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Dragon Ball OM (ドラゴンボールOM, Doragon Bōru OM; OM meaning One Million, commonly abbreviated as DBOM) is a fan-manga created by Berguison that acts in an alternate universe of Dragon Ball after the events of DB Super in some thousands of years in the future.

Overview Edit

In this reality, due to the presence of both Goku and Vegeta on planet Earth, and their children such as Gohan, Goten and Trunks, the gene of the race of the saiyans started to spread around the world to the point that, approximately, there are a total one million (Hence the name DB One Million) of saiyans living in the world. In addition to the saiyans, other races also began to live on the planet more often, such as, for example, the namekian race and the majin race.

Previously Edit

A few hundred years before current history, a state was created especially for the home of the descendants of the pure saiyans, called the New Vegeta. In it, there was a small conflict of who would become the king of that people. At first there was a division between two main groups: those without tails and those with tails. Due to the quantity the first group had won in this confrontation, however, even with this victory, it still didn't help to find a new king. After many discussions, a new king had finally been decided and he became known as Vegeta II. Over time, other kings seized power, but over the years, the term "Vegeta" for kings became obsolete and so kings began to use their own names as a better method of popular recognition. As generations passed, the new saiyan people began to become less rigid and more open to new options. With that, the saiyans with tails were allowed to come to power, but so that there would be no major problems for each new king, both groups would alternate, first a ruler with a tail and then another one without a tail, and so on.

A few years before current history, it was having the choices of the new king of New Vegeta. This time who would rule would be a tailless. The decision was fierce, on the one hand, Yashi, an apparently good-hearted saiyan who tried to do his best so that he would not segregate both groups against the other races that lived on earth. On the other side was Kokoro, a much more rigid Saiyan who was against the entry of other races into New Vegeta, including the entry of humans. Upon realizing that he had a slight chance of victory against Yashi, Kokoro decides to send three of his best henchmen to assassinate Yashi. Fortunately, Yashi, due to an anonymous help, manages to escape from there safely, yet still being chased by Kokoro's three henchmen, until then he meets Rakkuro and his friends and from there the story begins.

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Trivia Edit

  • Over time, due to the lack of threats to the land and strong enemies to face, the saiyans began to lose the need to become a super saiyan, and its derivations, and, over the generations, ended "losing" the ability to transform, only being able to increase physical attributes or, in case of a full moon, transform into great apes
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