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Jargon Saga is the 8th Saga of Dragon Ball OS. While the Battle against the Dragon Hiradugan, Yukisaga's Vodoo dolls, who are angry for her abandonment, they go on a rampage to infect the rest of the world into zombies.

Chapter 70: Keeping UpEdit

While flying, the gang was talking to each other. "So, what have you guys been up to?" asked Preach. Kale puts his hands on head. "I'm guessing you made something, Kale." said Preach. "Yes, I did, my company invented a little gadget I like to call Enviromento grid!" shouted Kale holding out a small bulb in his hand. "So, what does it do?" asked Kimmi. "First off, made from that material we found on YOLN, it basically crafts an enviroment that lets you fight in without disruption." explained Kale. "This will change the World Martial Arts Tournament!" shouted Preach happily. "Not yet, the people who work there have to do a vote for it to be in and also, we have to wait until the next 5 tournaments." said Kale. Seeing as they have to wait 13 years for this to be in notion, they're all disapointed by this. "We can test it out now." said Yukisaga smilling. "That's a good idea Yuki, let's use it now!" shouted Kimmi. "Let's fly then." said Tasanai rushing off. Everyone else, rushes off aswell.

After a short while, Kale throws the Enviromento grid onto floor. Next, Kale pulls out a controller and then a grid pops up covering them all and the grid changes to a cave. "This place, I can use my move here." Tasanai thought. All of them were gobsmacked at the sight of this. A weird man would pop in the grid. "FIGHT!" sceamed the toy man. Already into battle, Kale rushes towards Yukisaga, and tries to punch her, but then is charged at in the face Kimmi. Getting up, Kale looks to Kimmi, Preach blocks Kale, but then Kale trips him and pushes him out of the way. Charging towards Yukisaga, Tasanai goes past Kale, not even noticing he was there. Kale and Kimmi started to battle, Kale sent a punch to Kimmi in the stomach, making her feel it. Attempting to elbow her in the face, Kimmi snap vanishes and goes behind Kale and smashes him in the back.

Yukisaga and Tasanai are dealing blows towards eachother. Intervening, Preach sends a ki wave to both Yukisaga and Tasanai, but this does not effect them, Yukisaga raises her leg up and kicks Preach in the head, knocking him on the ground. Tasanai flies down towards Preach, but he dodges. Tasanai, then digs his nails in the ground and his nails come out from the ground, trying to attack Preach. By a swift chance, Preach dodges the attack.

Preach looks at all off them. "You've gotten stronger now." said Preach breathing in and out. "We've gotten much stronger!" shouted Yukisaga. Moving his hands in a quick circle, he'd then pull it back towards him. "Divine Trail Wave!" shouted Tasanai firing off a purple ki wave at Preach. Kale puts one hand towards Preach. "Decimation Cannon!" shouted Kale firing a green wave at Preach. Yukisaga, puts her finger towards Preach. "Velocity Rifle!" shouted Yukisaga firing a blue wave towards Preach. Kimmi pulled her hand on the ground Preach was on "Segment Explosion!" shouted Kimmi firing of a red wave underground. Going through the atmosphere, the blasts could smell Preach, wanting to attack him, the blasts all hit Preach. A massive smoke covers around Preach. "No way, his power just  increased." said Tasanai. "By all lot." said Yukisaga suprised. "But, I got even more stronger." said Preach appearing in Super Saiyan 2. "How did you control it in just 2 weeks?" asked Yukisaga. "I don't know." answered Preach. "It's called the generation effect, if the generation before could control it, the next generation should do it." said Kale. "So that's how it works." wondered Kimmi.

After the fight, they all went the same way home. "Looks like, what ever fight comes up, we can overcome it." said Preach. "Yeah!" they all shouted. After, they all boosted off into the atmosphere.

Chapter 71: Breaking NewsEdit

Heading over to North City, they headed over to Yasin Corp, which was the company Kale had owned. His parents were really wealthy and quite smart. Dr.Jair, Kale's father, has black bowl cut hair and his wife, Ms.Jair has spiky red hair.  As they walked towards the teens, they looked at them. "Welcome home, Kale and company!" welcomed Dr.Jair. Ms.Jair looked at Tasanai and she pulled her gun at him. "It's a tiger!" shreiked Ms.Jair. The group were shocked at this and Kale easily took the gun without her noticing. "Mum, how can you not remember Tasanai?" asked Kale. "I don't." said Ms.Jair. "Now now honey, Tasanai was the man that helped you with your bags and he is a Human Type Animal, not a proper animal." said Dr.Jair. "Sorry, it's been a long time, I had just forgotten." sighed Ms.Jair. She then looked at her son; went to pinch his ear. "You should have brang him here you bad boy!" shouted Ms.Jair pulling his ear up and down.

After all the hasle outside the corridor, they headed over to Kale's giant bedroom. The bed was big enough for three people to lie in, but big enough for eight people to sit on. Kale's cupboard were so metallic as if they were made from a special material. Looking around, Yukisaga was puzzled. "Where's your tv?" asked Yukisaga. Grabbing a remote, Kale had pressed it and a screen would project. "Here it is." replied Kale. Tasanai sat down on a char, same as Preach. Kale sat on the floor and Yukisaga and Kimmi sat on the bed.

