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Training Saga is the second Saga of Dragon Ball OS, it covers Preach's training.

Chapter 6: Junson's Ultimate Power[]

Picking up from the events from the last saga, Kale and Preach had landed in a desert. "Why do you guys train in the desert?" asked Preach.

"Because it shows we can fight despite the weather conditions." Kale replied.

Preach next saw, a teenager with black hair. Then he sees a boy with a blue and green hair, a brunnete girl with short hair and a little tiger. Preach and Kale walked closer to them and saw them all. The teenager had noticed Preach, he turned his head and saw Preach and Kale walking to him. "You must be my new student." he said.

"I'm Preach." Preach said.

"I'm Junson." the teenager replied. Junson pointed to the spilt haired one. "That's Chern." He pointed to the girl. "That's Yukisaka." Then he pointed to the tiger. "That's Tasanai".

Preach was stretching himself a bit and Chern looked at him. "Hey you!" shouted Chern in a tough voice.

Preach turned around smilling at him. "Yes?" asked Preach.

Chern pulled a fist at Preach. "I'm the toughest one here, so you better remember that." he said.

Preach looked awfully sad, then changed his mood. 3 people dropped down on the floor, same size as Junson, all with black hair and white leather jackets. Junson saw them drop from the ground, Preach was standing by him. "Who are they?" asked Preach.

"They're the Kakani Brothers, they keep coming here to bully me, but that's going to change." he replied.

"Hey Junson, still playing kiddie games?!" the middle one laughed. Junson powered up, the ground started to errupt, one of the Kakani brothers flew and threw a punch that Junson dodged. As his back was revealed, Junson elbowed him in the back and he hit the ground hard.

The Kakani brother layed there, passed out because of Junson.

'Why you!" shouted the next one firing a fury of energy blasts at Junson. Junson was stepping from energy blast to energy blast and then kicked him to the other one and sent them both flying. Junson walked towards the other one angry and when he reached him, he picked him up and threw him in the air. The students were shocked.

"Junson's so strong!" shouted Preach amazed.

"Of course he is, he is our master after all." said Tasanai.

Chapter 7: Kamehameha?[]

At Desert, Preach and the students were looking at Junson. "Alright kids, we're going to learn a move, which is an old favourite called Kamehameha." said Junson. Everybody was amazed at the name of the move. "But first, I got to teach you things about it, it's an energy wave, a blue one and causes great destruction, a guy called Master Roshi taught it to me and it will not kill you." Everbody got up from the floor and flew to seperate parts of the desert: Kale was on the mountain, Preach was on the trees, Chern was at the main floor, along with Yukisaga and Tasanai.

Junson pulled his cupped hands to his side. "Now watch, Kaaaa!" shouted Junson. Blue energy had came from his hands. "Mehameha!" shouted Junson firing the Kamehameha wave. The wave flew past Kale, which made him shake a little. "Woah!" shouted Kale almost falling. "Now everyone try." Junson said watching them. Preach pulled his cupped hands to the side. "Kamehameha!" screamed Preach firing the Kamehamhae already. The wave would then fly past and Chern would be watching. "Show off." said Chern not happy. Junson threw his hands in the air and gave a thumbs up. Tasanai would bring his cupped hands to his side. "Kamehameha!" shouted Tasanai firing the wave. "I wanna do it to!" shouted Yukisaga bring her cupped hands to her side. "Kamehameha!" she shouted firing the wave.

Chern started to rage. "HEY PREACH!" shouted Chern. Preach turned to Chern and looks at him doing a Kamehameha. "KAMEHAMEHA!" screamed Chern. It would be fired at Preach, before it gets to him, Preach pulled his cupped hands to his side and fires a Kamehameha countering with the other one. Kale was fly down to watch the collision. Junson would look at them both. "Collision on collision, if you want to win use your energy!" shouted Junson. Preach was putting more energy into his blast than Chern was and then the collision would hit Chern, who was hurt and covered in so much blood.

