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Dragon Ball: Promising Road (ドラゴンボール: 有望な道, Doragon Bōru: Yūbōna Michi) also simply abbreviated as DBPR or Dragon Ball PR is a fan series based on Dragon Ball, serving as a direct fan-made sequel of Dragon Ball Super.

The series was originally created in December 2013 but after a long hiatus, it was heavily revised in January 2020.

Plot Edit

Dragon Ball PR picks up the story of the Z-Fighters eleven years after the Tournament of Power, where Goku and Frieza defeated Jiren to save their universe from destruction. Many years later, the new generation of fighters is growing up, and they have conflicts to face.

The new arrival of the Saiyan refugee Jodenku has brought the Z-Fighters another powerful force in their ranks, as well as Uub a new rival, as they take on powerful foes such as the demons of the Demon Realm, the New Red Ribbon, and the expanding Frigid Force.

Episode List Edit

Note: This entire section is going to be redone, with each episode to be summarized in different pages. Significant moments will be given a script. Two episodes will be published most days.

World Peace Arc (1-16) Edit

Jodenku Saga (1-2)Edit

30th World Tournament Saga (3-12)Edit

Master Yakitori Saga (13-16)Edit

Demon Rebellion Arc (17-56)Edit

Training Saga (17-22)Edit

Grand Kai Saga (23-32)Edit

Timeline Saga (33-36)Edit

Professor Hankumo Saga (37-42)Edit

  • Episode 37
  • Episode 38
  • Episode 39
  • Episode 40
  • Episode 41
  • Episode 42

Demon King Akusei Saga (43-56)Edit

  • Episode 43
  • Episode 44
  • Episode 45
  • Episode 46
  • Episode 47
  • Episode 48
  • Episode 49
  • Episode 50
  • Episode 51
  • Episode 52
  • Episode 53
  • Episode 54
  • Episode 55
  • Episode 56

Yashinato Arc (57-93)Edit

Kanon Volcano Saga (57-58) Edit

  • Episode 57
  • Episode 58

Korogaku Tribe Saga (59-??) Edit

  • Episode 59
  • Episode 60
  • Episode 61

New Red Ribbon Arc (94-146)Edit

New Generation Saga (94-96)Edit

Reborn Androids Saga (97-105)Edit

Nucleo Saga (106-113)Edit

Evolved Nucleo Saga (114-119) Edit

Rybon Saga (120-136)Edit

Ultimate Rybon Saga (137-146) Edit

Frigid Arc (147-196)Edit

Normal Episodes (147-149)Edit

Kyasso and Onnio Saga (150-151)Edit

New Namek Saga (152-161)Edit

Guruto Force Saga (162-169)Edit

Frigid Saga (170-186)Edit

Final Showdown Saga (187-196)Edit

Finale Arc (197-???)Edit

Farewell Saga (???-???) Edit


NOTE: This section will be updated as the story goes on, and new characters will be added.

Category Characters
Main Characters Jodenku, Uub, Gohan, Goten, Trunks, Heliko, Bulla
Supporting Characters Goku, Vegeta, Piccolo, Pan, Tien, Krillin, Android 17, Android 18, Bulma, Chi-Chi, Videl, Dende, Mr. Popo, Master Roshi, Marron, Shenron, Master Yakitori, Kodi, Launch, Shinji
Villians Chappu, Butan, Kunamuri, Professor Hankumo, Demon King Akusei

Theme Songs Edit

Timeline Edit

(Work in Progress)

Before Dragon Ball PREdit

Age 163 Edit

  • Yashinato Asaiyo is born into a poor village with an abusive father. His father kills his mother shortly after his birth.

Age 167 Edit

Age 188 Edit

Age 190 Edit

Age 778Edit

  • Jodenku is born on Planet Kemori.
  • The events of Dragon Ball Super begin. Beerus and Whis arrive on Earth.

Age 779Edit

  • Pan is born.
  • Heliko, the defender of New Planet Namek, is born.
  • The events of the Golden Frieza Arc take place.
  • The events of the Zamasu Arc take place.

