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Dragon Ball Hoshi

Dragon Ball Hoshi is a fanfiction made by KrillinWarrior (Under9000 on Fanfiction.net and Dalekcollectibles on YouTube.) It is the sequel to Dragon Ball GT. There are three Sagas. The Mecha Goku Saga, The Otherworld Tournament Saga and The Invasion Saga. The Mecha Goku Saga takes place one year after GT with the Otherworld Tournament Saga taking place seven years after the Mecha Goku Saga.

Chapter 1 - The Mystery Begins

In Hell, it was a dark and gloomy day like it always was. The occasional chit-chatter of the ogres and defeated villains was broken by the sight of Freeza jumping from mountain to mountain trying to get away from Piccolo, who was pursuing him. Although Freeza was fleeing very fast, Piccolo picked up speed and caught up to him quickly. Eventually, when Freeza got to a ledge over a gorge, he stopped. Piccolo descended and spoke. "Freeza. I won't let you harm the Ogres any more. Today you will learn your lesson." "Oh?" said Freeza. He had now turned to face piccolo, he chuckled with his hand to his mouth like he usually does. "My only intent was to bring you here, Namek!" "What do you mean, Freeza?" Mumbled Piccolo, who was now looking more frustrated than before. "He means he lead you to me." Piccolo turned and in shock he said "Y-you! It can't be!" Just then, the person who had spoken to him had shot a death beam through his chest. "Chain him" ordered the unnamed assassin to Freeza.

Meanwhile on Earth, Gohan and Goten were happily eating a 10 – course meal at their mother, Chi-Chi's house. "Mmm. This is really good!" Goten exclaimed. "Thank you, Goten!" Thanked Chi-Chi eagerly. Goten looked different from when he fought the Shadow Dragons. He had more muscle definition and his hair was almost identical to his father's except his front spikes were longer and he didn't have any spikes on the back of his hair. Gohan, on the other hand looked almost exactly like he did when He fought Omega Shenron a year ago. The two men were happily eating lunch when suddenly, a huge explosion was heard and a gigantic orange light shone through the windows. The house began to rock and sway as there was a massive earthquake. Then, as quick as they came, they went. Gohan was the first to go out the door followed by Goten and eventually Chi-Chi. On their front lawn was a gigantic crater, at least 50 metres across. When they looked down, there was a person at the bottom. "Dad!" Gohan shouted.

Chapter 2 - Vegeta's Secret

"Dad!" Gohan shouted. As soon as Gohan had said this, the eyes of Goku opened. Goku then floated slowly to the top of the crater. A beeping noise was heard as Goku's pupils moved around, as if scanning the area. "That's strange." Gohan thought to himself, "Dad's wearing the same clothes as he wore when he fought the Shadow Dragons, yet Pan has them and what's even stranger is that he's an adult!" "Gohan?" Goku spoke. "Yes?" Gohan replied back. "Target sighted!" Said Goku menacingly. "What do you mea- GAAAGH!" Before he could even speak, Goku's knee had gone straight into Gohan's stomach. Goten immediately turned Super Saiyan and grabbed Gohan. "Dad! Why are you doing this?" "That's not the real Kakarot!" A voice shouted from above. It was soon revealed to be Vegeta and Trunks. Vegeta hadn't changed in the one year apart from his clothing. He was now wearing the armour he wore in the Cell Games except that the blue shirt under his chest armour was gone, Making it more like Raditz and Nappa's armour. Trunks was unchanged from a year ago. "What do you mean, Vegeta?" Asked Gohan. "Simple, the Kakarot you see here is a fake, a robot made to fool you into not fighting back." "Basically, an android." "I wouldn't be surprised if Dr. Gero was behind this." Pondered Gohan. "How do you know he's a robot?" Asked Goten. "I have detected that his ki has been falsified. His ki may be just like Kakarot's but he has little fluctuations every now and then, just like the androids. "So dad's now an android..." said Gohan, sadly. "No." said a voice behind him, it was Trunks. "We think he's 100% Robot, just like #16." He confirmed. "So, that robot thinks he's pretty tough!"

Gohan turned to see Vegeta who was now walking towards Mecha Goku. "Well I'll show him something that will make him realise how strong I really am!" "Haaah!" "Yaagh!" Vegeta transformed into a Super Saiyan and was now charging towards Mecha Goku. Mecha Goku turned his head slightly and when Vegeta came within range, one swipe of his mechanical hand was all it took to send Vegeta flying into Chi-Chi's Kitchen. "DAD!" Trunks shouted before going Super Saiyan. "Finish Bu-" "Gaaah!" The Mecha Goku had intercepted and kneed trunks whilst he was charging his finish buster. Trunks immediately de-transformed and fell. There was a huge explosion from Chi-Chi's house as Vegeta screamed and flew out of it. Vegeta landed just a few paces in front of Gohan. "So, I admit you're pretty tough. But that was just my Super Saiyan transformation! I'll show you something a bit extra!" Shouted Vegeta. "!" "Hyaaah!" A large explosion occurred from where Vegeta was standing. Gohan was struggling to stay where he was and was eventually blown back along with Goten, trunks and Chi-Chi. "The whole Galaxy is shaking!" Tienshinhan said. He was on the other side of the planet with Chiaoutzu, training as they always do. "I wonder what's going on" asked Yamcha to himself in the desert. Yamcha was struggling to keep on the ground even when he was so far away. Puar was just barely managing to hang on to the steering wheel of Yamcha's car. "The earthquakes stopped and the light died down. When the dust had cleared, it was revealed that Vegeta's muscles had grown a lot and his hair had lengthened dramatically. "Vegeta's a Super Saiyan 3!" Shouted Goten.

Chapter 3 - Vegeta Attacks!

"Huff… puff… That certainly took a lot out of me." Vegeta said whilst breathing heavily.

"Now die, faker!" shouted Vegeta as he flung himself towards Mecha Goku. Vegeta managed to surprise Mecha Goku because he teleported when he was close to him. Vegeta had teleported behind Mecha Goku then had punched him in the back sending him flying. Vegeta smirked.

"Let's see what you can do to me now, pile of junk!" Vegeta rushed at Mecha Goku again, punching it in the face and in the stomach and then in the chin knocking it back. Vegeta smirked because he thought that he had done decisive damage to Mecha Goku. It was then however, that Mecha Goku showed that in fact, he wasn't damaged in the slightest.

"What?" shouted Vegeta. "But I'm a Super Saiyan 3!" I trained like hell to get this far!... No… I WILL DEFEAT YOU!" Vegeta rushed towards Mecha Goku, and started throwing punches, but every one of them was missing! Vegeta then decided to use the technique he used to kill Zarbon, The Galick Burst! He landed on the ground, pulled one hand back into a fist and charged all of his energy into his one hand.