They had all changed the channel to the news. "I hate this channel, they show boring things." said Preach. "Don't doubt news channels Preach, it's a bad thing." Kimmi replied. While watching the new channel, a news reporter came out. "On Earth, a Dragon has outbreaked in West City!" shouted the reporter. The teens were all shocked at this news, besides Kale. "Man, that sucks!" shouted Tasanai. "We should go and help them." Yukisaga suggested. "No, I can feel Gohan and someone heading there already, I think they've gotten it taken care off it." Preach reassured. All of them confused, Tasanai deeply stares at Preach. "I'm guessing he is your cousin." said Tasanai. "How did you know?" asked Preach shocked  while moving his hands back. Crossing his arms, he smiles. "I've perfected my Blood Sense technique, the one you call Gohan has the same genes as you, I can also sense someone stronger him with the same genes as him, which must be his father." explained Tasanai. "Next story in the news, Dolls have infested the Earth!" shouted the News Reporter. Yukisaga watches in horror as she heard the news. "My dolls!" shouted Yukisaga shocked. "You had dolls?" asked Kimmi. "Yes, I had them when I was 4 and I forgot about them after I turned 10, they must want me." said Yukisaga frightened. Walking up to Yukisaga, Kale rubs her back. "We'll have to stop this." said Kale. Preach then felt sad for her. "Looks, like we have to battle." said Preach. Kale turned to Preach in an angry way. "How could be like that, those are Yuki's dolls!" shouted Kale angry. "You're aloud to fight them, it doesn't matter anyway, we need to stop them from causing havoc." said Yukisaga. They all sat as they were waiting for the upcomming battle.

Chapter 72: Doll Infestation!Edit

After hearing the news of the doll infestation, they headed to Kale's kitchen, where they were eating. Preach was eating politely through 20 bowls food. "More." asked Preach. Tasanai had only eaten 19 bowls of food and was full up. "Damn, I'm full." grunted Tasanai belching. They all look at Preach with a deep stare. "How can you eat that much?" asked Kimmi smilling. "It's a trait my race has, it's really strange, but I don't eat, I can't help." Preach replied. "So food saves us all, right." said Tasanai "You shouldn't take food for granted." said Mr.Jair walking in the kitchen. "Food gives us our strength, energy, agility and speed, that is why Kale has Speed Candy, Strength Candy." he continued. Kimmi turns to door and grabs it. "Let's fight then?" she asked sighing. Rapidly, they rush of in the air, heading towards Tesuto Island.

Landing on Tesuto Island, they see the dolls spreading already. "Damn, we have to stop this!" shouted Preach. The teens would rush towards the dolls and try to attack them. "This is the hardest fight we may face, let's do that now!"shouted Tasanai. As they send themselves towars the dolls, the dolls are thrown away. "No using ki attacks." Preach stated. Everyone nodded in agreement; went on to start fighting. Preach punched a doll flying and kick one in the face. Suprisingly, five dolls jump out from nowhere to attack Preach, but he uses Instantaneous Movement. Preach sends a rapid kick towards the doll, sending it towards the other dolls that tried to attack him.

Kale was easily dodging the dolls attacks as if it was a game. "These dolls don't give up!" shouted Kale suprised. Chasing a doll, he'd start to push the others out his way. "Where's that doll going?" Kale wondered. As he kept following it, he found the doll about to infest a human. "Oh, no you don't!" shouted Kale sending a dashing punch towards the doll. 

Tasanai was dodging the dolls attacks and began to notice. "Their bloods, feel human like, but seem hard to put them back to normal." Tasanai thought in his mind. Kicking a doll in the face, he'd then drive his attention towards the one trying to hit him with a crow bar, he'd headbutt it on the floor.

Kimmi looked everyewhere, perplexed at the situtation. "Yukisaga, don't you have any control over them?" asked Kimmi. "I used to, but now, everything has changed." Yukisaga replied. Kimmi, disapointed in not getting anything about the dolls, she starts to send a triple punch towards a doll.

Green ki wave is fired at Yukisaga, unnnoticably. She then senses it and fires of an energy wave to destroy the wave. Turning into the direction of where the blast was shot, Yukisaga's face is shocked. "Remember me Yukisaga?" asked the doll flying down laughing. The doll then turns into Yukisaga's size and starts look like one of the humans. "Hammer?" wondered Yukisaga scared.

Chapter 73: Hammer vs YukisagaEdit

After the events of last chapter, Hammer laughed at Yukisaga. "No chance to beg anymore." he said. "I'm not going to beg." replied Yukisag angrily. "Your abandonment must pay!" shouted Hammer. "For the people in the world and all that I have worked on, so inconsiderate!" shouted Yukisaga raging. "You'll die." said Hammer softing his voice. "How'd you know I'm going to die?" asked Yukisaga. "Shut up!" screamed Hammer rushing towards Yukisaga. Hammer tried to punch her, but she had grabbed the punch. Twisting his arms, she'd wait of Hammer to scream. "I still have my doll attributes." Hammer stated sending a kick to her.

Yukisaga then looks at Hammer with a stern face. "I will kill you!" shouted Hammer trying to fire an energy wave. The wave would rush towards Yukisaga and she'd get hit, which is only a minor injury. Getting up, she looks at Hammer and she kicks him in the stomach. Hammer grabs his stomach, but is punched in a instant by Yukisaga into the sky. Flying up, she'd then hammer him back down to the ground. "You're still getting hurt and you want to kill her over nothing?" asked Kimmi. "It's a stupid thing." Hammer gets up and looks at Kimmi's way. "DO NOT INTERFERE!" screamed Hammer rushing towards Kimmi. Rapidly, Yukisaga swing kicks Hammer out from Kimmi's way. "Do not even think about touching my friends!" shouted Yukisaga annoyed. Hammer hit the ground really hard that it had made a crater. 

The others watched in awe as the fight was going onn. "She's gone out of control!" stated Kale shocked. "It is a friend who plots to destroy things, you'll go out of control from things like this." replied Tasanai. "What ever it is we have to be ready." said Preach clenching his fists. "If she wins, she'll to talk." said Tasanai. "Which means keeping him alive, but immobile." replied Kale.