Age 780Edit

  • Bulla Briefs is born.
  • The Tournament of Power takes place. Universe 7 wins the tournament after defeating Jiren. Dragon Ball Super ends.

Age 781 Edit

  • The Yakitori dojo is burned down by bandits, and Master Yakitori's entire family and students are killed in the fire.

Age 784Edit

  • The 28th World Tournament takes place. Goku meets Uub.
  • Akusei, a famous warrior of the Demon Realm, becomes the King of the Demons.

Age 787 Edit

  • Frigid, one of Frieza's nephews, is designated the new ruler of the dying Frieza Force and the dying Planet Trade Organization. The Frieza Force is renamed into the Frigid Force.
  • Lord Frigid hires King Jagaimo, a Saiyan frozen in time on a far-away planet kept by Frieza for examination. Frigid then brainwashes Jagaimo to go under his command.

Age 788Edit

  • The 29th World Tournament takes place. Hercule wins the Adult Division and Zeion White wins the Junior Division.
  • Demon King Akusei hires Professor Hankumo as his personal assistant and they begin planning a legendary Demon Realm rebellion to take over the universe.
  • The Frigid Force and Planet Trade Organization makes a rapid recovery.

Age 789Edit

  • Planet Kemori is raided by the rising Frigid Force. The Kemorian race nearly goes extinct as the Yasatane Tribe of Saiyans is destroyed, with its last few survivors becoming slaves for the Frigid Force and the Planet Trade Organization.
  • Yamcha retires his baseball career.
  • Tien and Chiaotzu begin forming a dojo.
  • Professor Hankumo begins inventing various devices for the upcoming Demon Rebellion and studies the planes of the universe.

Dragon Ball PREdit

Age 791Edit

  • Jodenku arrives on Planet Earth and joins the Z-Fighters after escaping captivity from the Frigid Force on the spaceship.
  • The 30th World Tournament takes place on December 10th. Piccolo wins the Adult Division against Trunks and Uub wins the Junior Division against Jodenku.
  • Tien and Launch's son Shinji is born a week after the 30th World Tournament.

Age 792Edit

  • The Demon Rebellion begins in November, with millions of portals appearing around the mortal universe.
  • Demon King Akusei leads the rebellion while hiding in the Makai Core, in the center of the Demon Realm.
  • Goku and Vegeta temporarily reunite with their fathers on Earth.
  • Goku, Vegeta, Yamcha, Tien, and Krillin retire from fighting in order for the new generation to rise up.
  • The Z-Fighters meet Heliko, the defender of New Planet Namek, while on a mission to cleanse the North Galaxy of the demonic rifts.
  • Bulla successfully finishes developing a time machine with assistance from her mother Bulma.
  • Professor Hankumo travels to Age 767 to possess Cell and the Androids. Goten, Trunks, Jodenku, Pan, and Heliko follow him and confront him, using the time machine Bulma and Bulla made shortly beforehand.

Age 793Edit

Age 794Edit

  • The 31st World Tournament takes place. Goten wins the Adult Division against Android 17 and Bruce Kanji wins the Junior Division against Mr. Spice.

Age 795Edit

  • Goten and Marron get married.
  • Trunks and Mai's daughter, Brasiera Briefs is born.
  • Dr. Kinen relocates an old Red Ribbon laboratory and begins to rebuild it with old notes from Dr. Gero, his uncle.

Age 796Edit

Age 797Edit

  • The 32nd World Tournament takes place. Zeion White wins the Adult Division against Bruce Kanji and Gellon wins the Junior Division against Mr. Spice.
  • Jodenku and Risello's son Kentoshi is born.

Age 800Edit

  • The 33rd World Tournament takes place. Uub wins the Adult Division against Android 17 and Shinji wins the Junior Division against Gellon.
  • Uub and Pan's son Jin is born.

Age 801 Edit

Age 802 Edit

Age 803 Edit

  • The 34th World Tournament takes place. Jodenku wins the Adult Division against Uub and Kentoshi wins the Junior Division against Shinji.

After Dragon Ball PREdit


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