The next morning in the the hut, the students were inside talking about yesterday. "Preach, your strong." said Kale. "I never seen someone be so strong." said Tasanai. "I don't really know how I'm that strong." Preach replied.

Chapter 8: Make Your Own Move[]

Junson was standing, while his students were listening to him. "Alright, were now going to make our own move, because I've found a fighter, capable of joining us and who ever wins can go get them and fight them." said Junson.

"Yes, It's time to show my chance that I'm a really good fighter!" shouted Tasanai.

"I wouldn't be so sure Tasanai, I've got better moves up my sleeve." said Yukisaga doubting him.

"Stop fighting, you all know I will win, I got Preach." said Kale.

"Kale does have a good chance, he owns the second best company in the world, so that makes him a smart thinker." said Chern. Tasanai was tieing his ankle bands together and soared away from everyone.

With Kale, he was stomping his foot twice to make a big shock wave. The stomping shockwave attack was making all the trees fly, like Kale was the wind, With Tasanai, he punched the ground twice and then 10 claw came around him. Tasanai raised his arm up and the claws went off and then Tasanai punches the ground harder and the claws are tall as a mountain. With Yukisaga, she looked at the sky and was talking to dolls.

"I don't want to make a move, I just want to train to be a good fighter." she said. The dolls walked up to her.

"Don't worry Yukisaga, you just do your best!" shouted the doll happily. With Chern, he was he firing an energy blast barage, an army of them, they hit the ground and then explode the floor. With Preach, he was charging a spherical ki bomb, and threw it at the ground.

The next morning, Junson and Yukisaga were watching the moves.

"Alright, to see who's best, show me your moves all at once." said Junson. Tasanai punched the ground, making an earthquake and making enourmous spikes. Then, Kale did his foot stomping, Chern did his energy barage blast explosion and Preach did his spherical bomb. Junson walked past the moves.

"Spike Attack, Foot Wave, Barrage Explosion and Enraged Bomb." said Junson.

"So who won?" asked Yukisaga.

"Um, Explosion, Foot and Enraged, Sorry Tasanai, your moves are a little weak." said Junson. Tasanai raises his arms up as the claws disappear. Tasanai walked to Yukisaga dissapointed. "Now, I want you guys to fight with your moves, so whoever whens gets the student, but Preach can jump in anytime, so it's just Kale and Chern." said Junson.

Preach thought in his head. "I already know what I'm going to do jump in when they're almost tired."

Kale and Chern were going into fighting stances, they both flew at each other.

Chapter 9: Fight the Strongest or Become the Weakest[]

Junson had noticed something. "Since Preach is our most recent student, I'm going to let him fight Chern first with his move and then it will be Chern against Kale, so I test your moves." said Junson.

Kale jumped out of his fighting stance and swapped with Preach, walking past him.

"I wanted to be last!" shouted Preach moaning.

"Well, you can't get what you want." replied Junson. Preach got annoyed and went into a fighting stance, so did Chern.

"I'm going to beat him so hard!" Chern thought in his mind.

Preach soared toward Chern, sending him a shooting kick in the face, his neck would fall. Chern bringed his head up and was angry. He threw a punch at Preach who dodged, then Chern kept throwing punches and kicks at Preach, but he was a hawk. Preach stomped on the ground and slid back and pulling his cupped hands to his side. "Kamehameha!" shouted Preach firing the wave at Chern.

"Preach's so strong!" shouted Yukisaga amazed.

"I thought he'd be the weakest here." said Kale. Tasanai began to sense Preach, he then looked at him. The Kamehameha wave would send Chern flying.

"Preach isn't a human being." said Tasanai.

Junson turned to Tasanai. "He isn't?" he asked.

"I can sense his blood, he is human, but there's another blood with it." said Tasanai.

"So Preach is a cross-species, nice." said Kale.