Back to the fight, Yukisaga kept punching Hammer in the face. "I'm not going to let you achieve your goal." said Yukisaga. She had stopped. "SHUT UP!" screamed Hammer. "SHUT UP! SHUT UP!" he repeated screaming. He pushed himself away from her and fired a green gigantic ki sphere. "Juggernaut Ball!" shouted Hammer throwing it off. As the ball went of she had then pulled her cupped hands to her side. "Kaaaaa-meeee-haaaa-meeeee-haaaaaaa!" shouted Yukisag firing of the Super Kamehameha wave at Hammer. As the Kamehameha goes through, it contacts with the Juggernaut Ball and pushes it away, it them goes through and it hits Hammer in the face. A dashing rise of smoke appears in the area. Knowing that Hammer is still alive she waits for the smoke to clear. "You have to talk to him." Tasanai mentioned. Yukisaga walked through the smoke to talk to him.

Chapter 74: RedemptionEdit

After defeating Hammer, Yukisaga stood by the crater watching him. "I thought... I was strong." said Hammer. "You thought you were strong, but you just got controlled by Divine and Lunar." Yukisaga stated. Strangely, Yukisaga didn't seem to cry or even care if Hammer was dying, she just looked at him, smilling. "I don't blame you, you're a good friend of mine." Yukisaga said. "You aren't sad at all." Hammer replied. "Because, I'm not an angry person." Yukisaga stated. "I have stop thinking these things, I kept thinking you'd left us because you didn't like us, but I never even got to know the reason." said Hammer. "And it led to your death." she said letting her hair down not showing her face. "Yeah.. this guy needs his body back." grunted Hammer dying. As Hammer died, Tasanai was shocked to see what had happened. "What's wrong Tasanai?" asked Kimmi. "His blood went back to a human blood." said Tasanai. "So, the body is back." said Kimmi. Yukisaga walked towards her friends.

They all went into a fighting stance to fight the rest of the dolls.


Chapter 75: Find the Jargon JuiceEdit

The teens started to face of the dolls that had came. "These dolls don't quit!" shouted Tasanai punchnig a doll in the face. Kale looked at dolls surrounding him and noticed his friends were in mad trouble. Yukisaga was getting sent to ground by a doll, Kimmi couldn't keep up with attacking the same doll, Preach was getting tired of using his fists. "Group Stun, Doll Setting!" Kale chanted. Spreading his arms out, Kale starts to spin. As Preach was about to punch the doll, the doll would then fall down. "What just happened?" asked Preach confused. After, another doll falls down. "Why did they just fall down?" asked Tasanai. The dolls rapidly fell down and stayed down.

The teens regroup with each other and look at knocked out dolls. "It was my stun technique, if a doll is in this particular area, it becomes stunned." Kale stated. Looking towards Kale, they turned suprised at the technique. "Does it have any disadvantages?" asked Preach. "They'll wake up in 24 hours." Kale replied.  "How do we fix them?" asked Yukisaga sitting down in agony. "I know it hurts, but you'll be fine." Kimmi reassured. Tasanai walked towards her. "Yeah, we can use the Dragon Balls!" shouted Tasanai. The sky then turns dark. "You jinxed it!" shouted Kale.  "Don't feel down Yukisaga, I have a way to stop this." said a familar voice. "Is it?" wondered Preach suprised. "Yeah it is him!" shouted Tasanai. They all looked at Kale's arm communicator and it was Bruss. "I knew it would be Bruss." Tasanai said.  "Hey guys." Bruss greeted. "That doll thing going on, I know how to solve it." Yukisaga had smiled hearing this information, she turned to the communicator to speak to Bruss. "How?" asked Yukisaga. "There was a similar problem at Uberia - there are these things called Void Capsules, scattered across the universe, you find it and you'll need to do deeds for the Time Void Master." said Bruss. "Wait a minute." wondered Kimmi. "What do you mean Kimmi?" asked Kale. "We met him ages ago, we were trapped there." Kimmi mentioned. "So, why do we need to follow his deeds?" asked Yukisaga shocked. "You can find the Jargon Juice if you do and that is being guarded by Jargon and that juice reverts everything into it's origanl form." Bruss stated. "So this juice has a giant cup we have to carry and drink it to everyone?" asked Tasanai. "No, if you spread one of the dolls, it affects all of them." Bruss stated. "Thanks Bruss." said Kimmi. Bruss then signs of the communicator.

Preach looks at everyone in, knowing what to do. "So, we must find the Void Capsule." said Preach. "Alright, it's me and Kale, then Kimmi, Tasanai and Yukisaga." Hastily, the others all nod at Preach's descision. Not wanting to waste any time, they split up and fly rapidly into air: Yukisaga's group flying North and Preach's group flying East. 

Chapter 76: Preach and Kale's TechniqueEdit

After the group had seperated, Preach and Kale both rushed to air with each other. Looking at his arm-communicator, Kale sees Bruss on the screen again. "You don't just get it by randonly searching everything." said Bruss annoyed. "Well, how do we get it?" asked Kale. "It should be somewhere on the planet, in your crisis area." Bruss answered. "Or, a doll's body, likely they could've eaten up before the fray." Kale gulped, so did Preach. "This is going to be hard." Kale worried. "We have to take them out one by one." Preach stated. Bruss faded of the screen and Preach and Kale looked at the armada of dolls rushing down the streets of Quocountry.

On a rooftop, Preach and Kale looked down at the dolls. "Me first." said Preach falling off backwards from the ledge. He'd then dive bomb towards a doll without anyone noticing and headbut a doll, sending it down to the ground. However, Preach did not find any Void Capsule implanteded in him, so he'd fly back to his friend, who was talking to his girlfriend. "Love you to Yukisaga." said Kale. "It's good you told her, we need to more careful about this." Preach stated. Rapidly, Kale runs off and utilises, Preach's plane attack. As he dive bombs straight to dolls he picks up 6 dolls and sends them to rooftop. Despite increasing his chances, he found no dolls. "This isn't working at all." Kale stated aggravated. "I know that, but we may need to combine our techniques together and use them to find the Void Capsule, we need to use the ki whip." said Preach. Kale noded at this ide agreeing with Preach.

