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Last time on NG, Broly the Legendary Super Saiyan has been revived by the Kureebrans as Kaizen and the others had a hellacious battle with him. Broly held his own against them, but in the end, Kaizen went Super Saiyan and prevailed against Broly.

Now Kaizen and Railugus plan to go to Kureebra. Find out what will happen today, on Dragon Ball NG.

Episode 16 - Kureebran FusionEdit

At Lucifer's throne room, Barodius, Satern, Masoak, Pluton, and one other stood talking.

Barodius:"My Lord, there's absolutely no one left...just Satern's group. Kureebra has been scarce with numbers."

Lord Lucifer:"There's at least one more other than those three. Besides, Masotch and I are also working on the legendary fusion."

Satern:"Heh, Kaizen will soon meet his fate."

Masoak:"Jen, too."

Pluton:"The world will be ours!"

Masotch entered the room,

Masotch:"Let's perform this, sir." 

The two powered up to get their energy rising up as the two soon became one being.


The spaceship Kaizen and Railugus flew had landed as the hopped out.

Railugus: "I hope you know what your doing..."

Kureebran:"Hey, stop there!" He ran after Kaizen as Railugus kicks him in the throat.

Kaizen:"Hey, What the--!"

Railugus:"No time, just go!"

The two went through everywhere battling Kureebrans as they finally got to the door.  The door burst open as Lucifer and the others saw them.

Kaizen:"Nice seeing ya'." He smirked.

Lord Lucifer:"Get out of here you three, I'll handle this with Masotch..."

Satern:"Yes sir, Goodbye Kaizen." He smirked evily as they left (also Barodius)

Railugus:"Shall we?" He glared serious.

The two rulers used fusion as they formed into a ferrocious monster..Lucifile!

Lucifile:"HAAAAAH!!!!!! Your time...IS UP!"

Railugus looked at Kaizen smirking as Kaizen did the same when they both formed and said,"FU-SION- HA!"

They both formed into Kailugen!

Lucifile rushed at Kailugen as Kailugen rushed at him and the battle would begin!!


The battle shall Dragon Ball NG!