Preach was beating Chern badly, sending powerful energy waves in his face. Chern was 20 feet away from Preach.

"That's it, Barrage Explosion!" shouted Chern firing energy blasts at Preach. Chern was firing energy blasts very fast, at Preach. Smoke started to pour, heavily.

"I can't sense Preach's power." said Yukisaga. She looked at Chern. "You killed him you idiot!" she shouted.

Although, they were wrong, Preach wasn't dead, he was far away from Chern, he put his spherical bomb in the air.

"STEALTH BOMBER!" screamed Preach firing the attack at Chern. The Stealth Bomber went flying towards Chern and this astonishing attack hit Chern, sending him back. Everybody was shocked at this.

"That was Preach's move!" shouted Kale. Chern was getting up from the attack with scars.

"I didn't even sense that." said Chern.

Preach walked towards Chern. "It's called the Stealth Bomber, you can't sense it coming." replied Preach.

Junson flew off the mountain and was walking towards Preach and Chern. "Looks like Preach won, It's a helpful technique." said Junson. Kale, Tasanai and Yukisaga flew off the mountain and walked towards them. Kale reached out for his pockets and threw a pill to Chern. "Eat the scar pills, I want us to be ready for our spar." said Kale.

Chern caught the scar pill and swallowed it completely, his scars vanished in an instant. "Our spar's going to be fun." said Chern.

With Junson and Preach, they were discussing about the fighter the Preach is going to find.

"Preach, our student is near an area I don't remember, but you've got to find her." said Junson. Junson passed Preach a radar, Preach turned it around where it says 'Yasin Corp'.. Preach runs off and jets off and starts flying westwards.

Chapter 10: Chern vs Kale[]

Kale and Chern both get into fighting stances. "This is going to be fun!" shouted Kale smirking.

"Watch how I'm going to beat you!" shouted Chern.

Kale and Chern both powered up, but when they did, they were almost blown away by a massive power. Junson felt this too, he jumped on the mountain and started to sense the other fight.

"That's Cell's power, he's losing!" Junson thought in his mind. Tasanai could also feel this power aswell, he could also feel the blood of the fighter fighting Cell.

"Junson, there's another race besides Preach on the planet!" shouted Tasanai. Junson was shocked to hear this.

Chern and Kale both pulled kicks and punches at each other. Kale pushed Chern aside, then kicked him the air twice, as Chern was flying in the air, Kale flew towards his flying body and grabed his legs. Chern grabbed Kale's head and fired 2 energy blasts at him, making him fall down hitting the ground, causing a massive destruction into it. Kale felt his hurt back, he was in pain. Kale got up, angry, he put his hand out clenched and then pulled them back and foward, releasing a ki whip. Yukisaga looked at them fight.

"A ki whip, that's so awesome!" she shouted.

Kale whacked the whip at Chern three times in the leg, four times on the arm and six times on the back.

"Oww!" screamed Chern.

'I like this move." said Kale. Chern brushed himself off.

"How are you able to do that?" asked Chern.

"Hello! Smartest Fighter yet!" shouted Kale.

'So you were able to use your clenched hands to form an object and you made a whip." replied Chern. Kale nodded his head, they both powered down and went to mountain along with Yukisaga to watch the power of the Cell Games.

At East City, Preach was soaring past the city and started looking for the fighter. Preach checked his radar, he kept flying towards it in hopes to reach the destination.

"I hope this fighter is tough, I want somebody to embarres Chern, the fool that hates me for no reason at all." Preach thought in his mind. Preach began soaring away.

Chapter 11: The Equal Power[]

Junson looked at Tasanai and Yukisaga. "Now, you two spar together." he said. Yukisaga and Tasanai both jumped of the mountain and went 20 feet seprate from each other. Chern seemed detrmined, as if he knew who was going to win. Tasanai and Yukisaga stand on desert dead silence, waiting for a person to make the first move.

