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Dragon Ball NG (Next Generation) is the fourth Dragon Ball series and it begins a decade after the end of GT.


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• Kyan

• Kyuremii

• Kakisha

• Vegeta

• Gohan

• Goten

• Trunks

• Tarble



• Dr. Xziles

• Daikura

• Lupiter

• Jenova

• Android X

• Commander Locust

• Blue Crystal Dragon


35th World Tournament Saga[]

In the 35th World Tournament saga Goku returns to Earth. He is still dead but claims he has come to visit. However Goku is there on a imporntant mission.

1 "Unexpected Visit" - In the first episode of DBNG Goku returns to Earth ten years after the end of DBGT. Goku is still dead and claims he is just there to visit. Everyone believes this but Vegeta is skeptical of the reason for Goku's unexpected visit.

2 "Reunion Tour" - In this episode Goku begins to catch up with his family and friends and some new Z Fighters. Goku also discovers his second son Goten got married eight years earlier to a girl named Haven and had a son at the same time who is named Gokuten.

3 "Vegeta's Curiosity" - Vegeta's curiosity and suspision of Goku seem to pay off when Vegeta sees Goku sneak out at night and head to the desert valley outside of town. Vegeta follows Goku there and confronts him however Goku claims he is only training. Vegeta doesn't buy it.

4 "Goku's Revelation" - The following night Vegeta decides to go to the desert and search for whatever Goku was searching for. While there he sees Goku standing at the edge of a clift and goes over to confront him. After a long interogation Goku reveals to Vegeta that he was sent back to Earth by the Supreme Kai to find a possible evil that is being created by a mad scientist. Goku tells Vegeta not to tell anyone becuase he needs to keep his mission secret. Vegeta agrees but insists on helping Goku in return.

5 "The Training Begins" - With the 35th World Tournament approaching, and Goku realizing he will be on Earth for a while, Goku decides to enter the tournament. Along with him Vegeta, Trunks, Goten and Gohan all enter the adults division. Goten's son Gokuten enters the junior division.

6 "Gokuten: The Son of Goten" - Goku fights his grandson Gokuten to test his skills and realizes that Gokuten has amazing power. Goku decides to train him for the tournament.

7 "Proposal & Engagment" - After dating his girlfriend Kakisha for five years, Trunks finally is ready to propose. Trunks takes her out to dinner where he pops the question, she says yes of course. Trunks doesn't waste time to tell people and begins to plan for the wedding with his fiance while balancing his training in between.

8 "The Training of Gotuken" - A week has past since Goku's arrival and there is still one week left until the tournament. Goku takes Gotuken out to the desert to quickly train him. Goku teaches him about the saiyans, the mastery of flight and martial arts.

9 "Lock of Hair" - Four days are left to train until the tournament and Gokuten, who seems to be a quick learner, is sent by himself into a cave to hunt and kill a giant snake and carry it back to Goku. While in the cave he finds the snake on the ground but notices that the snake is dead. Than two large men attack Gokuten and one cuts off a lock of his hair. Gokuten nearly kills one of them but failed and they both escaped. Goku arrived than and thinks he knows who the two men were and what they may have wanted with Gokuten's hair.

10 "The Art of Training" - Goku and Gokuten continue to train. Meanwhile the others continue to train as well.

11 "One More Day" - The final day of training has come and Goku makes the most of it. Before returning home Goku challenges Gokuten to a fight and sees that Gokuten's skills have increased and he has mastered flight.

12 "Enter the Tournament" - The first day of the tournament begins with the preliminary round. Goku, Vegeta, Trunks, Goten and Gohan all qualify in the adult division to move on to the quarterfinals and Gokuten easily advances to the quarterfinals in the junior division.

13 "Goten vs. Trunks" - The quarterfinal matchups are announced and first off Goten must face his best friend Trunks. Vegeta faces a strange masked warrior named Mystik, Gohan faces a fighter named Kono Shon and Goku battles a unknown warrior named Yuko. First in the Junior division Gokuten wins his quarterfinals match against a boy named Cookie in just three punches. Than Goten and Trunks face off.

14 "The Next Round" - In a climatic match Trunks finally forces Goten out of the ring and wins. Gohan easily defeats Komo Shon. Than Mystik is disqualified for biting Vegeta. Finally Goku faces Yuko and defeats him quickly. Yuko and Mystik seem to be running somewhere together.

15 "Father vs. Son" - In the semi finals their are two father versus son matchups. The first between Goku and Gohan and the second between Vegeta and Trunks.

16 "The Final Round" - Goku defeats Gohan and Vegeta defeated Trunks so now once again Goku and Vegeta are going to be fighting each other. The fight between the two begins at the end of the episode.

17 "Tournaments End" - After transforming to Super Saiyan 2 the battle is at a stalemate until Vegeta catches a break and pushes Goku out of the ring. Now Gokuten prepares for his match in the junior division championship against a boy named Lupiter. As the two enter the ring Lupiter claims he is the son of the devil. This scares Gokuten but he does not believe the boy. However Lupiter gives Gokuten a great fight.

18 "The Prince of Hell" - The match is going back and forth but finally Gokuten unleashes a powerful combo attack and Lupiter flies out of the ring. Gokuten wins the championship and all seems well until a blast comes down from sky and blows up the ring. Everyone thinks Gokuten is dead but than Gokuten is hovering above the smoke and comes back down. Than a man flies down and steps foot on the ring. He is very tall and muscular and has red skin and horns on his head. Goku and Vegeta thinks it is Dabura the prince of hell. The man reveals he is the prince of hell but is not Dabura. He says he is Daikura, the brother of Dabura. He also reveals that in hell he fought his brother and beat him and took the crown as the prince of hell. Lupiter stands next to Dailura and tells Gokuten "see, I told you I'm the son of the devil. The episode ends there.

19 "Gokuten is Kidnapped" - Gokuten becomes angered and attacks Lupiter but Daikura grabs him and in one punch knocks him out. Daikura tells Lupiter to take Gokuten and leave. Goten, Trunks, Gohan and Uub follow Lupiter to the desert. Goku and Vegeta stay at the arena to fight Daikura. Goku tells the tournament announcer to tell everyone in the arena to leave. Daikura gives everyone five minutes to leave than blows up part of the arena. Vegeta attacks but realize Daikura is very powerful so he and Goku turn Super Saiyan. Than the fight begins.

20 "The Coming Storm" - As Goku and Vegeta battle Daikura he reveals that soon a extremely powerful demon named Jenova will be awakened and Jenova will be the strongest being in the universe. Goku was right and now realizes that Lupiter will lead the others to the mad scientist and Project Jenova. The fight continues. Meanwhile Lupiter leads the Z Fighters to a valley in the desert surrounding by canyons and cliffs. There a truck arrives two men come out of the truck. They put Gokuten, who is still passed out, in the truck and it drives away. The two men are demon minions of Daikura and are brothers. One is named Oduga and the other is Bonunga. Oduga, Bonunga and Lupiter begin to fight the Z Fighters.

21 "Demon Blood" - The Z Fighters continue to fight the demon brothers and Lupiter. In the meantime Goku and Vegeta continue to fight Daikura. Gohan kills Bonunga and this angers Oduga who increases his power and attacks Gohan and Goten.

22 "Goten's Anger" - Oduga insults Goten and says their going to kill Gokuten. This angers Goten so he transforms to Super Saiyan and kills Oduga. Goten now begins to toy with Lupiter.

23 "Follow the Leader" - Goten beats the hell out of Lupiter and forces Lupiter to explain what is going on. Lupiter reveals the truth and tells them about the mad scientist Dr. Xziles and the demon Jenova. He says that Dr. Xziles is using Gotenku's saiyan DNA so Jenova strenght can increase and so the demon can have and know saiyan techniques. Goten tells Lupiter to take him to where Gotenku is being held or he will kill him. In fear Lupiter agrees and leads them to Xziles laboratory. Goku and Vegeta continue to duel with Daikura.

24 "The Devils Army" - Lupiter leads the Z Fighters into canyon. However it's not Xziles laboratory but a trap. Armed soldiers are there and try to shoot the Z Fighters but are easily defeated by them. Lupiter nearly gets away but is tackled to the ground by Uub. Goten tells Lupitrr that he better take them to the real laboratory or he will kill him. While fighting Goku and Vegeta Daikura senses his son is in trouble and flies away. Goku and Vegeta follow.

25 "Hells Laboratory" - Finally Lupiter and the Z Fighters arrive at the real laboratory. Lupiter runs inside and before the Z Fighters can follow another demon named Popai and a few more soldiers come out. Gohan, Trunks and Uub deal with the soldiers as Goten fights the demon. Daikura arrives and enters the laboratory from a secret entrance.

26 "Into the Laboratory" - Goku and Vegeta arrive as Goten kills Popai. Goku now explains to everyone this is the reason why he was sent back to Earth and Goten tells Goku about Dr. Xziles and his plan to use Gokuten's DNA for Project Jenova. Not wasting any time they all enter the laboratory and are greeted by more soldiers which are easily defeated. Daikura and Lupiter enter Dr. Xziles main laboratory where he is working on Project Jenova. Dr. Xziles ask Daikura how the Z Fighters found his laboratory. They both realize it was Lupiters fault. Lupiter tells them everything and Dr. Xziles tells them to hold off the fighters while he awakens Jenova.

27 "Buying Time" - In order to buy some time for Dr. Xziles to awaken Jenova, Daikura sends his two strongest demon warriors to fight the Z Fighters. The two warriors are named Yuko and Zorak and they confront Goku, Vegeta and the others. Goku fights Yuko and Vegeta fights Zorak. Before the others can move on a human who is possesed by a demon spirit arrives with more soldiers. Some of the soldiers nearly kill Uub but Gohan stops them. Realizing defeat the possesed warrior blows up the corridor. Now the Z Fighters must find another way to Dr. Xziles lab.

28 "Final Hour" - Goten and the others find a way around the blocked hallway. They find the room where Gokuten is in. They find him in a bio-tube. Goten awakens Gokuten and they move on. Goten confronts the possesed human and kills him. Goku and Vegeta defeat Yuko and Zorak and regroup with the others and move forward. 5

Jenova Saga[]

29 "Jenova Awakens" - Goku, Vegeta, Kyan, and the Z Fighters finally reach the main laboratory but are too late as Jenova is being awakened. As Jenova awakens Kyan attacks but Jenova flings her across the room. Jenova however does not feel as strong as she once was so she grabs Dr. Xziles and blasts a hole in the wall and canyon and begins to escape with Xziles. Goten and Trunks try to stop him but Daikura and Lupiter divert them. Daikura and Lupiter than seem to disapear after everyone realizes Jenova has awakened, and escaped.

