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This takes place after GT during the 100 year gap and will tell us about the training Goku receives from Shenron and what happens on Earth while he is gone.

The Iris/Training SagaEdit

Goku's Training BeginsEdit

Shenron has Goku go ssj4 and then use instant transmission to reach Nogard planet of the dragons so he don't die in space. Goku does this and says"Whoa this is 1 strange planet. I mean it is covered in fire and lava. If I didn't know better I woud think it was a sun"Shenron says"I guess it is very different from earth and namek. But you'll get use to it. Now it is time for you to start your training. First thing you must do is cut me a little bit so that I bleed. Goku says"But why? If I cut you too hard you may die." Shenron says"Don't worry about it. Any injury you make can easily be healed with my magical powers. Now cut me or I'll eat you." Goku says"Ok" and fires a kamemeha at Shenron causing him to bleed. Shenron then says"Good now drink my blood" Goku says"Okay" He then drinks the blood and starts to change. His skin then turns green and spikes grow out of his arms. Shenron then heals himself. Goku then says"What happened to me Shenron? Shenron says"You are now part dragon. You can change back to your saiyan form whenever you want. But you must stay in that form while on this planet or else you will die because of the fire and lava. But while your in that form you'll age like a dragon. One dragon year is equal to 10 earth years"

Tien's Alien Origins RevealedEdit

5 earth years later...

A spaceship shaped like an eye lands on earth. A strange 3 eyed muscular girl steps out of the ship and says" Where are you Eleve" She then flys towards a house sensing a very high power level. She then sees Tien training with a little kid near a house who also has 3 eyes. She then lands and says"Hello Eleve. Why has you failed us?" Tien says "You must be mistaking. My name is Tien not Eleve and I have never seen you before in my life. Who are you anyway?" She then says"I'm your sister Oeil. You see your not from this planet. You are a Irisian from planet Seeye. We look alot like humans but are way stronger and have 3 eyes instead of 2 and are all bald. You have failed us because we are a race of planet destroyers and you were suppose to destroy this planet a very long time ago. By the way is that your kid?" Tien says"Yes he is. His name is Tiaunch. So I'm a Irisian and was sent here to destroy this planet when I was a baby. Wait didn't this happen to Goku too except he was a saiyan and his had a brother instead of a sister. I must have also hit my head as a kid. So why did you come here?" Oeil says"Well I came he to ask for your help destroying a planet. You are weaker than I expected but you should still be strong enough.

Back on Nogard...

The Dragon World Tourament/ Tien's DecisionEdit

Goku has mastered his new wish granting and magical powers and returned to his adult form. He then asks Shenron if their is anything else he can teach him. Shenron says"No. You must now train with the King of all Dragons, Drago the invincible. But you can only train with him if you win the Nogard tournament in just 10 days."

Back on Earth...

Tien says"No I am not a killer anymore. I used to be. But I have changed. Now I protect this planet and will not help you kill innocent people. Even if you are my sister. I refuse to help you. Now leave this planet or else." Oeil says"Well if you won't join me then I will have to convince someone else with a higher power level than you to join me using a techique I wouldn't dare use one my own brother." She then flies towards Capsule Corp. Tien then realizes that she is after Vegeta and flies after her knowing that if those 2 join forces it could be the end of the world as we know it.

Oeil and Vegeta's Team UpEdit

Oeil reaches Capsule Corp first and sees a house and gravity chamber and destroys both with 1 blast.This kills Bulma but not Trunks or Vegeta. Vegeta powers up to ssj4 and fires a Final Flash at Oeil. Oeil isn't even bleeding and says "Brain Control" and fires a pink beam from her hand at Vegeta. Vegeta's eyes then turn red and he flies up next to her and shoots a Big Bang Storm at Trunks. Tien then arrives and says " Oh no. I'm too late."Trunks then flies up in to the sky and asks Tien what is going on. Tien then tell him that the girl is his evil alien sister and that she just brainwashed Vegeta to work for her. Tien then tells Trunks to go find Goten so they can do fusion. Trunks then flies to Chi-Chi's house leaving Tien to fight Both his sister and Vegeta alone. Tien quickly fires a Tri-beam at Oeil. She just dodges and then moves so fast Tien can't even see her and appears behind Tien. She then fires a Tri-Beam right through Tien and kills him. She then says "You really do dissappoint me brother."She and Vegeta then start to destroy West City.

