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Dragon Ball Gamma is a story where a saiyan by the name of Netto, a universe 7 saiyan, who joined the frieza force, who likes to fight and cares for everyone. His abilty is extreme blood flow. He can be quiet and scared sometimes though, learns further about the universe, it takes place in the span of Age 767 - Age 780, it doesn't change much of the events of DB/Z/GT/Super. Bonus Chapters add extra lore to the story and will be added later on, even when the main story is finished. (when it is finished it will just be in the form of side stories) He travels with his 2 friends, who are:

  • Bakuda - A mutant fish, she comes from a strange race bred by the frieza force, most slipped out in some time and she is one of them, she is quick to assume things and is quite energetic. Her special ability is developing a sort of power from the foe,
  • Zash - A Gurasean Elite Mercenary, he is the youngest of them all and doesn't like to confront people, he also has low standards . His special ability is collecting data from a fruit he took.

Together, they can fight every force that interrupts their fun, they also explore the universe to explore it, their goal is to protect the universe along with side ambiitions.

Summary (Skip if you want details)[edit | edit source]

Pikza Saga[edit | edit source]

Netto talks about his backstory and then has a flashback about where he and his friend Bakuda are going, Netto steals a ship and Bakuda gets nervous, it cuts back to present day. Bakuda gives advice to Netto but he ignores it and enters the planet where his mission is (where he also did his first mission) which is located at Planet Pikza. A new guardian comes and Netto tries to beat him but Bakuda does and spares him, they then meet the people they met 2 years ago. Netto gets mad at him and charges up and masters the great ape state in a human body.

He then starts to beat H up and get beaten up after so Bakuda steps in and uses Netto's life energy to fight H but then gets beaten up later, H becomes quite cruel and donuts Bakuda (Punches a big hole through her body), Netto becomes a super saiyan and beats the crap out of him so K absorbs H and becomes the guy in the bonus chapter who doesn't have a name yet (didn't name him), Netto begins to equally fight with him though having rage boosts to support him he was beating him, his ki was draining as he was fighting as he used it up earlier so he concentrates his transformation, making the ki focused on 1 area which multiplies the power by how concentrated it is, he then creates a new technique to kill this person called bolt tornado, only usable in concentrated super saiyan forms. At the end, he dives in his attack and collects Bakuda before going back in the ship.

Gurasean War Saga[edit | edit source]

Netto and Bakuda train and do missions in the galactic patrol for about 4 years, Netto has all ssj grades and ssj2 while Bakuda has mastered her Life Energy, Water and Air Manipulation, making them all more effecient. Netto tries to go beyond ssj2 but fails, the people of Guras create conflict with the GP with leads to war, Bakuda and Jaco are doing alot while Netto is recovering from strain. The Guraseans get stronger but Bakuda beats them up, the 3 royal guards turn up to fight Bakuda and the weakest one, she uses life energy but still can't compete to his 5%. The weakest Royal Guard (and youngest) royal guard, Zash, is about to kill her but then Netto arrives, recovered from the training and strain. He seems pretty useless at first and gets hit quite a bit but then he becomes super saiyan, it becomes very one-sided after that, even with Zash's 5% Charged. He goes 50% and starts to be able to beat up Netto but he easily overpowers that with super saiyan 2. He goes full power and starts to get the upper hand but it looks more fair, they have their fair share of blows, Netto uses Bolt Tornado but Zash dashes through it, Netto creates a technique, Super Bolt Tornado. Zash has to charge himself up to take it and then Netto starts to lose, Netto starts to charge, Bakuda warns him about the thing that happened before, he reaches Super Saiyan 3 for the very first time. He decimates Zash and he stands no chance, he flicks him away which still damages Zash quite alot. Zash begs for his life and Netto recruits him but sets a camera on him, if it breaks then he thinks it will be kinda strange and see what happened. Zash gets his new clothes but both of them are watching him at all times.

The other 2, Hydar and Chiro, come at Netto unexpectedly and are stronger and charged, he starts to beat them up and Netto beats them up and uses Super Bolt Retract to try and finish it, they get a fusion device but Zash comes and betrays them by almost killing them when they were weak. They fuse and almost kill Zash, Bakuda gets beaten up again and Netto uses Chisaiken to beat them up, Zash kills them and runs away. Bakuda absorbs the Life Energy she uses into her base form but it is less effective because she is weaker so in return she lost life energy. King Emporo arrives and beats the crap out of litteraly everyone there, Netto creates a life energy technique called Spirit Beam and forces King Emporo to his Charged 100%, he then punches a hole through Netto and he returns to base, weakened. Zash tries to kill the king in his charged 100% but gets a hole through him as well and runs away, Bakuda is left and gets Nervous.

Netto has a memory of his father as a baby and suddenly sees his father pick him up, he suddenly is risen up, he goes ssj and recovers, Punkai goes ssj as his mates appear, they all go super saiyan too, they circle around him, his ki goes fiery and he opens his eyes, Punkai motivates Netto before he comes out of this state of consciousness. Bakuda unlocks Sharou while protecting Netto at this point, she can't control herself as she easily beats up the king with almost Netto feels his power and unlocks god ki, he easily pretty much emasculates the king and his pride as royalty, absorbs SSJG to his base, he gives God Ki to Bakuda and she gets god ki. Zash comes to join in and finish the king who is heavily injured but he gets corrupted by his wrath and dark energy and his body gets corrupted, those fuse and make his power dramatically increased, SSJG Netto gets punched so hard, the timeline breaks and Xeno Netto and Xeno Bakuda are seen in the same issue, they go to the main timeline and are still being beaten up, once this happens, Bakuda sharpens her power, making a x10 power and Netto uses Ikari. They all get beaten up so Xeno Netto goes FPSSJ4 once everyone lends him his ki and he uses a Dragon Demon Fist to hurt the king, it makes him bleed but that was the best they could do, they almost die, but suddenly, the king's body cracks. A secret somebody saves them, they shoot him and he suddenly becomes unconscious and becomes a prisoner, at the end, planet Gurase is unliveable to be in so they move them to a planet. This secret person is revealed to be Merus, Merus offers them a gift to control that god ki and so they do, secretly without the Galactic Patrol's awareness.

Some days later they have fun and relax as they won the war, they play some games and then relax, they have a schedule with merus and it lasts for about a week so that they don't get caught. They do some side missions to take out some space pirates, netto easily beats them by using super saiyan. They then later come back to see a corrupted version f them, Netto needs super saiyan 3 to do this and is surprised by this.

Jionian Saga[edit | edit source]

A new kai is revealed, his name is Kasho, he will be a substitute kai and likes to fight and has been fighting for the hundreds of years that he has been alive for, he sees the Jionians have been mind controlling people in the north quadrant of universe 7 so he calls the Galactic Patrol for help, Netto comes back from a mission in super saiyan blue averagely standing there as Bakuda is using Godly Sharou averagely, Netto has perfected Super Saiyan Blue in the 3 year timeskip and Bakuda mastered her Godly Sharou form (she gets it earlier, in the same time Netto gets SSJB). He powers down to base and hears of this, they get ready to search for the main cause and arrest them. Xeno Netto and Bakuda went back to their timelines and killed the king before he got the power up with a Triple Demon Dragon Fist.

They go on and find a corpse of Hyroshi with metal around him, he is suddenly awake and battles them, Kasho comes to help and is immortal temporarily so everything has to go quick, Netto and Bakuda keep the fusion device used on hYroshi before hand and try to fight them, they ascend from their bases to max forms, Xeno Netto and Bakuda are in the same situation so Xeno Kasho and Kasho stop Xeno Mecha Hyroshi and stop them from fusing, Xeno Mecha Hyroshi comes t the main timeline and becomes Xeno Mecha Armoured Charged 100% Hyroshi. They Hyroshis then fuse into a 4-way fusion, Fused Hyroshi, a Ki blast knocked out Zash so he toyed with them by using ki bullets, they run around in fear thinking they are dead but the Bakuda makes the brave move to snatch the device off Fused Hyroshi, she is then thrown to a wall. Kasho comes in and fights, he then develops a halo and unlocks his halo before his fist gets corrupted for a while, he gets pushed back, Xeno Bakuda protects Bakuda in Ultra Sharou and the Zashes charge a beam which ineffective but created a smokescreen so the Nettos can fuse, the fused Netto is in FPSSJGSSJ4 and lets Hyroshi punch him, he holds back his punches and Hyroshi gets almost incinerated, luckily he can regen with this power and cackles at him , when he realises his fusion is about to end he kills Hyroshi with ONE PUNCH for good, his body got atomized, creating a permanent hole in the universe.

