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Dragon Ball Q is a new fanfiction series by Zeon1. It takes place several years after Dragon Ball GT and follows Goku's return to Earth. It currently has multiple Sagas.


1. A New Story!! The White-Star Dragon Balls![]

Q begins shotrly after the defeat of Omega Shenron. Goku, instead of leaving with Shenron, dies from his heavy wounds. However, Piccolo reveals that there are White-Star Dragon Balls, created from his positive aspects. The gang quickly collects them and wishes Goku back to life.

2. The Mysterious Saiyan!! Who is Shouga??[]

This episode begins several months after the events of the first episode. Vegeta and Goku are busy sparring on the lookout when Vegeta senses a strange power level. Goku, strangely, does not sense it. Vegeta tells Goku to sharpen his senses and flies over, where he sees a mysterious Saiyan exit a Space Pod. The Saiyan claims his name is Shouga, and hopes to test his strength against the most powerful fighters. Vegeta claims he is and gets ready to fight.

3. Shouga's Strength!! Goku's Discovery!![]

Back at the Lookout, Goku discovers that the reason he didn't sense the Saiyan's energy is because he was searching for evil energy! He rushes off to tell Vegeta. Meanwhile, Vegeta begins fighting Shouga, and the Saiyan easily outclasses him. Enraged, Vegeta becomes a Super Saiyan 4, but is suprised when Shouga claims he is not impressed.

4. Goku's Arrival!! Vegeta's Last Stand!![]

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