The Return Of GotenksEdit

Trunks quickly finds Goten and tells him about what is happening and that both Bulma and probably Tien have been killed since he can no since his power level. They then fuse into Gotenks and power up to ssj3 and flies to the location of Vegeta and Oeil after gathering up the rest of the Z fighters. They soon reach West City and start to fight Oeil and Vegeta. Gotenks then creates 100 super ghost and has them all attack Oeil just before defusing. They all then touch her and explode. The smoke soon clears from the explosion and she stands their unharmed. Gohan then fires a Kamemeha at her and again no effect. Krillin then yells "Destucto Chainsaw!!!" and is now holding a chainsaw made of pure energy. He then throws it at her and cuts her in half. Oeil then falls to the ground and dies. Vegeta's eyes then return to normal and He asks what is going on. The other Z fighers then tell him about what happened. They then have Dende create a new set of Dragon Balls and use them to revive Tien and Bulma. They then all grab them before they fly away and put the Dragon Balls in the time chamber where they will stay for the next 100 days.

More Irisians?Edit

Meanwhile, Emperor Ojo ruler of the Irisians has just been told of Oeil's demise and decides to send the two strongest Irisians to earth and have them find and kill the people who destroyed Oeiland then destroy the earth there by restroring honer to the proud Irisian race. They then jump into their spaceships and set a course for earth where they should arrive in one month as long as they aren't hit by meteors.

It was a happy time on earth. Tien has just taught his son Tiaunch the powerful Tri-beam. His wife Launch was busy cooking them dinner.Krillin had improved his Destructo Chainsaw techique so that he can hold it instead of just throwing it and hoping it will cut through villain. Gohan had finnally became a Ssj3.

The Tourament BeginsEdit

On Nogard 10 days have passed and it is time for the Dragon Tournament. The tournament will have 10 rounds. Goku's first opponent is Shenron. Goku defeats him with a Kamemeha.Goku beats all his opponents this way and is soon in the final round against Nrogan son of Drago. Nrogan Breathes fire at Goku. Goku jumps behind him and cires a Kamemeha at him. Surprisingly Nrogan isn't harmed at all. Goku then uses a 50x Kaioken and punches Nrogan in the gut. He then struggles to pick him up and throws him outside of the ring. Goku is declared the winner and is allowed to train with Drago who is 20x stronger than ssj4 Gogeta.

He first teaches Goku how to breathe fire. Goku tries to breathe fire all that comes out is smoke.

Irisian ArrivalEdit

Meanwhile the spaceships that the Irisians are using has been hit by meteors and crashland on a moon. Prince Ojo and Alumno step out of there ships and use instant transmission which was taught to only the strongest of their race to reach earth. They arrive at Bulma's house in seconds and see Vegeta. They ask him if he was the one who killed Oeil. Vegeta tells them that was Krillin but then notices that they have 3 eyes and realizes that they are Irisians. He then asks them why they are on earth. Ojo says"We're the 2 strongest Irisians Ojo and Alumno. We are here to kill the warriors who killed Oeil and then blow up this pathetic planet." Vegeta then powers up to Ssj4 and fires a Flash Storm at both of them. This don't hurt them at all. Ojo then knocks Vegeta out with one punch. They then fly to where Krillin is and both shoot Tri-Beams at him. Krillin dodges and flies away so fast that the Irisians don't notice him. They assume he is dead and start to destroy the city.

Z Fighters Reunited/ Tien's TransformationEdit

Krillin quickly reaches Korin Tower and asks for some Sensu Beans. Korin gives him 20 beans. Krillin then flies to Bulma's house and gives a bean to Vegeta causing him to wake up. He,Vegeta and Trunks then fly to Chi-Ch's house and tell Gohan,Goten and Pan about what is going on. They all then fly to Tien's house and tell him and Chiaotzu what is happening. They all then fly to where the Irisians are and start to fight them. Ojo kills Chiaotzu with a Tri-Beam. Tien is so mad that his body starts to change. One eye suddenly appears on the palm of each of his hands and his head turns into a giant eye with a mouth underneath it. His muscles then triple in size. He then tells the rest of the Z fighters to fight Alumno ane let him fight Ojo alone. They listen and Gohan fires a Kamemeha at Alumno. Alumno emerges unharmed. Ojo then says " I can't beleive it. Eleve is a Super Irisian. Well I my not stand a chance but if I die I will die fighting" Tien then holds up his hands and shoots a Super Ultra Tri-Beam of Death (a deadly attack where he shoots a very powerful beam from all his eyes at the enemy ) at Ojo and kills him. This drains him of energy causing him to return to his normal form and pass out falling to the ground.