30 "More Trouble" - Daikura and Lupiter took a secret door to a underground level in Dr. Xziles lab. They know they are no match for the rest of the fighters. Knowing this Daikura plans to awaken a old project of Dr. Xziles. A fighting machine known as Android X. X was Xziles prize project before Daikura came and convinced Xziles to revive Jenova. Android X was created as the ultiminate fighting machine, and it was pure evil and obeyed knowbody but Xziles. As Android X awakens Daikura commands it to kill the Saiyans. X refuses and says he listens to nobody but himself. X has a mind of his own and won't even obey Dr. Xziles. X attacks Daikura, and Daikura is no match for Android X. Daikura lies on the ground seemingly dead. Lupiter goes and tries to save his dad. X leaves seeing no threat from Lupiter. The warriors hover in the air outside of the lab discussing what to do. Than they see a massive explosion than someone approaches them.

31 "Android Attack" - The man who approaches him looks like a young human adult. He has wavy red hair and is wearing a black and red vest. He announces he is Android X and says that he is going to kill them and enslave humanity. Goku and Kyan fight him and seem to be beating him and they are not even Super Saiyan. But they don't know X isn't using anything near his full power.

32 "Running Scared" - Goku and Kyan continue to beat up on Android X, but nothing seems to be hurting him. Than the unexpected happens, X creates a massive energy bomb and fires it to the ground. Goku, Kyan and the others have to run and quick. X leaves believing that they can't escape. However they leave just in time and head to the Capsule Corp. In the meantime Android X begins to hunt his creator Dr. Xziles.

33 "The Hunt Begins" - Goku tells the others that becuase Jenova was prematurely awakened by three weeks she is only at a third of her full strenght. This means she has three stages and the only way she can reach her next two stages is by absorbing people, just like Cell had to so he could become perfect. This means their is still time to stop her before she becomes to powerful so the hunt begins. Android X closes in on Dr. Xziles and Jenova realizes her lack of strenght so she absorbs Dr. Xziles by wrapping his body in her tail.

34 "The Demon Prince is Alive" - Lupiter is able to break into a hospital to get medicine for his father which saves his life. Daikura and Lupiter begin to look for Dr. Xziles and Jenova so Xziles can get Android X under control. The Z Fighters continue to look for Xziles and Jenova and X continues his search for Xziles.

35 "The Princess of Hell" - Daikura and Lupiter find Jenova but not Xziles. She tells them that she absorbed him to gain strenght and now she says she is going to absorb them. Lupiter attacks but is easily grabbed and absorbed. Angered Daikura attacks and begins to fight Jenova.

36 "Jenova is Dead?" - After a close fight, Jenova finally entangles Daikura with her tail and absorbes him. Than Android X arrives. Jenova tries to absorb him but she is no match for X who toys with her and throws her around with her own tail. Than the Z warriors arrive and witness Android X fire a energy bomb at Jenova. Is she really going to die that easily?

37 "Stage Two" - Unfortunately Jenova survived but knows she must leave becuase X is one blast from killing her. Jenova escapes and Android X leaves becuase he doesn't want to fight the Saiyans, he wants to fight Jenova. Jenova than goes to South City where she absorbs everyone in the city. Than Jenova transforms to stage two and now is one more transformation from perfection.

38 "Caught off Guard" - Jenova finds Uub, Goten and Gokuten training on a island a few miles south of West City. Catching them off guard she attacks them. Jenova is now much stronger and easily takes on all three of them.

39 "Gokuten: A Super Saiyan" - Gokuten sees Jenova nearly kill Uub and now Gokutens anger awakens and he transforms to Super Saiyan. Gokuten is in fact a Ultra Super Saiyan and begins to take on Jenova. Goten tries to help but Gokuten says it's his fight.

40 "Gokuten vs. Jenova" - Jenova tells Gokuten and the other two she was once the princess of hell until Dabura killed her and locked her soul away so he could become hell's prince. Gokuten says he is not impressed and that he doesn't care so the fight continues.

41 "Jenova Breaks" - Jenova continues to fight Super Saiyan Gokuten. Jenova tries to keep the fight on his side, but Gokuten is clearly handling Jenova. Than Gokuten throws Jenova into a canyon of rocks and fires energy blast after energy blast at Jenova. Is Jenova finished?

42 "Unwillingly Absorbed" - Everything seems to be going so well. But when everyone thinks she is dead she rises from the canyon but Gokuten sends her back down with a kame hame ha wave. Jenova rises but Gokuten continues to tear her apart. As Gokuten is about to kill her, Jenova sneaks up on him any grabs him with her tail and absorbs him. Goten and Uub watch in horror. Jenova knows she is to weak to fight so flies away.

43 "Dark Realization" - Goten and Uub return home and tell the others what happened. Goten is angry and insists he will kill Jenova. Goku announces that if Jenova absorbs another powerful warrior she will reach perfection. They all know right away that Jenova is going after Android X to reach perfection. Now they have to hurry. Vegeta goes to hunt for Android X and Goku goes after Jenova. The others split up to look for either one of them.

44 "Greatly Underestimated" - Kyan finds Android X on a island and confronts him. Goku and the others continue to look for Jenova. Kyan underestimates Android X and decides to fight him by herself.

45 "The Perfect Fighting Machine" - Android X proves to be much stronger than Kyan anticipated. X easily beats up Kyan at Super Saiyan 2 so Kyan turns into a Super Saiyan 3. Kyan begins to win the battle but X finally unleashes his full power and crushes Kyan. She finally turns into Super Saiyan 4, and with luck wins the battle, but somehow Android X escapes. The others still have not found Jenova.

46 "Hide and Seek" - Goku and the others finally find Jenova but to their luck find her on a island filled with caves. Jenova hides from them and conceals her power levels.

47 "Jenova is Perfect" - Vegeta attacks Android X who at first seems to put up a fight, but before long Vegeta has the upper hand and is demolishing the android. Jenova quickly flies away from the island and over to the one where she senses Vegeta. The other Z Warriors follow and they all arive to see Android X laying against the wall of a clift completly beaten and weak. Vegeta severly weakened Android X who can't even move. Jenova flies toward X but Vegeta gets in her way. Jenova powers up and knocks Vegeta, who is also weakened, to the ground. Jenova used enough power to crush Vegetas who powered down to his base form. Goku tries to attack Jenova but Jenova easily hurles him becuase Goku was not powered up to Super Saiyan. Jenova than wraps her tail around X and begins to absorb his bio-extract. Gohan, Goten, Trunks, Uub, and Tien all attack but Jenova fires energy blasts that send them flying. Now Jenova has absorbed X and begins to transform. At the end of the episode her transformation is completly and everyone senses that her power is beyond a Super Saiyan 4.

48 "The Fight Begins" - Kyan and Goku rise to see the perfect Jenova. Jenova's skin remains red however a vest of black fur engulfs most of her body. She is wearing a vest like the one Gogeta wears above the fur. Jenova's absorbing tail is gone and is replaced with a Saiyan tail. Jenova wears high shoulder pads like those of Baby Vegeta and her hair is red with a black tint and is the lenght of a Super Saiyan 3 hair. Her eyes are also completly red to compliment it. Goku tells the others to stay out of the battle because none of them can take on Jenova. Goku, Kyan, and Vegeta power up to Super Saiyan 4 and increase their power, but combined its still not as strong as Jenova. As the episode ends the fight begins.

49 "Power Up" - The three of them attack Jenova but they cannot hit her. They miss all their blast and can't lay a finger on her. They power up one more time and now begin to hit Jenova but to their shock Jenova is only using half her power. Jenova powers up to her full power and demonstrates it on Vegeta by knocking him to the ground in one punch and by kicking Goku in the stomach. Goku and Vegeta get back up and fight again.

50 "Super Saiyan Jenova" - Jenova continues to fight Goku and Vegeta. Than Jenova powers up to amazing levels and claims she is a Super Saiyan becuase of the Saiyan DNA within her. Jenova begins to wail on Goku and Vegeta who aren't putting up much of an fight now.

51 "The Return of Gotenks" - Goku, Kyan, and Vegeta are losing energy and the battle. They soon fall out of their Super Saiyan 4 form and back to their base form. Jenova knocks Goku and Vegeta down and they both lay beneath a tree. Kyan manages to blow one last blast before she fainted, but Jenova easily dodged it. Now they all were out cold. Goten and Trunks watch as their fathers and friend are about to be killed. Goten and Trunks than realize what they must do, fuse. Despite their fathers told them not to thay know that they must fight now more than ever. Gohan transforms to a Super Saiyan 2 to fight Jenova and she gives Goten and Trunks time to fuse. Jenova sees them however allows it becuase she wants a challenge. She knocks Gohan down and the fusion takes place. Gotenks is back and is grown up now. Jenova tells him to power up so Gotenks becomes a Super Saiyan 3 and his power is nearly that of a Super Saiyan 4. Still everyone knows it won't be enough to stop Jenova.

52 "Jenova is Unstopable" - Gotenks and Jenova begin to fight and Gotenks actually takes the upper hand by knocking Jenova to the ground with a energy blast. Gotenks fires a Kamehameha wave at Jenova. Than Jenova flies up to Gotenks and begins to pound on him. Jenova flings Gotenks around. Finally Gotenks focuses and begins to fight Jenova head on again. Jenova however is unstopable.

53 "When Fusion Fails" - Gotenks continues to fight Jenova but she dodges every hit. Finally Gotenks loses his energy and the fusion wears off. Gotenks has failed so now Gohan, Uub and Tien prepare to fight. The three of them fly to the sky and Tien performs his Solar Flare technique and blinds Jenova. The three of them begin to attack Jenova as she is blinded. Before long though Jenova regains her vision and the tide turns. Uub and Tien can no longer fight but Gohan transforms to Super Saiyan 2 and now it's his turn to fight Jenova.

54 "Gohans Turn" - Gohan and Jenova fight. In the meantime Goku and Vegeta are regaining their energy quickly. Gohan falls to the ground and Jenova is about to kill him until Goten and Trunks transform to Super Saiyan 2 for the first time and attack Jenova. Jenova fights the two Super Saiyans who are using all of the energy they have.

55 "The Lost Saiyan" - Goten and Trunks fight Jenova at Super Saiyan 2 but they are no match. Uub, Tien and Krillin try to help but their no match for Jenova. Android 18 tries to fight but Jenova easily puts her down. Jenova is about to kill everyone with a blast until a small capsule ship comes out of the sky and hits her sending her flying to a clift. Jenova comes out and hovers above the valley. A large warrior comes out of the whole in the clift and appears to be a Saiyan. The mystery warrior reveals he is Torkoto, an Super Saiyan. He claims he escaped Planet Vegeta right before it was destroyed. He said that he had been traveling the universe ever since, training and searching for other Saiyans. He hadn't found any but he had managed to ascend to Super Saiyan 3. Vegeta is in disbelief until Torkoto transforms to Super Saiyan 3. Goku and Vegeta announced they were Super Saiyan 4 and tell him about Jenova. Torkoto begins to fight Jenova and Goku and Vegeta have a plan, to go Super Saiyan 4 and fuse into Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta.

56 "Forgotten Warrior" - Torkoto continues to fight Jenova and manages to put up a descent fight. Torkotos power is that of an Full Power Super Saiyan 3. As Torkoto fights Goku and Vegeta continue to regain their energy and power up in preperation to fuse.

