who she is at all, because she is from the future.


An image of Mewsa. (Created by AnimeTomboy1998)

She sees everyone and looks confused herself. She goes to them and asks who they are and where Zana is. They introduce themselves and say that they destroyed Zana. She looks at them with worried eyes saying that she accidently came to the past to try and make a joke (which she actually does not like her to do) and that she was her sister. She soon introduces herself as Mewsa, the strongest girl in East City.

Everyone is confused by the fact she's from the future East City and travelled back to find her sister. She finds her on the ground between ruins, and looks around looking worried while thinking about what her sister might have actually been up to. When Zana is concious again, she explains that she said she was a villain wanting to destroy Earth and started blowing up buildings to prove it, but got too carried away. Mewsa told her to stop with the 'jokes,' and she says she will.

Zana said that she wants to stay in the past for a while before going back, and Mewsa is as curious as her about the past. She soon realises them from the Strongest Androids Tournament, and after they have no idea what that is, she dropped it. Zana becomes good friend with Goten after finding many things in common, and Mewsa becomes friends with 18 and 22, who agreed to train her and make her stronger against enemies.


Mewsa's younger sister Zana (created by AnimeTomboy1998).

Zana said she never had the interest in fighting and was only trained a few times by Mewsa, and just wanted to be a girl with fun fashion sense and hairstyles. She also said that in ther future, she never knew everyone well because everyone in the city thought she was too childish, and that her friends Palana and Rii were much more mature despite being younger than her.

Soon, Mewsa asked for her to go back home because she may be unsafe in the past, and she goes back home. Mewsa said that Zana was the one who wanted to come to the past and she tried to stop her before she went.

Later, 18 told Mewsa that she was not the only one that came from the future and that Trunks' future self came back to warn them about her and 17. Mewsa said that she learnt about the androids but her and her family were in hiding and were safe. Once the androids were destroyed, her family came back. In her timeline, the androids were defeated by the fighters (and Mewsa didn't know about it until they were killed) and there was peace. Then Zana got too bored and used her time-travel watch to travel and make a little joke (which was definitely not a little joke), so used hers to try and stop her, but was a little late.

Mewsa Saga[]

After a battle as part of training, 18 and 22 both told her that she is quite strong and, just as a joke, stays beautiful during. She says that she is still attending school and that she is also very smart and that she has always passed her exams in school. She also said that her mother died when she was younger and Zana was about a baby and that she was the only one there for her.


Mewzatsu, Mewsa and Zana's mother. (created by AnimeTomboy1998).

18 said that everyone has their flaw, like when she tried to kill everyone because she was programmed that way. But she soon saw that it was not the answer and instead became a friend. She said that having no mother makes you more independant and makes you stronger and didn't bother asking how she died.

Off the subject after getting to upset about that matter, Mewsa sees that her sister don't want to be trained a lot and fight with her because she has always seen Mewsa as protection and always didn't want to be hurt seriously; and Mewsa was not that serious about her fighting either because of her age. 18 says that Marron don't want to fight like her but isn't that fussed about it and happy about her daughter being herself, even if she is dependant on her.

Mewsa says that she has wanted a daughter because she is sometimes really lonely and says that she can't always be by her sister's side. Her mother said if she has a baby it would be honourable to be named after her, Rimi. Mewsa said she is 17 years old, the same age her mother was when she was born and wants to keep that as a cycle. 18 said that it sounds great to have a child but she has to think about it more and she agrees, saying that she still has to look after Zana as she's only 11.

22 asks if she has any other relatives in the city or anywhere. Mewsa said that she has a few cousins in South City that are older than her but may have probably been in hiding still. Since then, she says that she takes Zana to her school and go shopping for necessary items (and sometimes other things). After she picks up Zana, they stay home until the next day, and says it is all they can do.


Rii aged 11 (created by AnimeTomboy1998).


Palana aged 11 (created by AnimeTomboy1998).

Zana's friends are more luckier because their families are richer and can afford more than them but she don't care as long as she still has her older sister. Mewsa said that she has felt alone since their mother died, and didn't enjoy all she had to do as a child.

After a few weeks, Zana called Mewsa to come back because she was lonely and all her friends are at their homes. Mewsa arranged to leave that afternoon, but 18 and 22 insisted to go with her and see what the future would have been like if she wasn't on the side of good. She showed that her watch instantly transports to the future and within seconds they were back to Mewsa's time.