Rushing down at the armada, they'd both pull out ki whips. "Ki Whip Merge!" shouted Kale and Preach simotaneously. Both of them put their ki whips together in to one gigantic ki whip. "Whip Merge: Axe Attack!" they both shouted rushing towards the dolls. The Axe attack trips and stuns all of the dolls in it's path and they drop something down. "Now it's time for search up." said Preach.

50 minutes later, Kale finds the Void Capsule and shows it off to Bruss. "That's the correct one." he said. Bruss then fades of the screen. After a while, Kale calls the others quickly to tell them his found it and they all head there. "So, we must break the Capsule." said Tasanai. Yukisaga steps on the capsule knowing it is her deal. Insanely fast, a portal drops. "Diferent from last time." said Kimmi wondering. They all jumped in the portal to get the Jargon Juice. "So, you're here for the juice, welcome again Preach." said the Time Void Master.

Chapter 77: Here We Go Again!Edit

As they went to the Time Void again, they had saw a white area. "So, you are back, with 2 other people." said the Time Lord. "Wait, wwhat does he mean?" asked Yukisaga. "You've said you've encountered him before?" asked Kale to Tasanai. "Yes." he nodded. "Because he has never met me and Preach looks different that before." Kale resolved. "That makes more sense."said Preach relieved. Kimmi getting annoyed looked up. "Anyways Time Lord, we need you to take us to Jargon!" shouted Kimmi annoyed. Everyone moved back from Kimmi. "Kimmi, this is my problem to handle, leave that to me." saidd Yukissaga pushing her aside. "Time Lord if you do not send us to Jargon, I will find you and kill you!" shouted Yukisaga. After hearing this, they all moved away from her "I will give you want you want, but you need to complete one task for me." said the Time Lord. Obviously, Preach turned his head away, facing the other way. "How I'm I meant to be sure you're not going to lie?" asked Preach. "It's been 6 years, you can easily create ripholes." said the Time Lord. "It's been 6 years, you could've defended your barriers." stated Preach. "Shut up." Time Lord replied annoyed.

Rapidly, he'd send them to a maze. "What the heck kind of maze is this?" Preach looked round. "It's a special maze, you need to find your way through in 10 minutes or Jargon comes." the Time Lord stated. Noticing that his friends wasn't with him, he started to walk about the area. Turning right, dolls will head at him, trying to attack him and then he easily dodges the dolls. Preach turns left and heads into a dead end. "Dead end." said Preach disapointed. Already, more dolls rush towards him and kicks one in the head. Heading for the next doll, he punches it to the ground and sends the next one into the air by his foot. Drawing a circle using his fingers, he'd bring the circle up and bounce the dolls off.

Yukisaga kept rushing and she hit a dead end. She turned round and saw a crying lady, she started walking towards her. "How'd she get there?" Yukisaga asked. Creeping up to her, she looked at her grotesque face, dribbled with pimples and a green skin. "Can I help you?" Yukisaga asked. The woman had quickly turned into a doll and it had sent a dashing punch towards Yukisaga. Swiftly, Yukisaga dodges this attack and she picks up the doll, throws it in the air and starts to punch it's face. "I need to find everyone." said Yukisaga. "No, you need to find the juice." the Time Lord replied. Realising this, she then started to run her way through the maze. A doll, enraged, rushes straight at her and she opens her legs, letting it go pass her and she backheel kicks it the head. 

Instantly,Tasanai kept getting attacked by hordes of dolls. "This infestation is annoying." stated Tasanai. Looking at a yellow container, Tasanai grabs it and throws it at a doll and it incenerates it. "Of course you had to die, I can sense your actual evil heart." said Tasanai annoyed. Looking at another container, he'd look at the box that says 'explosives'. Tasanai stabs his claws into the box, the box lights up and sends itslef past the the dolls and exploding. "Now this is the best idea I've ever had." Tasanai stated. He'd then turn past this wall and head towards a four way route, Tasanai takes the one on the right and heads towards another four way route. "Your game is getting annoying." Tasanai stated. "I thought you strictly follow rules?" asked the Time Lord.

Easily, Kimmi punched a doll in it's face and sent it flying in the air. As she kept on walking she a group of dolls roadblocking. "Finally, I get to use this line!" shouted Kimmi happy. Rushing at the dolls, she had kicked one it's head and then drop the other to ground. Flying into the air, she spun around and knocked the dolls out. "Looks like this roadblocks been undollied up." said Kimmi smilling. Rapidly, three dolls rush at her and she easily kicks one into the air. Watching the one come at her, she'd push it back. Turning round, she'd then punch her into the ground. The last one had disapeared and she looked round her. "Where'd it go?" wondered Kimmi.  She'd then fly up, headbutting doll without notice. "Found you." she stated.

Kale was rapidly destroying the walls and this had not broken them. "Useless." he said. Looking at his arm communicator, he'd notice that it wasn't working. "Why is it not working at all?" Kale wondered. Kale looks at his year watch, which says 8,568,485 Before Age. "So satalites don't exist." said Kale disapointed. Turning left, Kale notices a window and looks at it. "Unintresting scenery." Kale stated. Rushing right, he'd then see a doll and kick it in the face and he keeps running. Kale would the reach the juice. "I found the juice!" shouted Kale. "Do not shout, or rise your powerlevel, or what you want might break!" said a deep voice. "Who's that?" wondered Kale. The blocks had began to fade and they could all see eachother, including a black shadow. "Fight me!" the figure said.