Vegeta's hand was now smoking and going red due to all the energy being almost too much for his one hand to handle. His hand was now very red, Smokey and veiny and it was obvious that Vegeta was in serious pain.

"Why doesn't Vegeta just release his energy?" asked Goten. "I think it's because he wants to use every bit of his energy, right Gohan?" Replied Trunks.

"I think so, yes." Said Gohan. "Vegeta wants to use all his energy and that's why he's holding it in so much!" Vegeta then ran towards Mecha Goku and pulled his hand back even more, when he got close to Mecha Goku, he suddenly threw his fist at him and impaled Mecha Goku easily. "Now say goodbye!" Vegeta then release all of his energy in one blast, ripping right through Mecha Goku and sending him flying into a nearby stream.

"Is it over?" Asked Trunks. "No, it's not over!" replied Vegeta with a slight hint of fear. And it was true; Mecha Goku was levitating over the lake with a large hole in his chest. He was twitching and sparks were flying out of his giant stomach-hole.

Suddenly, wires came from the holes sides and started repairing the hole. In 3 seconds flat, the hole had been repaired and Mecha Goku was as good as new. "Impossible!" said Vegeta, awestruck. "Trying to kill me, Prince of Saiyans? Said the robot, coldly.

"Wait, that's new… It couldn't talk before, could it? Asked Vegeta, "At least not in full sentences…" Replied Trunks. "Wait! I think I know why!" shouted Gohan. "I took engineering in High School and I think I know what this is…" "What is it?" asked Chi-Chi, who was now hiding behind a rock. "I think it's a learning robot!" "A learning robot?" Asked everyone else. "Yes, a robot that learns from its surroundings, and I think it learnt how to be a loudmouth…" "Tch…Shut up!" ordered Vegeta, annoyed. "Oh, I've learnt much more than that, Son Gohan!" Shouted Mecha Goku. "I've learnt how to speak, I have gained considerable intelligence… and I now know Vegeta's weak points!" "For example…"

Shiiiiw! Was the sound the robot made before it had disappeared into thin air. Mecha Goku suddenly reappeared right in front of Vegeta, who was still a Super Saiyan 3, and slammed a huge punch right into his stomach, making him cough up blood. "DIE!" shouted Mecha Goku as he charged up a blast from above and blasted Vegeta with it.

When the dust had cleared, it was revealed to everyone that Vegeta was unconscious, He was having a flashback.

Chapter 4 - Dragon Ball Hoshi Origins: Vegeta

See on the Dragon Ball Hoshi Origins Page.

Chapter 5 - Gohan Ascends!

Everyone was shocked, Vegeta was still down! Gohan suddenly snapped "I- I won't let you harm my friends anymore!" He rushed towards Mecha Goku but didn't manage to land a hit on him; instead, he was pummelled by an onslaught of punches and kicks from Mecha Goku. Gohan got knocked back and landed on the ground with a loud thud. Slowly, Vegeta got up; he was still in Super Saiyan 3 but barely managing it. "I'll show you to mock me!" "HAAAAH!" "I think Vegeta's going to Super Saiyan 4!" Shouted Goten. Vegeta's long, blond hair suddenly turned brunette and shortened until it was elbow-length. Vegeta's Chest Armour ripped off to reveal that red fur was growing on Vegeta's top half. The yellow belt that Vegeta was wearing moved and revealed itself to be a tail. The tail then turned red and Vegeta's iris's turned from blue to yellow. Red lines grew around Vegeta's eyes and a final yell was all it took to complete the transformation. "WHOAH!" yelled trunks as he got blown back by the explosion. When the dust had cleared, Vegeta was revealed to have become a Super Saiyan 4. "Heh, I'm stronger that you could ever imagine now!" "Die!" Vegeta charged towards Mecha Goku and punched him in the cheek. Vegeta's expression soon turned from a smirk to a shocked expression as it was revealed that Mecha Goku had not suffered one bit of damage. Vegeta tried to hit him again but was blocked by Mecha Goku and Punched in the stomach and sent flying. Mecha Goku then teleported in front of Vegeta and blasted him with a red energy blast from his eyes. When the dust cleared, Vegeta was kneeling on the ground with lots of blood gushing out of his deep wounds. Gohan was now angrier than ever, he put his hands into fists and started growling. "I will kill you for this!" Before anyone knew it, Gohan's hair started to grow until it was knee length and it then turned blond. Gohan's eyebrows disappeared and he yelled until the was a huge hole in the ground. Gohan's eyes fell on Mecha Goku who was staring in awe. "Gohan can't be a Super Saiyan 3, can he?" pondered Vegeta. "Vegeta." Gohan said. "What?" "Even with Super Saiyan 3, I'll still lose against Mecha Goku, we need to attack together!" "Heh! Ok then." "HAAAAH!" They both charged towards Mecha Goku. One Super Saiyan 3 and one Super Saiyan 4. "GYAAH!" Gohan had punched Mecha Goku in the face. "DYAAH!" Vegeta had elbowed Mecha Goku in the back.

"Together!" "Ka-""Fi-"Me-""Nal-""Ha-"Shine-"Me-"A-"HA! "TACK!" Both beams were sent flying towards Mecha Goku. He only has microseconds with which to react so he put one of his arms up only for it to be blasted off by the beams. When the dust had cleared, it was revealed that Mecha Goku- Though still alive, was horribly disfigured. "One more blast should do it!" Final Flash! "Oh, crap!" screamed the robot before the beam hit. There was a big explosion. Next there was some clattering on the ground; it was revealed that the only part left of Mecha Goku was the head. Oil spilled out of it as if it were blood. "Hah! Do you really think this would stop me?" "WHAT?" Shouted the Z-fighters. Wires started to come out of the bottom of the neck and build a new body. "I won't let that robot repair itself again!" Vegeta shouted as he flew towards the robot. "Vegeta, wait!" but it was no use, the body had already healed itself and Mecha Goku was better than new. "Oh, hello again Vegeta. It sure is good you dropped by. If you don't mind, I am going to kill you now." "The robot wasn't talking like that before was it?" Asked Trunks. "I already told you, it's a learning robot, it gets smarter by the minute."

Mecha Goku landed another hit on Vegeta's face and then he blasted Vegeta's tail, turning the Saiyan Prince back to normal and knocking him out for the second time. "That's it!" shouted Trunks. "It's Gotenks time!" Exclaimed Goten. They both landed on the ground next to each other. "Gotenks?" Mumbled Mecha Goku. "Fuuu… Sion … HAA!" The dust cleared to reveal … Gotenks!