57 "Gogeta Returns" - Torkoto gives it his all now and distracts Jenova from Goku and Vegeta as they attempt to fuse. Finally Goku and Vegeta power up to Super Saiyan 4 and prepare to fuse. Jenova tries to stop them but Torkoto blasts her away. Goku and Vegeta fuse to become Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta. Torkoto is amazed by both the fusion technique and the power of a Super Saiyan 4. Gogeta tells Torkoto to power down and save his energy and that he will now fight Jenova. Jenova seems amused becuase she and everyone else know that Jenova is still slightly stronger.

58 "Its Not Enough" - Jenova realizes that Gogeta is almost as strong as her. She powers up and fights Gogeta. Gogeta is confident and powerful but his power still is not enough. Gogeta still fights Jenova valiantly.

59 "Great Power vs. Greater Power" - The fight continues between Jenova and Gogeta and everyone is shocked to see that Jenova still has the upper hand. Jenova and Gogeta continue to go all out.

60 "Darkest Hour" - Jenova and Gogeta continue to fight. Jenova hurls Gogeta into the ocean and fires an massive energy bomb towards him. The bomb shakes the earth and creates huge tsunamis. Gogeta is nowhere to be found, is he defeated?

61 "Last Chance" - Jenova turns to the Z fighters and prepares to kill him. Torkoto powers up to Super Saiyan 3 again but Jenova is done playing games and knocks him to the ground. When it all seems over Gogeta appears and powers up. He's as strong as Jenova now.

62 "Missed Opportunity" - Gogeta has increased his power to match Jenovas and they fight again. It now appears that Gogeta might win but the fusion wears off and now Jenova toys with Super Saiyan 4 Goku and Vegeta.

63 "Z Fighters Interfere" - Goku and Vegeta power down and return to their base form. Gohan, Goten and Trunks power up to Super Saiyan 2 and they fight Jenova. Uub, Krillin and Tien help as well. Torkoto uses the little power he has left to transform to a Super Saiyan but together they all still don't stand a chance.

64 "Clash of the Great Apes" - Jenovas power undergoes an immense transformation as she transforms into a Great Golden Ape. Goku stands right in front of her and also transforms into a Great Golden Ape. The others including Vegeta and Torkoto move to another island. The two apes fight each other in a even battle.

65 "The Ultimate Super Saiyan" - Finally thats when Kyan pops in, Jenova is a bit shocked to find she mysteriously recovered from her severe injuries. She is still a bit weak but follows Jenova who is heading to the other island to kill the others. Kyan watches Jenova as it seems she has killed Gohan. Kyan's anger is unleashed and she goes Super Saiyan 4, Kyan was now in rage at the loss of her friend. Jenova laughs but doesn't realize Kyan is not done transforming. Kyan's power increases to the point where is power is beyond Jenovas. For the first time Jenova is actually scared. Kyan is ascending to a Super Saiyan 5.

66 "Super Saiyan 5" - Kyan's transformation shakes the Earth as she completes her ascention to Super Saiyan 5. Kyan is stronger than Jenova now and everyone including Jenova knows it. Kyan however doesn't seem to have control of her power. Her pupils are gone and her eyes are pure red like Jenovas. Her hair is as long as a Super Saiyan 3 and it's white with a red tint. She has a vest of white fur like that she has at SSJ4. Her body is built and her power is massive. Kyan attacks Jenova and seems to easily be beating her.

67 "Untamed Power" - Kyan's power is unbelievable but untamed as Kyan seems like she doesn't care about the Z Fighters as she recklessly fires energy blasts at them hoping to hit Jenova. It seems as if Kyan only cares about herself now. Despite this she is still beating Jenova who goes beyond her full power despite it still doesn't match Kyan's.

68 "Damaged Demon" - The fight continues but Jenova is losing power. Kyan however isn't losing any power at all. Kyan has Jenova in the corner but Jenova is still trying her hardest.

69 "Jenova's Last Stand" - Jenova's power is decreasing rapidly and now she can be defeated by a Super Saiyan 2. She powers up one final time and attacks Kyan but she beats her silly. Jenova now stands against a clift as Kyan prepares to fire a 10x kamehameha blast and send her back to hell.

70 "The End of Jenova" - Kyan seems anxious to kill Jenova but she forgets to ask what will happen to all those who she absorbed. Goten tells Kyan to stop. Kyan looks at Goten in anger but stops and let's Goten speak to Jenova. Goten asks Jenova what will happen to those she absorbed. Jenova refuses to answer so Goten goes Super Saiyan 2 and punches Jenova over and over and over again until she is to weak to fight on and stands against the clift wall. Goten asks again and Jenova reveals that everyone she absorbed is alive in a dimension of hell, the dimension where she was once imprisoned by Dabura. She says if she is killed their souls and bio-extract will leave that dimension and return to Earth at the location they were when they were absorbed. Goten knows this is true and satisfied walks away. Kyan prepares to fire his 10x kamehameha, Goten walks away as Jenova begs for her life. Goten tells her "You had your chance, now you die!". Kyan begins to yell kamehameha slowly as Jenova continues to beg for mercy. Finally Kyan fires her 10x kamehameha wave and kills Jenova. Kyan turns and faces the others staring at them for nearly a minute in silence. Kyan powers back down to her base form and it seems like she has no memory of the battle he just won or transforming to Super Saiyan 5. The sky's color is blue again after being red and the sea rests again. They see the souls of humans returning to Earth and the episode ends as they explain to Kyan what happened.

Android X Saga[]

71 "Memories of Hell" - Goku and the others fly to the island where Jenova absorbed Gokuten and they find Gokuten there. Goku tells Gokuten what happened but Gokuten has a story of his own. While in the dimension of hell Jenova trapped him in he was forced to fight Daikura, Lupiter and Android X. Gokuten said he had to defend all the innocent people. He also revealed that while fighting Android X he ascended to a Ultra Super Saiyan. Gokuten demonstrates and his power is amazing. The Z Fighters return to the Capsule Corp to regroup with Bulma, Haven and the others. Everyone is glad and celebrates the victory and Gokutens return.

72 "One More Year" - While relaxing a messenger of the Supreme Kai arrives to speak with Goku. Everyone thinks he's here to take Goku away but instead since Goku beat Jenova he is granted one year to live on Earth. After the messenger leaves everyone realizes that all those who were absorbed by Jenova have now returned to Earth. This means Dr. Xziles, Daikura, Lupiter and Android X are all back on Earth. The Z Fighters now prepare to hunt their enemies down.

73 "The New Time Chamber" - Vegeta is eager to learn how to become a Super Saiyan 5 like Goku, Torkoto wants to ascend to Super Saiyan 4 and Goku wants to learn how to control his Super Saiyan 5 power. Thus they decide to spend a day in the new hyberbolic time chamber to train. One day in there is still equivalent to one whole year. Goku tells them to hunt Xziles, Daikura and Lupiter but not to fight Android X unless they have to. The three pure Saiyans fly to Kames Place to begin their training.

74 "Start the Search" - Gohan, Goten and Trunks begin their hunt for Xziles, Daikura and Lupiter. They head to where Jenova absorbed them but they are gone. The three warriors go to South City and they find Dr. Xziles there at a coffee shop. Xziles tries to run but is caught and cornered in an alley. He begs for his life and Gohan nearly let's him go but Xziles attacks Gohan with a pipe so Gohan kills him. In the meantime Goku, Vegeta and Torkoto enter the Hyperbolic Time Chamber.

75 "Controling the Power" - Goku, Vegeta and Torkoto begin training in the time chamber and Goku goes Super Saiyan 5 and tries to control the power. Goku nearly suceeds but not fails shortly. Goku begins training Torkoto on becoming a Super Saiyan 4 while Vegeta trains to become a Super Saiyan 5. Gohan, Goten and Trunks continue to look for Daikura and Lupiter.

76 "The Demons are Found" - While searching an island near South City; Goten, Trunks and Gohan find Daikura and Lupiter at rest. They go down to the island and confront the demon father-son duo. Gohan goes Super Saiyan 2 and begins to fight Daikura. Goten, Trunks and Lupiter sit back and watch.

77 "The Son of the Devil" - Gohan continues to fight Daikura as the others continue to watch the fight. Than Gohan uses the Dragons Fist attack to kill Daikura. Lupiter witnesses his fathers death in fear anger. Lupiters fear and anger than takes him to an new power as he transforms. Lupiters power has passed his father and he is as strong as Gohan. Lupiter attacks Gohan and the two fight. In the meantime Android X has appeared at last at West City. X fires a blast at a building grabbing the attention of everyone in the city, including Gokuten and the other Z Fighters.

78 "Weakness of X" - Lupiter is hitting Gohan as hard as he can and finally knocks Gohan out. Goten and Trunks go Super Saiyan 2 and fight the demon child. Meanwhile Android X flies down to South City and confronts Gokuten and the other Z Fighters. Since they are standing in the street some civillians yell at them to move but X just blasts them and kills them and blasts a few buildings. Gokuten tells X to stop and he tells the others not to attack X, as Gokuten claims he will take on X alone. Nobody believes Gokuten can win becuase X handled Vegeta when he was SSJ3. Gokuten claims however that he knows X's weakness. Gokuten powers up to a Full-Power Super Saiyan as the episode ends.

79 "Duel in West City" - As Gokuten powers up, Goten and Trunks can sense his power and that of Android X. They try to leave to help him but Lupiter won't let them leave. Goten and Trunks must now kill Lupiter in order to go help Gokuten. Back at West City Gokuten and X begin their fight and Gokuten seems to be holding his own against X.

80 "Mechanic Menace" - Android X is becoming aggrevated with Gokutens power and speed so he fires sensely throughout the city. Gokuten seems to actually have the upper hand. Goten and Trunks continue to fight Lupiter who is using every attack he has against them. Goku, Vegeta and Torkoto continue to train and Torkoto has nearly ascended to Super Saiyan 4.

81 "Welcome to the Club" - After intense training Torkoto finally ascends to Super Saiyan 4. Goku goes SSJ5 again and fights Vegeta and Torkoto when they are both SSJ4 to learn how to control his power. Lupiter knocks Trunks unconcious and now Goten must fight Lupiter alone. Gokuten continues to fight X and it seems he is exploiting whatever X's weakness is.

82 "Uub's Last Breath" - X decides to scramble from Gokuten to decrease his energy. X finally gets a barrage of good hits in on Gokuten knocking him into a building. Gokuten isn't getting up and nobody sees him or hears him. In anger Uub attacks X and briefly fights him. As Gokuten gets up he and the others watch X punch Uub in the stomach and X's arm goes through Uubs body. Uub is dead. The other fighters want to attack but Gokuten tells them not to. Now Gokutens anger is increasing his power and Gokuten is once again ascending. This time he is becoming a Super Saiyan 2.

83 "Gokutens Hidden Power" - Gokuten has become the youngest Saiyan to ever ascend to Super Saiyan 2. Gokuten is now putting up a even tougher fight against X now. Everyone including Goten can sense Gokutens new power, but can he beat X? Goku is nearly perfected his Super Saiyan 5 form. Goku continues to fight Vegeta and Torkoto.