Super Saiyan Five Gotenks Is Not Enough!!!Gohan's PlanEdit

Goten and Trunks then fuse into Gotenks and power up to Ssj3. He then does a ghost attack with 100 ghosts at Alumno. Alumno emerge unharmed and says"Is that all you got?" Gotenks says"Nope, in fact I've been holding back. I now have the power to go ssj5." Gotenks then starts powering up and becomes a golden great ape and starts to destroy everything. he then gains control and punches Alumno into a mountain. He then becomes a ssj4 and continues powering up. His skin then turns red and his muscles double in size. His fur then turns white. Gohan then comes up with a plan. He tells the others and they agree to give it a try. Gotenks attacks Alumno with a ghost attack while Gohan hits him with a Kamemeha and Vegeta hits him with a Final Flash Storm. Alumno then emerges and is only bleeding a little bit. Pan then does a fusion with Krillin sense their about the same size to form Paillin and flys behind Alumno. Paillin then fires a Distructo Kamemeha at Alumno and kills him. Paillin the yells"DEFUSE" and defuses back into Krillin and Pan. Krillin then flies down to Tien and gives him a sensu bean. Tien then awakens and starts crying because of Chiaotzu being dead. he then remembers the new Dragon Balls and realizes that he can use them to revive Chiaotzu. They all then go to The lookout and take the Dragon Balls out of the time chamber. They then summon the dragon. Dende then tells them that he has made some improvements to the balls and that they can now grant 3 wishes and bring anyone back no matter how long they've been dead. They use the first wish to revive Chiaotzu. They use the second wish to revive Piccolo. They then use the final wish to make the Black Star Dragon Balls inert.

Villain Team Up/Buu's Revenge SagaEdit

1 year later...

Villains UniteEdit

The Earth is finally peaceful again. But in Otherworld things are not so peaceful. King Piccolo, Raditz, Nappa, Frieza, Broly, Cooler, Cell, Dabura, Super Buu, Janemba, Baby, Super 17, and Ultra Dark Shenron( a fusion of all the shadow dragons) have all teamed up to defeat the z fighters. They force the gaurds to tell them location of a portal into the living world. They then use that portal to reach earth.

They then gather the Dragon Balls and wish to be alive again. They all then wish for eternal youth. They then use the last wish to teleport Broly to Nogard so that he can fight Goku. Cell and Dabura then fly off to fight Gohan. Frieza then flies towards Vegeta along with Buu and Cooler. All the others fly after Tien.

Broly Vs GokuEdit

Broly has reached Nogard and has killed 25 dragons. He finally finds Goku and fires a Eraser Cannon at him. goku powers up to ssj4 and says"Broly? Man, it's been a while. But if you came all this way for a butt kicking I will be happy to beat you up." Goku then fires a Kamemeha at Broly. Broly then transforms into a green ssj4 and fires a Eraser Cannon at Goku after yelling"KAKOROT!!!". Goku is now bleeding very badly but soon gets a idea. Goku suddenly grows to the size of Shenron and steps on Broly. He shrinks back down to normal size and flies into the air with his hands up. He then tells every dragon on the planet to put their hands up. He then starts to form a spirit bomb. Broly then fires a Eraser Storm at Goku. Goku keeps on forming a Spirit Bomb. Broly then flies into the air and punches him. Drago then sneaks up behind Broly and eats him.

Tien's Second Transformation!!!Edit

Tien is training with Tiaunch when he senses several very powerful and familar beings coming towards him and powers up to Super Irisian. He is then attacked by King Piccolo, Raditz, Nappa, Janemba, Baby, Super 17, and Utra Dark Shenron. King Piccolo fires a Special Beam Cannon at Tiaunch and kills him. Tien is so mad that He transforms into a Super Irisian 2. His chest and belly turn into a giant eye, his arms turn into 8 large eyes that are al connected and so do his legs. King Piccolo soon realises that he is greatly out matched and flies away in fear. Tien then fires a massive beam out of all his eyes and completely destroys all of his oponents. He then returns to his normal form and falls to the ground having used up all his energy for that one attack.