Chapter 6 - Gohan's Plan

"I am Gotenks, bringer of your destruction!" Gotenks was in his base form but still as cocky as ever. He decided to fly head first straight towards Mecha Goku. The robot quickly dodged and elbowed Gotenks in the spine then kneed him in the face, sending him flying. "When Gotenks finally stopped, Gohan shouted "Gotenks! Don't be cocky! Transform and finish him of quick!" "Hmph. Fine. And I was just starting to have fun." He replied "HAAAAH…" "GYAAH!" Gotenks had turned Super Saiyan 3 and landed on the ground. "Be careful, this form was too much for even Majin Buu to handle!" Gotenks charged towards Mecha Goku, way too overconfident in his abilities. Gotenks put one fist out to punch Mecha Goku but calmly, Mecha Goku just caught it. "What?" gasped Gotenks. "Fool." Was the only word that Mecha Goku said before he blasted Gotenks and threw him into a cliff, making him de-transform into a Super Saiyan. "Damn it!" shouted Gohan. "This is not good, not good at all!" "Wait, Gotenks is a Super Saiyan 1? Yes! Of course!" "Vegeta!" "What?" "I need you to make a blutz wave ball! "I don't have enough pow-" "JUST DO IT!" "Ok." Vegeta charged a small ball of blutz waves in his hand "I hope I still remember how to do this!" "DYAAH!" Vegeta threw the blutz wave ball into the sky and then clenched his hand into a fist which made the ball expand. "I have to look away!" Vegeta shielded his eyes to avoid becoming an Oozaru.

"Thanks, Vegeta." Said Gohan. "Gotenks! Look at the ball of light in the sky!" Gotenks obeyed and he stared into the sphere in the sky. "What's happening" Mumbled Gotenks as a blond tail grew from the bottom of his spine. "It's started." Said Gohan. "Mom!" "Yes, Gohan" Get inside the house now! It's going to get rough out here!" "Ok, Gohan, be careful, OK? Chi-Chi ran inside the house and locked the door. At this time, Gotenks was beginning to grow fangs and had a lot more muscle definition. Soon, Gotenks screams became roars, his clothes tore and he was growing fur. "Ok, Gotenks is a Golden Oozaru now; it's time to calm him down." Gohan flew over to the rampaging Giant Ape and tried to talk to him. "Gotenks, I know you're transformed and you don't know what you're doing… But it's me, Gohan! Remember? You're big Half-Brother?" "ROOOAAAR!" was the only response Gohan got as the blond Oozaru grabbed Gohan and began squeezing him. "GAAAH!" Gohan screamed in pain.

"Vegeta, do something!" Yelled Gohan. "Hmph." Mumbled Vegeta to himself as he folded his arms and levitated towards Gotenks. "Boy, calm down NOW!" Vegeta shouted. "I don't think shouting at the ape is much good!" "Silence!" "Do you remember me? WHO AM I? WHO AM I? "D-dad?" The Golden Oozaru said. "Yes." "Release Gohan." The Great Ape did as it was commanded. "Now then, try and focus your energy into one point… Try and condense yourself into a smaller body!" shouted Vegeta. "O-ok!" Gotenks did just that, he shrunk and shrunk. His fur and hair began to turn red, his clothes were coming back and he was beginning to look more human. "I am Gotenks, bringer of your doom… and… A Super Saiyan 4!" "Now, Gotenks, attack Mecha Goku!" "My pleasure!" "Haaah!" Gotenks charged at Mecha Goku once again, this time scoring a direct hit to the face. Gotenks began pummelling Mecha Goku into submission. Super Saiyan 4 Gotenks looked exactly like their father's fusion, except younger. "Gotenks" Finish him off quick! By my estimates, you only have 2 minutes left of Super Saiyan 4! "Heh. Ok then! "Super Ghost kamikaze Attack!" around five ghosts came out of Gotenks mouth. These Ghosts had Super Saiyan 4 hair and they looked more mature than the ones against Buu. "Go, go, go!" Every one of the Ghosts charged towards Mecha Goku, ready to explode. Gotenks then put his two hands together in a gun shape. "Big Tree Cannon x10!" He shot the beam and it was headed for the Ghosts! The Ghosts nodded to Gotenks as if they had made a plan beforehand. All of the Ghosts merged into one Ghost and then that Ghost merged with the Big Tree Cannon creating a Hyper Ghost Tree Cannon x10 and hitting Mecha Goku with such force that multiple Galaxies shook under its power.

Once Gotenks had shot the beam, he had turned back to base and was trembling under the might of his own attack. When the dust had cleared, it was revealed that Mecha Goku was heavily injured, his arms were amputated, one of his legs utterly destroyed, he was in a huge mess. The wires shot out of Mecha Goku's empty limb sockets and began their work. In a split second, Mecha Goku was all healed and stronger than ever. "Gotta love that automatic healing!" he said. "Oh… Crap!" Said Gotenks, I've got to use all of my energy! "HAAAH!" Gotenks used all of his energy and managed to reach Super Saiyan 2, He attempted to do a melee combination but Mecha Goku swiftly whacked Gotenks across the face with one punch and made Gotenks defuse even before the time was up. "D-darn!" Said Goten "We don't even have enough energy left to go Super Saiyan!" "Go get him, big bro!"

Mecha Goku looked at Goten with disgust and decided to finish him off. He teleported above Goten and gave him a swift stomp in the ribs. That was all it took for Goten to stop moving (Like Gohan when Recoome snapped his neck.)

"Damn You, Monster!" Trunks shouted before he charged at Mecha Goku, still in base form and just got himself beaten up for it. Trunks landed near Goten and was too beat up too stand up. Gohan was enraged. "Damn you, you evil abomination! I'll kill you where you STAND!"Lightning bolts struck around Gohan as his hair continued growing past knee length almost to foot length, two strand of hair appeared like a Super Saiyan 4(One by each side of the neck). Gohan's hair got spikier and his muscles grew dramatically. "GAAAH!" The transformation was complete. Gohan had achieved yet another form! Yet it wasn't Super Saiyan 4! What is this strange new form? Find out Next Chapter!

Chapter 7 - Gohans Death?!

Gohan's new form had stunned everybody. "What the hell? What is this form?" Vegeta said to himself. "I am Gohan… A Super Saiyan 4!" "What?" "No you're not! A Super Saiyan 4 has shorter hair, red fur and a tail!" "Don't you get it, Vegeta?" Asked Gohan "There are two types of Super Saiyan 4!" "Yours is a fusion of a Golden Oozaru and a Super Saiyan 3… Mine is the natural successor to Super Saiyan 3 like Super Saiyan 3 is to 2. "Heh!" snickered Mecha Goku "You can transform as many times as you like, it will only delay the destruction of this Universe!" Laughed Mecha Goku. Suddenly, when he turned to see Gohan, Gohan was gone! "What? Where is he?" "GAAAH!" Gohan had punched him in the stomach. "I-impossible!" "I'll kill you, fiend!" "Die!" Gohan was now beating Mecha Goku up so much that he couldn't even fight back! The two fighters landed. "Huff-Puff, I have to admit, you're stronger than I am!" Said Mecha Goku. "But that's what I've been waiting for!" "What do you mean?"