84 "Back to Hell" - After a intense fight Goten uses his kamehameha to kill Lupiter and send him back to hell. Goten carries Gohan and Trunks and quickly flies to West City. When he arrives he is amazed to see his son a Super Saiyan 2, putting up a fight with X. Goten tries to help but Gokuten insists this is his fight. As their time in the time chamber is running out Goku has perfected his SSJ5 form and Torkoto has had some good training as a SSJ4. Vegeta however hasn't achieved his goal of becoming a SSJ5 which is upseting him more and more.

85 "Gokutens Biggest Fight" - Gokuten and X continue to fight but it's still a close match. In the time chamber Vegeta goes out to train by himself in one last attempt to ascend as time is running out.

86 "Vegeta Ascends" - While training by himself in the time chamber Vegeta begins to think about all the tradegies and enemies he had fought in his life. He sees Frieza, Cell, Majin Buu, Bebi, the Shadow Dragon and even Jenova. Vegeta's body is being consumed by his enemies and he sees the death of his family and friends. He sees Trunks, Bra, and Bulma dying. He sees his fathers death at Friezas hand and the destruction if Planet Vegeta. With this Vegeta unleashes his power and transforms into a Super Saiyan 5. Goku and Torkoto are eating and they sense Vegetas power. Vegeta is as strong as SSJ5 Goku and he is also out of control. Vegeta wants to fight Goku as a SSJ5 so Goku transforms. He tries to get Vegeta to control himself but Vegeta is consumed by the power. Meanwhile Gokuten and X continue their fight.

87 "The Chaos Continues" - Goku and Vegeta battle at the Super Saiyan 5 level in the time chamber. However they only have three hours left in the time chamber and Vegeta is still out of control. Gokuten and X continue to battle but X as a new plan to win.

88 "Bionic Clone" - Goku and Vegetas time is running out and Vegeta still isn't under control. Gokuten continues to fight X, but X has a new plan for victory. X reveals that Dr. Xziles created two Android X's. He claims if they fuse he will become Super Android X and will be stronger than Perfect Jenova. X says that his clone is a Xziles other lab. Gokuten says he won't allow it but how much longer can Gokuten hold?

89 "Time is Up" - Goku gets in a crushing blow which is able to release Vegeta from his SSJ5 form. It's perfect timing as their time in the time chamber is up. Before they leave Goku tells Vegeta not to transform into a SSJ5 until he learns how to control his power. As they return onto Earth the three Saiyans can all sense the power levels below. They know one is X but have no idea that Gokutenis the other. Mr. Popo fills them in and says that Gokuten is fighting X alone. The three saiyans are impressed by Gokutens power and quickly fly down to West City. When they get there X is preparing an Energy Bomb to fire at the city and destroy it so he can go fuse with his clone. The Z Fighters are able to rescue a few civillians and escape on time. Unfortunately X escaped.

90 "The Terror of Android X" - The Z Fighters catch up but don't say much about their training besides Torkoto becoming a SSJ4. Gokuten explains that they must find X before he merges with his clone. X decided to make a stop on the way at North City. There X kills every single person and than anhilatates the whole city. The Z Fighters sense this and fly there quickly. They can sense X nearby. They fly to a nearby chain of islands, X is there and he is about to enter Dr. Xziles second secret lab.

91 "Super Android X" - X enters the lab and still nobody can find him. Than X powers up to fuse with his clone who is still in his growing container. The Z Fighters arrive but they are to late as X as merged with his clone and has become Super Android X. X blows up the lab from within nearly killing the Z Fighters who narowly escape. Gokuten powers up to SSJ2 and attacks but at this point he stands no chance and whatever weakness X had is gone.

92 "Goku vs. Super Android X" - Goku decides that he shouldn't go SSJ5 becuase he doesn't want to unleash that power so soon as he fears he will lose control. Goku goes SSJ4 instead and begins to fight Super Android X.

93 "Clash of the Titans" - Super Android X's power as increased dramatically and it seems to be huge as Goku and X are going all out. X still doesn't seem to be as strong as Perfect Jenova, was he bluffing or is his true power yet to be seen?

94 "The Unstopable Bio-God" - Super Android X is now getting annoyed with comments from the other Z Fighters about his power so X unleashes his full power and SSJ4 Goku doesn't stand a chance in hell. Goku still refuses to go SSJ5 and Vegeta seems to be angered by this. Vegeta is now considering fighting X at SSJ5 as X now is referring to himself as Earth's new Bio-God.

95 "Goku's Refusal" - Goku continues to lose the fight but still refuses to ascend to a SSJ5. Vegeta now powers up to SSJ4 and steps in. However Vegeta intends on transforming to a SSJ5 now. Goku and Torkoto are the only ones who know he can and they know he wants to do it.

96 "Vegeta's Mistake" - SSJ4 Vegeta is no match for Super Android X so Vegeta makes a deadly decision, to ascend to SSJ5. Goku and Torkoto both try to stop him but Vegeta blasts them away. Vegeta has made a huge mistake becuase now despite having enough power to beat X, he only desires to fight Goku. Goku is forced to go SSJ5 and fight but now Torkoto must go SSJ4 and hold off X.

97 "Battle of the Ultiminate Super Saiyans" - Goku and Vegeta continue to fight each other and Torkoto is trying his best against Super Android X. Gokuten thinks he might just have a plan to stop X though.

98 "Design Fault" - It turns out Gokutens idea might work. Gokuten plans to distract X so Torkoto can punch him in the left side of his body from behind. This is the Super Androids major design fault becuase punching him here will force him to puke out his fairly weak clone. Gokuten and Torkoto take the plan to action and it works. Gokuten kills the clone and now Super Android X is gone, it's just Android X once again.

99 "Crushed Fantasy" - Goku notices what has happened and Gokuten is now fighting X. Than out of nowhere Torkoto attaches himself to Vegeta so Goku can use the 10x Kamehameha to knock out Vegeta. Goku does and Torkoto detaches himself just in time and Vegeta falls out of his SSJ5 form and is unconcious. Goku steps up to X, Goku is still a SSJ5 and prepares a 10x Kamehameha to kill X. Goku fires it and at last Android X is defeated.

100 "Ending the Nightmare" - Goku and the others gather the dragon balls quickly and wish back everyone who X killed, including Uub, and everything X destroyed. Everything returns to normal and now it seems Goku can enjoy his one year on Earth in peace and harmony. Vegeta awakens and he insists that Goku help him perfect his SSJ5 powers. Goku agrees which upsets the others. Goku and Vegeta leave to a far away desertto begin training once again, with the intention of training for the next three months.

Ultiminate Super Saiyan Saga[]

101 "The Ultiminate Super Saiyans" - Goku and Vegeta begin their training in a far away desert valley surrounded by mountains and canyons. We finally see Goku and Vegeta acting as friends at last. Goku and Vegeta power up to SSJ4 and begin to fight, preparing to become Ultiminate Super Saiyans.

102 "Wedding Bells" - A month has passed since Goku and Vegeta left to train and now they are back for a special occasion. It's Trunk's wedding day as he is going to marry his girlfriend of five years Emma. Trunks and Emma get married in a large ceremony and everyone celebrates. At the reception Goku enjoys himself and the food especially.

103 "Intense Training" - Goku and Vegeta return to the desert to continue their intense training. Goku and Vegeta are only training at SSJ4 but they both agree it's time to give SSJ5 a try.

104 "Vegeta's Struggle Within" - Goku and Vegeta both ascend to SSJ5. Goku seems to have complete control over his power, but just as suspected Vegeta has very little control. Goku attempts to use moments of Vegetas life and his family and friends to show him the path. Vegeta is trying hard to overcome the power. Does he have what it takes?

105 "Out of Control" - Once again the power consumed SSJ5 Vegeta is out of control and begins to fight SSJ5 Goku. Goku tries to get through to him as it seems Vegeta is still trying to fight the power.

106 "Cave of Nightmares" - Vegeta powers down to his base form and so does Goku. Goku admits Vegeta is close to perfecting his SSJ5 powers. Goku decides to have Vegeta sleep alone in a large cave below them filled with tunnels. The cave is known as the cave of nightmares. While down there alone Vegeta awakens and is surrounded by horryfing images. He sees the death of Trunks, Bra, Bulma. He sees Planet Vegeta and his father destroyed by Frieza. He sees his brother Tarble's death and many others. He than is approached by Frieza, Cooler, King Cold, Cell, Buu, Bebi and many other enemies. He sees Goku killing them all while he can't. Vegeta goes SSJ5 and begins to clash with these illusions of enemies that aren't even there.

107 "Confronted with Fear" - Vegeta is hypnotized by his power and he fights the images of his enemies that aren't even there. As Vegeta watches his enemies destroy what he believes in and cares about, Vegeta finally realizes he must control his power, and he does. At last Vegeta is in control of his SSJ5 power. In the morning Goku is awakened to see piles of mud and rock, and Vegeta. Vegeta tells Goku he suceeded and he goes SSJ5. Vegeta now wants a friendly fight with Goku at the SSJ5 level. Goku agrees and the fight begins.

108 "Perfect Power" - SSJ5 Goku and SSJ5 Vegeta continue to fight. Their power is nearly even and the battle is fierce. The other Z Fighters can sense the power from far away. Goku still thinks they should train a little longer so they can truly perfect their already perfect power.

109 "Overload" - Goku and Vegeta continue their training, and pushing it to overload everyday.

110 "The Final Day" - Goku and Vegeta have been training for three months and now they have reached the final day of their training. Their training us complete but Goku and Vegeta decide to test their new powers in one final fight.

111 "Welcome Home" - Everyone is awaiting the arrival of Goku and Vegeta at the Capsule Corp in West City. Despite being two hours late, Goku and Vegeta arrive during the evening. They show everyone their new perfect SSJ5 powers. Everyone catches up and they all go inside getting ready for a big welcome home dinner.

112 "Big Announcement" - At dinner Goku is enjoying his first homecooked meal in a long time. Trunks and Emma both stand up and get everyone attention saying that they have a big announcement. Emma is preagnant. Everyone is excited and celebrates the two joyous events.

113 "Summer Break" - Ten months have passed since Android X was defeated. Goku only has two more months on Earth and Trunks and Emmas baby boy is going to be born in one month. Since school is now out for summer Gokutens mom, Haven, allows him to train with Goku for a few hours every day. She is like Chi Chi as she desires her son to pursue education instead of fighting.

114 "The Strongest Youth" - Goku and Gokuten continue their training and Gokuten is reaching the limits of his Super Saiyan 2 power. Goku easily admits that Gokuten is way stronger than he, Gohan or Goten ever where when they were his age. Gokuten really is the strongest youth.

115 "A New Commisioner" - As everyone gathers around the tv for a breaking news story they learn that the World Martial Arts Competition has a new commisioner. The new commisioner is Dojo Mobusto, a world famous martial arts instructor. Dojo announces that he will hold the 36th World Martial Arts Tournament in one month. He announces that after this the tournament will officially become a tri-annual event. Only Goku, Vegeta, Gohan and Gokuten plan on entering however.

