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Last time on NG, Blake had the choice to stay or leave the Z-Fighters and rejoin the Kureebrans. Having refused this, he realized his foolishness as the battle began to start. Shockingly, it was Kyle to turn on the Z-Fighters, crossing  Blake with his sword for the first time. It was then, when the battle had truely started... What will happen now, find out on the shocking part 2 of episode 13 on Dragon Ball NG.

Episode 14 part 2 of 2 - Decision's EndEdit

Team Kureebra and Team Earth stared each other down as Kyle was the one getting the most attention.

Masoak:"Make your move.." He smirked.

Dusten blurred behind Masoak kicking him, Kyle unfortunately slashes him.

Dusten:"Gaah.." He fell as he looked at Kyle.

Kyle:"Nice try." He glared at him.

Kaizen jumped up above as he punched Satern to the ground.

Ralick attacked Pluton. "HAAAH!"

Kyle took all of the fighters out with a paralyzing slash slowly putting his blade away.

Blake:"Why, Kyle, Why?!" He punched him in the face.

Kyle:"Well...I'm no use to this team..I can't turn back now."

Masoak smirked then rushed at Blake kneeing him in his stomach followed up by Satern and Pluton's punch, sending Blake to the ground.

The three stood over him knewing he was pathetic.

Kyle stood briefly for a moment. "....." He turned to Pluton slashing him making a cut in his armor.

Masoak and Satern:"?!..."

Kyle:"I was never gonna join you."

He rushed at Masoak going past him putting the blade back.

Masoak coughed blood as he layed on the floor. Satern picked him up  teleporting away with Pluton.

Pluton said before fading away,"This is not over!"

Kyle helped them quickly.

Blake was in shock as he couldn't believe it.


Kyle gave everyone antidotes as they all woke.

Railugus rushed him, "You FOOL!" He punched him.

Kyle:"I-I apologize..."

Kaizen:"I'm super confused." He looked confused as he said he was.

Kyle:"It was all a plan, at first, I was eavesdropping on Blake who had gotten a message from Pluton. He was faced with the choice to leave you all."

Kaizen:"Is this true, Blake?"


Kaizen:"Well...we'll be ready for the next fight..Next, we'll invade them."

The Z-Fighters will ready themselves for this fight as the head back to the Kame House.


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