"I mean, I get to try out my new technique!" "What?" "New technique?" Said Gohan, surprised. "Yes, Hyper Mode!" A huge red aura surrounded Mecha Goku. "It looks just like my Dad's Kaioken!" Gohan said to himself. "DIE!" Mecha Goku landed a hard punch in Gohan's stomach and then he punched him in the chin, sending him flying. Mecha Goku soon flew over to Gohan and grabbed his head and threw him into a hard rock, hurting Gohan's skull. Mecha Goku then deactivated his Hyper Mode, giving Gohan the opportunity he needed, he seized the moment and punched him deep in the stomach and then he began a vigorous combination assault and then he blasted Mecha Goku into a nearby hill. The hill was utterly destroyed by the blast.

Mecha Goku staggered onto his feet only to be punched in the face and knocked down again by Gohan. "I am going to kill you now, Faker, for hurting my friends and insulting my father's honour. Say Goodbye!" "Wait! Look, is that yajirobe over there? "Yajirobe?" Gohan turned. "Perfect!" Mecha Goku then tripped Gohan up with his foot and proceeded to transform his knuckles into 2 razor sharp blades and stabbed Gohan in the back.

Blood kept on gushing out from the three stab wounds. Mecha Goku then carefully took the blades out of the holes and punched Gohan in the face, sending him flying. When Gohan landed, Vegeta could just not take it anymore; he turned Super Saiyan 4 and engaged Mecha Goku in combat. After a few minutes of fighting, it was clear that Mecha Goku had the upper hand and he punched Vegeta in the face, sending him hurtling towards the ground.

Mecha Goku laughed "don't tell me these are the Planet's only challengers!" He looked at Gohan's dead body but it was gone! Suddenly, Mecha Goku sensed something, he turned to see a ki blast coming at him, and it hit Mecha Goku in the face. "Gah!" said Mecha Goku. When he looked back, he saw Gohan, in his base form, with no injuries. "What?How did you- "Mecha Goku had seen just what had healed Gohan- Dende! "Damn Namekian, butting in!" Mecha Goku teleported in front of Dende and punched him in the face, severely injuring him. "D-DENDE!" Shouted Gohan "Now it's your turn!" said Mecha Goku to Gohan before charging an energy blast. "Tri Beam… HA!" "WHAT?" Mecha Goku turned to see that Tienshinhan had shot a Tri-Beam at him. Chiaoutzu was also there "Dodon Ray!" Chiaoutzu shot a thin beam at Mecha Goku who dodged it easily. "Kienzan!" shouted a male and female voice from behind Mecha Goku – It was Kurririn and #18! The kienzans just barely missed. "Spirit Ball" Shouted a voice from below Mecha Goku – "Yamcha!" said Gohan. "Kamehameha!" Master Roshi had appeared! "HYAAAH!" There was a sword swing that barely missed Mecha Goku "It really is Yajirobe!" Shouted Gohan. "And Korin with some senzu!" "Kamehameha!" It was Pan! "Haaah!" two beams shot down from the air – Kaioshin and Pikkon! "Everyone except Dad!" Said Gohan.

Chapter 8 - The Team Attack

"Guys!" "You all need to charge your beams while I stall him, understand?" Shouted Gohan "Yes, we understand" Replied Tienshinhan. "Ok, here goes! DYAAAH!" Gohan transformed into his version of Super Saiyan 4 and began throwing punches at Mecha Goku, who dodged every one. Vegeta then decided to join the fray and turned Super Saiyan 4 and attacked Mecha Goku. Mecha Goku was finding it surprisingly easy to dodge the attacks. Gohan looked down to see Yajirobe giving Dende a Senzu and Dende then going to heal Goten and Trunks. While Gohan was distracted, the opening was what Mecha Goku needed and he punched Gohan in the cheek sending him falling towards the ground.

Someone then flew past Vegeta and Punched Mecha Goku in the belly. Gotenks was back and was a Super Saiyan 4! "Gotenks" Vegeta shouted. "Go and charge up your most powerful attack with the others, ok? "Ok." Replied Gotenks.

"We're done!" Shouted everyone. "Ok!" Replied Gohan. "Vegeta, you and I have to charge our attacks now!" Mecha Goku turned to see that everyone had charged their attacks and were preparing to fire them. "KAMEHAMEHA!" Shouted Gohan. "Final Shine Attack!" Said Vegeta. "Neo Big Tree Cannon!" Gotenks screamed. "Ultra Tri Beam!" yelled Tienshinhan. "Spirit Ball!" Yamcha shouted. "KIENZAN!" Shouted both Kurririn and Android 18. Yajirobe fired a ki blast. "All together now!" Shouted Gohan. The beams all fired at once and merged into one, gigantic wave of energy that even the other side of the universe could feel.

Meanwhile, in the snowy American countryside, "BOOM!" a gun had just shot a bullet at a duck but it had missed. The owner of the gun was no other than Android 17, Android 18's Brother. "Damn!" said 17 to himself. Another android came up to him with two mugs of hot chocolate. "Here you go." Said the android. "Thanks, Eighter." Replied 17. After a few moments, Android 8 found the courage to ask "You're sister and her friends are struggling against a new foe." "So they are…" Replied 17, this time, quieter. "Aren't you going to help her?" "What? No way!" "To my sister, I'm just the man who murdered her husband. No one there would appreciate my help…" Eighter paused for a moment… had he just asked a question that was too personal? "L-listen, 17, I'm sorr- " 17 had cut him off. "Anyway, why would I wanna help them bozos? I'm havin' the time o' my life 'ere!"

Back in the battleground, the beam was quickly overpowering Mecha Goku and was pushing him down to the ground. "D-DAMN YOU!" Mecha Goku shouted before being pushed down into the ground completely. The beam then blew up in a spectacular explosion that outshone the entire Galaxy. "That should have got him!" said Gohan. Everyone was exhausted. Everyone de-transformed, "Well, we won't ever have to see him again!" said Kurririn. "Attention!" said a voice coming from nowhere. "Who is this? Is it you, King Kai?" Asked Gohan "No, it's me, Old Kai!" shouted Old Kai in anger. "Sorry, sir." Apologised Gohan. "Anyway, Me, Kaioshin and Hiro were observing your fight" "Did you see how epically we killed that robot faker?" Asked Goten. "Idiot!" shouted Old Kai "He's not dead!" "What?" Shouted everyone. "That's right. He's not dead but he's extremely injured." "I think it will take him about half an hour to repair himself, so listen up!" "We'll need Goku's help if we're gonna beat this guy!" "Grrr! Why don't you ever try and do anything without Kakarot!" Everyone turned to face Vegeta. "I'm sick and tired of everyone relying on him for everything!" "Why don't you try and beat this guy without Kakarot?" "Dad, we need Goku because he has most likely been in some sort of training and is stronger than us all now" "Yes." Replied Old Kai. "We can't contact him because he is in the Eternal Dragon's world." "So what do we do?" Asked Yamcha. "The only way we can summon Goku is to gather all three sets of Dragon Balls." "All three?" asked Goten. "Yes, the regular ones, the Namekian ones and The Black Star ones." "What'll that do?" "Nothing on its own, but when six Saiyans and one Namekian summon all three Dragons at the same time, the balls will merge into one, perfect set. Goku will then be released. "Six Saiyans…." Pondered Gohan. "Do quarter Saiyans count?" Asked Gohan. "No." Replied Old Kai. "You only count if you're half Saiyan or more. "So that rules Pan out…" Said Goten.