FPSSJGSSJ4 Fused Netto finds out that these lead you to other areas so he creates many more so Kasho gets extremely mad at him and says that Lord Beerus will notice but Whis kept him asleep or Battle of Gods would not happen because this Fused Netto would kill him before he goes FP, killing Shin too.

They think it's over as they arrive back on the ship, the Nettos unfuse and are unconscious for a while, turns out it isn't, they use the portals on a ship to go to the South west Quadrant, they explore it and some other corrupted people are found and are easily detained by Xeno Bakuda and Xeno Zash while Bakuda and Zash were on the lookout. Kasho and Xeno Kasho go to the Xono timeline. They arrive at planet Jion after a while and easily handle the Jionians, they get stronger and give them quite some trouble but get through, the grand elder steps in and demonstrates his power which shows that no one really stood a chance, they considered the fusion device but Netto angrily denied it as his condition after fusing was horrible, Xeno Netto was knocked out, He puts his age onto Kasho, restoring his youth and then absolutely ruined the match for the other 6. Netto uses Bolt Tornado so Bakuda joins in and then Zash comes in, so does their counterparts after. Jeioni (the grand elder) comes out like it was not much, they lend their ki to Xeno Netto in FPSSJ4 so he transcends his limits again, he goes LBSSJ4 and manages to make Jeioni go to 10%, he uses a new technique with PSSJB Netto, also having a new technique, Primal Bolt Retract and God Bolt Retract, Jeioni deflects them both and knocks both Nettos to base form. Bakuda comes in with Perfected Godly Sharou and manaages to hold him off, she does way better than before and sets up a super pheonix wave to weaken Jeioni which works so her attacks get more and more efficient. He blasts her away and they have a great battle, Zash then steps in because Jeioni felt enraged, Zash also has an interesting fight, he showcases his armoured and charged state, Xeno Zash comes to support him and they do a nice tag team, Xeno Bakuda comes in and gets killed by Jeioni as he thought that was Bakuda again, Xeno Netto gets very enraged and beats the LIFE out of Jeioni (punches hole through belly, crushes skull, knees gut repeatedly and shoots a gigantic Bolt Retract and slam him on the ground repeatedly) until he goes 50%. Netto uses spirit energy with Bakuda from the South, East and West Quadrants and fight Jeioni, he gets pushed to 100% which knocks them out of this power, Netto flees and apologises to Bakuda as she gets beaten up by Jeioni. Zash fuses with Netto to make Zatto, Zatto pushes back Xeno Netto and then Xeno Zash fuses with Xeno Netto, Xeno Zatto and Zatto easily defeat Jeioni in Super Saiyan while Zatto added his armoured state to a punch to knock him down, Xeno Zatto was still mad from Netto's side to he brutally murders Jeioni instead of arresting him but what happened wasn't really told to the Galactic Patrol in detail. The issue left some damage in the universe so everyone took note of that, both Kashos went to hand Xeno Jeioni and made him so tired that Xeno Zash finishged that Jeioni off with a full power blow. They never really met the Xeno timeline versions of themselves again.

When they are on their way back, they find out that an anonymous person has tried to invite them, they sign up and suddenly the sheet disappears. They go to inform everybody about the events of this saga and about the papers. They signed an inactivity paper and rested. A day later they start to mess around, play games and do other stuff since they had a great victory.

U3 Tournament (W.I.P)[edit | edit source]

In age 780, 1 year after the events on Planet Jion, in the time where ToP happens, the 3 travel to U3, this takes the time for all of ToP and DBS Broly to happen, Netto, Bakuda and Zash compete in a tournament in U3 while the moro arc takes place (which clarifies why they weren't there).They later find out they need to bring inventions, they fly off to the Tournament to test their power, they get prepared to fight and add some pieces of metal to their body to be counted as inventions amd go to the waiting area.

They go to the arena and get their weighted gi on, there was a free-for-all trial match, Netto barely tried to get in, so did Bakuda and Zash.

Sagas[edit | edit source]

Sagas Include:

Pikza Saga[edit | edit source]

Chapter 1 - The Introduction[edit | edit source]

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This era starts at age 765 to 767, We first meet Netto and Bakuda who are talking, Netto mentions how he met her, it cuts to Netto who is a 5 year old and talks to his mom about when he'll go to missions, she assured him he will get to soon. A year passes and he's still been asking her, she gets angry enough so she looks for someone near his power level and tries to get them to arrange a meeting, turns out, they were a boring and sassy saiyan who stayed at home to eat all day. She arranged another meeting and it didn't work, "Punkai is always hunting, that little brat running around everywhere...He's always like Mata you have to relax, sto-" after a while of Mata's rambling, Netto asked her, "When will I have someone to play with?" She always ignored him after that. After about 2 months, he had enough and walked out, he really had no where to go, he tried to come back in but she would ignore him or push him away. He would do some training as if he was fighting some bad guys like he says Father did so, he eventually got hungrier and hungrier...

He became an independent boy, he stole spaceships and flew off to other planets, hunted his own food and all the usual, he went to a space ship named Sorbet's. He busted the door open because he was gonna invade it, he was seen to be strong, so they knocked him out and brought him in for them to work for him in the Next Gen Section, there he met a couple of interesting people, he met another saiyan but he wasn't too interested in him, though an extra special person named Bakuda caught interest in his power as she saw his potential in him despite her being a high class frieza warrior, they would train together and fight until one got injured, Their power was rising. When they were about 10, they were surpassing some of the Soldier's power levels and were classed as Child Prodigies. Now they go out to do their very first mission, the chapter ends here.

Chapter 2 - First Mission[edit | edit source]

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This chapter starts on where a soldier tells Netto and Bakuda to go and invade a Planet named Pikza, "Alright! My very fist mission!" Netto exclaimed as he jumped in joy, "Wait, you've NEVER done a mission before?" Bakuda asked in curiosity "Yeah and?" He said with a bit of confusion in it "Guess 'll have to show ya the ropes along the way then bud." Bakuda replied with. They looked for the spaceship rooms and went and took the smaller spaceships with 2 seats called Mini's, "Aw, I wanted those big ones!" Netto whimpered "Yeah well, we aren't allowed, wish we could though." "How about we get rid of those things with the tubes, I think they're watching me! Then we can." "Good Idea!" They said, they ki blasted a camera, blowing it up, Shisami quickly went to check but they were already gone! Tagoma and Sorbet were waiting at the main room to see Shisami's response "Found anything yet Shisami?"Tagoma asked quickly "Hmph..." He murmured at him before walking away

The two now went on a ship larger for the adults, they were called XLs and were for extra special missions with big equipment and had 20 seats, they were blasted as this one had more fuel. "That wasn't as fun as I fought takin' the ship..." Netto said as they were pushed back from the force of the ship, "THAT WAS SO RISKY, NEVER DO THAT AGAIN!" Bakuda quickly shouted at him before slapping him in the face. "Ow...Relax, atleast it felt kinda cool." Netto replied while holding his cheek. A few minutes passed as they didn't want to talk to each other after a while but eventually they got bored. "So how you doin?" she said to start a conversation. " I'm good, how about you?" Netto replied "I'm great, Sorbet saw the growth in my power, he says in the next 10 years I might surpass the great one and only, Lord Frieza!" Bakuda exclaimed in a ecstatic way. "He said for me it might be in 15 years, and he said might, I'm still up there though...bet you're at the top right?" Netto asked "Sure am!" she said, Netto quickly responded that they are getting in the planet, the moon was getting close so Bakuda pointed it out, his eyes went pure red...

