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The Earth Saga is the second saga in Dragon Ball Other. It follows Zeon as he meets Jacen, and the story begins.



The sun shown brightly down upon the small clearing. It was an early Earth morning, with the chill that came with such a time beginning to creep in. The sun's rays struck an array of beautiful flowers, almost dazzling in their beauty. The grass was nice and wet, and shown a healthy green in the light.

All this was lost upon the boy who stood in front of the grave of his mentor. And by "grave", I mean a large pile of dirt, with a stone on top of it, a man's name carved into it. The boy was about 13, with black, wild hair that hung low. He wore a simple red gi, with gold gauntlets on his wrists. This boy was Zeon, Prince of Saiyans, a stranger in a strange land.

"Retasu," he said, his head hanging, "why'd you have to leave me here?" His mentor and caretaker, before Frieza had destroyed Planet Vegeta, had been heavily wounded in the journey through the black hole, as well as the crash landing on Earth. Ultimatley, the aged Saiyan could hold on no longer, and had passed away, in his sleep.

The unfortunate thing was, it left Zeon to fend for himself. While ordinarly this would have been no problem, as Zeon had always had a habit for getting lost and building shelter on Planet Vegeta, the boy had no idea of the terrain of this planet. The gravity was much lighter, but that told him little. He also had no idea what foods were edible, the normal weather. The entire planet was a mystery.

Zeon dropped to his knees, pushing the last bit of dirt on top of Retasu's grave. The boy stood up, and nodded at the gravestone.

Don't worry, Retasu, Zeon thought, I'll train here. I'll learn the ways of fighting without you. I'll make you proud.

And with that, Zeon turned around and began walking into the forest.

Chapter One[]

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