"What about Bra?" Asked Vegeta. "Probably not. Bra is not strong enough to withstand the power of the merging, she would probably be killed." "I'm not prepared to take that risk." Replied Vegeta. Especially not for Kakarot." "Then there's no choice in the matter." Said Old Kai. "We have to bring back two Saiyans from the dead." "Now this is interesting." Exclaimed Vegeta. "Planning to bring Granddad back, Dad?" "Not in the slightest…. My father was a fool to get slain by Freeza…." "Goku's father and brother are prime candidates." Said Old Kai. "Bardock and Raditz?" Said Vegeta, surprised. "Yes, Bardock is one of our agents. He'll go and get Raditz from hell and then we can plan what to do next. "I'm not sure about this…" Said Gohan "Don't worry." Replied Vegeta, who was smirking "If they cause any trouble, I'll kill them both!" "Ok, I'll just go and deploy Agent Bardock." Said Old Kai.

"That's very interesting!" Said Mecha Goku. He had now completed his repairs but now looked like an actual robot Goku other than just Goku. "Those Damn idiots destroyed my human disguise! Now I look like a robot and I can't repair the disguise!" Mecha Goku thought to himself. "You just don't know when to give up, do you?" Said Vegeta before turning Super Saiyan 2. "Hmph." Said Mecha Goku. "It was a good fight, really!" Everyone paused. " But those Dragon Balls will be mine!" "OVER MY DEAD BODY! "Shouted Vegeta before charging towards Mecha Goku. "Instant Transmission!" said Mecha Goku before disappearing.

"Damn it!" Shouted Vegeta. Meanwhile, on the World of The Kai's… "Send for agent Bardock." Ordered Old Kai. "Y-yessir!" Replied East Kaioshin. Hiro then came up to Old Kai. "Master, when can we continue training?" he asked. "After Hiro, after Bardock arrives. Bardock then appeared instantly. "Old Kai, sir." He said. "I've got a job for you, agent." Said Old Kai.

Chapter 9 - The Return Of Raditz

"So what's the job?" asked Bardock. "It's to go to Hell and retrieve your son, Raditz." "My son…" said Bardock, quietly. "Yes." replied Old Kai. "I understand you haven't seen him for over 50 years." "He may not be friendly." said Kaioshin. "You think I don't know that?" shouted Bardock. "But… I'll try…" "Thanks." thanked Old Kai. Then as soon as he came, Bardock disappeared. "Can we train now, Master Kai?" asked Hiro. "Of course, Hiro." replied Old Kai. Bardock was now descending past Grand Kai's and King Kai's planet's and then flew below the cloud level underneath Snake Way. Bardock Landed. When he landed on the hot surface of Hell, he turned his head, as if examining the area. "It sure has been a long time since I've been here." He said to himself. "Hah! Who does this idiot think he is, just showing up 'ere?" Bardock turned to see the majority of the Ginyu Force, excluding Captain Ginyu stood there laughing at him. "Looks like we have another Saiyan to play with!"

"Trust me; you don't want to fight any of what I am right now!" "Oh yeah?" said Recoome in disgust. "And what if I do this!" Recoome charged towards Bardock and tried to punch him. Bardock just caught the fist in mid-air. "I warned you, and now you will pay the consequences!" Bardock punched Recoome in the face, sending him flying into a nearby cliff. "Grrr, Bastard!" yelled Jeice before he and the rest of the Ginyu's flew towards Bardock, trying to hit him. One explosive wave was all it took to send the Ginyu Force flying into the Bloody Pond. Bardock continued walking, oblivious to the fact that Freeza was watching him from a hill in the distance, watching, waiting. Bardock heard a variety of voices coming from behind a wall; he walked around it to see an Ogre, Turles (Bardock's Nephew) and his first-born son, Raditz in heated discussion. When Turles saw Bardock, he quickly and quietly notified Raditz of his presence. Raditz decided to ignore Bardock and continue discussion. Bardock then took a step towards the group. Turles noticed this. He blasted Bardock with a ki blast. When the dust of Hell went away, Bardock had seized Turles by the throat "Raditz-Run!" yelled Turles. Raditz did just that, he sprinted away from Bardock at top speed. "You will get back here now!" shouted Bardock "LIKE HELL I WILL!" Yelled Raditz in reply. Bardock soon caught up with Raditz and cut him off by teleporting in front of him, knocking Raditz over. Raditz got up "All right… If it's a fight you want… IT'S A FIGHT YOU'LL GET!" Raditz lunged towards Bardock. Bardock then transformed into a Super Saiyan immediately. "Crap! How come everyone can do that nowadays?" "Raditz, I don't want to have to hurt you!" "SINCE WHEN DO YOU CARE ABOUT ME?" Raditz yelled before throwing dirt into Bardock's face. "I have always cared for you, Raditz. I'm just not good at showing it." "Not good at showing it? PISS OFF!" "Double Sunday!" Raditz continued to blast Bardock, who was dodging every blast. "I'm telling the truth!" shouted Bardock back. "Yeah right, I hardly remember you!" "Oh God, I hardly remember you!" Raditz slowly and painfully broke into tears. "Listen to me, Raditz. You are the grandson of Till and Hanasia, Son of me and Fasha, brother of Kakarot and cousin of Turles. You are my son, and I love you." "F-father…?" "Come, Raditz. We need to go to the world of the Kais. Raditz and Bardock soon arrived in the world of the Kais. "Here he is, Old Kai. "Thank you, Bardock." Old Kai replied. Now then, Raditz I need you and your father to step forwards." "Ok." Raditz said cautiously before he and his dad walked towards Old Kai. "Good. East Kai, bring the Z-sword!"

What will happen next? What does Old Kai plan to do with the Z-Sword? Find out in the chapter after the next (The next chapter will be a Dragon Ball Hoshi Origins Chapter!)

Chapter 10 - Dragon Ball Hoshi Origins: Raditz

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Chapter 11 - Saiyan Rebirth!

