SSG Saiyans: WRAH! * attacks * Super God Majins: * attacks * SSG Geku: We'll have to go past normal......To Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan! Saiyans: But it's never been done! SSG Geku: It'll work! HA............ * ground rumbles * Super Majin Gods: What?! SSB Saiyans: Which race is superi- Augh! * reverts to base * Majins: Gah! * reverts back * This was to much to handle for us......Come back later..... Saiyans: deal.... * 5 months later * Saiyans: We're Back! And COME ON OUT! Super Majin Gods x2: We've grown stronger too.... * attacks * SSB Saiyans: * powers up and attacks *

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