Chapter 78: Jargon Juice It Was Fake?Edit

Looking at the shadowy figure, they then looked up. "I thought you said if we found it he won't come for us." Tasanai mentioned. "It's not my fault, he makes up his own mind." the Time Lord stated. Comming from the shadows, the figure was orange and he had horns around his body that resemble a Karcken. "I am Jargon!" shouted the figure. By the time he came close to them, Kale had already gone defensive. Kale rummages through his pocket and gets out a KitSpeed chocolate bar. He'd then eat the chocolate bar and he'd start to walk towards Jargon really fast. Sending a kick down at Jargon, he'd start to punch him in the face and knock him to the ground. Looking back to his friends, let's try and take him down." said Kale.

In an instant, dolls come towards them. Kimmi picks up the juice and throws it on dolls and nothing happens after. "What the?" wondered Kimmi. Noticing that it didn't work, Yukisaga was worried. "It didn't work?" asked Yukisaga shocked. She quickly ran towards the juice and saw that the juice didn't work at all. "The juice is his body, your dolls that entered here have put the juice in Jargon." said the Time Lord.

More dolls began to arise into the area and Tasanai had punched Jargon in the face. This punch didn't not affect Jargon at all. "Puny fools, die!" shouted Jargon sending a punch down to Kale, this blew him down towards the dolls. Tasanai kept sending energy blasts towards Jargon and then he pulled his cupped hands to his sides. "Kamehameha!" shouted Tasanai firing a Kamehameha at Jargon, only just pushing him a metre, "That didn't work on him?" wondered Tasanai. "BUT IT HURT!" roared Jargon rushing towards Tasanai. Preach had fired of a Hadizuka attack, sending Jargon on the floor easily.

Yukisaga and Kimmi were taking on the dolls. Kimmi had punched a doll in the face and then she turned round and fires off a Kamehameha. Another doll came towards Kimmi and punched her. "Kimmi!" shouted Preach rushing to her aid. He'd then send a masive punch to the doll, but was stopped by Jargon stomping on him. The dolls had then disappeared.

Chapter 79: Jargon Was His Name OhEdit

Looking at Jargon, Yukisaga rushed to battle punching a doll s she came her way, another doll had then jumped over her, trying to punch her. Dodging, she'd then backflip and kick the doll in the face then point her finger at Jargon. "Velocity Rifle!" shouted Yukisaga firing a blue ki beam. This blast sent Jargon flying back, hitting the maze ground. Looking round, Tasanai notices the room. "That metal, it's the metal the tiles in Uberia." Tasanai remebered. "No wonder we couldn't break the walls with ki!" shouted Kale.  Rushing towards Jargon, Kale throws an energy ball at Jargon before he stands up. However this doesn't work on him.

Preach instantly goes Super Saiyan. "This fight is serious now." said Preach. "You take my treasure, I'll take your life!" roared Jargon rushing towards Preach. Preach kicks Jargon in the head and tries to punch him after. Jargon stands up from this attack. "Man, this guy is tough." said Kimmi annoyed. "You can kill him, that's why Preach isn't holding back." said the Time Lord. Jargon started to power up. "RAAAAAAAGH!" screamed Jargon gaining more power. Kale fires of a Kamehameha wave with instant speed and precision and it hits Jargon, draining the power level he was gaining. Standing up, Jargon grabs Kale and attempts to choke him. Still remembering him seeing Kale die, Preach rushed to help him. "Hadizuka!" shouted Preach firing the blast. Heading towards the atmosphere, it hurls towards Jargon pushing him off Kale.  "I'm going to need all lot more power!" shouted Preach. "Haaaaaaah!" shouted Preach powering up explosive power.

Eletrical crackles appears around Preach for a brief moment and then and explosive ki emerges. This causes the eletrical sparkles to stay forever. He had turned into a Super Saiyan 2. "You know, I've never had to use this form before, it's my favourite." Preach stated smilling. "Why is it?" Jargon asked. "You don't like powerful forms?" asked Preach. "No, they cause out of controlness." Jargon answered. "You won't learn new move or learn to counter or defend againsts ones like this!" shouted Preach raising his hands up. "Super Hadizuka!" shouted Preach. "It's unlucky for you, like the babies, your gonna boom.." The Super Hadizuka becomes pretty small and he throws it at Jargon. The Spirit Bomb was hurtling towards Jargon. "This won't kill me!" shouted Jargon angrily. He bagan to open up his mouth and started to try and suck the Super Hadizuka. This had got it closer to him, but Jargon was getting exhaused, causing the Spirit Bomb to get to him faster. "He's trying such a dangerous technique." Kale stated. The Super Hadizuka had easily killed him. "It worked!" shouted Kimmi happy. Yukisaga had looked at the marks where Preach killed Jargon, she then saw an orange juice standing there. "It's the juice!" Yukisaga stated loudly. Her friends turn as quickly as they can. Yukisaga had grabbed the juice and looks at it. "To use it, you must put it on the infectors." said the Time Lord. Preach had then got out of Super Saiyan 2. "Can we get out of here?" asked Tasanai. "You can't, you need to take the dolls with you." said the Time Lord. "Oh my, I was born for this!" shouted Kimmi jumping up. Kimmi had spun around and then and instant this attracted dolls. The Portal had opened. "Pass through." stated the Time Lord. Kimmi had led the dolls to the portal and they others followed through.

Chapter 80: Kimmi's Ring KamehamehaEdit

After leading the dolls into the Time Void, Kimmi looks at all the dolls. Yukisaga poured the Jargon Juice on a doll. "It didn't work!" cried Yukisaga. Looking at the sky. "Look what you've done, you made Yuki sad!" shouted Kimmi. "It only works if their stunned." the Time Lord stated. "Why do things work like this?" asked Preach. "I don't make the rules you know." the Time Lord replied. Kimmi smiled at this. "Why are you smilling?" Tasanai asked rushing towards a doll punching it in the face.