36th World Tournament Saga[]

116 "The 36th World Tournament" - Goku, Vegeta and Gohan enter the adult division of the 36th World Tournament. Gokuten enters the junior division. The four of them have one month to train for it so they begin right away. Trunks and Emmas baby is now only two weeks from birth.

117 "Day of Zen" - Goku, Gohan, Goten and Gokuten spend a day out enjoying themselves. They go fishing, hiking and camping.

118 "The Birth of Toranjita" - Emma's water breaks and she and Trunks rush to the hospital. The others follow them there. Emma is taken to the delivery room where she gives birth to her and Trunks son, Toranjita. Everyone looks and admires the new baby.

119 "Tournament Starts Tomorrow" - Goku, Vegeta, Gohan and Gokuten spend one final day training for the tournament which starts in one day.

120 "Preliminaries" - The tournament begins and just as in the 35th World Tournament; Goku, Vegeta and Gohan all qualify for the Quarterfinal Round of their division. Gokuten qualifies for the Quarterfinals in the Junior Division.

121 "Fierce Competition" - Goku faces a warrior named Tat-Su who he easily defeats in the Quarterfinals. Vegeta faces a fighter by the name of Roto who he also easily defeats. Gohan is matched up against a fighter known as Poron. Gohan is about to knock Poran out of the ring but Poran tricks him and trips Gohan into falling face first out of the ring. Gokuten fights a jocky boy who is about five years older than him named Izturu. Gokuten knocks the cocky boy out in one punch and moves on to the next round of his division.

122 "Finals Matchup" - In the semifinals Goku fights Poran. Poran tries to trip Goku out of the ring but Goku is prepared and easily pushes Poran out of the ring. Vegeta fights Minnim in the semifinals. Minnim turns out tone very fast and Vegeta can't hit him. Finally Vegeta grabs him and beats him to a pulp. Vegeta moves on and the stage is set for Goku to face Vegeta in the Final Round. Gokuten fights a boy named Doobie in the Junior Division semifinals and Doobies fighting style seems to be swing away. This method fails and Gokuten advances to the Junior Division Finals.

123 "Junior Division Finals" - Gokuten is matched up against a ten year old boy named Gordo. Gordo is fat and quite big but very strong. He is just as strong as Gokuten when Gokuten is in his base form. Gokuten refuses to go Super Saiyan becuase he doesn't want to use that power to win the tournament. However Gokuten might just have to.

124 "Ultiminate Matchup" - Gokuten and Gordo are at a stalemate when Gokuten unleashed a fierce combo attack that sends Gordo flying. Gokuten wins the Junior Division of the tournament but who will win the adult division. Everyone gathers for the final battle between Goku and Vegeta. Goku and Vegeta both go SSJ5 and the ultiminate matchup begins.

125 "Goku vs. Vegeta" - Goku and Vegeta fight eachother at the SSJ5 level. The two fly into the sky to have more space for their all out brawl. The match is extremely close and the others look on from the ground below.

126 "Final Bout" - Goku and Vegeta continue their intense fight to decide who's power is more perfect. Goku fires his 10x Kamehameha at Vegeta and Vegeta fires his Full-Powered Galic Gun to match it up. The blast cancel out and the fight continues.

127 "Beam Struggle" - Goku and Vegeta fight on, they look like they can fight non-stop for days. Than in a repeat of the first time Goku and Vegeta fought, the two are involved in a fierce beam struggle. Who's power and beam is greater? Who will win this fight.

128 "Vegeta's Decision" - The two beams cancel out and explode. Vegeta and Goku talk for a little a while in the sky and they look back at all the times and battles they fought. Vegeta now decides he will blow the match and let Goku win. They fight a little longer and than return to the ring. Goku punches Vegeta and Vegeta flies out of the ring on purpose. Goku has won the tournamet. However Goky knows that Vegeta blew the match and he is the only one who knows this.

129 "Saiyan Friendship" - That night everyone goes to the Capsule Corp for a barbeque. Vegeta stands alone on the balcony and Goku goes to talk to him. Goku asks why he blew the match. Vegeta says that Goku would have won anyway and that Goku is still the perfect Super Saiyan. Goku and Vegeta share a true moment of friendship at last. They go inside and eat and enjoy the evening.

130 "Farewell Goku" - Goku's time on Earth is finally over and the Supreme Kai and his messenger arrive to take him away. Goku says his finally farewell to everyone, one by one. Finally Goku, the Supreme Kai and the messenger fly away and everyone looks on.

Blue Crystal Army Saga[]

This saga begins six years after Goku's departure. A terrorist orginization known as the Blue Crystal Army has begun causing terror and destruction throughout the Earth. The Blue Crystal Army was merely a Street Gang in North City for three years but their mysterious leader has evolved them into a powerful force that has taken the eye of the Z Fighters.

131 "Hostage Situation" - A paramilitary orginization known as the Blue Crystal Army has been established by a mysterious unknown leader. The Blue Crystal Army was nothing more than a street gang for three years, but now they are ready to reveal themselves as the Blue Crystal Army. About a dozen members of the BCA enter the North City First Bank. Their goal is not just to steal a large amount of money, but also to take as many hostages as possible in order to make sure that the world shall begin to fear them. Vegeta's brother, Tarble, is in North City while this is happening. Tarble goes to the bank to discover the Hostage Situation, but the Saiyan has a plan.

132 "The Blue Crystal Army" - Instead of entering from the front or back, Tarble enters the bank from the roof. He crashes down and attacks the BCA soldiers and easily defeats them, except for one. The one that is left is Captain Kroter. Tarble is able to get all the hostages out safely. Captain Kroter reveals who he is, and he tells Tarble about the Blue Crystal Army and how they will soon rule the world. Than a large explosion takes place outside. Tarble sees a large behemoth outside as well as more BCA paramilitary troops. Kroter takes advantage of the opportunity and escapes with all of the money. Tarble attacks and defeats the BCA troops, but he still has a large behemoth to deal with.

133 "The Behemoth Android" - The large tank like behemoth is actually one of the BCA's many androids. This is one of their larger more destructive models, Android K2. Tarble defeats K2 with a energy blast but then a larger android shows up. One who is the size of Hirudegarn, Android K1. Tarble attacks K1, but K1 is very powerful. In the meantime, the other Z Fighters back at the Capsule Corp in West City watch the event on TV and now they fly off to North City to help Tarble.

134 "To the Rescue" - Tarble isn't holding up so well against K1 but then some of the Z Fighters arrive. Vegeta, Torkoto, Gokuten, Gohan, Goten, Trunks, Uub and Pan all arrive at the scene. Tarble is being crushed by K1 so Vegeta goes Super Saiyan to kill the massive android. Tarble tells the others about what happened, and about the BCA. Vegeta is dissapointed again in his brother because this is the third time he had to step in and help him.

135 "Paramilitary Declaration" - Everyone returns to the Capsule Corp and when they get their a breaking news announcement is on tv. A strange man appears on the tv and reveals he is Commander Locust, leader of the Blue Crystal Army. He announces that their armies are larger than any other military force on the planet and they have many powerful and deadly androids. He also claims that he will soon control the entire planet. The Z Fighters realize they are going to have to fight this new paramilitary enemy and they prepare for battle.

136 "The Invasion Begins" - The Blue Crystal Army begins their global invasion in North City as hundreads of paramilitary troops take over the city. They are led by a powerful android named General XYZ. After learning that the city was taken over; Gokuten, Goten, Gohan and Trunks go to North City to take it back. When they arrive they find the city is blockaded and inside their are a few behemoth androids. The four of them enter the city and begin their attack.

137 "Through the Alleyways" - The four warriors take out many soldiers and send others running scared. They encounter four of the BCA's androids in a alleyway. Android 012, Android 013, Android 014 and Android 015 are their names. Gokuten takes on 012, Goten fights 013, Gohan battles 014 and Trunks duels with 015. The four of them go Super Saiyan and fight the androids.

138 "Attack of the Androids" - Gokuten, Goten, Gohan and Trunks fight the Androids as Super Saiyans but can't beat them. They then all transform into Super Saiyan 2 and defeat the four androids. Than another android arrives, one who is stronger than any of the four androids they just beat. Gokuten says he will fight this android alone and the others move on to face the rest of the paramilitary's occupation in North City.

139 "Triple Zero" - The new android reveals he is Android 000, or simply Triple Zero. Gokuten powers up to Full-Power Super Saiyan 2 and fights Triple Zero who proves to be extremely powerful. In the meantime Goten, Gohan and Trunks fight the K-Class behemoth androids. They take out many of them and many paramilitary troops. Than the P-Class behemoth androids show up and the three of them are forced to go SSJ2 in order to beat them.

140 "The General Arrives" - Goten, Gohan and Trunks are crushing the behemoth androids and paramilitary troops, than General XYZ arrives and he is even stronger than Triple Zero. Triple Zero gives Gokuten a challenge but Gokuten finally kills him and shows up to fight XYZ. XYZ is shocked that Gokuten beat Triple Zero. Full Power SSJ2 Gokuten begins to fight XYZ.

141 "Desperate Attempt" - XYZ is a challenge for Gokuten but in the end XYZ knows he can't win. In a desperate attempt to kill Gokuten and destroy North City, XYZ creates a massive energy beam to fire at Gokuten. Gokuten counteracts it with his own energy beam. Gokuten is being beat until Goten, Gohan and Trunks fire their own energy beams at XYZ. Together they stop XYZ and their energy beams destroy him.

142 "Secret of the Blue Crystals" - Captain Kroter witnesses XYZ's end and orders all of the BCA's troops in North City to retreat. The troops escape but Gokuten stops Captain Kroter. Gokuten, Goten, Gohan and Trunks interrogate Kroter about the BCA's true plans and purposes. Kroter reveals that the Blue Crystal Army is actually after the ten Blue Crystals. Whoever gathers all ten of them will rule the entire planet. Literally everyone will be possesed, people will become slaves of the one who gathers them. Commander Locust is after the Blue Crystals and has been for three years. Kroter says that Locust already has five of them. Gokuten lets Kroter go and he and the others hurry to tell the others the dark secret they've just learned.

143 "Disturbing Revelation" - Gokuten, Goten, Gohan and Trunks return home and tell the others about the Blue Crystals. Gokuten tells them that Commander Locust already has five and that they must begin looking for them immediatly.

144 "Quest for the Blue Crystals" - One of Commander Locust's spies tells him that Captain Kroter revealed the secret of the Blue Crystals to Gokuten. Locust immediatly puts a bounty up on Kroter. Meanwhile, Gokuten finds a Blue Crystal in a cave outside of West City. The quest for the blue crystals has now begun.

145 "Bounty is Claimed" - A bounty hunter arrives at Locust's palace, with him is Captain Kroter. Locust intimidates Kroter for a little bit until he finally kills him. In the meantime, the Z-Fighters continue their search for the Blue Crystals.

146 "Playing in Dirt" - Gokuten goes to the desert to search for a Blue Crystal that is potentially there. He has to watch Toranjita since nobody else can so he takes Toranjita with them. At the desert Toranjita plays in dirt while Gokuten looks for the Blue Crystal. Than while playing in the dirt, Toranjita digs up a Blue Crystal.

