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Dragonball Extreme college

DB EX Cast (By me RFyle11)


List of picture adders:

Unlimated: BrolySSJ5-Kid Broly.

NomadMusik: Kaioken X5 Yamcha: Tiger Forme.

Gotehagetanks: Future Trunks

RFyle11: Sanpshots: Chi-chi dies, Android 18 fighting, thumb her hair, Marron is asleep, Bulma- sleeping and exposed by two aliens (Namek), looking at the sky, Videl bloody face, Android 18 VS Cell "See ya", Dragonball Extreme College Cast and Logo,Goku forms (Profile / DB EX), Gohan forms (Profile / DB EX), Geki Full body Adult (Future Gohan Edit) - Geki Kid (GT Goku Edit), Zen and his profile (DB EX), DBZ Trunks forms (DB EX Gallery), Piccolo Forms (DB EX Gallery), Ki / Kiyoshi (My fan character drawing), Vegeta forms (DB EX Gallery), Roshi, Chi-Chi, Piccolo (DB Evolution PSP Game), Mai (Fight Pose Live action), Goku Adult GT, Kid Goku GT SSJ Kamehameha, Goku GT Dragonballs Thumb up, SSJ GT Trunks powers up (GT Card- DB EX Gallery), Goku Forms- SSJ, SSJ3, SSJ4 and Gogeta, Gogeta DBZ Card, Gogeta close up (Movie Fusion Reborn), Female RPC (Poloa from Beet the Vandel Buster), Mylene Pharaoh from Bakugan (Green haired girl), SSJ / Super Saiyan Golden Oozaru (Vega) (My own fan drawing), Vegeta SSJ4 GT Card, Goku and Trunks Z Card, Goku SSJ3 and Adult Goten, Z-Fighters (with Gogeta and SSJ3 Goku) on DB EX Gallery,