"Now, go!" shouted Junson. Tasanai was running Yukisaga with his sharp claws.

"Rush Strike!" shouted Tasanai about to hit Yukisaga. Yukisaga stretched her arm out and fires a full powered energy wave quickly. Tasanai got blown away when Yukisaga hit him. In pain, Tasanai was already bleeding.

"That was fast!" shouted Chern shocked. He never knew this was coming.

"Yuki might win this fight." said Kale.

"You're wrong." said Junson.

"Huh?" Chern and Kale asked turning to Junson.

"Tasanai still has all lot of fight in him." said Junson.

Tasanai had got up from that painful attack. "I'm not gonna give up so easily." said Tasanai powering up rapidly. Tasanai's ki started to change from white to yellow. Tasanai soared towards Yukisaga rapidly. Tasanai kicked her in the air, then he teleported and slammed a dive kick to the head, teleported again and elbowed her to the side and he finally fires an energy blast barrage to finish it all off and sends her on the ground. In a flash, Yukisaga gets back up, they both charge at each other and form a combo collision. Both of them sending punches, kicks and blocks as fast as they can.

"This is going to be long!" shouted Kale. The two both swayed from each other and started to breath heavily. Yukisaga was sending two kicks to Tasanai, but Tasanai held her legs, then Yukisaga fired an energy blast which knocked him away from her.

Tasanai flew up, Yukisaga flew down.

"What are they doing?" wondered Chern.

"I don't know." Kale replied. They both pulled their cupped hands to their side. "Its the Kamehameha collision, just like Preach and Chern." said Junson.

"Kaaa-mee-haaa-mee-haaaaaaaaaa!" they shouted firing the Kamehameha wave at each other.

The waves would collide with eachother, and both of them would try and best the other. They both then charged it up, making their waves go monstorous like. Then a big white flash appeared, they all closed their eyes. When flash went, Tasanai and Yukisaga were tired. Kale reaches into his pockets and gets a pill that says "Regeneration Pills". Kale throws them to Tasanai and Yukisaga's hands. They would both eat the pills and then their energy would regenerate. Tasanai flew down and started running around.

Chapter 12: That Not So Top Cat[]

As Preach was flying past building, a strange tower caught his attention. "I wonder who lives there." said Preach flying towards it.

The tower was as tall as the clouds and was grey. Preach was inside the tower, inside he saw a white fury small cat with a brown wodden stick.

"Hello." said Preach.

"Yajirobe, I thought I told you to-" the cat said turning to Preach and stopping his sentence.

"Who's Yajirobe?" asked Preach.

"Who are you?" the cat asked.

"I'm Preach." said Preach.

"I'm Korin." the cat said.

Preach looked at how high he was. "I've never been this high before!" shouted Preach.

"You'll get used to it kid." said Korin walking off. Preach was following him.

"Is there anything you can teach me?" asked Preach.

Korin sighed. "Not again." said Korin walking off. Korin walked into a room and grabbed a white tea pot with water inside and hanged it to his stick. Korin came back to Preach. "If you drink this, you'll become strong." said Korin.

"Then give it to me." said Preach smiling. "Not so fast kid, you have to take it off me first." Korin replied. Preach rushed towards Korin and took the water quickly. Korin turned around shocked. "You're too fast for a human!" shouted Korin shocked.

"What do you mean?" Preach wondered.

"You must be a Saiyan!" shouted Korin.

"A Saiyan, what's that?" asked Preach. Preach then drank the water and felt nothing. "That's fake." Preach threw it across.

"It's tap water, the training is to actually get it off me." said Korin.

Preach and Korin were both standing at the tower. "What are the Saiyans anyway?" Preach asked.

"The Saiyans are a race of fighters with tails, they all loved to fight." said Korin.

"But I was born without a tail." said Preach.

"Then you can't be a Saiyan, you must be like Gohan!" shouted Korin.