147 "Forest Fire" - Gokuten travels to a village in a forest where he has been told a Blue Crystal is located. When he arrives the villagers tell him to rest while they go get it for him. Little does Gokuten know that the villagers are soldiers of the BCA and that they killed all of the villagers and took the Blue Crystal. In an attempt to hault Gokutens search, they burn the enitre village and forest. Gokuten finds out and goes after the BCA soldiers.

148 "Death Toll" - Gokuten finds the BCA soldiers but he is too late. One of the BCA's androids already came and took it and delivered it to Commander Locusts Palace. Gokuten sends the BCA soldiers running and helps firefighters put out the forest fire.

149 "Crystal Chaos" - Gokuten and Tarble find a Blue Crystal at the top of mountain at the same time as the BCA soldiers and a BCA android. Gokuten and Tarble scare the soldiers by transforming to Super Saiyans and shaking the mountain. The android stands still. Gokuten and Tarble briefly fight the android before defeating it and taking the crystal back home.

150 "The Cave of Shadows" - Gokuten learns that a Blue Crystal was just found by the second-in-command of the BCA, General Decimal, and that the crystal is still at Decimal's secret lair; the Cave of Shadows. The Cave of Shadows is a base hidden within a large cave in a mountaneous valley. Gokuten goes on his own to the cave and manages to find the entrance. He defeats two android guards at the entrance and steals a key in order to enter. Gokuten fights the BCA soldiers and androids and makes his way to Decimals Grand Chamber, where there is a suprise that Gokuten did not even expect.

Virtual World Saga[]

151 "Thy Kingdom Come" - Gokuten enters General Decimals Grand Chamber and inside finds Decimal, an android and a large machine that is holding a strange vortex together. Gokuten enters the room and the doors are locked behind him. Decimal tells Gokuten that the vortex is actually the portal into a Virtual World. Than Gokuten is pushed by the android onto a platform where a beam of light comes from the portal and covers Gokutens body. Decimal says that Gokuten is going to be re-animated and trapped in the virtual world. Gokuten enters the virtual world and hears the voice of Decimal. Decimal explains to Gokuten that the only way out is a portal on the other side of the virtual world and in order to get there he must fight over a hundread androids and mechanic monsters within the virtual world. Decimal tells Gokuten that if he can make it out of the virtual world that he will give Gokuten the blue crystal and surrender his life. Seeing he has no other choice, Gokuten accepts Decimals challenge to fight in the virtual world. Decimal also tells Gokuten that the virtual world is very real and that Gokuten can die inside of it. Decimal also tells him he only has 48 hours to escape the strange world before the cave of shadows explodes, destroying the virtual world as well. Now Decimals game has begun.

152 "Sentenced to Virtual Reality" - Gokuten begins to make his way into the virtual world and arrives at a gate guarded by two large androids. They are guarding the gate into the first of the virtual worlds three kingdoms, the Stone Kingdom. Gokuten fights them in his base form and studies their fighting styles. Then he turns into a Super Saiyan and defeats them, entering Stone Kingdom. He enters a world with jungles, valleys, plains, rivers, lakes and mountains. As soon as he enters he is attacked by large robotic birds, bears and other wild mechanical androids. Maybe the virtual world really isn't a game.

153 "Teach Me A Lesson" - Gokuten continues to fight his way through valleys and forests of robotic creatures, birds and dinosaurs. Finally he finds the king of Stone Kingdom in a large castle on the top of Stone Mountain. The king is actually a android by the name of King Fox. Gokuten fights Fox as a Super Saiyan but is not strong enough to win. Fox tells Gokuten that he's going to teach him a lesson. Gokuten tells him to try and powers up to a Full-Powered Super Saiyan.

154 "Kingdom of Hell" - As a Full-Powered Super Saiyan, Gokuten is able to defeat King Fox. Gokuten then moves on to the second kingdom, the Kingdom of Hell. The Kingdom of Hell is a virtual version of hell where Gokuten will fight androids who look like villains from the real hell. Villains like Frieza, Friezas henchman and Cell. Yet they are all just androids. Gokuten first encounters what looks like the Ginyu Force, but easily kills then without even transforming into a Super Saiyan.

155 "Virtual Nightmare" - Gokuten fights against more androids who look like Friezas henchman, Nappa, the Saibamen, Zarbon and the Cell Juniors. Many other enemies arrive. Androids who look like criminals and Red Ribbon Army Soldiers. Commander Red, Commander Blue, Advisor Black and General Tao among just a few. Than Gokuten finds two powerful androids who look like Frieza and Cell. Both of them are stronger than the real Frieza and Cell. Gokuten powers up to Full-Powered Super Saiyan and fights them both.

156 "Uneasy Breathing" - Gokuten charges up to Super Saiyan 2 and destroys the Frieza and Cell androids. He continues to move on in hell fighting against more enemies and even the BCA's behemoth androids and many more androids as well. Gokuten finds the Palace of Hell and enters to find the King of Hell. Another android named King Apocalypse. This one is even stronger than the android versions of Cell and Frieza. Goku fights Apocalypse as a SSJ2.

157 "Unreal Paradise" - Gokuten continues to fight Apocalypse and finally after a gruling battle Gokuten destroys Apocalypse with a kamehameha. Gokuten moves on to the third and final kingdom, the Kingdom of Paradise. This world looks inviting and peaceful, but Gokuten knows it's evil. Here he must fight androids and behemoth androids in order to move on to the portal back to the real world.

158 "Retrieve the Crystal" - Gokuten fights his way through the Kingdom of Paradise. Meanwhile back in the real world Goten, Gohan and Trunks go to a BCA military base where a Blue Crystal is at. This crystal was the one that the BCA soldiers stole from the villagers in the forest. When they get there they are met by androids and behemoth androids.

159 "The Third King" - Gokuten makes it to the Palace of Paradise where he finds the king of the Kingdom of Paradise, King Haze. Haze, just like the other two kings, is a android. Gokuten powers up to SSJ2 to fight Haze who is just as strong as King Apocalypse. In the meantime Goten, Gohan and Trunks fight the BCA soldiers and androids at the BCA base.

160 "Breaking Through" - Gokuten clashes with King Haze throughout the Kingdom of Paradise. After a long and intense power struggle Gokuten overpowers King Haze with a kamehameha and destroys the android. Gokuten now moves on to find the portal back to the real world. Goten, Gohan and Trunks continue to battle the BCA soldiers who are starting to retreat. Then Captain Zarver, one of the BCA's high ranking officers, enters a behemoth android and attacks the three warriors. Zarver has the blue crystal they are looking for.

161 "Another Obstacle" - Gokuten finds the portal back to the real world but before he can enter he is stopped in his tracks by another android. The android says he is Captain Semper, and that he is General Decimals head bodyguard and the strongest android in the virtual world. Gokuten powers up to SSJ2 and Semper than reveals his power. He is much stronger than any of the androids Gokuten has faced in the virtual world so far. Semper says Gokuten won't be allowed to leave unless he defeats him. The fight begins. Goten, Gohan and Trunks continue to fight Captain Zarver and the behemoth androids.

162 "Fight Against Time" - Gokuten only has one more hour before the virtual world self destructs and it seems as if Semper has no weaknesses. Gokuten uses his full power but it seems as if their is no use. Goten, Gohan and Trunks defeat the behemoth androids and Captain Zarver runs into the mountains with the crystal. The three of them follow Zarver quickly.

163 "One More Attack" - Goten, Gohan and Trunks find Zarver and throw him off the side of the mountain and retrieve the crystal. Gokuten is going all out against Semper and attempts a kamehameha attack but it doesn't even scratch Semper. Gokuten has one final attack planned, one he learned directly from Goku.

164 "Dragons Fist" - Gokuten seems to be defeated but than powers up to his full power. In a quick burst he rushes Semper and performs the Dragons Fist attack. The attack defeats Semper and General Decimal watches from his chamber in horror. Gokuten escapes the virtual world with just a minute to spare and confronts Decimal. Two androids attack Gokuten but are easily defeated. Gokuten demands the crystal, but Decimal refuses. Decimal runs to his computer and sets the entire cave for self destruct and begins to run for the exit.

165 "Return to Reality" - Gokuten throws Decimal to the ground and takes the crystal. Gokuten escapes the explosion just in time. Goten, Gohan and Trunks see the explosion nearby and rush to the scene. There they find Gokuten who explains what happened and shows them the crystal. They all begin to return home and know they only need to find one more crystal.

Global War Saga[]

166 "The Global War" - When Gokuten and the others return home every one is watching a breaking news report on tv. War has been declared. The Global War. The armies of Earth have joined forces to take on the massive Blue Crystal Army in what they have declared The Global War. Gokuten and the others know that Earth's armies stand no chance against the BCA as long as the BCA has their androids and behemoth androids. The Z-Fighters all realize that they have to help.

167 "No Time To Waste" - With the Global War now made official, the BCA wastes no time in beggining their attack on Earth's cities. Two strong BCA military forces are sent to both Satan City and West City. The attack on Satan City is led by Captain Litzyein and the attack on West City is led by Captain Kottoman. Gokuten, Goten and Trunks head to Satan City to help Earth's forces in the battle. Gohan, Pan, Tarble, Toranjita and Uub stay in West City to help Earth's forces there.

168 "Mr. Satan is Kidnapped" - In Satan City, Captain Litzyein kidnaps Mr. Satan and demands control of the city or threatens to kill Mr. Satan. Mr. Satan escapes Litzyeins grasp but is easily stopped by two large androids. Goten and Trunks fuse into SSJ3 Gotenks to easily defeat the BCA forces while Gokuten goes to rescue Mr. Satan and defeat Captain Litzyein. The other Z Fighters continue to defend West City from the BCA invaders.

169 "Where in the World is Vegeta?!" - Gokuten finds the mayors office at city hall where Mr. Satan is being held hostage at. Gokuten defeats the BCA guards and androids but Captain Litzyein grabs Mr. Satan and puts a gun to his head. However Mr. Satan breaks out of Litzyeins grip and pushes him out the window to kill him. Gokuten, Goten, Trunks and Mr. Satan prepare to finish off the BCA forces in Satan City. In the meanwhile, Vegeta awakens in a large chamber inside a regeneration tank. He realizes that all of his energy has been taken away and he is attached to many cords and wires that are not allowing him to regain his energy. Vegeta can't even power up to SSJ. Than Commander Locust entered the room and begins questioning Vegeta for the location of the other Blue Crystals, but Vegeta refuses to talk.

170 "Energy Restoration" - Commander Locust begins to torture Vegeta since Vegeta won't reveal the location of the blue crystals. Vegeta manages to break the cords that were stripping him of his power, without Locust or the guards realizing he broke them. Vegeta undergoes the torture only because it will give him time to restore his energy. Finally with his energy restored Vegeta breaks free and attacks the guards and androids. Commander Locust escapes back to his palace. Vegeta destroys the secret base where he was being kept at and begins to quietly follow a group of androids who were retrieving a blue crystal in the mountains.

