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Dark Cooler

Lord Doomsday(Second Form)


Super Saiyan 4 Goku and Vegeta Battle Lord Doomsday(Second Form)

Doomsday Saga[]

After years of training in The Spirit Relm with Shenron, Goku has unlocked new powers and returns to earth to see his family.Howerer the peace is interrupted  by an alert in South China it was Frieza And Cooler however as Goku watched Cooler turn on Frieza

Frieza's Dream

Cooler Betrays Frieza

Then Goku Proceded To Fight Cooler who had Now Grown Far More Powerfull then in the past But Then Shenron Appered and Frieza wished him to restore his Body and Grant him a new Form all of a sudden Frieza Started to evolve and Turned into a creature called Lord Doomsday He Unleashed a Fighting power of 600,000,000,000 and destroyed Cooler on Sight and Goku said that that was nothing to his Power Level but Lord Doomsday Just Laughed You Fool did you think this was my Ultimante Form Form. Goku Stood in Shock and Stated that he was Far Beyond That of Omega Shenron or Black Star Dragon Goku And Vegeta Both Went ss4 But where knocked aside like ants.Doomsday just said and if thats somthing you consider Powerfull than Thats Sad Because This is Only My Second Form.Goku-Now To Unleash The Power of Super Saiyan 5

Goku SSJ5 by Karsha

Super Saiyan 5 Goku


Hybrid SC2 Cncpt1

Lord Doomsday(First Form)

Doomsday Rage

Doomsday(Giant Form)