"Come here" ordered Old Kai to Raditz and Bardock. "The sword please, east." asked Old Kai. "Y-yes sir!" replied Kaioshin. "Now, Kaioshin, you hold the Z-sword." instructed Old Kai. "Hold it over Raditz and Bardock." "Now… SLASH!" Kaioshin did as he was commanded and stroked Raditz and Bardock with the Z-sword. There was a huge explosion of light. When the light died down, it was revealed that Kaioshin now had a halo above his head. "I'm dead…" mumbled Kaioshin to himself. Bardock opened his eyes. Nothing felt different at first but then he looked up expecting to see the golden halo that had been there for almost seventy years but he saw that it had vanished! Everyone turned to Raditz, who was still covered in a huge sphere of light so no one could see him. The light sphere exploded in a fiery blast of light that engulfed everyone. When the wall of light receded, Raditz's halo was also gone! Except Raditz was now in new armour. This armour was very similar to the armour Vegeta wore when he first came to earth except the blue parts were now a dark green. Raditz had also dropped in height dramatically and had a rather long fringe across his forehead "Well… this is new… " stated Old Kai in awe. "Is this supposed to happen?" asked Bardock. "Wow…" said Raditz, surprised at his new appearance. "He looks like he's 13 years old! What the heck happened?" Old Kai shouted at East Kaioshin. "Yeah!" Hiro joined in "That guy was an adult before, now look at him!" "I must have given some of my youth energy to him." replied East Kaioshin. "Youth Energy?" Hiro responded. "Yes. As you know, we Kai's live for billions of years. A hundred million years goes by like a year for us. We hardly age and even when we do, it happens over the course of billions and billions of years."

"So?" replied Bardock "How did he get like that?" "I must have accidentally given him a sample of my youth energy, transforming him into a child." Well that's no good!" shouted Bardock "Now that he's a kid, he'll probably be weaker than he was before!" "Look, Bardock!" Bardock turned to see Old Kai, staring in his face. "It doesn't matter if Raditz is a kid! What matters is going down to Earth and helping the Z fighters! Now go!" "Yes… Sir." Bardock said in reply before grabbing Raditz's arm and jumping down the portal that Minota had built when he visited. Inside the portal was a giant, swirling vortex of different shapes, colours and stars. After a while, Raditz noticed a shape that looked remarkably like the Milky Way Galaxy. "Dad! I think that's the Milky Way!" Bardock, of course, paid no attention. As they got closer and closer to the Galaxy, Raditz began noticing and examining the different stars as they got larger as they got closer to them. When Bardock noticed the sun, he grabbed Raditz's arm to steer him in the direction of Earth. As they got closer and closer to Earth, they began picking up pace and could barely see where they were going, however, Raditz could have sworn he saw Jupiter. Raditz was looking around when suddenly, the sky turned blue, they were in Earth's atmosphere. The two Saiyans looked down. They saw West City way down below; I looked like a satellite view. When, all of a sudden, the satellite view became much, much larger and detailed, and before they knew it, they were on the ground, in the middle of the street. Bardock told Raditz to follow him and flew off towards the battlefield. Meanwhile, the Z Fighters were recovering from the intense battle that had happened moments earlier. Vegeta was the first one to sense something approaching. "Someone's coming our way!" he shouted. "No… There are two powers!" replied Gohan after short pause. These two powers were none other than Bardock and Raditz. The two Saiyans landed on the scorched ground. "Bardock…" Vegeta said in awe. "My Prince." Bardock stuttered before kneeling down. "Oh, get back on your damn feet!" snapped Vegeta. "Raditz." Vegeta turned his head to his former comrade who had his fists clenched and was now growling. "It's been a long time, have you gotten smaller?" Vegeta said with a sarcastic grin. Raditz had just about enough, he flew towards Vegeta, ready to sucker punch him when Vegeta just simply fired a ki blast and sent Raditz flying to the ground. "Hmph! They never learn do they?" Vegeta exclaimed with an evil snicker.

"That's enough, Vegeta!" Gohan shouted. "Hmph." Replied Vegeta "It turns out that we need you bozos to help us." Vegeta explained to the two recently revived Saiyans. "So we need you two to train and actually prove yourselves useful!" "Can either of you turn Super Saiyan?" "I can." Bardock told Vegeta. "Prove it" Vegeta said coldly with his trademark frown. "HAAAH!" a gigantic flash of golden light was all it took for Bardock's hair to turn blonde and change shape into gravity defying hair. His eyes changed to a turquoise colour and one final yell was what it took to complete the transformation. "I see… Well done." Vegeta praised Bardock. "But that still only makes you on par with mine and Kakarot's two useless sons!" "And as for you, third class trash" Vegeta turned his head to Raditz "... Just you keep trying." Finally, Bulma's flying bus-like vehicle arrived. "Took the woman long enough!" moaned Vegeta. When the hovercraft landed, Pan jumped out and hugged her father "Dad! I thought I'd never see you again!" "Heh! I'm alright, Pan!" replied Gohan, happily. Some other passengers came out of the hovercraft as well. These were – Bulla, Oolong, Videl, Puar, Turtle and Korin. "Hey guys!" Gohan greeted, happily. "Hi, Gohan!" Videl greeted nicely. "Hi, Videl. Are you alright?" Videl was about to answer when Gohan turned his head to Bardock and Raditz. "Hold on, I'll be back in a minute." Gohan told his wife. Gohan walked up to the two Saiyans. "Hi." Gohan greeted, awkwardly. The two warriors were silent. "… So you're Kakarot's father, right?" "Yes." replied Bardock, now full of curiosity. "I guess that makes you my Grandfather!" "What?" gasped Bardock. "Yeah!" "Strange isn't it!" Gohan chuckled. "I guess you never expected to be a great-grandfather!" "God, I'm getting old." Bardock said to himself, quietly. Gohan turned to Raditz. "And you… You turned my life from a paradise to a living hell!" Raditz looked up, full of shock. "J-just stay away from my daughter!" Gohan shouted before walking off. "Just what was that all about?" Pondered Raditz.

Chapter 12 - Raditz VS Hiro

"Ok." said Gohan "Here's the plan." "We train for a couple days in the ROSAT, after that, we begin our search for the Dragon Balls. Then we summon Dad." "Dragon Balls?" asked Bardock. "Yes." Replied Gohan "Mystical objects that when brought together, grant you a wish." "But the Dragon Balls won't work anymore! The Eternal Dragon specifically said to us that the Dragon Balls will be inert until we can prove that we can live without them." Vegeta informed the rest of the Z-Fighters. "It doesn't matter." Everyone turned to see Dende, finished healing everyone. "As long as we get them together, I can revive them." "But the Dragon Balls won't show up on the radar!" Goten was quick to add. "Maybe Mum could make us a new Dragon Radar that can find the inert Dragon Balls." Trunks suggested.