Chapter 3 - Great Ape!? The Scary Saiyan Potential[edit | edit source]

This Music Plays The surface got closer and closer, but slowly, Netto grew bigger and bigger, the spaceship broke as he outgrew it, Bakuda got scared and jumped off the ship and fell 1,000 ft down as Netto landed down with her, he roared everywhere. The people of Pikza were these bug like people who slurped off food from the ground, they didn't have great technology or smarts, they got all the help they needed but now.

They had a few soldiers who were quite strong but had 2 guardians, one was a evil man who used these people as an excuse to brutally murder people, they called him K, the job finisher. The other was was a chivalrous man who decided the fate whether they would live or die, his name was H. They would have traditions every year on the whole of August for when these 2 heroes came to protect them from a dangerous monster that could wipe out the entire planet and others around it. They were celebrating it now when this happened so K and H were there, so at a perfect time, they took action.

"What the hell is going on here! Is this some kind of Magic!" Bakuda screamed as she stepped back, K and H dragged their swords out of the case and jumped, K tried to stab the chest of Netto but he just barged past him as he went on a rampage destroying buildings. "You need to stop please Netto!" Netto turned towards her and jumped past her, destroying a marketplace, H and K tried to pull his tail and did so, they climbed up his back and K slit his back, H Punched it alot, blood dropped all the way down his furry back and he fell down in pain, crushing the other 2, their swords impaled him. "Netto...can you hear me? NETTO! This isn't funny!" Bakuda yelled at him "Wake up!" She screamed. Netto jumped back up and looked at her, his body went green as body shrunk with his damaged saiyan armour, his aura started to burst out a green colour uncontrollable as it was for him, his eyes went yellow, he shank and shrank and looked more human, untill he was turned towards his back, the injury mark being visible from when he was a great ape, he then turned and glared at them, getting angrier and angrier as time passed.

Netto dashed at K and chopped his head and kicked him, he then punched him onto a wall, he became sloppier and weaker as time progressed, he turned to Bakuda and punched her, she blocked the hit while getting her arms cracked, he kicked K and H and then punched them fast rapidly, he got tired so he ended it with a giant blast, leaving the 3 of them out cold... (Music Stops)

When she tried to escape, the ship was broken, luckily, Sorbet's ship tracked them so she tried to fly, K woke up and grabbed her leg and slammed her down, "What the hell! Stay Down" she screamed at him as she charged up ki at her feet, she shot a leg blast before shooting rapid ki blasts, K was even more injured, he finished it with a full power blast as he tried to kill her. Her arm got scratched by it and she flew away "Damn it..!" K said as he fainted...

When they came back, Sorbet was mad, he saw a Bakuda hold a recovery capsule which he made out to be Netto. "Why the hell was he injured, how can a basic mission require so much effort!" "Ya-da ya-da ya-da! I don't really care what Sorbet said back then." Netto said as it back to present day.

Netto stretched his new saiyan armour as he stretched his legs, "Well, guess we head off to this planet, seems like Sorbet is interested in the minerals inside it, apparently it gives you a great power boost, seems interesting. Here goes!"

"Wait, wait, wait, go across, thats the opposite of where we were, they'll recognize use!" Bakuda alarmed him though Netto ignored what she said. "You'll regret that, trust me..." she muttered under her breath.

Chapter 4 - Dirty Work[edit | edit source]

When they landed down, instantly people waited for the ship to open, men crowded the ship. Surprise, Surprise it was the same person. "Oi, I remember you lot! You was that invader from 2 years 'go! What makes you think you's is welcome 'ere!" a figure shouted, he grabbed Netto and kicked him, he caught Netto off guard. "Go get em, prince! Go get 'em Prince!" The crowd chorused as he started to take action.

"Woah, Woah, Woah there, we don't want the planet anymore, we just need some ores!" Bakuda said, reassuring that they won't fight them like before.

"Like we would believe that idiot!" He snarkily replied with.

"Thats rude as hell! What the hell!" She snapped back with, staring at him, she twisted around to Netto and quickly replied with "Come on Netto, let's get him!"

They jumped back and before they landed, men were screaming at hem while charging, this was their time to shine! Netto jumped and stepped on ones head while tripping many others, he punched a few in the face, he then blasted some and grabbed ones face before slamming some across a group of others' faces. Bakuda kicked one in the air by jumping, she kicked a few away before blasting some and punching some in the face, she even telekinetically carried on up and blew him up! She then grabbed Netto and threw him at a line of Pikza people, destroying them completely, he then blasted an energy wave at them. They did not stand a chance.

Prince couldn't hide behind his people anymore, he went full power and grabbed Bakuda's arm ( still having the injury on it) and kicked her 5 times before tossing her and ki blasting her, Netto was enraged and punched him back, Prince remembered the moon and shot a gigantic blast at it, destroying it so he can't be affected by it. He then took the hit, Netto turned around to see what happened with the sky and he was gut punched, casuing him to be ragdolled. Bakuda kicked a rock creating a massive crater and punched Prince (that attack broke his guard) and then shot a ki wave at him. She then tried to slam down on him but he grabbed her stomach, spinned her around and threw her away. "Easy, ya see people!" Prince exclaimed in a proud voice. "No...we aren't down, not so quick!" He jumped at Prince, kneed his gut and jumped behind him and punched his back before grabbing him and trying to throw him. Prince took all of it and was barely moved by the throw.

He was charging up a blast but then Bakuda headbutt him, "Oh no you don't!" she yelled then Netto started to rapidly hit Prince with a barrage of punches on the front side and Bakuda on the Back side, Prince got so mad that he shot a gigantic ki explosion nearly destroying everything there! Then Prince powered up again beyond them! This time to an extreme level! Bakuda and Netto stepped back but even then got blasted away.

Chapter 5 - Rage at its Limits[edit | edit source]

Prince truly went full power, he got Bakuda into a choke hold and sucked her air through her gills, he then threw her, he then stabbed Netto through the chest and then kicked him off his body, then he jumped at him and punched him while continuing to leech him more, he dashed towards Bakuda next and stomped on her face repeatedly and held her body towards Netto, Netto started to get really mad, but he couldn't move he tried to move an slip towards her but ended up being able to be stomped on by civilians, "Get off her!" He screamed, he flopped up and charged up, he was enraged and at full power he jumped and front-flipped forwards before grabbing Prince towards him and headbutting him, he then dashed up, as his ki was draining he finished it in one last attack, he charged ki up on his fist and punched Prince right in the gut! "I wont 't let her down! I won't let myself down! I won't lose to some violent sicko!" Netto yelled before blasting his fist down Prince's face, slamming him down underground.

Bakuda was left out of harm since she was off Prince, she was almost unconsious, her armour was broken up, Netto gave her a hand and lifted her hand up. They went back and were gonna go ask for locations but suddenly, footsteps came out of a humongous crater. "FINE, I'LL JUST KILL YOU BOTH!" Prince yelled in rage as he stepped on top of the crater. He blasted Bakuda which knocked her out and was gonna do it again. He charged up a blast.

Suddenly, Netto felt unconsious, he felt like he was younger and Bakuda was telling him to wake up and he failed his first mission, she was reassuring him they could always try again, break your limits, push yourself beyond what you can do... Prince shot the beam and he opened his eyes, suddenly it glowed yellow.

Chapter 6 - Rage Beyond its Limits[edit | edit source]

Music Plays He suddenly he grabbed the blast and scrunched it up before a mini explosion came from his hand, he then moved so fast prince couldn't notice him and punched Prince, suddenly a thick green aura glowed around him. He left Bakuda to rest, she opened her eyes to see something similar to what she saw before! She then took shelter and hid, Netto punched prince so had he spat out blood and caused a quake which split buildings in half, he then grabbed him, threw him and blasted him many times, then finished that with an energy wave, he was getting more used to this state.

He looked at his hands as he gained consciousness while using Ikari for the first time, he tested things out by kicking the air multiple times and single-handed punching the air multiple times. He charged up then again and brutally kicked Prince's jaw sending him across the planet, he then flew to the ocean (where Prince was sent) and then he calmed down, he fell on his face, Bakuda came back to see Netto on the ocean with Prince swimming back up.

