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Goku vs Superman

Dragon Ball Outsiders is a article created by ExtremeSSJ4. Dragon Ball Outsiders is a page where you can add any pictures that include any characters from another universe (Example: Marvel, DC Comics, Pokemon, Etc.). Dragon Ball Outsiders has various characters you can also write stories of Dragon Ball VS (any universe).

Battles[edit | edit source]

Goku vs Superman

Krillin vs Kazuma Kuwabara

Goku vs Sonic

Goku vs Naruto

Goku vs Deadpool

Vegeta vs Batman

Vegeta vs Hulk (Bruce Banner)

Broly vs Red Hulk (General Ross)

Frieza & Cooler vs Venom (Eddie Brock)

Gohan vs Spider-Man

Future Trunks vs Iron Man

Vegeta vs Pikachu

Vegeta & Nail vs Cable

Goku vs Mario

Piccolo vs The Joker

Piccolo vs Wolverine

Goten vs Ryu

Piccolo vs Kakashi

Z Fighters vs Marvel Zombies

Semi-Perfect Cell vs Captain America (Steve Rogers)

Majin Buu vs Spider-Man 2099

(more battles will soon be posted)

Dragon Ball Combinations[edit | edit source]

Dragon Ball Z + Pokemon= Pokeball Z

WWE + Dragon Ball Universe= Dragon World Wrestling

Dragon Ball Z + Sonic The Hedgehog= Dragon Ball The Hedgehogs

Dragon Ball Universe + DC Universe= DC Ball Universe

Dragon Ball Universe + Marvel= Dragon Marvel

Dragon Ball Universe + Disney= Disney Dragon Ball

Dragon Ball Universe + Street Fighter= Street Dragon Ball Fighter

Dragon Ball Universe + Super Mario Bros= Super Mario Ball Z

Dragon Ball Universe + Simpsons= Simpsons Ball

Story[edit | edit source]

Prologue[edit | edit source]

"I am going to test you..."
— Orath

It was a hot day all of the Z Fighters were celebrating Pan's first birthday. Suddenly the sky turned dark.

Goku- What's happening?

Krillin- Is it Shenron?

Goku- It can't be, I have the four star Dragon Ball!

Gohan- Where's the Dragon Ball, Dad?

Goku- It's in the present I gave to Pan.

<Gohan opens the present>

Trunks- So is it there?

Gohan- Yes! <shows them the dragon ball>

Bulma- If its not Shenron, then what is it?

Goku- I don't know, but I have a feeling something bad is about to happen...

Vegeta- Yes, me too!

Goku- Can you feel that!?

Piccolo- Yes, its power i-is gigantic...

Vegeta- Hmph..

<Someone appears behind the Z fighters>

Mysterious Man- Hello!

Bulma- Where did he come from!?

Goku- Who are you?

Mysterious Man- Ohh, let me introduce myself! I am the great Orath!

Goku- Orath?

Orath- Yes

Vegeta- And what do you want!?

Orath- I am going to test you!

Goten- Test us?

Orath- Yes, I am going to see how strong you are...

Goku- So you want to fight us?

Orath- Not exactly, I want you to fight against another fighters...

Yamcha- Where are this other fighters?

Orath- They're all from another dimensions...

Tien- What are you talking about?

Orath- I am telling you that you are going to fight against the strongest of another dimensions!

Gohan- How can this be possible?

Goku- Wait, are you a kai?

Orath- No, here let me show you - just get into my ship.

Goku- Your ship?

Orath- Yes its over there <points to his left>

Bulma- When did that get there!?

Vegeta- I don't trust you!

Orath- I undestand you Vegeta but you can trust me

Vegeta- How do you know my name!?

Goku vs Superman[edit | edit source]

Krillin vs Kazuma Kuwabara[edit | edit source]

Goku vs Sonic[edit | edit source]

Goku vs Naruto[edit | edit source]

Vegeta vs Batman[edit | edit source]

Vegeta vs Hulk[edit | edit source]

Broly vs Red Hulk[edit | edit source]

Gohan vs Spider-Man[edit | edit source]

Future Trunks vs Iron Man[edit | edit source]

Vegeta vs Pikachu[edit | edit source]

Goku vs Mario[edit | edit source]

Piccolo vs The Joker[edit | edit source]

Goten vs Ryu[edit | edit source]

Piccolo vs Kakashi[edit | edit source]

Z Fighters vs Marvel Zombies[edit | edit source]

Movies and TV Specials[edit | edit source]

Hail to the Prince (Movie 1)

Pokeball Z (TV Special)

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