Buu's Betrayal/Trunks's DemiseEdit

Vegeta, Trunks, and Goten are then attacked by Cooler, Frieza, Buu,a regenerated Janemba, and a regenerated Ultra Dark Shenron. Vegeta powers up to ssj4 and Trunks powers up to ssj2 along with Goten. They then fuse into Gotenks and power up to ssj5. Gotenks then summons a million ghosts and has them all attack the villains. This only destroys Frieza and Cooler through since everyone else can regenerate. Gotenks then powers down to ssj2 so that he can remained fused. Buu then asorbs Vegeta and kills Gotenks with a Galick Gun. Buu then asorbs Ultra Dark Shenron and Janemba. He then flies toward King Piccolo since he is the closest villain.

Piccolo Vs King PiccoloEdit

Piccolo is training when he sees his father flying towards him. King Piccolo then says"There you are son." Piccolo then flies into the air and says"What do you want dad? And how are you still alive? I thought Goku destroyed you a long time ago." King Piccolo says"Look at you. Merging with Kami made you soft. Don't you realise what potential you had? You could of ruled the whole universe. But no you had to go and turn good. Join me son. We can use the Dragon Balls to completely distroy your good side. Together nothing can stop us. We will rule the universe."Piccolo says"No." King Piccolo says"Well then you leave me no choice. I'm sorry it has to be this way son."He then fires a Special Beam Cannon at Piccolo. Piccolo is now severly injured and asks how his dad got so powerful. King Piccolo says"Iv'e been training non-stop since Goku killed me". King Piccolo then grows to the size of a skyscraper and steps on Piccole killing him. Buu then shows up and asorbs King Piccolo.

Pan's A Ssj2!!!!Edit

Gohan is trainining with Pan and powers up to ssj1 and says"Okay Pan time for you to ascend to super saiyan. Now pretend I was Omega Shenron and was killing all your friends and family." Pan says "Okay Dad." She then imagines that Omega has just killed her grandpa Goku. She then gets really made and starts to change. Her hair stands up starts to get very spiky. She then imagines Omega transforming into Ojo and killing Gohan with a Tri-Beam. She then gets even madder and becomes a ssj2. She then fires a Kameha at Gohan using allher energy. This causes a unprepared Gohan to be hurt and bleed. He then takes a sensu bean and gives one to Pan.

Calbura The True Demon King!!! A New Type Of FusionEdit

Cell and Dabura then arrive. They then do the fusion dance and fuse into a whol new being. He says"I am neither Cell of Dabura. I am Calbura The True Demon King. I will be the one to put a end to the pathetic saiyan race." Gohan powers up to ssj3 and says"Bring it on Calbura." Gohan then fires a Kamemeha at Calbura. Calbura dodges and flys into the air and says'I call upon the energy of all the demons that have died trying to destroy peace. Give some of your energy so that I can exterminate the force of gopd so that evil can rule the Universe." Everyone in hell heres him and raise their hands to lend him their energy. Calbura then fires a Final Flash at Gohan and severly weakens him. Gohan then takes another Sensu bean and is instantly healed. He and Pan then decide to do their cooler version of Fusion. They each charge a very small kamemeha and then turn their hands into a fist with the kamemeha inside. They then run at each other. Then when they are really close they open their hands and continue running. Their kamemehas soon collide causing a big explosion. The smoke from the explosion clears to reveal that they have fused into Pahan. Pahan then powers up ssj3 and kills Cabura with one blast. Pahan then defuses back into Pan and Gohan.

Buu AttacksEdit

Buu then shows up and kills Pan with one blast. Gohan then gets so mad that He becomes the first Ascended Super Saiyan 3. He then tries to sense Goten but can't. Gohan the says"What have you done with Gotenks. Buu then says"I killed him" Gohan then fires a Maskendo at Buu. Buu survives unharmed and asorbs Gohan. he then flies toward Krillin.