He then dashed up and punched Netto to the land, Bakuda took the chance to charge up. "Lend me your energy Netto, I got an Idea!" she said towards Netto, he gave the last bit of Ki and Genki (Life/Spirit Bomb Energy) to her, giving her a power boost before he passed out and couldn't anymore. She then said "This, is for Netto, I didn't know he would be that loyal!" She yelled as charged up "So now, I will make up for it WITH THIS!" She jumped at prince punching him a couple of times before punching him up and down then positioned him correctly with some punches and continuing with some punches, "Now, you're done!" She grabbed him before quickly tossing him and used a technique she'd been practicing on her own "Phoenix Wave", she created heat from her hand and ki it was making Prince distraught and was hurting him. "Enjoy your life and spend it wisely." She removed the heat and left Prince to be unconscious, the people watched that in shock, Netto's eyes opened to see his friend pick him up, she said she needed a recovery capsule so he got her one and rested in the ship with her to recover for some hours before going in. She then wondered why she let Prince live, she felt a bit bad about it.

Chapter 7 (Bonus Chapter 1) - The Legend of H and K[edit | edit source]

This Music Plays

In the ground, there was a giant centipede growing, it was across the planet, some sea creatures fed on it, legends said that if you went near it, you would be gone the second you saw it. People tried it and it was true, when it was reaching it's final stages, spikes came from random areas in the ground., after about 6 months of this havoc, a massive hole appeared in the ground, as the centipede fed on land, the people called it, the Kilopede...

There was a recruitment program around the entire group of solar systems there, they would assign people to different areas, they had a test to see morals and powers, one man was extremely powerful compared to the rest, his power was way higher and seemed to be all the right things to be qualified, brave, good sense/understanding of situations, morals and power. They did 2 exams, paper exams to see what they would do and physical exams to see it with their own eyes. He was assigned to planet Pikza a day before the havoc truly begun, he dashed down there to meet his people and they all told him about their world, "Interesting" he said, I'll have to get used to this...

This Music Plays

A day later, the monster emerges and destroys the meeting area killing thousands of people, this was his turn to show what he was made of, he jumped on top of the monster and slashed it's back while running up with his blade, he jumped up and dashed at it's face, he was sent back by a mouth blast but dashed back up and punched the monster in the face while dodging it's attacks. The kilopede charged up a blast and shot it through him, he started to fly up above it and slash it in the face, it started healing up from the slash. "Ah crap! It heals, damn it, this'll be tough..." He thought to himself as he devised a plan, but he couldn't think too fast so he got blasted away and was crushed on a building, he got back up and flew around the monster creating a tornado and slashed it in it, cutting it to pieces, he then blasted it with lots of input in each slice, suddenly regenerated out of nowhere! He started to do something similar but the monster started to go full power!

It slammed his face onto the ground and threw him into the air and charged a blast before stabbing his stomach with a pincher in it's jaw. "GAAUUHHH!" He shouted as his body started to split in half. "What the-" 2 Bodies said as they split.

Music Plays

The people of Pikza were confused, as he fell, he was dizzy and saw another version of himself yet bloodier and darker, "Who're you supposed to be, step back!" He said "I'm your supressed ki of dark energy and now I've gotten free!" It yelled while smiling. "No matter, I will kill this beast!"

He jumped up but suddenly, he was smashed down, this dark version of himself tried to take action, he jumped up and blasted the monster rapidly, the dark version of himself flipped up and stabbed the monster in the eye, it screeched in pain while he digged it in and punched through the other eye, digging his way in, the people were shocked but didn't mind too much, he then came out of the mouth and ripped the tounge out before going back in, with blood spraying everywhere, it tried to heal but before it could he blasted it's brain, he took off above of it and it's skin as a trophy while the normal version of himself looked at what this thing did.

He then struck it when it was down and sealed it down, in return, the people of Pikza did a celebration for this. This happened 42 years ago. Now it goes back to modern day.

Chapter 8 - They return?[edit | edit source]

This Music Plays When they woke up, they saw 2 scarred warriors, they didn't rest at all and it seemed like they just came "I was rusty and lazy back then but this time it'll be different!" A man said while holding a cage of darkness. They jumped out as he charged a blast, they both jumped back and dodged the blast. "He's fast as hell!" Bakuda commented as she slid to the ground.

They then charged up and dashed at him, punching him rapidly, it didn't do much, he just turned around, he then kicked them from the back, turned around and blasted Bakuda, she took the hit and flew back, acting like it was nothing but was quite hurt. She punched his face, while that landed, that would be the only hit she would get in a while. "Bakuda , I'll he-" were the words Netto said before he was blasted away onto a wall "How dare you!" Bakuda yelled at him before doing rapid kicks, he dodged them with ease before grabbing her leg and slamming her onto a wall, he then shot a ki blast sending her flying and blew it up, causing a gigantic explosion.

Netto jumped back up but then the shadow grabbed him and slammed at him before bringing him up to his face and showing him horrors he could see of himself being mutilated in many ways. He vomited and was punched in the stomach making it worse. Bakuda recovered and tried to dash back there but H kicked her, sending her flying. Netto was dizzy, he charged a beam but shot in in the air as a twisted and turned before he was knocked out. Bakuda got mad, she powered up to full power and tried to punch him once again but it missed, "I'm fed up with you, I WILL END THIS RIGHT HERE AND RIGHT NOW!"she screamed as she got so mad that she released her ki into an explosion (which woke up Netto, who didn't recover). This finally hit him so he cancelled it out with a ki blast, he then grabbed her and choked her, she looked at Netto, "Not bad, too bad you're too weak to ever touch me!". "Do it, do it Netto" she whispered just a bit loud enough for him to hear. "What?" he said as he looked towards him.

This Music Plays

"You think you're in control?" he said in an anrgy voice before going full power, "Thats funny..." His power rised up and flowed up as he closed his eyes. "The moon was destroyed 2 years ago fool! You can't do that silly trick!" H proudly replied as he saw the boy, get beefier, bigger and his power skyrocket tenfold! "What!?-" he said, he was cut off by the yells of the boy he was facing, his power then went up tenfold again! He then gained a thick green aura around him, he then burtsed out a green glow, making everyone able to see his power. "How about we take this elsewhere shall we not?" H said as he took him to a wasteland of a planet with K and Bakuda.

Chapter 9 - Wrathful (Short)[edit | edit source]

"Come at me!" He said, Netto dashed at him before punching him, H powered up and kicked him before punching him a couple of times, he then kicked him again. Netto got his guard broken but then roared at him before kicking him multiple times and blasting him, H walked through it with his new power up, he then kicked him a couple of times before shooting an energy blast volley, Netto dashed through it and tried to punch him but H grbbed his arm and threw him, he quickly blasted him and kicked him. "Damn it, Netto you can't lose here! I'm far surpassed by this guy!" She shouted at him, Netto slowly gained consciousness "Huh?" Netto whispered to himself as he gained consciousness.

"I can't waste anytime!" He jumped towards him and flipped above him, shot a blast before landing down, H grabbed the blast and shot it back as it exploded. Netto then shot 4 blasts around him and hit it together, he started to power up which was over powering him, he kicked him down to the ground. "I call this...Bolt Retract!" He said as he used a final attack, he shot a beam looking attack built from ki and pulled him before punching him, causing a pool of blood to splat everywhere, he then shot a volley of Ki blasts.

Chapter 10 - H's Full Power[edit | edit source]

H jumps out with his armour broken, he is pulsing with aura and his hair is spiked up. "No more going easy on you now!" He jumped up and punched Netto, Netto easily grabbed that attack and threw him down, he jumped back with much more power and did a similar punch, this one broke Netto's guard, he then tossed him. "Heh, think your good!" He then dashed down and charged up before draining all that ki into a flurry of punches and chucking him up, "Die!" is what he said before he released a beam upwards from his aura like a volcano before kicking the ground to get extra force while jumping. He then held Netto and slammed him on the ground and blasted his face a couple of times and blasted his face. Bakuda joined in, K tried to stop her but she was enraged, she barged through his shadowy body and punched H in the face, catching him off guard. "Netto, I think it's enough! Stay Back!" She yelled in sweat after punching H with full force.