"Who's Gohan?" asked Preach.

"He's the one beating Cell up right now." Korin replied.

"He better kill him, he killed both my parents." said Preach.

"That's tough." replied Korin.

Preach and Korin said their goodbyes, then Preach left the tower, he took out his radar and used it to track down the fighter.

Chapter 13: Meeting A Student[]

Preach was flying around some cities. Trying to find the new student. "If the student is that far, I'm going have to eat when I get back." said Preach.

Preach stopped flying and sensed a power. "Woah, that must be the fighter." said Preach.

Preach landed on the ground and was looking for the fighter. Then he saw a girl with long hair. Preach walked closer to the girl. He was able to see her clearly. She was wearing a green top with white floors on them and a black skirt The girl was eating cooked rice, as if it was fresh from the oven. Preach smelt the food and smiled at it.

"Hello." the girl said still looking at the food.

"How the?" Preach wondered.

The girl looked at Preach feeling his stomach rumble. The girl ran into the small hut as she was in, rustling was heard. She came out and scopped some of her own rice and passed a spoon to Preach. "Here eat." she said.

Preach grabbed the food. Messy and rapidly, Preach was eating the food, so did the girl. They had both finished and then both got up.

"I'm Preach." said Preach. "What's your name".

The girl shaked Preach's hand. "My names Kimmi." she said. The two both stopped shaking.

"I'm a fighter of Junson, he asked me to come find you so you can train with him." said Preach.

"Come on, I can already sense you, I could probably fly and fire ki, I'm trained by the best master ever, I could beat you anyday." Kimmi said laughing.

"Oh yeah?" asked Preach.

"Yes!" shouted Kimmi. Preach and Kimmi stopped arguing and then laughed for a while.

Preach and Kimmi were still talking, but they were in Kimmi's hut. "So, where's your family?" asked Kimmi.

"They got killed by Cell." said Preach tearing up. Preach wiped his soggy tears. "That's bad, mine are doing some training." said Kimmi.

"Training, why?" asked Preach. "They're Saiyans, they love to fight, well my dad's a Human and my mum's a Half Saiyan." said Kimmi. Preach was confused, he had heard this before.

"An old cat told me I was a Half Saiyan, so that would make you a Quarter Saiyan." replied Preach.

"I never thought I was human, I eat too messy and fast." replied Kimmi.

Preach and Kimmi walked out off the hut. "Now, I'm going teach you why my master is the best." Preach said going into a fighting stance. Kimmi went into a fighting stance, smirking.

Chapter 14: Certified Fighter[]

Outside Kimmi's hut, Preach and Kimmi were fighting. Preach threw a punch at Kimmi, then she dodged the punched and kicked him, knocking him back. Preach whacked Kimmi at the hips, making her fly in the air. Preach flew towards her and then kicked her down at the floor. Kimmi got up from the attack, she was feeling her arm. "You're too strong." said Kimmi.

"It's not only training, it's the reason and the luck." said Preach.

"But not strong enough!" shouted Kimmi soaring like a falcon. She tries to knock Preach down with a head to the stomach, but Preach dodges by backflipping over her. No time to lose, Preach extends his arms as Kimmi is about to get up and pushes her, sending her down.

Preach landed down from when he threw Kimmi down. When Kimmi got up, she made crane fingers and started to hit Preach in the chest and stomach with them. The first hit with the fingers had not hurt, neither the second one but Kimmi striked at chest with the fingers and sent him crashing into the floor. Kimmi walked up to Preach and she charged up a ki kick and kicked Preach at the hips which sent him flying. Kimmi teleported below him, she was crazily punch Preach as if she was a mad scientist. She then does a reverse kick on his head and knocks him down.

As Preach was flying, he woke up; before touching the ground, he flew towards Kimmi and they both kicked each other at the same time. As a circular white flash was shown, Preach tried to throw a punch to Kimmi, but Kimmi stopped it with another punch. Then both off them started punching and kicking each other at the same time.