171 "Reinforcements Arrive" - Gokuten, Goten and Trunks finish off the BCA forces invading Satan City and now head back to West City to aid their friends. The BCA had sent a large number of reinforcements to West City. Vegeta follows the androids to the final blue crystal. Vegeta transforms into a SSJ3 and easily defeats all of the androids and takes the crystal.

172 "The Ultiminate Showdown" - Gokuten and the rest of the Z Fighters defeat the BCA forces in West City. As soon as they do Vegeta arrives with the last blue crystal. They now realize they must enter Locusts palace and steal the rest of the crystals in order to destroy them all together. Than a announcement is made by the Grand General of Earth's armies. That Earth's entire army will battle the entire BCA in a final showdown. Gokuten tells the others that before they confront Locust, they must help the armies of Earth. Vegeta refuses to help and flies off to "train". Vegeta believes that this fight is to easy for him and that the others have it under control. The Z Fighters all head out to a very large and uninhabitated island where the battle is scheduled to take place. The Z Fighters meet with the leaders of Earths armies who say the BCA forces are about to land on the opposite side of the island.

173 "The Pride of the People" - The BCA forces stand across the battlefield from Earths armies. Gokuten delivers a emotional and inspirational speech. The two military forces charge at eachother and the battle begins. Gokuten, Goten, Trunks, Gohan, Tarble, Uub and Pan help in the battle and take on the androids and behemoths. They prove to be a huge help and it looks like the armies of Earth are winning the battle. Commander Locist finds out that Gokuten has the other five crystals and sends his five strongest androids to find Gokuten and retrieve the crystals.

174 "The Crystals Are Stolen" - Earths armies seem to be winning the battle. Gokuten is than lured away from the battlefield by a very strong android named Android B1. They fly to a small desolate island nearby where four more very powerful androids appear. They are the Big 5. Android B1, B2, B3, B4 and B5. The strongest of them was Android B1. They demand the crystals but Gokuten refuses to give them up. Gokuten powers up to his full power as a SSJ2 and fights the androids. Gokuten quickly defeats B5 and B4. Then B3 and B2 hold down Gokuten long enough for B1 to take the bag with the crystals. B1 tells B2 and B3 to kill Gokuten and he flies off to give the crystals to Commander Locust at Locust's Palace. Gokuten easily defeats the two androids and follows B1 to Locust's Palace.

175 "Locust's Palace" - Gokuten arrives at Commander Locusts Palace and fights his way to Locusts Grand Chamber. When he arrives Locust and B1 are preparing to activate the ten blue crystals. Locust tells B1 to use his full power to hold off Gokuten; Gokuten uses his full power and the two begin to fight. Gokuten uses his dragons fist attack and destroys B1 but he is to late as the crystals are activated. The skies turn black and a blue glowing light surounds the ten crystals and a straight blue ray of light shoots at the sky. Locust drinks the Blue Crystal antidote so he becomes immune to the crystals mind control effects. Gokuten grabs the potion and drinks some to make him immune as well. However, Gokuten and Locust have no idea what is about to happen.

Blue Crystal Dragon Saga[]

176 "The Blue Crystal Dragon" - Commander Locust laughs as he believes he has won the battle, but then a large blue and black dragon appears. The dragon almost appears like a cross between Shenron, Porunga and the Shadow Dragon. Than a bright flash of light occurs and the dragon begins to shrink into a humanoid form. The dragon is now in a large and buff humanoid form, similar in appearance to Omega Shenron. The dragon then absorbs the ten blue crystals into him and they are sticking out of his chest. The dragon says he is the Blue Crystal Dragon and now everyone on Earth is under his control thanks to the Blue Crystals and the only way to change that is to kill the dragon. Even Gokuten realizes that the dragon is stronger than him. The dragon realizes Gokuten has the immunity potion so he knocks Gokuten down and breaks the potion. The dragon says he is a demon dragon from hell who came to Earth hundreads of years ago to take over the universe but the guardian of Earth at the time found a way to lock the dragon in his own source of power, the Blue Crystals. However that technique died with that guardian. Gokuten realizes he's the stongest person alive who is not under the control of the dragon. The dragon kills Locust after he complains that the world was supposed to be his. Immediatly the dragon knows Gokuten has saiyan blood and demands to see his power and fight him. Gokuten powers up to his full power as a SSJ2 but still realizes it's not enough to beat the dragon.

177 "Push it to the Limit" - Gokuten attempts to push beyond his full power and begins to fight the dragon. The fight is actually very close until the dragon reveals he was only using half of his power. The dragon powers up and begins to pummel Gokuten. Gokuten continues to push his limits to stay in the fight and to stay alive.

178 "Saved by the Androids" - Gokuten is barely holding his own in the one sided fight against the dragon when a large group of BCA androids arrive. Because they are androids and have no souls they can't be controlled by the Blue Crystals. The dragon starts to battle the androids while Gokuten begins to prepare an attack that he hopes will defeat the dragon. One he has never tried before.

179 "Hopeful Attempt" - With the androids distracting the dragon, Gokuten prepares a 10x kamehameha attack. A attack he has never attempted before but Goku attempted to teach it to him. The dragon finally finishes the androids and then Gokuten sucesfully launches a massive 10x kamehameha wave towards the dragon. Gokuten used all of his remaining energy on the attack and now can only hope it worked.

180 "Gokutens Escape" - To Gokutens suprise his10x kamehameha wave didn't even scratch the dragon. Now Gokuten is almost completly out of energy. Just as the dragon is about to finish him more androids and behemoth androids arrive. Realizing he can't do anything now Gokuten decides to take the opportunity to escape. He realizes he must recover his energy and grow stronger in order to beat the dragon.

181 "Shutting Down" - Gokuten heads to a island far from the palace where he hides in the mountain valleys. Gokuten sits down when a android appears. Gokuten is far to weak and exhausted to fight. Just as the android is about to attack it collapses to the ground and shuts down. Gokuten realizes that the dragon must have shut down all androids from the main computer at the palace. Luckily, Gokuten finds a bag of sensu beans on the android and takes them to regain his energy. Gokuten then sits and tries to think about what to do.

182 "To the Lookout" - Gokuten flies to Dendes lookout where he finds Dendr and Mr. Popo in fear. They both believe Gokuten was possesed by the crystals as well but Gokuten explains what happened and that he is not under the dragons mind control. Dense and Mr. Popo said they drank the sacred water before the takeover to insure they didn't become possesed. Gokuten says that they should use the sacred water to free the people of Earths minds. Dendr says they already tried but the blue crystals overpowered the sacred water. Dende tells Gokuten that it's up to him to save the world. Gokuten doesn't think he can do it but Dende tells him that Gokuten has the power within in and that he must just release it and control it. Dende says that the best way for Gokutens power to be released is to fight his possesed friends and family who are all back at West City. Gokuten doesn't want to but realizes he has no other choice and no time to train. Gokuten flies off two West City. Than the Blue Crystal Dragon summons a possesed Vegeta to his palace. The dragon makes Vegeta second in command of the planet and appoints him Deity of Earth. The dragon tells Vegeta to find and kill Gokuten. Vegeta finds Torkoto and tells him they must begin looking for Gokuten. Vegeta flies off and Torkoto flies towards West City.

183 "Friendly Fire" - Gokuten arrives in West City to find his brainwashed friends and family. His father Goten insists that Gokuten must join them but Gokuten refuses. Gokuten transforms to SSJ2 and pushes his limits yet again. First he faces SSJ Tarble, Uub and Pan. Gokuten fights them for a while until knocking them to the ground. Than Goten, Gohan and Trunks transform to SSJ2 as well and begin to fight Gokuten. Torkoto and Vegeta both feel the power coming from the battle and head towards West City.

184 "To Hurt the Ones You Love" - Gokuten knocks down Gohan and Trunks and now faces his father one on one. Goten begins to taunt Gokuten but this just helps Gokuten increase his power even further. Gokuten pummel his father and knocks him to the ground with a kamehameha wave. After beating his friends and family to the ground Torkoto arrives. Torkoto tells Gokuten he will fight Gokuten at his power level. Instead of using his SSJ4 powers, Torkoto only goes SSJ2 and matches Gokutens power. Vegeta arrives but when he sees Torkoto fighting Gokuten at the same power he sits on a mountain edge to watch. Nobody knows Vegeta is there either.

185 "Foolish Mistake" - Gokuten and Torkoto have a even fight for a while until Gokuten continues to push his power. He doesn't give Torkoto the opportunity to power up and then easily defeats Torkoto. Torkoto is knocked to the ground like the others. Gokuten's power as grown tremendously. Than Vegeta steps up and says he plans to use all of his power and kill Gokuten. He tells them he had been watching the whole fight and laughs at the other defeated warriors. Vegeta transforms into a SSJ5. Gokuten is much stronger now, but he is still no match for a SSJ5.

186 "Hypnotized Minds" - Gokuten and Vegeta go all out but Vegeta still has the upper hand. Gokuten is attempting to drain his energy by running from Vegeta and using his speed. Gokuten tries to dodge as many attacks as possible and hit Vegeta whenever he has the chance. Gokuten and Vegeta can hear the other Z Warriors cheering for Vegeta from the ground below.

187 "Near Transformation" - Gokuten knows he has no chance to beat Vegeta. Gokuten eats two more sensu beans to recover his energy. The two fight some more. Vegeta tells Gokuten he is just as worthless as his family and friends. After more taunts and insults Gokuten explodes with anger and rage and his power is rising massively. Vegeta is frightened for a second before remembering he is a SSJ5 and nothing can stop him. But Gokuten has pushed his power beyond the ultiminate limits. As his hair seems to grow and eyebrows disapear, can Gokuten complete the transformation to Super Saiyan 3?

188 "Dragons Pummel" - Vegeta continues to taunt Gokuten. This forces out Gokutens rage and he attacks Vegeta before finishing his transformation to SSJ3, which he didn't even realize he was doing. However, Gokutens power is in fact slightly stronger than a SSJ3. Gokuten releases his rage and uses a attack he createdcalled Dragons Pummel to beat up on Vegeta non-stop. Gokuten than fires a 10x kamehameha sending Vegeta plumeting to the ground.

189 "Do it Again" - Vegeta gets back from Gokutens massive attack. In his cocky attitude Vegeta tells Gokuten to do it again. Gokuten once again performs his Dragons Pummel attack followed by a kamehameha. The attack weakened Vegeta enough that he he can no longer hold his SSJ5 form. Vegeta enters his SSJ4 form and a even fight between the two begins. Gokuten eats a sensu bean to regain the energy he lost from his attacks.

190 "Turn of the Tide" - Gokuten attempts a barage of attacks and energy blasts before hitting Vegeta with another Dragons Pummel. Gokuten fires a massive kamehameha wave at Vegeta. Once again Vegeta has lost energy. He can no longer sustain his SSJ4 form and falls to SSJ3 were he us evenly matched with Gokuten. Gokuten eats his final sensu bean to once again restore his energy.

191 "Clash of Equal Powers" - Gokuten and Vegeta are equally matched and going all out throughout West City with everything they've got.