"I don't want you to give me too much while you don't get anything back, feels wrong to me!" as she cried,

"Sorry but you gave me a will to fight and stand up, I'm one step closer to what I want!" Netto replied back with,

"For what?" Bakuda said back.

"ENOUGH, WE CAME HERE TO FIGHT!" H boomed at them as he grabbed Netto by his arm which was now getting muscular. Bakuda dashed and kicked him, he dropped him quickly and turned his head towards her in exasperation "So you came back for more? Didn't know you wanted to die!"Bakuda punched him and he punched back, they clashed blows and barrages, he then kicked her back, as she was kind of weaker, she got sent back. "Damn you..." she snarled at him. She kicked him in the face before kicking him down, he took the chance to uppercut her and blast her face. He then dashed at her and charged a blast at her face. "Try this!" he yelled, he released the blast and Bakuda was flung with a black cooked face. He finally showed all his powers from training non-stop.

She got back up into fighting position "It's not over, I'm not average!" she said, she was gonna talk back but H interrupted her with a blast before speaking "I've had enough! You stupid fools getting up and down like we're playing Musical Chairs is annoying me! STAY DOWN!"

He swiped his hand and a tsunami of ki devoured the area, decimating the planet, melting half of it and exposing the core. He teleported towards her then and punched a hole through her abdomen, he then kicked her multiple times, she spat out blood as she slowly lost consciousness. "I won't go down...not yet!" she said as she was being brutalitzed. "I can't watch this anymore" Netto muttered to himself. He then flew up and took a hit for Bakuda to even recover from a blow, "Why can't you STAY DOWN!" He screamed to Netto as he went crazy, he then threw him onto a wall and charged a blast the size of the core of the planet and blasted him. 
He then turned back to Bakuda, she begged for him not to hit her but he did, he stomped on her face and stepped on it repeatedly as K left some of his energy onto him. He would pause then and then because that would be his normal side trying to make him stop. "HAHAHAHAHA!" He screamed. Netto looked up to see a bloodied Bakuda out cold, still being beaten up, again and again. "Stop it! Don't do it!" Suddendly H grabbed Bakuda and punched another hole close to the one on her chest.

"How dare you..." he uncomfortably groaned in despair as it slowy seemed like he was gonna lose it, his eyes fading as he lost control

"How DARE you..." he said again, this time he was angry, shaking, ki pulsed through him, he was now pulsing fully white, an explosion of ki coated him as his ki colour slowly became yellow.

"You'll pay for that...YOU WILL!" he said once again, in a blind sense of fury, his hair started to flicker between black and yellow, he started to bulk up as he gained a bulging vein, his eyes went red for a moment but it went back to normal. "You will regret this young boy yourself, AHAHAHAHA!" H laughed to himself as he said that. "Huh?" he said as his power bursted up. A giant blinding explosion went around the area as he stood there, inside it was him and H.

Chapter 11 - Go Beyond Limits![edit | edit source]

| This Theme Plays (a.k.a Netto's Transformed/Serious Theme) He stared at him right with direct eye contact, H stepped back, huh? He then jumped at him and punched him in the face before throwing him onto the ground, he then chucked him down and blasted him, he quickly shot a yellow beam at him before kicking him onto a wall and shot a volley of ki blast, he then dashed past it and punched him to the ground, he then looked down on him, similar to what he did to Bakuda, stomped on his head but did it once, he then threw him and left him to run, "Flee while you still can...I'm going!" he picked up Bakuda and pulled her up by the torso.

"Not on my watch!" K yelled as he grabbed H and choked him, Netto was enraged and turned back, he was about to power down but then he looked back "I've been tired of waiting here doing nothing, how about I show you something big!" he insanely screamed as he grabbed H and suddenly, their souls came out of their bodies and mixed as they did before.

Suddenly it shone a bright light, stars looked weak compared to it, the light slowly faded...

"The name isn't named yet, but I think you know what happened, we fused, except the STRONGER ONE IS MORE DOMINANT NOW!" the person said as he yelled


"Oh yeah, I'm gonna have some fun...pounding you!" Netto snapped back as he dropped Bakuda. He flew down and quickly held her before she fell to the ground and gently put her down. "Now then...." he said, the person charged up to full power! He dashed up to the person and punched him, he powered up once again which sent Netto back, he was still stronger though, he then jumped back and blasted him before shooting energy waves and sliding on one to jump behind him and punch his back, the person blocked it but was quite injured "Not bad..." he grabbed Netto after taking his hits and spun him around, Netto became steady and stopped before kicking him away, his ki was flickering so he had to make use of it quick. He paused and his hair went less yellow than usual but his fists became very yellow. He then dashed up to this dark hero and threw him across a wall with his strange power and punched him in the face, shattering the bones in his jaw. He then focused ki onto his head and dashed up to him, creating a drill like shape and headbutt him. The fusion was spitting out blood. He then focused it to his feet and stomped on his stomach making him spit out more blood and vomit, he then threw him across the planet and chased him, Netto flew up and focused it on one last attack as he could only concentrate it on his finger on very tip. "Bolt Tornado..." he shot a wave which caused a tornado, fully destroying the body. He then took Bakuda as it damaged her and he wanted it to not kill her.

Chapter 12 - Mission Complete?[edit | edit source]

This Music Plays

They now had to do their mission, collecting ores as it powered the ships and the fighters, before that, Netto stopped the tornado and rested with Bakuda, untransforming in the process. When they woke up Netto explained what happened, he recieved a mysterious power-up and defeated them, they joined bodies but his power up was still stronger, he was losing energy so he focused the power onto certain parts so it could be a bit stronger. "Hey, you do remember the mission right?" Bakuda said in a concerned tone "Nah, what was it?" Netto replied, Bakuda forgot it too so they just flew back with special suits for air left in the ship. "So you know about how I asked why you're helping me so much, why was that?" she asked, Netto took a deep breath before explaining to her.

This Music Plays

"I was younger than I was now, my mom abandoned be when I was like, uh...6 and I really had no friends to be honest, the people there were pretty annoying too, they relied on you for everything and were mean to me because I was weak... You didn't though, you stook up for me and gave me comfort and gave me some time to relax, I didn't rely on you all the time since I trained with others, you didn't rely on me that much as well for the same reasons but I felt like your storiesof missions and adventures were so cool, they kept me motivated! The thing I truly want in life is just for my family to be proud of me, I joined this place to show how great I was and met you, my father and I didn't really get to know each other, my mom always was angry at me... I guess I have another thing I want asides from that, to protect my friends."

Bakuda flew there in surprise, "So whats your reason to keep on going" Netto said quickly. Bakuda was a bit nervous as her reason was more minor than his, "Well I guesss you were pretty open so I guess it's my turn."

"The reason I keep on going is to find a purpose to this place, the planets, the galaxies and all that. I'm very interested in it and I've traveled all across this solar system, I look forwards to seeing more to be honest, it feels kinda underwhelming to be honest. The reason why I hang around you is because you aren't annoying." Bakuda replied with.

"Oh yeah, now we know what we can do to help each other, hopefully we can take ourselves forwards, we're near the ship so I think we should be quiet now." Netto said to finish off the conversation.

When they entered without a ship with no ores, the kids laughed at them, Bakuda usually failed some of her missions but this was just bad! "You've failed enough times to be ranked down! You are only good in groups despite your power, I'm sick of you! You are kicked out of this place!" Sorbet said before twisting his head to Netto, "If you failed your fist mission, thats bad, I'm giving you one more chance kid."

"I'm going with her, your place sucks anyways!" Netto said as he flied away. Bakuda was not too surprised at what happened, she purposely failed some missions while some were too hard.

"We are free!" they both said!

Chapter 13 (Bonus Chapter 2) - Joining The Galactic Patrol (W.I.P)[edit | edit source]

When they were kicked out of Sorbet's army, they  were space pirates, a few days later, they looked for places to invade and owned planets, however, this quickly came to end when a strange person with a strange logo who came and shot them, they felt dizzy and confused. "What...the...hell?" they said as they slowly fell asleep.

