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Dragon Ball LM (Last Moments) takes place 20-60 years after Z. This tells the tragic deaths of the Z-Fighters and their friends/wives. There will also be a sequel, Dragon Ball NG (New Generation) taking place 5 years after LM. I will work whenever I have the time. It's summer in the southern hemisphere, so I'll be out of town.

21 February 2011[]

DBLM is created.

The Legendary Full Saiyans.....Gone.............Forever.[]

&nbsp Goku and Vegeta were both 70-79 years old. As for being a saiyan, that was an old age. Goku had been catching a deadly virus, very similar to his future counterpart, but this virus was 20x worse. He was so sick, he had to lay in bed 70% of his day. He somehow found the time to train and have some last minutes with his beloved. But one day, he became so sickly, he coughed blood, became paralyzed, and could barely chew anything. The rest of the Z-Fighters (with the exception of Vegeta, Tien, and Chiaotzu. Vegeta is sickly and the others isolated themselves.) Goku told everyone his last words, "Well, it seems me and Vegeta have to have that match in heaven or on King Kaiosama's! (WHY WOULD FIGHTING WITH VEGETA MATTER? Dad..YOU ARE DYING! DYING! *sheds tears,* Goten says.) "Anyway...I........grew...........from a boy training with his grandpa, to a hero, a true..h.e.r..*dies.*" Goku's last words. "No...Grandpa...........WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pan yells her breath out shortly after Goku's demise. Gohan approached his daughter, and told her, Pan, I understand what you're feeling, we all do.. Everyone present was filled with anger, sadness, and feelings of despair.

Five Weeks Later[]

20 meters from home, Chi-Chi and Goten were shopping for groceries. Then, he came across Valese just taking a stroll. "Oh Goten, why are you looking so down today?" Valese asked. In a low, gruff, and angry voice, he responded, "My dad died," Huh? I didn't hear what you said!" Valese said. "I SAID MY DAD DIED!!!" Goten said. Valese had been oddly happier than before, happier before she met Goten. "Oh... I understand how close he was to you.. Well, Grandma! Can I borrow him for a moment!" Valese said, immediately attempting to cheer up Goten. GRANDMA?? (Goten! Don't forget, she dated a lot of guys! I married my first.. Upon seeing Goten's angry eyes, Chi-Chi stopped speaking. Oh.. I forgot.) WELL, KEEP MY SON SAFE, AND I WANT HIM ALIVE AND MARRIED!" Chi-Chi said.