Meanwhile, Raditz was starting to remember. "Yes…. I was… killed by… Kakarot." Everyone looked in Raditz's direction. Raditz lifted his head to look at Gohan. "And you hurt me!" there was a long pause. "Now I know what I must do." Raditz lunged towards Gohan. "DIE!" as soon as Raditz got close, his fist was immediately caught by Gohan and was squeezed. Raditz yelled out in pain. "You want to kill me, uncle? Well then get stronger!" Raditz growled at Gohan. Gohan let Raditz's hand go. "Mark my word; I'll be back for you! Raditz shouted before flying out towards West City. "Someone should follow him." Goten exclaimed. "Don't worry." An invisible voice reassured. "Old Kai?" Gohan asked. "Yes, it's me. Anyway, I've sent Hiro to deal with Raditz." "Hiro?" asked Vegeta "But… That's a Saiyan name!" "Yes, Hiro is a Saiyan. He was killed when Freeza destroyed Planet Vegeta and now he trains under me." In West City, Raditz had landed on a rooftop. He looked down at a family. "Daddy, can I have an Ice-Cream?" a little girl enquired "Of course, dear!" her father replied. This made Raditz have a flashback – Raditz was a baby in his cot and was looking up at his father. "Tch, he's at four. He'll never add up to much!" – The flashback had ended and Raditz was now angrier than ever. "Grrr! Die!" Raditz said quietly as he charged an energy blast before a voice came from behind him. "Why don't you pick on someone your own size?" Raditz turned his head to see the voice. It was none other than Hiro, with his messy hair and his red and yellow gi. "Gladly!" Raditz shouted before lunging towards Hiro. Hiro playfully dodged Raditz's punches as if he wasn't trying at all. "Damn you!" Raditz yelled in frustration. Out of sheer anger, Raditz managed to land a hit on Hiro's face. Raditz burst out laughing but this laughter soon turned to a growl as Hiro turned his head showing the small bruise he got from the punch. "Wow! You managed to land a hit! You're really good!" he chuckled. "Now it's my turn!" Hiro sprinted towards Raditz and at the last second, jumped into the air and landed a solid hit on Raditz's cheek, sending him flying into a nearby desert.

When Hiro found Raditz, he lunged towards him and after a severe melee combination; it was revealed that Hiro was victorious as Raditz was lying on the ground, with blood gushing out of his mouth. "Tell me, kid…" Raditz spoke to Hiro "is Kakarot stronger than you?" Hiro sat down and began to explain. "Yes, he's a lot stronger than me." "I need to surpass both Vegeta and Kakarot… then I'll kill them both!" "No, Raditz!" Hiro had snapped "Killing is not the way forward!" "How could you say that? You're a Saiyan!" Raditz loudly claimed whilst pointing at Hiro's tail. "Oh!" Hiro chuckled "You noticed it!" "You have no pride!" Raditz mocked Hiro. "I guess not…" Hiro explained "I was killed when I was three… So I guess I didn't have time to develop a sense of pride."

Hiro pulled a vile of purple liquid out of his pocket and handed it to Raditz. "Drink it." He insisted "It'll heal you." Raditz did as he was told and drank the liquid; it instantly healed all of his wounds. Hiro was about to jump back into the portal when Raditz asked "T-tell me, Hiro…. How did you get so strong?" Hiro paused for a moment, then turned round and sat on the sandy floor. Hiro Began….

Chapter 13 - Dragon Ball Hoshi Origins - Hiro

See on Dragon Ball Hoshi Origins page.

Chapter 14 - The Arrival

"I see…" Raditz said whilst taking in the information that Hiro had given him. "Anyway…" Hiro replied as he got up "I'd better be going. Suddenly, without warning, a huge earthquake lifted some rocks off the ground. "What's happening?" Raditz enquired. "Look!" Hiro pointed "In the sky!" the sky began to change as a yellow, egg – shaped ship came out of the blue and was headed to where the fight with Mecha Goku had happened." Can it be?" Hiro asked himself. "Who?" Raditz replied. "I think we have to go to the landing spot. Raditz obeyed Hiro's command and followed him in flight. "I sense a high power coming from the ship." Hiro told Raditz. "Who is it" Raditz asked "I have a suspicion. I just hope I'm right." Elsewhere, the Z-Fighters were recovering when suddenly Vegeta shot up "I feel a high power coming this way!" he told everyone. "I feel it now!" Gohan replied after a few second of silence. A few second later, a large, egg-shaped ship came into view and landed right in front of them with a breeze. When the Z-Fighters had uncovered their eyes, something familiar came into view. "Trunk's Time Machine!" Gohan gasped.

"Heh, so Trunks has finally decided to show himself!" Vegeta smirked "What? But I'm right here!" Trunks replied, shocked. "Not you." Vegeta said simply. The door to the strange machine slowly opened and a figure flew out and landed in front of the Z-Fighters. "Trunks!" Gohan laughed whilst running towards him. "Hey, Gohan!" Future Trunks replied, a little embarrassed. The two men shook hands and spoke. "We meet again!" Gohan quoted "But this time I am the elder!" he added. "How are you doing?" Mirai Trunks asked. "Very good, thanks! I have got a wife and a daughter named Pan!" "A WIFE? DAUGHTER?" Trunks gaped "Hah! Yeah, times do change!" Gohan chuckled. "I guess so." Trunks replied, with a little sternness in his voice. "How about you?" Gohan asked "Got a girlfriend?" Trunks was now blushing heavily, even more than he was before. "N-no." was the only response that Trunks could squeeze out. "Weird." Gohan pondered "I'm sure someone like you would be really popular with the girls." Trunks was now blushing uncontrollably and he was now a very dark shade of red. "Well… I guess due to Majin Buu I haven't been able to get into any sort of relationship." "How do you know Majin Bu-"Gohan was cut off by Vegeta "Cut the chit-chat!" He shouted. "All I want to know is why you're here!" "I just wanted to see you and Gohan and-""That's not the reason, boy!" Vegeta shouted in frustration. "(Sigh) Ok then." "I sensed a high power level. It was so strong that I could feel it from my time!" "That would be that piece of scrap metal imitation of Goku!" Vegeta added. Everyone was surprised – Vegeta just called Goku by his name! Everyone was used to him calling Goku by his Saiyan name, Kakarot. In fact, Vegeta had always called him Kakarot since the day of his arrival on Earth over thirty years previous. So why now did he refer to him as Goku? "Goku?" asked Trunks "Yes, I think Dr. Gero made a fake Kakarot in Hell and somehow sent it here." Vegeta replied.

