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==[1] Beginning== Last time on Dragon Ball NG,Kaizen had finally defeated the Saiyan Wrath and made his way onto Capsule Corp and saw memorable faces such as Bulla and Vegeta.As Kaizen and Vegeta's introduction ended he introduced Kaizen to his new team and the new generation of the Z-Fighters.

Episode 5 - A New Team[]


Vegeta:"Kaizen meet the new Z-Fighters."

Kaizen got a good look at them.

Kaizen:"Cool..." He had a big smile.

Kaito:"Heheh,Nice." He too had a big smile.

???:"Hello.I'm Sha." ^^

???:"I am Blitz." He smiled.

???:"I'm Aaron nice to meet you Kaizen."

???:"Austin,Vegeta's scout."



Blitz(Far Left) Aaron(Next to Blitz) Austin(The third) Corey(The fourth) Sha(Far right)

:"I'm Corey,Aaron's my brother."

Vegeta:"That is one half of the Z-Fighters...now meet the rest."

The rest of them revealed themselves.

???:"I am Forest."

???:"I'm Ralick,an honor to meet you."

???:"I'm Ryden."

The three of them:"We are the strongest of the team."

Forest Ryden & Ralick

Ryden(the left) Forest(the middle) Ralick(the right)

Austin:"Hmph,yeah right."

Forest:"Are you doubting us?"

Austin:"We all know who the real fighter is."

Forest:"Last time I checked I'm am Super Saiyan and your not."

Kaizen:"Huh,you said Super Saiyan?"

Forest:"Yeah and I'll show you."

Forest transformed into a Super Saiyan.

SSJ Forest:"There."

Forest ssj by db own universe arts-d4iwkc7

Kaizen:"I see...I wanna make a sorta deal.A challenge."

They all listened with open ears.

Kaizen:"Let's have a battle. Me versus the eight of you."

Forest:"That's suicide Kaizen."

Austin:"Indeed are you crazy!?"

Kaizen:"Guys,Guys,trust me I can handle myself."

Sha:"What are we waiting for?" ^^

Blitz and Corey both rushed at Kaizen as they both threw punches as Kaizen used defense by grabbing both their fists and throwing them to the side.

Austin:"Get up!!" He rushed for Kaizen punching and kicking quickly

But Kaizen kept up with his attack following Austin's every move and they Kaizen saw his opening as he used a Kaioken Attack.

Kaizen:"Haaaa...KAIOKEN! x5!" He rushed with his whole body and his power aura red as he rapidly crashed into Austin with the Kaioken Attack.

Austin:"What speed,aah!" He was sent flying as he hit the ground hard.

Ralick:"Way to go Austin,heh!" Ralick flew down at Kaizen at full speed.

Kaizen rushed at Ralick as his Kaioken Attack was still in use so he flew at Ralick as they collided with each other as the gravel and rocks started to rise up.

Aaron:"I've got an idea guys. Kaaaaaaa.....Meeee......Haaaaa..Meeee..."

They all looked at Aaron realizing what the plan was as they charged up a 'Team Kamehameha'.




Kaizen hesitated but finally thought to power up into a Super Saiyan as he used kamehameha.

Kaizen:"KAME-HAME-HAAAAA!" He used a MAX POWER Kamehameha like Master Roshi.

The kamehamehas' collided as neither of the Z-Fighters gave in.

As a result and after the clearing of the smoke,the Z-Fighters panted as they were out of breath as Austin fainted.

Kaizen powered down.


Vegeta:"Kaizen is victorious...but there is a greater threat in this matter."

Kaizen:"Huh,what is it?"

Vegeta:"The planet known as Namek is being ruled again by another one of Frieza's allies."

Corey:"The home of Piccolo right? And other Namekians."


Vegeta:"The enemy's name is Izel and he work alongside Frieza's son."

Kaizen:"Son of Frieza....this will be one heck of an adventure..."

Vegeta:"Son of Piccolo has been hiding on Namek knowing he's no match for Izel and the rest of them."

Kaizen:"I see....we should train then and find the Dragon Balls to wish Goku back."

As Kaizen and the team get ready to head to Namek the intentions of a brutal warrior seize to ma

Ize 1st form v2 by db own universe arts-d4snse2


ke him impatient on waiting for the arrival of a Namekian or fighter to battle him.

(On his spaceship ...) Izel:"The fighters are coming...Fwahahahaahaha!" He laughed manically.

???:"Now Son,don't get too excited after all,they know abou

King ice ztorm 3rd form by db own universe arts-d35021g

Father of Izel,Storm.

t the dragon balls."


The evil Izel also has his father alongside the battle and the Z-Fighters don't even know it yet.

And as the fighters head to Namek on a spaceship,little do they know that Izel is impatient and needs a battle.

Will Kaizen get to Izel or even Frieza's son?

Find out on the next NG.