"All this fighting makes me stronger, so that's why Junson makes us get students." Preach thought to himself. Preach then moved back from her and charged his body to fire a sonic air wave, blowing her away. Kimmi was then sent flying herself. As Kimmi got up, she then put her hands into a circle. "Crushing Grenade!" shouted Kimmi firing a yellow ki wave.

Preach saw the ki wave heading to him, so Preach pulled hands up and fired a Stealth Bomber at her. The ki attacks would collide, then Preach was powering up while throwing it. The Stealth Bomber would overthrow the Crushing Grenade attack. Kimmi was on the floor tired, Preach was half tired. "That was a nice fight." said Preach.

"Yeah, you are strong, you must have some good teachers." Kimmi replied.

"Since I won, you have to join my master." said Preach.

"Yeah, whatever." said Kimmi jetting off with Preach. Preach and Kimmi was flying west and started flying above the clouds for fun.

Chapter 15: Watching The Dragon Balls[]

As Preach and Kimmi were flying above the clouds they were both smiling. "I've never been this high before!" shouted Preach.

"Neither have I." Kimmi replied. Preach and Kimmi kept flying.

As they kept flying, the sky had changed. Preach looked a floating building.

"What the?" wondered Preach. Kimmi saw the floating buiding as well. As the sky changed, there were some fighters, a kid, a bald midget, a spiked hair guy, a green guy, another spiked hair guy with armour, another green guy, a genie looking person and a purple haired person next to some strange balls. A flash erupted from them, and a long dragon had risen.

"What is that?" asked Preach.

"It's the dragon balls!" shouted Kimmi.

"What are dragon balls?" asked Preach.

"Dragonballs are 7 balls with starts on them and if you collect all seven, which are scattered across the earth you get to make a wish you want." replied Kimmi.

"I want to collect them right now!" shouted Preach.

"You can't, because once the wishes are granted, they are scattered across the earth and turn into stone for a year." replied Kimmi.

Preach and Kimmi had flew off and then started to find their journey home.


Chapter 16: Friend or Foe?[]

Back at desert, Chern was angry, while sitting on a rock. "Urgh, I hate Preach!" Chern thought in his mind.

Chern kept kicking stones into a deep blue river. Chern started to almost power up. Stones started to shake as Chern's face was furry. "I want to kill him, so I can be the strongest and rule the world." said Chern.

Then Chern started to think more. "But there's one thing getting in my way, Junson, I need to kill him using my best Kamehameha wave." Chern got up from the rock. "I'm going to train far, so no one can be able to sense me easily." said Chern.

Chern started running instead of flying to a far place. Chern had then reached a place and stopped. Chern pulled his cupped hands to his side. "Kamehameha." said Chern.

The next day, Chern looked up and was at the desert. "Preach still isn't back, now's my chance." Chern thought to himself. Kale, Tasanai and Yukisaga both walked out their huts and looked at how bright it is. Chern was not seen by both of them, he was in the forest.

As Junson got out, pulled his cupped hands to his side. "Now, we're going to learn combo nine." said Junson.

"Kaaaaa-meee-haaa-meee-haaa!" screamed Chern firing the Kamehameha at Junson. The wave had flew, Junson turned around and didn't have enough time to dodge; he was incenerated by the blast.

Kale, Tasanai and Yukisaga were sad, they then gazed their eyes to Chern walking towards them smiling. "Now, since Preach and Junson aren't here, I'm going to beat you all up!" shouted Chern

"Oh no!" cried Yukisaga.

"That's it Chern, I'll fight you, it's not a spar now, it's a real fight!" replied Kale loudly.

With Preach and Kimmi they were still flying. Shocked, Preach started fly fast as he could to the desert.

"Let's go fast Kimmi, something bad happened!" shouted Preach.

"What?" wondered Kimmi. They both started flying fast.

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