Kimmi pulls her cupped hands to her side. "Kaaaaa" said Kimmi. "You're going to kill the dolls!" stated Kale loudly. "I don't anyone to die!" cried Yukisaga. "Mee." said Kimmi. "Leave it to her, she knows what she is doing." Preach stated. "A Kamehameha to solve this are you thick!" shouted Kale. "Haaa-meeee-haaaaaaaa!" screamed Kimmi firing of Kamehameha. The Kamehameha hurtles into the atmoshpere and then turns around in a 360 degre angle forming around Kimmi. This then knocks the dolls down. "Now, let's try the Jargon juice." Kimmi said. She then turned to Kale. "And never doubt me in your life." said Kimmi annoyed. After, Yukisaga spreads the juice on the dolls and quickly turn into humans. "Now please get them out." said the Lord Lord.

Instantly the Time Lord transported them back at the real world. Preach looks at the Time Capsule disapppearing. Preach looks at all the dolls in amaze.

Chapter 81: Kill Lunar! Yukisaga BrokenheartedEdit

The teens started walking and looking at all the dolls. Tasanai and Kimmi started running of and began to kick and knock out all of the dolls. While this was happening, Yukisaga started to fly and send the water on the knocked out dolls. Meanwhile, Preach and Kale were communicating with Bruss. "So, you guys have done it?" asked Bruss. "We are in the middle of sorting the crisis." Kale sated. "That's good, that's all you need to do." said Bruss before signing out. As he signed out, Preach looked at his friends and noticed they cleared up the crisis in this street. Yukisaga, Tasanai and Kimmi headed towards Preach and Kale. "Alright, now we need to find my own dolls." Yukisaga said solemly.

Suddenly, it gets dark instantly. "The Dragon Balls, how's that possible!" shouted Kimmi wondering. Yukisaga took another glance at the darkness. "Noooooo!"screamed Yukisaga sad. "So, Yukisaga cries, does she?" asked a voice loudly. Glancing at the sound, she then looked and her doll appeared to be a human with green hair and a black suit. "You betrayed us, Yukisaga, even me, Lunar!" shouted the doll.

Yukisaga rushes off into battle to fight Lunar, she then sends a punch and Lunar easily dodges. She sends another one and Lunar dodges again. Yukisaga starts to send fluries of  punchs and kicks. However, Lunar was dodging them. The next kick she sends, Lunar blocks it and grabs the leg and throws her on the ground. "You've gotten weak, haven't you?" Lunar asked. Trying not to get sent on the ground, Yukisaga gains her balance and flies up towards Lunar and points her finger towards her. "Velocity Rifle!" shouted Yukisaga firing of a purple beam towards Lunar. This had then hurt Lunar. "Damn you!" shouted Lunar. Rushing towards Yukisaga, Lunar grabs her and throws her to the ground knocking her out.

Kale was getting angry as Yukisaga was getting beat down. "Die, Bolt of Harlem!" shouted Lunar charging a blue energy ball. Kale cupped his hands by his side. "Kamehamehaaa!" shouted Kale firing of the Kamehameha wave. The wave hurtles towards Lunar, sending him back and distergrating his Bolt of Harlem. "I'm guessing your Yukisaga's boyfriend aren't you?" asked Lunar. "Yes!" stated Kale loudly. Rapidly, Lunar rushes towards Kale and tries to kick him in the face. But, Kale dodges this and Lunar throws a kick which gets Kale. "HAAAAAAAAH!" screamed Lunar powering up.  Instantly, Kale feels this power and is still confident. "Can't use my KitSpeed, I need to let Preach fight, but I can't!" wondered Kale is his head. "Kale." said Yukisaga in the distance. Quickly, Kale turns to Yukisaga. "I don't have enough energy left, but, I'll still live, please, kill him!" cried Yukisaga.

Kale then turned to Lunar, who was just getting ready for Kale. Instantly, Kale releases a hot red aura. Both of them tries to clash with each other. Lunar wins this clash. Fluries and punches were sent by Lunar and Kale kept trying to dodge. "Kale's going to win." said Preach. Tasanai turns to Preach. "He won't win, he's just losing strength, even after releasing some aura." Tasanai bstated. "Like the first person shooter game, it looks like I have to go gold, twice."(CSI THEME) Preach preached. Back to fight, Kale gives Lunar a dashing punch in the face and fires ki blasts like he is weilding a turret. Lunar dodges all of these like it was child's play, he then kicked six of the blasts at Kale, hurting him and knocking him out.

Chapter 82: In Love, Kimmi and PreachEdit

After Kale was defeated by Lunar, Preach looked at Lunar. "Who's next?" Lunar asked. Looking at Tasanai, Lunar smiled at him. "You really think I'm the one you want, you must be stupid at ki sensing." Tasanai stated. "Don't call me stupid!" shouted Lunar agravatted. Preach started to power up enormously. The wind began to encircle around Preach and trees started to pull more. His friends tried to hold their grip. "That power!" said Tasanai shocked.

Preach had then turned into a Super Saiyan 2. As Preach was about to fly, Kimmi stopped him. "You can't go." said Kimmi. "Why can't I?" asked Preach. "Without giving me a kiss!" shouted Kimmi. "I'm not going to die." stated Preach. "What if?" Kimmi asked. "Makes more sense." said Preach. Preach and Kimmi both puckered up and kissed.(ARGH I FAIL AT THIS!) After pulling back from the kiss, Preach flew in to the air. "Do it Preach, for Yukisaga." said Kimmi. Lunar looks at Preach, prior to his transformation. "You went blonde, that's not a cool thing." said Lunar. Preach sighs at this. "You actually must be terrible at sensing ki." said Preach. Lunar enraged, tried to send a fury of punches and kicks at Preach. Because of Preach's speed, this was easy for him to dodge. He had then kneed Lunar down to the ground.