Zana at the age of 15. (created by AnimeTomboy1998)

Through those extra days, four years passed already. Soon she reunited with Zana, now 15 and looking more grown up than years (weeks) ago. Mewsa explained that the time difference was elongated ages ago. Zana looked elegant in her sugar-pink sundress, matching hat and purple and light-pink shirt.

Mewsa met with Zana and she said she still looked the same. She explained that she was still in the past and the time passed fast. She says that now she is 20 years old after entering the future timeline again. 18 and 22 look around the forest close to where they live, and sees that some of the places have recovered from the attacks from the androids.

They met Zana's friends Palana and Rii, who were looking as old as her, and said they were living together whilst Mewsa was still in the past, and Mewsa thanks them for it. Palana stares at 18 and tries to remember where she's seen her. She suddenly remembers and jumps at her, kicking her in her head. She stands back up and calms down and tells her that she is not evil and Palana apologises.


Zana's first friend Palana, aged 15. (created by AnimeTomboy1998).

18 explains that she is from the past of another timeline, where she is on the side of good. When Rii saw her, she tried heading towards hitting her too, but Palana stopped her before she could start a fight.


Rii, aged 15. (Created by AnimeTomboy1998).

18 explained in her timeline she has many friends, she's married and has a child. She also said that she wanted to see what the other timeline looked like, and meet with them.

They said that they first met Mewsa and Zana shortly after Mewzatsu (Mewsa and Zana's mother) died. Palana's mother Paloma was kind of close to Mewzatsu, and shortly was looking after the girls until Mewsa was capable of doing so. When Palana was born, about one month after Mewsa and baby Zana moved in, Mewsa was always asked to babysit.

Mewsa said when Palana and Zana became friends, she met with Rii's older sister Bril in school who introduced Rii to the girls. Rii still thanks that day her and her sister met.

Rii said that when Bril moved out of her house, she had no contact from her and was a little upset about it, but worse when their mother Karii also disappeared. Rii explained that her mother said she'll be home as soon as she can, but may have forgotten; and guessed the same for Bril.

Palana remembers that Bril said she was moving to an island close to East City, so Mewsa prepared a motorbike, but told 18 and 22 to go back to their own time.

Once they went back, Mewsa rode off to East City and find her friend and started remembering her: like when they were twelve years old and always went exploring around the city and the islands. She always had the cutest hair and she never had it tied back and always wore lovely caps and the brightest clothes.


Bril, aged 12. (Created by AnimeTomboy1998).

Soon, she ended up on the island: Hara Island, their first explored island, and found a little house in the country.

She knocked on the door twice until a young woman opened it. She had lovely long pink hair and a cute long dress: it was Bril.

Bril at first didn't recognise Mewsa, same to her. She invited her in and Mewsa asked if a girl called Bril lives there, and she answered that she was Bril.

Mewsa said that she was her friend when they were younger and she remembers their explorations. They started catching up and Mewsa asks her to come back to meet her sister again and that she is missing her a lot.


Older Bril, when Mewsa fouind her. (Created by AnimeTomboy1998)

Bril agreed and decided to come back to the city and see her sister and all of their friends. She explained that when she gave up exploring she did miss her sister so much that she was considering moving back but she thought the androids were still attacking, but also felt bad because she thought her sister might have been dead.

Mewsa said that in the alternate timeline one android was destroyed but the other turned good and another android moved to the good side, and Bril said that she can come back whenever and started preparing.

Peaceful Saga[]

When the girls got back, they saw that the others did go back to their timeline. After a few weeks, 18 returned to see how the girls were. By then, a few years went by in that time and Mewsa was a full-grown adult and Zana was more grown up too; and their friends were more older. 18 went to see Mewsa and was surprised by how much more mature she looked than weeks/years ago. She also saw a little toddler, around the age of 2, following her. Mewsa explained that she was her daughter, named Tsumew. She said Tsumew's father died from a really bad disease about a year ago and just raises her alone.


Baby Tsumew. (Created by AnimeTomboy1998)

She also said that Zana's finished school and is much smarter than before and is more grown-up, behaviour-wise. She also told about Palana and Rii: Palana's a strong warrior and is one of the strongest in the village; and Rii's been working more on fighting, but mostly still studying for learning reasons. When 18 asked about Bril, Mewsa's voice started croaking.

18 asked what's wrong, and Mewsa tried saying but started crying. She asked again, and she was able to barely say that Bril died a few months ago. After being asked why, she said she was too weak when she had her baby Nokusa 7 months ago; now she looks after baby Nokusa and makes sure she's safe and healthy.