Bakuda was once again seen for potentail, she asked were she was and the Galactic Patrol Soldier said that being a space pirates are bad and is an arrestable offence but we could recruit you. "So you're blackmailing me?" she replied, interrupted him. "No, no, we are giving you a choice to join us. You can protect the galaxy and roam around it." the soldier said, overhearing them a few days earlier. "I'll only go if a certain someone is with me..." she said. She looked for Netto if he was anywhere and he was in a similar situation. They were then taken to the recruitment program to examine how strong you are, the highest you could be is a Top class soldier which is 3 above super elite.

Netto and Bakuda were testing on holograms to see their power, they destroyed the lower-class enemies but as it goes on and on, it got harder, for the top-tier enemies, Bakuda relied on her Genki and Netto used Wrathful (which he has fully mastered by now) to punch through them. They were classed as top warriors.

They trained for about 2 years, not just fighting but how to handle situations and equipments, the recruits were given guns, there were only 5 top-warriors. They were just below that, ultra elites. They were given their weapons, clothing and IDs and were permitted to patrol. They got to meet some nice poeple and some strange people. This was more beneficial for Bakuda since this is what she wanted, travelling acros the galaxy...

Gurasean War Saga[edit | edit source]

This saga takes place 6 years after chapter 12 and below and 4 years after chapter 13. The plot is to stop a planet that is trying to take over the entire solar system behind their backs, the galactic patrol fight against them. A few soldiers and an officer came to take action. This takes place in age 775,  5 years before current dragon ball.

Chapter 14 - Preperation[edit | edit source]

This Theme Plays

Bakuda and a Super Saiyan 2 Netto charge at each other before releasing a flurry of attacks, they are in a training room similar to Vegeta's they charge at each other, Bakuda uses Air Blades with her hands and Water to make it extra sharp. Netto jumps over it and blasts her a couple of times before releasing a gigantic beam, Bakuda creates a forcefield with Water and pushed it back, sending Netto back. "I should stop underestimating you really." Netto said as he powered up to a full power super saiyan 2. "The 4 years of training really took you this far?" Bakuda said, seeing his power, Netto went 100% on her for the first time in 8 years.

This Theme Plays

Netto and Bakuda and Bakuda had a staredown, thry were adjusting their fighting poses, Netto and Bakuda quickly stretched "Gimme a sec." He said before stretching. A few seconds later he said "Go."

Netto kicked the floor to get a speed boost and dashed at her before punching her, she slightly blocked it and tried to throw hi from back but he created a ki explosion on his arm which pushed her back. He then shot a bunch of very explosive ki blasts. Bakuda was hurt by the attacks. She came back with steam claws on her hands. "This was made by the air heating up the water, eat this!" She scratched Netto as he blocked and took quite some damage, Netto then punched her in the face, she fell down to the ground but bounced back up. He then charged up to an extra amount of power before kicking her in the face and shooting her with a circular bullet. Bakuda got pushed back and was put on the edge and manahged to dodge the bullet, she then charged up with her gun a wave. "Super Phoenix Wave!" she set up a trap that would affect.

Netto soon realised this after striking Bakuda and getting weaker, he tried to counter it with a Powerful Attack. He charged it up from his gun instead of hand as his energy was being drained as he was being weakened, his energy started to crush the ship they were training on due to the pressure, his shirt being ripped in the process. "Super Bolt Strike, HA!" it was being pushed back by a red wave spreading across the ship. Bakuda struggled to hold him off but it slowly became easier as Netto was weakened by the waves. Netto fell to the ground, he slipped over as he powered down to base form. "Netto, It's enough for today." This Theme Plays

"No...I'm not done yet, we aren't over yet!" Netto's eyes flashed green again when he said this, his hair flashed black and yellow and shortly after became yellow, electricity came out of his body and surged, it came out much faster than a super saiyan 2 and was much more aggresive. "HA!" Netto screamed as he charged up, his hair started to extend as his eyebrow hair went away, it fell off and was burnt by the electricity, Netto's hair started to go down from his shoulders to his back, he screamed as the strain started to injure his body. "Netto, please, It won't work when you push your body that far!" Bakuda yelled though it was too quiet to be clearly heard because of Netto's yelling. "HAAA!" Netto continued to scream, "AGH!" suddenly his hair went black and his eyebrow hair grew back, his hair quickly went up and went back into the shape of his base form, Netto fell down to his knees, coughing out blood and blocking his mouth. He screamed as black and yellow electricity blasted out of his body, blood coming out in some areas even. This Theme Plays for the rest of The chapter

Jaco came to see them but was in shock to see what happened, "It's not what it looks like!" Bakuda said, crouching down to a bleeding unconscious shirtless Netto. "I'll see the cameras, we'll see if thats true...You have a extra important super meeting to attend to though, I'll lead the way!" Jaco said, she walked towards a room of many Ultra and Top Fighters, she was quite confused on why.

Chapter 15 - Guraseans[edit | edit source]

This Music Plays

Bakuda walks while Jaco takes Netto's body to the healing chamber, she walks across the ship and goes to the main ship, when she reaches there, she is greeted by some guards and is let it, luckily, she is on time. She finds a spare seat and sits down. The Galactic King came by the door to go up on stage, they set up a microphone for him and he was ready to speak. In Netto's healing chamber, Jaco checked the cameras and was pretty confused, Bakuda didn't touch him though.

"Greetings everyone, I have came back after lots of thinking and lately, I have to sort something out, you may know of the Guraseans, scaly beasts that thrive off violence and enjoy it. They recently want to take over a group of Solar Systems. T his is not good as they have already started with five planets. Their technology has enhanced because of this and they are enslaving these people. At first I didn't want to take part in this but now I can't really watch this go on, they are beyond our level so we would lose some of our strongest men and also because I would like to talk to them first of all. If we were more rational they would let the people enjoy their life, not being controlled." Netto woke up, he saw a replay of what happened since. He was still recovering from what happened, he was half awake, he shortly after adjusted to this.

This Theme Plays

"In the Guraseans point of view, they did like all these thing but however, they did have a purpose to do so, they in fact were a weak race, a few decades ago but at recent times, they got much stronger through strange mutations and fluids made behind these peoples back. The solar system where they lived had harsh environment, they had a warm and peaceful land so other planets teamed up as their planets were shriveling up. They were still a developing race, but quickly enough. They managed to turn the tables, they took it towards the wrong approach and decided to show their power and authority like that."

This Music Plays

They voted how to resolve it and most came with a discussion, they then decided to make their way to Planet Guras, everyone one got their equipment, Netto would stay in his healing chamber for a little while more, his holes started to recover and he didn't need help to recover from his body anymore, he still wasn't ready for the confrontation though. Bakuda had a brand new attire for patrolling, she had a skin suit wit the galactic patrol logo to the left of her chest, she had a strap with her equipment and had clothes on the inside incase the one she wore got ripped. They then made their way a few days later, a glowy asteroid hit them but it did minimal damage.

Chapter 16 - War Incoming! (Short)[edit | edit source]

When they came, some Guraseans greated them as they were quite aware of the Galactic Patrol's arrival. They shot a ki blast at the ship which was disguised as a Meteor but it didn't affect much. When they came, their king came to see the people, he frowned in anger, his ki went up. The Galactic King came up to confront him, "Hello, I'm aware of your situation, to solve this, we can monitor these other planets too. Would you mind, if we monitor them then they can't harm you, so could you just lay back with the fighting?"

"I can get rid of you, easily infact. You are obstructing my well-prepared plan and you dare try to interfere with it!?" He snapped back, enraged by the thought of this. The Galactic King was getting quite scared "No, no, no... You have it the wrong way! What we want to do is help you, not disturb you, I don't want to have conflict with you or your people, they're to strong and it's unne-" The Galactic King said nervously, he was interupted by the raging rumble that came out of his mouth. "If you don't run right now then you will be against me!" He said, head close to the Galactic King, a soldier pushed him back so he shot a eye laser at that man which incinerated his head. The Galactic Patrol was in shock. They jumped back, "I am sick of you nasty weaklings...meet me in a week."

"So be it..." The Galactic King said while putting a brave facade.