Krillin then fires a Distructo Chainsaw at a tree to practice his aim. Suddenly He senses a very high and realizes that it is Majin Buu in his super form. Krillin remembers Buu eating him 26 years ago and runs behind a tree trying to surpress his energy. Krillin gets over his fear and decides to ask Tien for help since he is the strongest of the Z fighters. Krillin flies away as fast he can. But halfway to Tien's house He is stopped by Buu who used Instant Transmission to catch up to him. Buu then says"Hello Baldy. Time to die" Krillin fires a Distructo Chainsaw and cuts Buu in half. Buu just regenerates and kills Krillin with a Maskenmeha (A combo of the Maskendo and Kamemeha).

Buu's DemiseEdit

Both Tien and Uub by now have sensed Buu and are now flying towards his location. They meet about halfway there and continue flying. They reach Buu about a hour later. Tien then realize that Buu may even be stronger than him as a Super Irisian and since he can't yet transform into Super Irisian 2 at will he decides to fuse with Uub. They then do the fusion dance to form Tiub. Tiub transforms into a brownish pink Super Irisian. Buu fires a Candy Beam at Tiub.

Tiub fires a Super Ultra Tri-Beam of Chocolate at Buu. They have a beam struggle. Buu is winning at first. Tiub sees this and asks King Kai to let him talk to the whole universe. King Kai does this. Tiub then asks every one in the universe to raise their hands up into the air so that he can use their energy. They listen and raise their hands. This gives Tiub a enormous amount of energy but still not enough to beat Buu once and for all. Tiub realizes that if he could get energy from Otherworld that just might be enough. He then asks King Kai to let him speak to the inhabitants of Otherworld. King Kai does this. Tiub tells everyone in Otherworld to raise their hands. The good people their listen but the bad guys in Hell don't. Thankfully this gives Tiub just enough energy to destroy Buu. He then adds all his new energy to his Super Ultra Tri-Beam of Death and wins the beam struggle killing Buu.

Almost a year later Tien uses the Dragon Balls to revive all the good people who died during Buu's rampage. He then puts them back into the Hyperbolic Time Chamber where they should stay until they are needed again.

The Death of The Z fighters SagaEdit

(Note: This Saga was orginally four Sagas but have been combined into one. Now it will instead be four mini sagas that will all be happening at the same time but will be be told one at a time to avoid confusion)

The Namek Mini-Saga

20 years ago...

Wizrior Protector of Namek and Chilli Team Up Parts 1 & 2Edit

A namekian was born that was both warrior and magician. He was taught both how to fight and haw to create Dragon Balls. When Elder Moori died of old age He became the new grand elder and created his own par of Dragon Balls. His name is Wizrior


A strange ship has landed on Namek. A alien emerges that resembles Cooler but with bluish white skin. She says" Finnaly I Chili sister of Cooler and Frieza has found Namek home of the Dragon Balls. Now I can use thie infinite power to become ruler of the Universe." She then uses her scouter to find a namekian village. She then flies towards the village. She soon reaches the village. She then demands a Dragon Ball. Wizrior fires a Hellzone Grenade at Her. She jumps behind him and stragles him with her tail. She then says" Where are the Dragon Balls?" Wizrior says"I'll never tell you. But know this. I created the Dragon Balls to protect this planet from evil. If I die the Dragon Balls will become inert and never work again." Ghili lets go of Wizrior and tells her men to take him prisoner. She then has them search the village for the Dragon Balls. Amazingly they happen to find all 7 of them. Wizrior then escapes his cell and then gets outside the ship. He fires a Special Beam Cannon at it and destroys the ship leaving Chili stranded on Namek. But he is too late. Chili has summomed the dragon.

The sky turns pitch black. The Dragon Balls begin to glow. The ground starts to shake. Fire starts to fall from the sky. Hurricanes appear all over Namek...

Back on Nogard. Drago is about be teleported to Namek having become their new Eternal Dragon. But is pushed out of the way by his evil twin brother Doagrn. Doagrn is instead teleported to Namek. Doagrn splits into 7 evil dragons twice as powerful as earth's shadow dragons the moment he reaches Namek. This causes Wizrior and Chili to team up in order to stop the dragons.


  • This is partly based on Dragon Ball Z
  • The Planet Fuse home to the Metamorians was destroyed by a meteor during the Irisian Saga. This forced the remaining Irisians to live with the namekians and teach them the Fusion dance
  • The Fusion used by Gohan and Pan is called Beam Fusion
  • It was created by Vegeta who was trying to come up with a warrior like version of the fusion dance
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