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This story, Dragon Ball GT: Frieza Strikes, is written with the intent to preserve and respect the official Dragon Ball canon, and to fit perfectly into the established Dragon Ball universe, per this policy.

I personally suppose this is in the GT timeline. This is for everyone who wonders who protects Earth after everyone dies of old age, and who Trunks's son could, or would be, this is the answer. [My personal, canon-following answer]

Pinkau sits quietly, looking into the sky. Earth was safe at the moment. He had just fought off this odd soldier his father, Trunks, once told him about. He said he was apart of the "Ginyu Force." Recoome. He sensed another odd powerlevel. More than before. Much more. He flicked into Super Saiyan and blasted off in seconds. He arrived minuted later, to find this purpleish figure with black horns. Captain Ginyu of the Ginyu Force. Ginyu smiled. flicking off his Scouter. Pinkau knew what was about to happen. Ginyu hurt himself, by punching himself in the chest again. From many years ago. Pinkau picked up a small rock, and threw it at Ginyu. Ginyu sent out the transference beam into the rock on accident. The rock turned up to be Ginyu, and Ginyu, was, well, a rock. In the brain. Ginyu's body stood as still as a rock. Obviously. Pinkau smiled, and walked away, powering into his normal form. Ginyu was finished, slightly. The Power Levels had ended, and a small gateway in the form of a circle flickered on and off in the sky. Pinkau wasn't worried. He always fought off the weaklings who managed to get out of Hell.

A large figure flickered infront of Pinkau. He smiled. It was merely Frieza. Pinkau smiled, powering into Super Saiyan. "Ah. Frieza." He said, nodding to Frieza.

"Stupid ape." He said launching to Pinkau.

Pinkau moved to the side, stretching out his arm. It slammed into Frieza's stomach, stunning him slightly. Frieza smirked, grabbing the arm and backflipped behind Pinkau. He threw him onto the ground, leading to a barrage of Ki blasts. They all hit Pinkau, making small wounds. The wounds hurt briskly, and Pinkau rose into the air.

"Enough." He said, sending his hands to his side. Two yellow balls of Ki glowed, and he sent his hands forward, yelling "Big Tree Cannon!"

It ripped out of his hands, and into Frieza. It sent through his body, eliminating him. The hole shortended slightly, and the cannon increased power.

"HAAAAAAAA!" Screamed Pinkau, finally bursting into Frieza. The hole completey disappeared as the Big Tree Cannon faded away. Frieza was blown into oblivion. Once more.