When they came back in the ship, the galactic king was shivering in fear, "Why did I say that..." he said, elite guards were reasuring him and now they had to prepare, Netto was still recovering, he couldn't even walk... Bakuda got her gear ready, she did some extra-special training with some Top-elite Soldiers. Bakuda started to get better and better and started to outdo Netto's power. With this she managed to gain a great grasp at dodging. Now she was ready. That special agent had a few extra special training sessions with others aswell too.

At this time, everyone was mass preparing. The Gurasean people were one not to mess with.

Chapter 17 - Strife![edit | edit source]

They walked out to battle as they dropped down, Netto was still recovering from what happened, some holes started to heal up. "We are here!" The Galactic King shouted, loud enough for everyone to hear while exiting his ship. A swarm of lizard-like creatures charged towards them and now they decided to go out to fight! "Everyone, Go!" Both rulers yelled after they saw each other. Each of those people dashed at each other and used a flurry of punches at each other. Bakuda came around and made quick work of these people and easily handled them. She hit one by the leg with a sliding kick before jumping up with an uppercut, she then turned around and used a flurry of punches on enemies before jumping on ones leg and then threw one back away before punching them up in the sky. She then shot a blast from her gun rapidly at the people before kicking them away, she dashed at the enemies she kicked and then bashed their heads to the ground.

Jaco shot a few enemies before shooting a ray out of his gun, Jaco then used his super Ultra Mega Super Elite attack. Mega Explosion! He destroyed the area, this desoltaed the land, destroying the entrance of the ship. "Oops..." Jaco said, seeing the damage he did.

Chapter 18 - Challenge![edit | edit source]

Bakuda realisd that the troops being sent out got stronger and stronger so she told everyone to go all-out if they were lower class so she decided to knock out the enemies quickly by using her life energy, she then noticed an incoming troop, she was punched in the face but pushed him back, more stronger Guraseans came, Bakuda went to turn and found lots of men chase her, she jumped up and punched one of them in the stomach before grabbing them and swinging them around on other enemies, she then shot out cuffs as they'd become prisoners. Netto's was bubbling, he was given his new patrol suit and was feeling ready, he just wanted to be refreshed, now he had gotten a zenkai which Bakuda noticed.

Bakuda ki blasted a wheel of ki and spun it to the Guraseans, they then charged a blast which managed to destroy the wheel which alarmed her, she then shot an energy volley of ki, expecting this one to work. She then came, before they countered it, she cuffed each of them which allowed the energy volley to strike them. With all the people cuuffed she threw them into the direction of the ship. She then tossed a yellow disk towards the crowd but they grabbed it, shocking her.

"We Guraseans adapt to the power of our enemies, it won't be easy if there is this many of us!" They maniacally cackled before they charged a blast and shot Bakuda with it, she was impressed by the power of the blast and started to use life energy, she flew up and charged a beam at them and blasted a hole through the plabet, missing anything vital in it though. Bakuda then dived down and created a quake, knocking out everyone below, including some of the galactic patrol. "Perhaps I went too far?" she said as she noticed what happened. It made things easier so she arrested a few soldiers, suddenly, 3 men come out from the background, looking at her in a shadow, one small and clearly young Gurasean while the others were elders. 

"I can see you." She said, turning to them, they continued to walk forwards. "Zash, show it what we're made of." One whispered, the smaller one charged up and punched her face to the ground and continued to dig lower and lower with that first hit, he then let go before pummeling her all the way down to the ground. Bakuda used her power into a wave and climbed back up with an aching back.


Corrupt Saga[edit | edit source]

This era begins at age 777 and lasts for 9 months leading up to early age 778, a man by the name of Burk who is an acrosian, managed to learn evil magic back early on by a ancient wizard named Bibidi, he can mind control and power up people as well as put up a fight of his own. Chron catches onto the fact that there are these black void creatures in planets they check out and alerts everyone about it, now they have to look for the source.

The Search for Burk Arc[edit | edit source]

When they go on to a mysterious planet called "Calas" they meet a fortune teller who tells them that their journey will be sucsessful but the hardest bump yet will be very soon, they didn't really care too much but Chron was a bit more cautious, within the span of 3 months, they encountered strange beings, they could kill them easily but it got frustrating, after that point they didn't relax and wanted to see the cause, they travelled back to the North Quadrant to see if it had anything bad happening and they were infested with this, the kaioshin were going crazy and called them over, they went to there and the Supreme Kai Shin told them to lend their hands and so they did, he lent them his ki boosting their power, now they thought that was it but Shin warned them about the strong corrupted beings there.

Getting Jobs[edit | edit source]

At this time, the ship was getting rusty so Chron built a new one, now they needed somewhere to live, to be in a certain area they needed items of value to trade so to get this, Chron became a mechanic, Bakuda became a dealer and Netto became a journalist. In the span of 5 months, they became popular, despite this, people were being killed suddenly and dark ki rose all round the universe, they told their customers that they would take a break and in this break, they went to search for who caused this.

Familiar Enemies!?[edit | edit source]

Suprising enough, some foes were familiar, when they were going to the west quadrant with the most problems, Chron created mini-scanning items called Scanis  which could measure the power in a value of numbers (basically like scouters but divide it by 1 million) and could see the desnity, texture and what is behind an object, they were worth alot but Bakuda and Netto got better ones. Netto took control of the ship and wrote about what he saw and took pictures of them, he then jumped down to a certain planet and void looking beings jumped at him, he was caught of guard and hit down but he kicked them off easily and quickly noticed who it was, it was the same guy he fought 8 years ago, Orochi!

He realised that he was much stronger than him even with the corrupt energy steaming from Orochi, Orochi shot a ki wave and then tried to punch Netto, he was wary of the heat as it burnt him and grabbed his fist before sweeping him off the ground and using his new technique, Bolt Retract, he would charge a beam and shoot it, right after that he would drag them back with the beam and do whatever he wanted, in this scenario, he repeatedly did it to weaken Orochi and finally pulled him back before punching him and removing the corrupted spell, which also left his body there, he then quickly ran never to be seen again.

A corrupt Pyiro appeared and that brought everyone's attention to him, Netto went ultra super saiyan, Bakuda used the essence of the Megadon Powers and Chron went overdrive, "This damn brat again, I'll kill him now!" Chron said, "This'll be fun, don't worry!" Bakuda replied, Pyiro easily handled them by grabbing Bakuda, kneeing her face and throwing her onto a wall destroying that area as a whole and then he kicked Chron's shins then swung him around for about 5 seconds before punching his chest, the other 2 were unconscious. Netto was surprised at this display of power and went Ultra Super Saiyan, Pyiro charged a beam and shot it at Netto. Suddenly, he thought of his friends and then randomly, he vanished.

Extreme Blood Flow[edit | edit source]

"What?" Pyiro said with small consciousness, suddenly he was just away, his skin went full pink and in base, suddenly, his hair jolted up and electricty came, he grabbed him and chucked him away, Pyiro charged up and hit him, Netto was pushed back more than he thought, he then punched Pyiro and shot a ki wave at him, Pyiro dashed through it and barged him, Artoke started to get red so he sped up.

Corrupt Guardians appeared who were quite stronger than Orochi, he dashed past them and they all were barraged and sent flying, one elite guardian shot a flurry of ki bullets and he just deflected it all while dodging Pyiro and then he jumped back, dashed at him and punched him rapidly, Pyiro was blocking it but it was getting too fast for him so he punched him back, then he shot a ki wave which sent him up from the pressure of it, he then flew up and kicked the air before punching Pyiro. Pyiro went full power and clashed fists, it broke the dimension in the north west area of universe 7.

"What the?" He said in confusion before Pyiro grabbed him and tossed him, Netto couldn't keep up the form much longer as he was adding a stage beyond Ultra Super Saiyan on it, "You're done! Super Bolt Retract!", Pyiro shot a star-sized ball back as a response "I call this, Little Marble", the dimension went back to normal, the others woke up in shock to see a giant ball almost devour them, they saw what was going on, so they powered up to their max and shot beams at Pyiro. "You DAMN RATS GET AWAY!" Pyiro said in rage, Chron got made and in result, his power doubled as well, Bakuda started to "adapt" to the power of Little Marble and got stronger too! "You mad, keep on trying harder." Bakuda replied to get Pyiro mad, they pressed with all their power and they were gonna be defeated in a matter of seconds...

