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Dragon Ball Rebirth (known in Japan as Dragon Ball: Past Warriors in the Future) is a comedy/action series taking place several years after GT. It is continued in Dragon Ball Truth.


Nearly a century has passed since GT, and all the Z-Fighters have fallen or died. Now, a new mysterious Project: Rebirth, run by Bulma's descendant, resurrects all the Z-Fighters in the form of clones. Now, devoid of most of their memories, but still with their DNA and personality.

And just in time too, for a new threat is rising!


Rebirth Saga[]

This saga follows the creation of the New Z-Fighters, the reveal of Goku's first imperfect clone (Xicorai), and the reunion of the Z-Fighters.

  • "The New Z-Fighters"
  • "Lost in the Big City"
  • "Goku Meets Vegeta?"
  • "Gohan Meets Goku"
  • "A New Threat Rises!"
  • "Where is Chi Chi?"
  • "Imperfect Clone"
  • "Goku vs... himself?"
  • "Xicorai's Ascension"
  • "Super Saiyan 5"
  • "Goodbye, Xicorai!"

Recovery Saga[]

The Z-Fighters come to grips with their original memories, and try to rebuild their lives. Meanwhile, an imperfect clone of Vegeta (Zarek), begins using a Capsule Corps' machine to slowly wipe their memories!

  • "Coming to Grips, Or Blows"
  • "Rise of Zarek!"
  • "A Surprise Revelation"
  • "Memories Lost"
  • "Fight Zarek!"
  • "More Memories Gone!"
  • "Running Out of Time"
  • "Super Saiyan 5 Vegeta"
  • "The End of Zarek"
  • "End of the Machine"
  • "Goodly Aftermath"

Imperfect Fusion Saga[]

In Hell, Zarek and Xicorai fuse, creating a powerful wave of energy that rips a whole through Hell, creating an opening. Now, the Neo-Fighters battle a combined enemy!

  • "Imperfect Fusion?"
  • "A Rip in the Universe"
  • "Xicorek Strikes!"
  • "Super Saiyan 4 Gohan"
  • "Super Saiyan 4 Gotenks"
  • "Super Saiyan 5 Fusion"
  • "A Evened Battle"
  • "Super Saiyan 5 Gotenks"
  • "Goodbye, Xicorek!"

First Dark Kai Saga[]

A mysterious void opens in Kai space, and an incredibly powerful being emerges. Named Dark Kai, things quickly spiral out of control on Earth.

  • "A Mysterious Void"
  • "Dark Kai"
  • "Gotenks vs Dark Kai"
  • "Mixed Up Fusion"
  • "Buuku?"
  • "Keep on Fighting"
  • "Buuku vs Dark Kai"
  • "Dark Kai Evolves"

Ascended Dark Kai Saga[]

Following his brutal defeat by Buuku (forced fusion between Goku and Majin Buu), Dark Kai transforms into a muscular, even stronger form.

  • "A Even Harder Foe"
  • "Buuku Unfused"
  • "Buutenks Fused"
  • "Ascended Super Saiyan 4"
  • "Mystic Super Saiyan 4 Gohan"
  • "Ascended Super Saiyan 5"
  • "A Dead End"
  • "A New Clone?"
  • "The Second Vegeta"
  • "One-Person Fusion?"
  • "A Short-lived Victory"

Ultra Dark Kai Saga[]

Super Vegeta may have defeated Ascended Dark Kai, but yet another transformation is under way. Can the Neo-Fighters face this menace?

  • "Super Vegeta Struck Down"
  • "Super Saiyan 5 Super Gogeta
  • "Ascended Super Saiyan 5?"
  • "Super Saiyan 5 Gohan"
  • "Mystic Super Saiyan 5"
  • "Father-Son Fusion"
  • "Kuhan vs Ultra Dark Kai"
  • "A Surprise Attack"
  • "Kuhan's Desperate Attack"
  • "Super Saiyan 6?!"
  • "The Final Defeat"

Kid Dark Kai Saga[]

Shortest Saga in Rebirth. Following his defeat in his most powerful form, Dark Kai changes himself into a child-like form, boarding with the Neo-Fighters, hoping to destroy them from the inside.

  • "A Unknown Child"
  • "Seeds of Betrayal"
  • "Goku vs Vegeta!"
  • "A Disguise Unveiled"

Omega Dark Kai Saga[]

Final Dark Kai saga. After tricking Goten to giving him most of his energy, Kid Dark Kai morphs into Omega Dark Kai!

  • "Yet Another Form!"
  • "Super Saiyan 6 Vegeta"
  • "No More Fighting"
  • "Super Saiyan 6 Fusion"
  • "Super Saiyan 5 Gotenks"
  • "Take the Battle Into Space"
  • "Universal Fusion"
  • "Galactian's Wrath"
  • "Dimension Spirit Bomb"
  • "A Happy Ending At Last"


  • Goku (clone)
  • Vegeta (clone)
  • Gohan (clone)
  • Goten (clone)
  • Krillin (clone)
  • Trunks (clone)
  • Bulma (clone)
  • Chi Chi (clone)
  • Tien (clone)
  • Chiazou (clone)
  • Yamcha (clone)
  • Dark Kai
  • Xicorai
  • Zarek
  • Android 18 (clone)