192 "Fallout" - Gokuten is hitting Vegeta with everything he's got. Gokuten attempts to use a 10x kamehameha to defeat Vegeta. However, Vegeta cancels it out with his galic gun. Eventually Vegeta once again takes the upper hand. Gokuten can't fight on so fires many kid blasts at Vegeta to distract him while he retreats back to Dendes Lookout.

193 "Necesary Power" - Gokuten arrives at Dendes Lookout where Dende replenishes Gokutens energy. Gokuten doesn't think he's strong enough to fight the Blue Crystal Dragon. Dende tells Gokuten that he has the necesary power to defeat the dragon. Dende tells Gokuten that he almost became a SSJ3 and that if he did he would have beaten Vegeta. Gokuten is now upset that he failed but Dende says that Gokuten can beat the dragon now and that if Gokuten can control his power he can ascend to SSJ3 and crush the dragon. Gokuten heads off to the dragons palace.

194 "Return to the Palace" - The Blue Crystal Dragon summons Vegeta to his Grand Chamber at the palace. The dragon is angry that Vegeta failed in his mission and tells him to go find and kill Gokuten. The dragon tells Vegeta if he fails again that he will die. The dragon tosses Vegeta around a little and sends him off. Gokuten stops at a island by the palace and watches Vegeta fly by. Gokuten waits and then heads to the palace. When he arrives he is met by many guards but none of them can match Gokutens power and Gokuten heads to the palaces Grand Chamber.

195 "Rematch" - Gokuten enters the Grand Chamber and finds the Blue Crystal Dragon who tells Gokuten that he has been waiting for him. Gokuten shows the dragon his new power as a SSJ2. The dragon admits he is impressed but says he is still stronger and powers up to his full power. Now the long awaiting rematch between Gokuten and the Blue Crystal Dragon begins with both of them fighting at their full power.

196 "The Only Hope" - Gokuten and the dragon begin their ultiminate battle. In the process they destroy the entire palace and continue their fight on a nearby island. Gokuten and the dragon are going all out and Gokuten knows that he is the only hope for the entire universe now.

197 "Don't Let Up" - Gokuten is making the dragon sweat, challenging him blow for blow. Than all of the possesed Z-Fighters arrive, including Vegeta and Torkoto. The dragon however tells them not to help, that he wants to kill Gokuten himself.

198 "Back and Forth" - Gokuten and the dragon continue their all out battle with no end in sight. The Z-Fighters continue to watch from the ground as the two duke it out.

199 "Any Last Words?" - The fight continues but soon Gokuten tires and the dragon takes advantage. Soon Gokuten is depleted of energy and facing his death as his possesed friends and family cheer for the dragon. The dragon than angers Gokuten by telling him he plans to kill all of his useless friends and family after he kills him. Gokuten becomes infuriated when the dragon grabs Goten and begins to beat him to a pulp. Watching this Gokutens power rises, he quickly ascends from SSJ to SSJ2 but doesn't stop there. The dragon laughs thinking this is a desperate attempt but he has no idea what's coming. Finally Gokutens eyebrows vanish, his eyes turn green and his hair grows extremely long. The dragon is now scared seeing the transformation. Gokuten has finally become a Super Saiyan 3.

200 "Gokuten: A Super Saiyan 3" - At last a Super Saiyan 3, Gokutens power has increased dramatically. Gokuten is now as strong as the dragon, if not stronger. The dragon claims he will still kill Gokuten. Gokuten shows off his new power by pummeling the dragon. It seems Gokuten has the upper hand by far now.

201 "Powerful Youth" - Gokuten is bashing the dragon from all angles. Vegeta and Torkoto try to help the dragon but the dragon blasts them to the ground exclaiming he can handle it. The dragon powers up and he and Gokuten fight one on one.

202 "Push to Die" - Gokuten and the dragon now fight evenly one on one. Gokuten is trying his hardest to kill the dragon. Gokuten than uses a 10x kamehameha but the dragon just barely dodges it. However, the dragon has a new plan to gain enough power to kill Gokuten.

203 "Unfriendly Allies" - The dragon tells the possesed Z Fighters to give him their energy. After they do the dragon powers up and begins to break Gokuten. Gokuten than hears his Grandfather Goku's voice. Goku tells him there is still one thing Gokuten can do to defeat the dragon.

204 "Gokutens Spirit Bomb" - Goku tells Gokuten to use all his energy and power to create the Spirit Bomb and destroy the dragon. Gokuten doesn't think it will work but realizes he has no more options to choose from. Gokuten flies above the island and powers up to his full power. He lifts his hands in the air and gives all of his energy to the Spirit Bomb. Dende and Mr. Popo give Gokuten energy from Dende's Tower. The dragon tries to attack but Gokuten blasts him down with energy blast after energy blast. Gokuten reverts back to his base form, but the Spirit Bomb is complete and powerful.

205 "Gokutens Triumph" - The still possesed Z Fighters below see the Spirit Bomb and head to another island. The dragon thinks he can hold the Spirit Bomb off. Gokuten throws the Spirit Bomb at the dragon and the dragon tries to push it back. After a long strugle Gokuten fires a kamehameha at the Spirit Bomb to give it a extra push. Finally after a intense struggle, the Spirit Bomb kills the dragon and destroys the ten blue crystals. Than the sky returns to normal and everyone returns to normal. Vegeta and the other Z Fighters head to the island where they see a large cloud of smoke rising. There they find a exhausted Gokuten who explains what happened and brags about his Super Saiyan 3 transformation. Vegeta is almost furious and demands to see Gokutens transformation. Gokuten tells him a little later when he has the energy. At the end of the episode everything seems to be back to normal as the Earth's new dragon balls where used to restore the lives of those who died and bring things back to normal. As the episode ends Gokuten transforms to a SSJ3 and shows everyone.

Black Saiyan Saga[]

206 "Graduation Day" - Three years have passed since Gokuten defeated the Blue Crystal Dragon and he is now eighteen years old and about to graduate from Orange Star High School. At the graduation ceremony all of Gokutens friends and family are there except for Vegeta. Than as the ceremony concludes a explosion comes from the city and buildings begin to collapse. Immediatly Gokuten and the Z-Fighters go to investigate. When they arrive in the downtown area they find a man standing in the middle ofthe road blasting everything. They ask who he is and tells him to turn around. When the man does turn around everyones jaw drops, the man is Vegeta.

207 "Kotors Revenge" - Gokuten asks Vegeta why he is destroying the city and hurting innocent people. Vegeta says he is avenging the destruction of the Saiyan race and he is going to take over the universe in the name of the "true" saiyans. Gokuten believes that something has happened to Vegeta, that something is controling him. Vegeta's hair is still black but has many white highlights. Vegeta is also wearing a traditional Saiyan body suit. Gokuten notices a strange black eating hanging from Vegeta's left ear. When Gokuten asks what it is a familiar foe walks out of a nearby alley. He is wearing the same Saiyan body suit as Vegeta and he has a tail. It is Dr. Kotor. The same Dr. Kotor who attempted to use a race of Machine Saiyans to take over the universe. Kotor says that after he survived death he created the Black Saiyan Potara Earings. When worn by someone they are placed under Kotors control and they become a "Black Saiyan". Kotor says he decided to take control of the true perfect warrior, a fusion warrior. He says he plans to use the Potara earings to fuse Vegeta with the worlds second strongest living Saiyan to make the ultiminate fusion warrior. Of course he plans to fuse Vegeta and Torkoto with the Potara earings after he witnessed their original fusion via the fusion dance. Vegeta has the other earing and tries to persuade Torkoto to take it but he refuses. Vegeta and Torkoto now begin to fight.

208 "The Black Saiyan Vekoto" - Vegeta and Torkoto fight eachother but Vegeta seems even stronger than before and is beating Torkoto. Vegeta than attaches himself on Torkoto's back and pierces the Potara Earing into Torkoto's right ear. The two pure blood saiyans begin to come towards eachother and a large cloud of smoke surrounds them as the fusion begins. When the cloud passes the ultiminate black saiyan warrior is born, Vekoto. Even in his base form Vekoto is stronger than any of the Z Fighters.

209 "Living Nightmare" - Dr. Kotor tells Vekoto to kill the Z Fighters. This angers Vekoto who seems to be so powerful that the Kotor can't control him with the earings. Vekoto punches a hole through Kotor and then launches him in the air and uses a Big Bang Kamehameha to ensure he dies. Vekoto turns to the Z Fighters and says he doesn't want to kill them right away because he wants to fight. He says once they are dead he won't get a fight from anyone in the universe and he demands they all fight him with their best. Gokuten and the others agree and decide to fight but they want to try and bring Vegeta and Torkoto back to normal, and not kill them. Goten and Trunks fuse into SSJ3 Gotenks. Gokuten and Gohan both transform into SSJ3. Gohan has now mastered this transformation as well. Uub, Pan, Tarble and Toranjita also step in to help.

210 "An Unwinable Battle" - All of the Z Fighters fight Vekoto and all of them are fighting at close to their full power. Vekoto is only in his base form and is pummeling all of the warriors. The Z Fighters realize this is an unwinable battle.

211 "Blood of the Saiyans" - It isn't long before Pan, Uub, Tarble and Toranjira are finished; leaving Gokuten, Gohan and Gotenks as the only fighters left. The three of them battle with Vekoto. Taking turns one-on-one and than all at once. However, there is no hope.

212 "Gokuten & Gohan vs. Vekoto" - Gotenks fusion comes to a end and Goten and Trunks are crushed by Vekoto. Vekoto nearly kills them but Gohan saves their lives. Gokuten and Gohan reach their full power, Vekoto reveals his SSJ form which appears unstopable. Gokuten and Gohan battle Vekoto together.

213 "Gokuten's Desperate Plan" - Gokuten tells Gohan and the others he has a plan to stop Vekoto without killing Vegeta and Torkoto. He tells them he needs them to hold Vekoto off for a few minutes. Vekoto is still in his SSJ form but the Z fighters all fight Vekoto one last time while Gokuten attempts to put his plan into action.

214 "The Death of Vegeta" - All of the Z fighters except Gohan are defeated. Finally as Gohan is about to fail, Gokuten latches onto Vekotos back holding on for his life. Gokuten struggles with Vekoto to rip the potara earings off. Finally, Gokuten grabs them and when he does it appears to severly shock him and Vekoto. A large explosion occurs before three people fall to the ground. Vegeta, Torkoto and Gokuten. Vegeta and Torkoto are back to normal. Torkoto gets up but Vegeta doesn't. Vegeta appears to have been severly injured when the potara earing was ripped out, and now he is dying. As Vegeta lays on the ground dying he apologizes for what he did. He says goodbye to his son Trunks and his grandson Toranjita. His eyes shut. Vegeta is dead.

215 "We Meet Again" - The Z Fighters mourn the loss of Vegeta and they bury him at his funeral. In the meantime Vegeta arrives in the other world and travels to King Kai's planet. There he meets with Goku again at last.

King Changelling Saga[]

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Saiyan Reborn[]

Dragon Ball NG: Saiyan Reborn is the first DBNG film. It takes place one year after Goku's last fight with Vegeta in the 36th World Martial Arts Tournament.