Trying to get up, Lunar was hurt easily. "He hurt me without a scratch, that kid." said Lunar. Fury rushing towards Lunar, Preach starts to fire a heinous barrage of ki blasts at him. Strangely, each and every blast had hit him on target. Smoke had started to arise in the area. "Preach is easily defeating him with such ease, I don't even understand how he does that." wondered Tasanai. Kimmi looks at Tasanai. Preach then emerges from the smoke. "Preach, he isn't dead!" shouted Kimmi. Preach kept walking and ignored Kimmi's message. Lunar, in doll form starts to run at Preach. Knowing he is there, Lunar tries to jump at Preach's back, but he whacks him like a baseball bat and sends him into space. "And Preach scores a homerun!" shouted Kimmi smilling.

Later, Yukisaga and Kale have woken up in Preach's old home. "Where are we?" asked Yukisaga. Preach pops up to them. "Welcome to my old house guys." Preach stated. Kale had got up first, he'd then look at the state of the house. "You killed Lunar!" shouted Kale grabbing Preach's collar. "She wanted to talk to her, your so inconsiderate!" shouted Kale. "I didn't want to Kale, I want them to know the mistakes they have commited and I want Divine to die next." said Yukisaga.

Chapter 83: Infestation Almost StoppedEdit

The teens were still in Preach's childhood home and they all sat down. "Where's the juice?" asked Tasanai. Kimm pulls up the Jargon Juice. "Here it is, I had to pick it up" Kimmi said. She then looked to Yukisaga. "After Yuki went to go kill Lunar." Kale is rambling around the area. Hearing the rambling, Preach turns around. "What are you trying find Kale?" Preach asked. He kept rummaging around the area. "Your remote." answered Kale. Kale found the remote and headed back to the living room and turned the tv to the news. 

The news reporter was in the news room. "Just in, the doll infection in the world has risen down to 5% but there's a fight going on in West City!" shouted the Reporter running around. "We better go." said Kimmi about to get up. Yukisaga pulled her down. "I can sense more power levels fightining the confrontation going on in West City." Yukisaga mentioned. "Anyways, we need to finish the rest of the infestation now." said Tasanai rushing out and flying off. Everyone flies of after him. 

While flying, a person was flying right behind them. The person was female, she had brown hair and mild locks of hair.   She then charged up a green energy bomb and threw it at the teens. "Take this!" shouted the female fighter firing of the energy bomb. Tasanai noticed it first and was shocked. "Dodge!" shouted Tasanai twisting round towards a tropical beach island. Kimmi flew up and then flew down to the island. Yukisaga and Kale did a sluggish strafe away from the blast and headed to the island. However, Preach used Insant Transmission to dodge the attack.

After safely dodging this attack, they all looked. "This must be your doll." said Preach towards Yukisaga. "Divine, that creep!" shouted Yukisaga shocked. Kale kept punching the ground repeatively. "Lunar and Divine, that happened way too fast." said Kale. Preach went Super Saiyan instantly. "Kale stopped Preach. "You can't do this alone, we need to do this as a team." said Kale. Kale takes out Skitgile and passes it to the. "I thought this was unstable." said Tasanai. "I was able to fix the side-effects, so it should be usable for a good fight." stated  Kale. They all take the Skitgile.

Kale was first to run towards Divine, he then sent a kick towards him, but he blocked it. "So predictable." said Divine. Not looking to her right, Yukisaga then sends an energy wave at Dvine. However, she moves away and Kale changes pace really quickly and sends of a dashing punch towards Divine which sent her back. Preach pulled his cupped hand by his sides. "Kamehameha!" shouted Preach firing of the wave towards Divine, this had then sent her flying away. "I have to use this then!" screamed Divine. Tasanai spots Divine's legs going gigantic. "He's trying to get bigger!" shouted Tasanai. Everyone started getting shocked at this.

Chapter 84: What Preach's First Words In This Chapter Is The TitleEdit

Divine had gotten taller than she ever has and looked at all of the. "Your so small, I'm so big!" roared Divine. Yukisaga started to get annoyed an was scared of her power. "This is a problem!" shouted Kale. Preach shook his head, disagreeing. Everyone looked towards him. "How is this not a problem?" asked Yukisaga loudly. "The bigger they are, the harder they fall." Preach quoted. "So, what's the plan?" asked Tasanai. Divine tries to slam his arm at the ground. "Everyone pick a part of her body now!" shouted Kale.

Walking to his leg, Preach started firing of energy energy blasts rapidly. Divine had then push her leg up to kick Preach, but he stood on it and started running on her leg. "Hadizuka!" shouted Preach firing of a blue energy ball at her face. This causes her face to be half incenerated. "This is only in Super Saiyan, how did that incenerate half  of her face?" Preach wondered in his head. Looking at his leg, Preach then sends of a dashing kick towards her leg which causes Divine to bend down.

On his chest, Tasanai extracts his claws and digs them into Divine. "This teamwork, is amazing!" shouted Divine angrily. "Don't even try to flatter your opponent!" shouted Tasanai. Tasanai had just smilled for a moment and Divine looked at him. "Why are you smilling?" asked Divine. "I have a move named after you." said Tasanai. Pulling his hand in a swift circle that Divine has moved in. "Divine Trail Wave!" shouted Tasanai. Rapidly, the blast follows in the way Divine went and it easily sends her on the floor exhausted.