Father and Son[edit | edit source]

"Don't thank me" a mysterious figure said before shooting with Netto, his hood slipped back and the face looked very familiar, the hair looked quite similar too "Could it be!?" Netto said in shock! Suddenly, the ball got sent back to Pyiro and he died with no way of coming back.

"Father!" He said in suprise as he powered down, "Look kid, I don't have much time since I ain't alive, go to the west quadrant directly in the center, you'll get what you're lookin' for, actually, I will."

In the span of 1 month, they flew there and his father about the stories they had, He was a frieza force scientist and often was his own guinea pig, he experimented with himself, he did escape from the frieza force, he met shin when Netto was 2 years old and he gave him Divine Ki To seal a certain enemy that was tough, in the result, he got god ki and unlocked up to super saiyan blue, he thought a tough battle against this enemy, they had many transformations and he didn't back down easily, he had to seal him or he would lose, this enemy had fell out of their prime now. Netto explained the events of how he got to that area anyways and the war, he even explained how he met Chron. Chapter ends. Netto took some beautiful photos of the best looking planets and the other 2 went to do buisness, this was his job now. Before Bakuda and Chron left, he gave them some of his ki, they powered up after that, they felt like they entered a new world. At the end of the journey, the ship was messed up so they got off early. "I didn't know you for long but this is goodbye then Dad...", "Good Luck Kid." He disappeared suddenly, fading away.

Burk Arc[edit | edit source]

In a wasteland, there was only one person, the man himself... "Yo! I'm guessin you're the culprit of this mess huh..."

"My name is Burk, yes I am aware of this, I'm assuming you've come to die like many others?" He was sitting on top of thousands of bodies piled up, Netto looked at him in horror! "What the hell!"

Burk Vs. Netto[edit | edit source]

Burk didn't waste anytime and tried to attack him, Netto dodged the attack and shot a energy wave "I have a trick my dad taught me, you'll see it..." Netto shot a sticky ki blast at him and shot 4 other ki blasts around him in the shape of a cube, they then connected and stung Burk, in the smoke, a noise came out "It's about time I don't hold back." Burk said, he quickly kicked Netto's face before grabbing his cheecks and tossed him into the air, he then shot a laser through his hand which caused blood to spill out of it "Gah!", he jumped back and dashed at him, they barraged him, then he kicked Burk but Burk grabbed his leg and slammed him on the ground, he then toseed him up in the sky and pummeled him all the way down to the ground, making cracks and making them go down to the underground area of the planet.

God Ki Unleashed[edit | edit source]

Netto charged up and released his god ki, "This is the power I got in me!" He then shot a portal above him and Burk and shot lots of ki blasts, "Fire Bolt!",  he shot a blast that decimated the area leaving a gigantic crater. Burk got up quickly and grabbed Arto's face, he then dragged his face across the wall while charging a blast, Arto screamed in pain and charged him off his body.

The Legendary Super Saiyan [edit | edit source]

Netto charged and then a strange yellow aura glowed arround him, suddenly, volcanoes were caused by the power, they were now erupting, He charged up and then and explosion happened, the environment went wild! "I've never seen someone this strong in my days, I will use the machine then." He used a strange machine which had an 'M' symbol. The aura calmed down as a pure super saiyan was there, he dashed at Burk before he could notice and when he turned, he was met with a volley of punches sending him flying through rocks across the planet.

Disgusting Monster[edit | edit source]

When Burk came back, he was much taller, infact, double of Netto's height! His head was slowly growing bigger and his shoulder pads grew longer! He charged up and then suddenly stopped... "I'm ready." Burk dashed at Netto who didn't expect this and kicked his face, Netto was quite impressed so he congratulated him on that blow, he dashed up to Burk (who would be in the defensive for quite a while now) and pucnhed him and then kicked his arms and flipped back before shooting 3 ki blasts accompanied with an energy wave, Burk took all of that, he used the corpses and corrupted them to fight for them as he charged and attack but Netto just jumped up in the air and punched him, the corrupted beings tried to hit him but he used a leg ki wave to destroy them all and fly up to Burk, he then kicked him a couple of times and then dropped to the ground.  Burk didn't want to fight anymore so he just told him "I'm bored, I'll end this."

The Finale?[edit | edit source]

Burk charged up into his so-called final form and tapped Netto, he was flung across the planet, he then grabbed him when he fully orbited the the planet and blasted him back, it was like he was playing Ping-Pong but Netto was the ball, he then stabbed into Netto's back leaving a permanent scar. Netto screamed in pain and bounced off him, he quickly turned around "Heh, you're tough as hell, but I've got tricks up MY sleeve TOO!" He said, before the chapter ended it got close up to Netto's Eyes. 

Super Saiyan God[edit | edit source]

Netto charged up, electricty pulsed from him and then his hair spiked up, it then straightened and extended all the hair, it then straightened less, electricty and lightning messed up the entire planet but slowly it calmed down untill he dropped down to super saiyan, his hair dropped down and then his body had a blue coat of ki that broke with fiery ki and his hair became slick and red, his pupils also grew bigger. "No way!" Burk exclaimed "Super Saiyan God, it was called wasn't it?" Netto said right after.

He dashed and punched Burk, then tossed him and shot a gigantic blast, sending him flying, threw a portal below himself and above him and jumped on his head from the portal. Fire Bolt! He shot a blast making a gigantic smokesceen, when the smoke faded away, he saw a spiky-headed beast look towards him with a bio mask and bio armour. They then looked at eachother.

Final Showdown[edit | edit source]

Now they charged at each other and  barraged at each other too, Burk kicked him and tried to stab him and then blasted him, Netto dodged the stab and grabbed the blast and shot it back, he then kicked Burk which sent him flying and then dashed at him, he then shot a beam, quickly dashed through it at barged at him, he twisted to make a hole through him. 

Burk got mad so he corrupted himself, he then got enraged once again, he kicked Netto which almost knocked him out, suddenly, he started steaming. He was overheating, his face went from average to pink to almost red, he jumped at Burk and Punched him, though he was weaker, he was WAY more faster since he was massively faster than the speed of light while Burk was quite faster than the speed of light. He kicked him  and hit him every where, Burk charged a ki wave and blasted it at him, Netto easily dodged it, he then backflipped to a rock then punched him so fast Burk was feeling dazed, he then backflipped and used a new technique he invented "I call this the KI BLITZ!", he punched Burk and threw him in the sky. Burk then dropped down and he jumped up, barraging him. He then charged his ki into a fist and and punched him, he kicked him up and shot a blast at him.

Burk was on the defensive for too long so he punched Netto which pushed him quite far and shot a blast which injured him, Netto was gonna finish this. He charged up, the electricty shined within the entire quadrant, Burk could only create a counter, a shield. He also charged something and blasted it. Chron and Bakuda were off to their break and followed the crazy power, in a few seconds, the attacks were ready! Suddenly, Chron and Bakuda dashed towards the area. The attacks clashed, it was intense but Burk had the advantage, he was pushing the beam back, Bakuda and Chron went full power and helped on, it still didn't work. Chron had one more trick up his sleeve, he went Full Throttle. He powered up which was the final push to finish off the beam, the wall crakced and cracked, Burk was in denial, and finally, it broke...

The beam devoured him and he screamed before being distroted, he got knocked down to final form and was discintegrated. "NoOo-". He wasn't defeated yet, almost down, suddenly, he was magneted back and Netto finished it with a punch, which destroyed the entire area and destroyed Burk's body.

Epilouge[edit | edit source]

The area was a destroyed, lifeless planet, everyone went to go on, the events of Dragon Ball Super also take place 1 year later. Everyone trains for 2 years which leads up to current day. They go to see the last planets of the North quadrant, the last one is earth at age 780....

Earth Saga[edit | edit source]

This is the 3rd and final saga (at the moment), Bakuda is 23, Netto is 25 and Chron is 26. They travel to Earth as the planet they missed out, this is the only thing that affects the Dragon Ball Timeline.


Power Levels and Age[edit | edit source]

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