"I think I'm starting to understand what's been going on" Trunks said out loud in thought. It was only then that Bulma came up to Trunks. "Trunks!" she squealed. "Hi, mom!" Trunks greeted. Just then, Bulla came out of the airship and saw Trunks. "Trunks, why have you got a sword?" she asked "and why are you wearing a woman's jacket? Bardock chuckled slightly as Trunks turned a deep shade of red. "Bulla, this is Trunks" Bulma stated "Yeah, I know but…" Bulla had just noticed that her timelines trunks was standing a few hundred yards to her left, talking to Goten. "This is freaking me out." Bulla was quick to inform her mother. "Don't worry, Bulla" Bulma insisted "This is Trunks from the future!" "The future…?" Bulla asked. "Uh… mom… Who is this?" Future Trunks asked. "This is Bulla, your sister." "A SISTER?" "Things have changed since you've been here last." Trunks began wandering around and talking to people. He came up to Goten. "Hi, who are you?" he asked politely "I'm Goten" Goten informed Mirai Trunks. "Goten? Are you related to Gohan?" "I should hope so, I'm his brother!" "Wow, another new sibling!" Trunks laughed. "Guys!" Bulma shouted "It's time to go to the Time Chamber" "The Time Chamber?" Trunks asked "Why?" "I'll explain on the way" Vegeta was quick to reply.

Chapter 15 - The Training Begins!

All of the Z-Fighters were in the flying van. “So, dad.” Future Trunks said “you said you’d explain.” “Well, against Mecha Goku, all of us were powerless unless we reached some sort of new form but even that doesn’t help us for long because it can heal itself and it’s a learning robot. We need to gather all three sets of Dragon Balls before it so that we can summon Kakarot to defeat the thing. Undoubtedly we will run into Mecha Goku whilst we are searching so it is of maximum importance that we train in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber before we go after them.” “I see…” Future Trunks replied with a confused look on his face. Vegeta got up “Well, you’d better get yourself ready, I’ll expect we’ll be arriving soon.” He told Trunks before walking off to sit next to Bulma. “Bulma” Vegeta called for his wife “We need a Dragon Radar.” “I’ve got one right here!” Bulma replied whilst holding out a radar. “I know, but we need special radar… One that can sense inert Dragon Balls as well as working ones”.

“I don’t know why you’d need that considering that inert Dragon Balls are of no use… but I’m sure you have your reasons. I’ll get right on it.” “Thanks, Bulma” the Saiyan prince thanked. In almost no time at all, the flying van landed on Dende’s Lookout. At exactly the moment that it landed, Vegeta jumped out of it with Future Trunks in toe. “Popo!” Vegeta shouted “We need the Time Chamber!”

Meanwhile, at the battlefield, Hiro and Raditz landed on the ground, looking around for the Z-Fighters. “It’s no use; they’ve already gone to the Time Chamber.” Hiro informed Raditz. “What’s a Time Chamber?” Raditz asked, full of questions. “Basically, it’s a place in which you can get a year’s worth of training in a day.” “Wow” Raditz was stunned. “Come on, let’s go.” Hiro insisted.

Back at Dende’s Lookout, “Ok, Vegeta… But Uub’s in there!” “Don’t you worry about that!” snickered Vegeta before walking towards the Time Chamber door. Vegeta quickly swung open the door to see Uub, still training as he had been for two days (two years for Uub). Uub turned when he sensed a huge ki at the entrance. Vegeta was standing there, annoyed. After the two years that Uub had spent in the chamber, his hair had grown to be almost waist length, but it was still a Mohawk. Uub’s clothes were also ripped up and he had plenty of injuries. “What’s been going on?” asked Uub “I felt some massive ki’s from here!” “Look” Vegeta replied, frustrated “Gohan will surely tell you. Now get out!” Uub did as he was commanded. After Uub got out of the time chamber, Vegeta called to his alternate son “Trunks from the future, you come with me. “ “Y-yes father!” Future Trunks replied before running after his father and shutting the door behind him. “Wow, it sure has been a long time since I’ve been in here!” Trunks remarked. “Tell me Trunks, how long has it been since Bojack for you?” Vegeta enquired “About two years” Trunks answered “And you?” “Around 27 years” Vegeta replied. “Wow, 27 huh? You must not even remember me well!” Trunks laughed “No, I remember you just fine. A Saiyan never forgets after all.” “But that can’t be said for Demi-Saiyans such as you.” “If you say so, dad.” Trunks replied in sheer boredom. “Let’s see what’s in the fridge.” Trunks opened the refrigerator to see it overflowing with mountains of food. “Plenty of food, Dad!” Trunks called “Good, because I’ll be starving!” Vegeta called back. “Alright, Trunks. That bed will be yours and that one mine.” “Ok, dad.” Trunks replied in understanding. “Good, now that we have got that sorted out, how about some training?” “I guess we could do that, father.” “Excellent, come with me then.” Vegeta ordered. “Right” Trunks agreed. In this time, Trunks knew that the heat of the time chamber could be deadly so he took the liberty of taking off his jacket so he wouldn’t burn as fast.

After a few minutes of walking, Vegeta turned around to face his alternate son. “Alright. Let’s begin.” Vegeta told Trunks “Right.” Trunks replied. “Can you at least do this?” Vegeta asked whilst transforming into Super Saiyan 2 “Oh, but of course!” Trunks replied whilst also going Super Saiyan 2. “I’m impressed.” “Let’s see what you can do, old man!” Trunks remarked before charging at Vegeta. He started throwing punches and kicks but Vegeta parried each one and even when Trunks used his sword it was no use because Vegeta was just too fast. After a few minutes, Trunks finally caught Vegeta off guard and tried to slash him with his blade but Vegeta simply caught it with one hand and asked “Is that all you can do?” Trunks quickly lifted his sword back up and slid it back into the holder that was strapped to his back. Trunks flew back a couple hundred metres. “Let’s see if you can dodge this!” Trunks shouted “Finish Buster!” Trunks fired a large yellow beam of energy straight at Vegeta. “Galick Gun… FIRE!” Vegeta had countered the burning attack by firing a beam of his own, the signature Galick Gun, the same technique that he used against Goku in their first fight almost 40 years previous. The two beams collided in a giant fiery explosion of lights and energy. After a few seconds of struggling, the two beams exploded, sending both Vegeta and Trunks flying in opposite directions. The two Saiyans landed on the ground back first. Vegeta was the first to get up, followed quickly by Trunks. “Huff…Puff…” Trunks was breathing heavily whilst Vegeta was waiting impatiently. “You’re not going to get far against me if that’s all you can do.” Vegeta told Trunks. “That’s not all I have to offer!” Trunks replied with a smirk. “What do you mean?” Vegeta asked. “I really have to thank Buu… Without him I wouldn’t be able to do this.” “I asked you what do you mean?!” Vegeta shouted “If you really want to see then fine. Just don’t expect an easy fight.” “HAAAAAH!!!” Trunk’s hair was growing dramatically and his eyebrows were disappearing. Soon, the transformation was complete and Trunks was just standing there. Vegeta never thought that Trunks would have reached this transformation –and in two years! “Something big must have happened if he attained Super Saiyan 3 in two years. It has taken me 21 years to get that form!” Vegeta thought to himself.