Kale, Yukisaga and Kimmi all start to attack using the same techniques. Kimmi starts send an explosive punch towords Divine's arm. At that same time, Yukisaga is and fires of a really powerful pink energy wave at Divine. Backfliping, Kale then drops his leg on the floor, causing a leg explosion making a really mist dust. "I can't see her." said Preach.

As the dust cleared, Divine emerged injured in his normal form, but she started to get annoyed. "RAAAAAAAGH!" screamed Divine. powering up. The rage of Divine was getting really catious and a really dangerous situation. "He just got much stronger." said Kimmi annoyed. Tasanai then looked round and dug his claws into the ground and they hit Divine. "I'm not going to lose to you, we're going to win to you." said Tasanai angry and powering up. Tasanai had gained a golden aura. Kimmi also powered up, gaining green aura. Kale powered up fiercly, gaining blue aura. Preach began to power up really rapidly and went Super Saiyan 2, gaining eletrical aura.

Chapter 85: Longest Move Name EverEdit

Everyone, including Divine, had all powered up. "I don't think I can win this." Divine thought to herself. He then looked towards Preach. "And he's has increased by all lot, with them working together using teamwork, I don't think this will work for me." she contiuned. 

Kimmi ran towards her first. Divine blocked her kick and then punched the air thinking that someone else will come. Taking her chance, Kimmi sends a really quick punch in Divine's stomach, causing her to feel her stomach. Kimmi rolls over Divine and kicks her in the back sending her flying. She then snap-vanishes near Divine and looks at her. "Segment Explosion!" shouted Kimmi firing of a red ki wave underground and then hits Divine by comming up. However, Divine is easily able to withstand this attack. "You think you can kill me, you're such a fool for believing that you can take me on." Divine stated. "We'll see about that!" said Kimmi putting her arms in a hammer shape. She then sends her to ground.

Before she even hits the ground, Tasanai arrives and kicks her in the stomach making Divine woobly. Regaining her balance Divine got angry. She tried to send a punch to Tasanai, but he moved his neck and dodged the punch. Divine starts to send furries of punches and kicks and Tasanai blocks the as if childs play; he pushes her back and kicks her away. Tasanai digs his claws into the ground and it hits Divine. "If you don't like this then you can surrender!" shouted Tasanai. "I will never surrender!" screamed Divine, Tasanai retracts his claws from the ground and Divine gets up. "Number 1, think you are the best, number 2, know what losing is." Tasanai quoted. "My dolls, come for me!" screamed Divine.

In an instant, all dolls head in the area. "Your plan has flawed Divine." said Yukisaga. "What do you mean?" Divine asked. "You fell right into my trap." Yukisaga answered smilling. Preach had then got an eletric ki whip and and started to hit dolls as quickly as he could. Kale had followed with him. They all started to stun the dolls one by one in a quick chance. Yukisaga is flying overhead all of them and is dropping the Jargon Juice on all of them.  "What?" said Divine shocked. Yukisaga ran towards the humans. "Transport!" shouted Yukisaga transporting all the humans. 

The teens had all grouped up together in to one unit. Preach stuck one arm in the arm. "All the energy of all dead Saiyans be within me!" shouted Preach. Kale stuck his hand facing Divine. "Decimation Canon!" shouted Kale. Kimmi had repeated the Segment Wave. Yukisaga pointed her finger at Divine. "Velocity Rifle!" shouted Yukisaga. They all then made angry faces at Divine. "The Decimated Rifle of the Segmentaion of the Ghost of All Saiyans!" they all shouted simoutanesly firing off their powerful moves at Divine. This had then reached Divine. "I won't die!" shouted Divine. Divine was then incenerated by the blast.

Chapter 86: Yukisaga's Cry! Divine DisapearedEdit

After the defeat of Divine, her body began to disappear. Yukisaga had sensed this easily because of her connection with her. "She's disappearing." she said sadly. She walked towards Divine. Looking at Divine's body, she noticed that her legs were gone. "Divine!" she shouted hugging me. "You're hugging me." groaned Divine resentfuly. "Why wouldn't I?" she asked pulling back. "I destroyed everything you tried to mantain though." Divine mentioned. "And..." Yukisaga stuttered. Tears starts to drop from her. "I'm... your owner, I'm ...resp....onsible!" cried Yukisaga stuttering. "I remember the first time I met you." Divime remiscented.

Divine started to remember back to 13 years in the past. A really young Yukisaga is seen playing a game with a few random people. "This game is stupid." said Yukisaga unhappy kicking the rock away. She then walked of away from her friends. 10 minutes later, Yukisaga came back. "Hey everyone!" shouted Yukisaga. She then saw them lying on the floor knocked out, she ran to a red hair person. "Who did this?" she asked. In the midst were three dolls. "You did this!" she shouted angrily. "We didn't do this, but we can find them." the male doll said. "You liar, do you know what I do to liars?" asked Yukisaga clenching her fists. She ran towards them, but was kicked by the female doll. "My names Lunar, you can't fight us dolls." she stated. As Yukisaga got up, she looked at the other 2. "I'm Hammer and the other is Divine." the male doll introdouced. "Instead of doing this, we're taking to Junson so you can avenge your friends." Divine said.

As the flashback stopped, Yukisaga felt creeped out. "That doesn't sound memorable." said Yukisaga. "I'm losing my memory now, looks like I'm going to die." Divine groaned. Her body began to disappear and Yukisaga was crying. "Goodbye Divine!" she cried out. Looking at her friends she'd walk to them. Preach had then powered out from Super Saiyan 2. "So, where to go?" Kale asked. Tasanai looked at his friends. "I'm going to live in the desert again." said Tasanai. "For what reason?"  Kimmi asked. "To rebuild Junson's School of Fighters, that will live on." Tasanai stated. "Me and Kimmi are living together in East City." Preach stated. "And I am living in North City with Yukisaga." said Kale. They all had began to fly off.

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